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Foiling Week presents 3rd edition of Foiling Awards, S.A.S. Project and Design Competitions

by Foiling Week 5 Feb 11:42 GMT 11 February 2019
The Catamaran AC72 `Luna Rossa` at the National Museum of Science and Technology `Leonardo da Vinci` in Milan © Carlo Borlenghi / Foiling Week

In Milan, on February 11th from 7:00 pm at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Foiling Week will present two new projects and the Foiling Awards prize giving ceremony. Vittorio d'Albertas will lead the evening's program, which involves the participation of several high profile foiling professionals.

Max Sirena, Team Director and Skipper of Luna Rossa Challenge, will endorse the "S.A.S." project that Foiling Week will launch during the events. The SAS' idea is to create a boat epitomizing the Foiling Week's core values: safety, accessibility and sustainability. A safe, fun foiling boat for able and disabled sailors, designed by foils' guru Guillaume Verdier and that will be built by world-class boatyard Persico Marine. S.A.S. Project is supported by Movendo Technology, a technological partner focused on enabling people to practice sport, understanding and supporting the rehabilitation needs.

'Everyone can foil' is the claim of this project.

All worldwide naval architecture and engineering universities are invited to participate to the Sustainable Moth, "SuMoth", design competition. Bruno Giuntoli from EPFL, Ecole Politecnique Federal de Lousanne, and the jury of the competition will be introduced and will explain the goals and the rules to the participants.

Professional Yacht Designers are invited to participate to the "MP eFoiler" design contest. The goal is to design and build a foiling electric multi-mode motor boat that can be used for safety, media or guests at future foiling regattas. Torqeedo is one of the main partners of this contest; in fact, Torqeedo's electric engines will be adopted by the competitors as propulsion base for their boats. Gurit also stands as competition partner and will share with the competitors its support and skills on the use of composite materials.

The Foiling Awards prize giving will be the final part of the evening, most of the candidates of the six awards categories will attend.

S.A.S. Project

Dedicated to Safety, the Accessibility and Sustainability this project embraces the goal of producing a sailing boat that allows access to all the people that want to sail in foiling mode; the disabled sailors are the main users targeted to use this boat, but beginners and weekend sailors are in the program as well.

Foiling together is the claim of this project. #everyonecanfoil The SailHub Onlus is the recipient of the final boat produced. Max Sirena, will discuss the values and why it is important to back this project up in the making, as foiling sailor.

Guillame Verdier will take over the boat's design and Persico Marine will build it. Movendo Technology, the robotic medical company owned by Dompé holdings, IIT, Italian Institute of Technology and the three maker-founders, supports the initiative with Hunova, the first robotic system for rehabilitation and functional motor sense evaluation of lower limbs and trunk, that allows professionals in the orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics and sport rehabilitation field to predict and treat many neurological and orthopedic pathologies.

Design Competitions

The Foiling Week goals are to make the foiling experience accessible to everyone, to generate a marine eco-social behavior, as well as to ensure the safety of the foiling community on the water.

The design competition concepts are in line with the three pillars of The Foiling Week: Accessibility, Sustainability and Safety.

The SuMoth Challenge

The Foiling SuMoth Challenge is a competition inspired by the need of a more sustainable and efficient sailboat designs, along with coherent manufacturing methods.

The ultimate goal of this competition is to promote sustainable practices by challenging the young naval architecture and engineering students on a friendly, technical, and sportive competitive level.

The Foiling SuMoth aim is to look towards to the "3R" concept of Reduce Reuse Recycle - as the three aspects of Sustainability.

The MP eFoiler design challenge

The Multi-Purpose eFoiler design challenge is a design competition aimed at professional naval architects, engineers and amateur designers willing to create a revolutionary electric hydrofoil concept. The goal of this challenge is to encourage and promote energy efficient transportation of people on water, by using eco-friendly electric engines and hydrofoils.

The constitutional goals of the Foiling Week are to make the experience of foiling accessible for everyone, to promote an eco-social behavior, as well as to ensure the safety of the foiling community on the water.

The Multi-Purpose eFoiler Design concept is in line with the three pillars of the Foiling Week, accessibility, sustainability and safety.

Main partners of this competition are Torqeedo and Gurit. Torqeedo with its power drives, and Gurit with its composites, will help competitors to embrace the contest's goals.

Foiling Awards 2018

Foiling is bringing an impressive set of new projects, boat, innovations and achievements also in 2018. Once again it is time to recognize the best performance by the best players in the foiling community. The awards categories and their candidates are:

Foiling Sailor(s)

David Hivey, François Gabart, Glenn Ashby, Paul Goodison, Ruggero Tita e Caterina Banti and William McKenzie & Isaac Mchardie

Foiling Design presented by Persico Marine

10 ft Pocket Foiler, America's Cup AC75, Flyacht by Philippe Briand, Mothquito, Nacra15 FCS and Nautor's Club Swan 36

Production Foiling Boat presented by Gurit

69F Sailing, BeFoil, Bieker Moth, Easy To Fly, Manta Moth, Skeeta Foiling Craft and The Foiling Dinghy

One Off Foiling Boat presented by Gurit

Charal Imoca, Monofoil Gonet, the "Mule" by American Magic and the T5 by INEOS Team UK

Foiling Innovation

America's Cup AC75 Foil set up, Avel Robotics ETF foil robot, Passive morphing trailing edge by Caponnetto-Hueber and the Monofoil Gonet Foil set up

Foiling Sustainability presented by Torqeedo

Autonomous Sailing Vessel by Artemis Technologies and Electric Foiling Catamaran by Dirk Kramers

Winners will be announced at Foiling Awards ceremony in Milan, on February 11th (MC Vittorio d'Albertas)

The Foiling Week 2019 events program starts in July at Malcesine, Garda, Italy with the first Foiling Week of the year.

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