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OK Dinghy World Championship in Warnemünde - Overall

by Robert Deaves 14 Jul 2018 19:00 BST 10-14 July 2018

A tight finish was expected, but no one expected the final day of the OK Dinghy World Championship to be at tight as it turned out. After two thrilling and close races, Andre Budzien claimed his third OK Dinghy world title, with exactly the same scoreline as Fredrik Lööf, the tie being broken on the result of the final race. Jan Kurfeld took the bronze after a premature start in the final race cost him the title.

After a week of close competition, the world title came down to three sailors. The conditions on the final day in Warnemünde were perhaps the best yet with 14-18 knots of breeze with perfect waves. The only thing lacking was the sunshine, but that didn't really matter.

Jan Kurfeld make the first strike with an impressive win in Race 7 from Budzien and Thomas Hansson-Mild. Lööf was up there for a while but dropped to fourth at the finish. Going into the deciding race, there was one point separating the top three and it could not have been closer.

Kurfeld was again the pace maker, leading the fleet around the course. Lööf was challenging hard and at the final downwind was pushing Kurfeld tack for tack in an attempt to force a mistake and a chance to pass. This pushed them both to the right side of the final beat, and this allowed Budzien the chance to escape to the left and make up some ground.

Coming into the finish, it was really close and the three boats approached the finish line from different directions. In the end Kurfeld crossed just seconds ahead of Budzien with Lööf 10 seconds back in third. It was perhaps the closest finish to an OK Dinghy world championship ever.

However Kurfeld was world champion for less than 30 minutes until it emerged that he was a premature starter. This left him third overall while Budzien and Lööf had exactly the same scoreline. Countback of results failed to break the tie, so it was decided on the result of the final race. Lööf's decision to attack Kurfeld rather than defend against Budzien had cost him the title.

But what an incredible finish; it was a close, exciting finish by three outstanding sailors; a brilliant display of boat handling, tactics and intense competition.

Budzien commented, "First I am really happy to have won this world championship for the third time now. It was a long and hard week and I never had so many strong competitors with me. It was really nice to race against Jan and Freddy and also the others in the top 15 are really strong."

"The conditions were nicer than we thought. We had one day without sailing, but the others were perfect and it was a really tight victory in the end."

"At the end we have two winners; or even three."

Speaking about he current success and growth of the class she said, "Last year Jan started to think about OK sailing and it makes good sense if you are out of the Olympic circus and have not much time, then the OK Dinghy class is the best singlehanded class to sail, which has a special performance."

"I think the class will grow in the future much more than we think at the moment."

As this exceptional world championship ends, thoughts are already on the next events. Many are planning to attend the European championship in Bandol, France, in September, while the next world championship will be in Auckland, New Zealand in just seven months time.

Is it time you found out what it means to be OK?

Overall Results:

First Lady: Elizabeth Williams
Master: Fredrik Loof
Veteran: Andre Budzien
Paul Elvstrøm Trophy: Andre Budzien

