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Blind Match Racing World Championship at Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club - Day 1

by Lucy Hodges 4 Sep 2018 07:31 BST 1-7 September 2018

All teams woke to strong breeze but the weather forecasts were saying the wind would drop to 1-2 knots around 13.00. The teams arrived early at Rhu Marina after a great opening ceremony welcome by the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club whose hard work has made this event happen.

All boats headed out to the East race course which is positioned just in front of Helensborough Town. The wind had started to drop but racing was started promptly at 10.00. With the wind shifted by 90 degrees and the race was abandoned and AP was displayed. The race officer gradually moved the racing course further to the South, so racing could get underway. The breeze remained light throughout the day, reaching a maximum of 9 knots over the day. Due to the conditions, only 7 races were sailing out of the first round Robin.

GBR 1 met Canada in match 3 - GBR battled with Canada throughout the start but with 1 minute to go went back to ensure they made a good start. They hit the line dead on the gun with good pace, continuing to maintain boat speed in the tricky conditions held their lead to gain a win.

GBR 1 then met GBR 2 in match 4 - the wind was steady with breeze filling in from the left-hand side of the course.

Both teams made a good entry seeing GBR 1 Sharon Grennan looking for a penalty just after entry, but GBR 2 tactician Laura Cammidge kept boat speed up and manoeuvred away. Both boats made a good start at opposite ends of the line with GBR 2 starting on the port end and GBR 1 at the starboard end. Both boats had good speed, but with a few good tacks from GBR 1 saw them pull away and maintain their lead for the rest of the match.

Match 5 was GBR 2 against Australia - GBR 2 made a good entry attacking Australia early, but Australia moved into a good position and had a clean entry. Both boats headed to different areas of the starting box, with Australia heading downwind and GBR 2 heading across to the starboard side. GBR 2 made a good start and held a good lead to the top mark. But with a slight bit of tide catching them out at the windward mark, seeing them receive a penalty. This was cleared quickly and a strong win was taken.

GBR 1 was back on the water for Flights 6 and 7. A short wait for the breeze to settle and flight 6 was underway, GBR1 against Australia - a good entry by GBR saw them sail across to meet Australia, with a tight battle a penalty was awarded to Australia. GBR sailed across to the starboard side and made good progress around the race course to take there third win. With the wind still light at 5 knots, GBR 1 met USA in Flight 7 - this again saw both teams try to gain a penalty, but both boats split and GBR 1 made a good start and held the lead to win all four flights in their first round robin.

Results can be found here.

For day 2 the forecast is due to be lighter. Thanks to all the race officers for their hard work today.

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