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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

Highcliffe Sailing Club Icicle Series - Day 2

by Sarah Desjonqueres 22 Jan 2019 06:22 GMT 20 January 2019

As motivation goes, flicking ice off your boat cover is never a very appealing start to a morning's racing and the fairly glassy look to the harbour didn't feel very inspiring for racing either, however, nothing stops the committed sailor and so, 36 of us, in woolly hats and winter gear, lined up for ready for races 3 & 4 of the Highcliffe SC Icicle Open.

Joining us on the start line were an assembly/attack/army/array of Aeros set to contest these 2 Icicle races as part of their RS Aero UK Winter Series. Highcliffe SC were thrilled to welcome them, and it was a beautiful sight to see 13 Aeros whizzing around the harbour, well, as whizzing as one can manage in 4 knots of wind. With an ebbing tide, high pressure and low seasonal rainfall, the water levels in the harbour were 'board half up' kind of depths and as usual, time was of the essence if we were to get two races in before the water drained to un-sailable levels.

RO Paul Walker had left us a fairly short start line to play with and with 36 boats including a fleet of Finns and an army of Aeros, all pushing, nudging and pinching as they fought to capitalise on the huge Club House end advantage, it was no particular surprise that many, many boats were over the line. Total recall... oh well it happens.

Our RO cracked on, going promptly back into sequence for the second start, and with a no-nonsense approach, the black flag was flying from the off. But with a fairly short start line to play with and 36 boats including a fleet of Finns and an army of Aeros, all pushing, nudging and pinching... Total recall 2. Now, establishing who exactly was pushing their luck here was not easy, the Finn sailors were most certainly not blameless in their approach, coming down on the line like tankers on an unstoppable mission but then again, the Aero sailors, although nifty and more manoeuvrable, were hanging out, toe to toe with the big boys and were most certainly not innocent in all this either.

The start line was widened, and the countdown sequence was started once more. Sill under a black flag and with a chalkboard at the ready to jot down the numbers of the naughty, it was evident that with 5 seconds to go, this was turning into Groundhog Day - this wasn't going to work, again. Total recall 3. It's ok, we have the all the time in the world, plenty of water...

The blackboard now listed 7 disqualified sail numbers and despite the sun shining and the wind picking up a knot, time was slipping away and frustration was setting in. At the fourth attempt to start, we finally made it, and once everyone realised that the horn wasn't going to blast, a cheer went up across the fleet and the race was on, at last.

Mudeford's Reid, had parked his Laser for the day and in a borrowed Aero 9, and even though his was the only capsize of the day, (spectacularly done right outside the RNLI station in between one of the many starts), he was now giving the Aero guru, Lymington Town's Barton, the run around, managing to take him on the second beat as the battle for the front 3 positions played out between Lymington Town's Rolfe and Barton and Mudeford's Reid. In the end, they finished, after 3 laps, with Barton taking the win, then Rolfe, then Reid with just 7 seconds separating them, in brilliant display of concentration, tactics and skill. Behind them, and locked in their own fight were Christchurch's C. Arnell (RS 300) and the Christchurch Finns of Atkins and New, who like the Aeros ahead, enjoyed a very close finish and some cracking competitive sailing. Mid fleet, the Radials and 4.7s were chasing each other down and after 2 rounds finished with Mudeford's Ben Reid leading the way. After correction, the Aeros were nudged aside, and it was New who took the top spot, beating Barton's Aero 9 and Rolfe taking the third spot.

The start line for race 4 was little diminished, whether some boats had sauntered home in a sulk, or had just headed back wanting to outsmart the tide who knows, but one Aero sailor, still keen to take part, took the advice of Lymington Town's other guru, Thorne and 'got right in there' on the start line. Much good did it do her, for she ended up in a raft of Aeros going nowhere as the rest of the fleet once more marched off to the windward mark... oh well, it happens. At least race four enjoyed a clean get away and it was Rolfe who dominated proceedings this time, forcing Barton to take second place and despite being disqualified in the first race, Lymington Town's Herbert, persisted and was rewarded the third spot. Not far behind was Highcliffe's Rusden (Laser) who had sailed a blinder both races but didn't manage to outsmart the LTSC trio of Aeros this time and was forced to settle for 6th place in both attempts.