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1 GER 71Andrè BUDZIENSYC1212‑432112
2 SWE 69Fredrik LOOFksss132112‑4212
3 GER 18Jan KURFELDYCW 612112331‑7213
4 GBR 6Charlie CUMBLEYWarsash SC542131‑6420
5 SWE 100Thomas HANSSON‑MILDSS Kaparen32‑84243321
6 DEN 1507Bo PETERSENHellerup Sejlklub233324‑13724
7 NOR 428Lars Johan BRODTKORBHORT316‑111251028
8 NZL 582Greg WILCOXBERND.eV859675‑21646
9 GER 803Martin V ZIMMERMANNSCOE88‑114677848
10 NZL 573Luke GOWERDatchet Water4‑175971010550
11 POL 1Tomasz GAJ05‑09059468‑1111952
12 SWE 797Mats CAAPVarbergs SS77578912‑2455
13 GER 77Sönke BEHRENSSCOE4785511‑191858
14 GBR 69Terry CURTISCastle Cove SC13848135‑161364
15 GBR 44Chris TURNERLyme Regis SC12‑7210367171166
16 AUS 768Mark JACKSONBlack Rock Yacht Club666‑36106251574
17 GER 792Lars HAVERLANDSYC11492512138‑7282
18 DEN 10Jens LAUGEHellerup Sejlklub211175136‑261982
19 GBR 2183Richard BURTONWest Oxfordshire SC96‑72365991286
20 SWE 139Hans BÖRJESSONVarbergs SS191277‑2410151787
21 GER 2Gunter ARNDTFYC910121891222‑2792
22 GBR 17David BOURNErya14131610101814‑3295
23 POL 14Pawel PAWLACZYKJKW P101315131120‑281698
24 DEN 1510Jan Hempel SPARSØMiddelfart Sejlklub18171819148‑4320114
25 GBR 13Alex SCOLESOvery Staithe171224111115‑3326116
26 GER 3Wolfgang HÖFENERSVH12‑72121215202028119
27 DEN 1487Henrik KOFOEDHellerup Sejlklub24162415128‑4221120
28 GER 5Ralf TIETJESVG15111010‑32233122122
29 DEN 22Ask ASKHOLMSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub1592214201729‑42126
30 SWE 2846Jonas BÖRJESSONKSSS18231120151432‑43133
31 DEN 1477Jørgen HOLMSejlklubben Ebeltoft Vig191426141613‑4933135
32 AUS 719Glenn WILLIAMSBig River Sailing Club2315144291423‑46140
33 DEN 12Morten ANDERSENMiddelfart Sejlklub13152822271718‑37140
34 AUS 754Brent WILLIAMSAdelaide Sailing Club727‑321923182725146
35 GBR 28Anthony OSMANParkstone yacht club‑4130141216123429147
36 GBR 11Jim HUNTSouth Staffs sailing Club653‑72417272163
37 GER 823Karsten KRAUSWUW26211924221536‑50163
38 GER 775Jörg RADEMACHERSCST1614272719‑393823164
39 SWE 59Lars EDWALLLBS1120139‑72723014169
40 POL 7Marek BERNATKKSWO2538168212737‑52172
41 GER 7Andreas PICHLYC342220161921‑4640172
42 GBR 2179Tony WOODSGlossop S.C25181713‑72263539173
43 GER 11Rainer POSPIECHVSW20241826202447‑72179
44 GER 75Dirk DAMESVM222141173423‑5530188
45 DEN 1431Joe SCHUBERTHorsens Sejlklub31103331171651‑72189
46 GER 81Jan‑Dietmar DELLASSLRV1019‑454018422436189
47 AUS 741Steve WILSONBlack Rock Yacht Club32351529143041‑72196
48 DEN 1509Peter WIBROESolrød Strans Sejl Klub17192530254139‑72196
49 GBR 95Duncan ELLISOvery Staithe SC203028232329‑4444197
50 GBR 2176Keith BYERSMorecambe Sailing Club222313452533‑5238199
51 NED 673Stephan VELDMANWVA312621173121‑6255202
52 GER 789Ingo BALLERSTEINSCOE141637274331‑5335203
53 GER 690Carsten SASSZSK332025262234‑4847207
54 DEN 1442Peter HEIDESvendborg Sunds Sejlklub‑7218372826254034208
55 DEN 1433Henrik KIMMER PETERSENAAHBB27223136292445‑48214
56 SWE 99Hans ELKJAERVaSS162623433529‑5845217
57 GER 225Jan DISSELSGSP282817442422‑6057220
58 GER 715Sven BEYESSC23251944303350‑51224
59 GER 731Thomas GLASSSC26272331322861‑72228
