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Mothquito in Milan for Foiling Awards 2018 and very soon flying above the water

by Mothquito Foiling Catamaran 18 Feb 2019 17:34 GMT
Mothquito still un-polished and in progress already advanced © Mothquito

Mothquito was present at the award ceremony of the Foiling Awards 2018 held last Monday 11th in Milan at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci, as a nominee for the awards for the best design 2018, a recognition of the highest prestige that has placed Mothquito among the best designs in the world of foiling and that is given by its radical and innovative design, and by its innovative system of foils, the IFS System, developed and patented by the company itself.

Finally the prize went to the AC75, the flying monocoque for the next edition of the America's Cup that shares with the Mothquito its bet for the increase of dynamic sleeve in favor of a greater stability and benefits thanks to the increase of the righting moment of the boat in flight.

The great night of the world foiling

We could say that it was the Great Night of the World Foiling, perfectly organized by the Foiling Week that already has 5 years of existence and with events in Sydney, Miami and Garda (Italy). There was the cream of the world of the high sailing competition: Guillaume Verdier of VPLP, Martin Fischer, Max Sirena and Mario Caponetto with those of Luna Rossa, Persico, Gurit, Torquedo, and many more people among which of course there was no shortage of the organizers and managers of the gala Luca Rizzotti and Domenico Boffi, co-founders of the Foiling Week.

An evening with the world top, where the sailors and designers of the America's Cup won big, as was expected Foiling Week took advantage of such an important framework to launch the SAS Project, aimed at providing accessibility to the world of foiling for disabled sailors and in which Glenn Ashby, from Emirates Team New Zealand, appeared on video supporting the project and Max Sirena from Luna Rossa Challenge He was present addressing the public in support of the cause.

The event was moderated by Vittorio D'Albertas (President of Quantum Sails Italy) who officially inaugurated two newly launched design competitions: the MP eFoiler, in partnership with Gurit and Torqeedo, is dedicated to professional yacht design companies with the objective of design of a multipurpose electric propulsion boat. The other is the SuMo contest, dedicated to students of naval architecture, for the construction of a foil compatible with the Moth class built in a sustainable way.

Then it was time for the delivery of the Foiling Awards 2018 where Mothquito also had his place with an intervention that Toni Blanc addressed to all present with loud applauses.

Mothquito, with the view setting in March/April

We want to apologize to all interested and followers of Mothquito, because we have really been a bit slow in the manufacture of the prototype according to the first forecasts, but we preferred to ensure each phase of the construction to try to minimize later the adjustments and corrections, that without doubt and in spite of it there will be them.

We must understand that it is a very novel concept, nothing like everything that exists and that requires a lot of research and development in each of its components and parts.

But we are already very close!

We are finalizing our prototype to carry out the stability and lift first tests between March and April of this year, in the magnificent bay of Jávea, in the Valencian Community (Spain), with the invaluable cooperation of the Nautical Club of Jávea, which provides us permanent base for the Mothquito, a Nautical Club very active in the promotion of the sport of sailing that now also adds its support to this new modality of navigation in flight.

Later and after the initial adjustments, we will also carry out tests at the base of the Mothquito in the CdTV (Sailing Technification Center) of the Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community (FVCV), with whom a collaboration agreement has already been established.

The Valencian Community has a great national and international prestige within the world of sailing (Americas Cup, Volvo Ocean Race..), as well as a high list of light sailing, modality in which it has numerous world and international champions in its trajectory. That is why both entities (CNJ and FVCV) have been committed from the beginning in support of our project in a clear commitment to the strengthening of foiling in Spain acting as pioneers in the promotion of this new form of sailing that every time has more international projection and that has undoubtedly come to stay. And that is that we are facing a new revolution that will end up changing the history of navigation forever, as it happened before at the beginning of other industrial or technological revolutions.

As we say in IFS, the foiling is to navigation, as was the wheel for land transport, since in both cases, by eliminating friction on the surface, the efficiency and speed increases... that is a revolution.

For our part and thanks to the collaboration offered by the FVCV and the CNJ, we want to take the opportunity to also contribute to the great work that both entities are doing in favor of our sport. That is why when the initial trial period of Mothquito ends, we will organize from both bases open days so that younger and experienced sailors, can start in the world of foiling down the Mothquito, in our clear commitment with the promotion of this type of navigation in Spain.

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