The racing finished literally as the water began to drain from the harbour and much chit chat ensued on shore. It was the same old story with similar camps uttering similar comments and similar complaints about the whole start debacle. As the wise Rooster man says listening to it all ' is like the Judean People's Front moaning about the People's Front of Judea'. All just a load of fun really and great way to spend a Sunday morning and thank you to all the Aeros for coming to play, you are all welcome any time. The next two races of the series will be on Sunday 3rd February at 10.30am.

Results after Day 2:

PosBoat TypeSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4Pts
1stFinn581Alex AtkinsChristchurch SC124.5‑187.5
2ndFinn80Ray NewChristchurch SC261‑99
3rdLaser200227James RusdenHighcliffe SC53‑6614
4thSolo5377Steve WaiteHighcliffe SC410(DSQ)1327
5thFinn577Roddy SteelChristchurch SC7814‑1529
6thRS 300393Chris ArnellChristchurch SC‑141113731
7thFinn42Richard PhillipsChristchurch SC187(DSQ)1136
8thFinn20Andy DenisonChristchurch SC34DSQ(DNC)44
9thLaser 4.7204013Flynn AtkinsChristchurch SC1312(DSQ)1944
10thLaser 4.7184297Ben ReidMudeford SC151717‑2249
11thRS Aero 92427Nigel RolfeBurghfield SC(DNC)DNC3150
12thRS Aero 92549Peter BartonLymington Town SC(DNC)DNC2250
13thRS Aero 71897Ken FowlerHighcliffe SC‑2019201655
14thRS Aero 92647Tim ReidMudeford SC(DNC)DNC4.5555.5
15thLaser Radial86027Jenny BarnesChristchurch SC16.51821‑3255.5
16thFinn635Simon PercivalChristchurch SC65(DNC)DNC57
17thRS Aero 92502Peter ChaplinBurghfield SC(DNC)DNC8458
18thMirror S/H54271Keith BarkwayChristchurch SC16.515(DSQ)2859.5
19thLaser Radial207571Chester HendyChristchurch SC222019‑2661
20thRS Aero 72318Karl ThorneLymington Town SC(DNC)DNC71265
21stRS Aero 91336Joe GallivanLymington Town SC(DNC)DNC91065
22ndRS Aero 91490Graham PlattHighcliffe SC‑2323222065
23rdRS Aero 72571Sarah DesjonqueresHighcliffe SC‑2525182366
24thFinn28Jack ArnellChristchurch SCDSQ1DSQ(DNC)67
25thRS Aero 91120Jae JonesSpinnaker SC129(DNC)DNC67
26thLaser Radial184297Tim ReidMudeford SC913(DNC)DNC68
27thRS Aero 92114Fernando GamboaLee‑on‑Solent SC(DNC)DNC15869
28thLaser8Alan DalzielMudeford SC816(DNC)DNC70
29thFinn722Simon MossKeyhaven SC(DNC)DNC101470
30thRS Aero 71637Lorrian WellsHighcliffe SC1014(DNC)DNC70
31stLaser 4.7168091Sam ActonChristchurch SC24(DNF)242573
32ndLaser156427Tom ReidMudeford SC(DNC)DNC111774
33rdRS Aero 72100Julie WillisLymington Town SC1121(DNC)DNC78
34thTopper46982Elaine BrowettChristchurch SC272626‑3179
35thRS Aero 92369Tom EhlerLymington Town SC(DNC)DNC162183
36thFinn34Peter BlickChristchurch SC(DNC)DNC122785
37thRS Aero 92368Nev HerbertLymington Town SC(DNC)DNCDSQ386
38thLaser 4.772235Sue HaynesChristchurch SC1924(DNC)DNC89
39thLaser 4.7207297Clair Von WingerdenChristchurch SC2122(DNC)DNC89
40thSolo4231Gareth JamesChristchurch SC(DNC)DNC252495
41stRS Aero 92223Mark FoxStokes Bay SC(DNC)DNC232998
42ndComet Duo142D. HolterHighcliffe SC2627(DNC)DNC99
43rdOK741Ela MillerChristchurch SC(DNC)DNC2730103
44thSolo3539Nick WoolleyChristchurch SC(DNC)DNC28DNC120
45thLaser208853Jack ActonChristchurch SC(DNC)DNCDSQDNC129

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