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Completely OK by Robert Deaves
Completely OK by Robert Deaves

International One Metre UK National Championship at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by GBR IOM Class 30 Aug 2018 17:58 BST 25-27 August 2018
International One Metre UK National Championship 2018 © Damian Ackroyd

There are times in any sport and event where preparation and hard work by the organisers along with the correct ingredients being added create something very special.

Our IOM Nationals at Fleetwood were certainly very special, it had everything, from zig zag courses due to unfavourable wind, mental and physical challenges, fantastic social and camaraderie between competitors, sunshine and rain and last but not least C rig on the final day from the NW, Fleetwood at its very best.

Day one started with mid A rig and a breeze from the NNW but forecasted to shift to the WNW as the day went on.

Seeding races were won by James Edwards, Darin Ballington, Chris Harris, Rob Walsh and Gavin Watson. With the seeding races complete the breeze then shifted as forecasted to the NW with the race team changing course and a windward leeward the length of the lake being used. After five races the top seven were all within seven points with the day finishing on race 6C, all skippers were treated to beers in the Fleetwood clubhouse and a free prize draw.

Day two dawned with very light airs and rain from the SW, not a particularly favourable direction but with some sound decisions made by the race team, racing moved along at a decent pace despite the damp conditions.

The Wind increased as the day went on with B rigs in use by midday and the majority changing rigs at least a couple of times in the afternoon as the conditions changed.

With time running out, race 9, heat A was to be the last for the day, with a protest in the prior heat and the wind shifting and increasing from the NW all skippers were found changing back to B rig. The best race of the day with Chris Harris taking a good win.

With racing finished, skippers attended the event social at the Venue in Cleveleys where all enjoyed a Hog Roast, part two of the prize draw and Uncle Derek's quiz.

Day three started with Fleetwood at its very best, at times thirty knots from the favoured NW, with a course the length of the lake with wave conditions at the leeward gate like a washing machine!

The subsequent races were a joy to sail, fantastic courses at high speeds and a joy to watch. Rob Walsh produced a fantastic run of results on the final day to further consolidate on an impressively consistent day one and two to take the 2018 title by an impressive fifteen points. Brad Gibson after an 18 month break from class racing took second position with John Tushingham taking the final podium by two points from Chris Harris back in fourth.

Most improved after day one was Austin Guerrier improving 26 places by the time results were tallied.

The prize for best sportsmanship was won by overseas entrant Hasan Guvan TUR, despite the trials and tribulations throughout the event was always found competing with a smile.

The Prize for top performance by a skipper that has yet to win a UK National Championship was won by Steve Landeau USA.

A massive thank you must go to all at Fleetwood MY&PBC from the ladies in the galley, all volunteers and the race team who delivered in all conditions on every day to create a very special championship.

Thanks also to daily prize sponsors, BG Sails and Design, Catsails, Graphite Sails, Kbits, Housemartin Sails, RC Yachts, Nylet, PJ Sails, Potter Solutions, SmartWinchand Soch Sails.

Not forgetting the Venue Cleveleys for a fantastic evening of great food and beverage during the class social.

Thank you Fleetwood, the 2018 UK National Championships will be remembered as a very special event.

Event images from Damian Ackroyd:

Event Images from Susan Sharman can be found: Practice day, Day One, Day two, Social at the venue and Day three

Overall Results:
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PosSkipperSail NoR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13Pts
1Rob Walsh251515111256211125
2Brad Gibson1393691338113136540
3John Tushingham514107262662373647
4Chris Harris21142271513314819249
5Graham Elliott99118872332372101668
6Gavin Watson4411351721499751714387
7Josh King2642216510121411121542291
8Darren Ballington98196111392031561912.9495.9
9Steve Landau12162011341414101884248100
10Tony Edwards7527211912877410132430110
11Graham Bantock9531239191110121214201213111
12Rob Vice4131419312338149186510112
13Martin Roberts272384813192336952441118
14Simon Clarke94311142027168820292627135
15James Edwards88118161216151518263142211150
16Steve Taylor43481713142017172824111321155
17Chris Elliott7432125292618241121139719171
18Mark Dennis19215131510215152322375873178
19Rob Wilson972192618243134243316101114195
20Mark Gollison15553327249124831421354112196
21Trevor Binks722161510183638132028272926204
22Ian Dundas38417232537382129301912817205
23Neil Thornton154522414202833391017313947223
24Brian Summer107824106172929322429282529229
25Ken Binks83625332628611832725233644246
26Alexandre Marien296313135251725233436221718249
27Vernon Appleton867374034444718161515213128262
28John Brierley8415303638151927251626342741270
29Jerry Brower1426262928301623365239253031280
30Roy Stevens54535354339434141402314157295
31Shaun Priestley6710292023223544384148671620298
32Mike Parkington824233227272632475140383525309
33Mick Chamberlaine4611442432405062341927242434.5313.5
34Austin Guerrier81160585955323135253218924330
35David Burke308394253563030383144303415341
36Nick Martin177271223355139433538375873347
38Terry King18114834842292726282933394141349
37John Owens337385036514548485511161832349
40David Allinson49422821342535454241504934356
39Nigel Brown5511555354454040261735323324356
41Craig Raistrick62110616246312423302334453858362
42Bob Conner141267715342332827384348469379
43David Hope1117524153385336334549263235394
44Greg King4713673833322337424347444745397
45Mike Kemp379415240475760595330332833423
46Pete Smith1235324430334445518358415350428
48Colin Walton316283445464149614745473753435
47John Sharman619404758606153193242464346435
49John Cleave08453749647161465037404552470
50Victoria Gibson625344948545942504853534448474
51Gordon Allison16212433939433943444962678383480
52Richard Aucott11611565556486246493937565941494
53Alan Watkinson237464544496776566259616341533
54Tim Lanigan16714525168525358574655525873548
55Emilio Gonzalez Oses12514703037364968797976575458549
56Chris Chatfield710594347576553546356635058550
57Jen Hand699486160684855666963514249552
58Gary Benson936364641505668707474705858559
59Peter Cropper688496869835464404437606773560
60Rick Ford1213635453686474655660434842561
61David Adam13611546062706957533846546962566
62Hasan Guven17212575668594647555867675273576
63Nicky Ennion2210535761585854586471696160594
64Richard Ennos18418677363536063695454556543595
65Liz Tushingham17115698372755559636152495151597
66Colin Aldred10018837055413483605967716464603
67John Taylor1228476878716656625757597159610
68John Berry612526857686868646873727366663
69Jim La Roche515586883637571737068586261667
70Lawrence Drennan5710628376616373798361627054671
71David Alston1118838368694250536067838383676
72Keith Edgar17314727573627472677267686665698
73Jerry Cavill116765965767370717370736863701
74David Perkins7115737270737069687169758383725
75Gordon Rae3617748371747883796572676073730
76Rob Lyne18618776364687283838383838383777
77John Sheffield3913717674728079797983838383789
78David Kerridge11213758375777675797983838383798
79Barry Mayer1516787477837777727983838383799
80Shaun Holbeche1612676983838383838383838383812
81Ali Law16813688383838383838383838383828
82Bill Lees6618838383838383838383838383848

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