60 DEN 1407Malte PEDERSENRoyal Danish yacht club24‑72212818366741235
61 GER 12Stefan RASSAUDYC27314216381965‑72238
62 AUS 77Shane SMITHSYC35383021332854‑72239
63 SWE 2809Tomas SKEPPMARKKBS2830.827293730‑5958239.8
64 GER 9Andreas DEUBELHSC294030212635‑6359240
65 GBR 2188Ian HOPWOODNantwich21‑72334217327231248
66 NZL 565Simon PROBERTWakatere Boating Club323639412726‑6449250
67 POL 44Przemyslaw DROZDZIKPL302440334527‑6653252
68 FRA 1820Dejugnat JULIEN1600243‑72292529195656257
69 GER 111Rainer HAACKSFSD363520303334‑7272260
70 GER 22Dirk GERICKESGE293939183647‑5754262
71 AUS 735Daen DORAZIOBlack Rock Yacht Club392943233925‑7272270
72 GER 21Holger KRASMANNYCH3734314721‑7221.5173.5
73 GER 8Ronald FOESTDRS‑53283435463833187
74 GER 777Jörg SYLVESTERSSC‑413735383535106196
75 SWE 7Bengt LARSSONSSKA‑72725820341611.5202.5
76 GER 812Michael MÖCKELASVZR38‑724132404265204
77 AUS 692Bob BUCHANANHuon Yacht Club333638‑484241710207
78 DEN 1508Thomas Olufsen MEYERHaderslev Sejl‑Club36422634373213‑72220
79 GER 746Julius RAITHELSVWS‑5237363739381816221
80 AUS 740Richard FURNEAUXBlack Rock YV343144‑514450147224
81 GER 757Falk HAGEMANNSWS3833‑483938481620232
82 DEN 1482Tim NORMANNHerslev Strand Sejlklub4240‑484641312711238
83 AUS 759Elizabeth WILLIAMSSouthport Yacht Club‑494647434737154239
84 SWE 55Ulf SAHLEGeSS46‑72403841402113239
85 GER 607Gerd BREITBARTSCOE47‑51463343431121244
86 GER 781Stefan HAAGEWYC3033384945455‑72245
87 DEN 1419Henri SKOUHorsens Sejlklub‑727242394036128249
88 GER 695Erik BORKSSCRA3929‑72724743812250
89 NED 669Sybren HORNSTRAKWVS44415040‑51491925268
90 GBR 18Deryck LOVEGROVEBurghfield424255‑5648541714272
91 GER 820Heinz RIDDERSVPB48473453‑54532517277
92 DEN 1505Peter PLESNERSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub454952‑5346482415279
93 DEN 1392Poul VINCENTSHerslev Strand Sejlklub48394947‑51493019281
94 AUS 727Donald WILLIAMSBlack Rock Yacht Club404153544246‑729285
95 AUS 767Glenn YATESSouth Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club4448524652‑542222286
96 GBR 8Tom LONSDALEWest Oxford SC464522323039‑7272286
97 GER 821Jochen LOLLERTYCH5432444536‑72472287
98 POL 19Grzegorz SALAMONK2 Horn Krakow433436342840‑7272287
99 GER 751Knut RAMINCKA5244475049‑532918289
100 GER 767Juliane HOFMANNBERND‑727229374837972304
101 AUS 706Erik THOMPSONSouthport Yacht Club55504555‑57512823307
102 NZL 569Phil COVENYWakatere Boating Club5053‑544952503224310
103 GBR 68Rodney TIDDOvery Staithe Sailing Club51524948444623‑72313
104 GER 809Axel FISCHERRCTT3732352449‑727272321
105 DEN 1484Olof STENSTRÖMHellerup Sejlklub51‑72515253452672350
106 GER 178Axel PROPPRSC49‑72505156443372355
107 DEN 1424Henrik HAMANNBirkerød Sejlklub‑7272432231447272356
108 GBR 2080Paul PIKECovenham SC56‑72575755723426357
109 GBR 63Brian QUAYLEMS&CC54‑72545553523172371
110 DEN 1458Søren SIGURDSSONHerslev Strand Sejlklub534355545047‑7272374
111 DEN 1463Lars ANDRESENHerslev Strand Sejlklub40‑72727228227272378
112 NED 667Hessel HOEKSTRAkwv Langweer‑7272324172722072381
113 GER 784Claus STOCKHARDTSSCP50‑72515250517272398
114 SWE 2791Roine ERICSONKSSS45‑72565855527272410
115 GER 79Frank STRELOWSLS3525‑727272727272420
116 DEN 1417Ingo GRIEMKBL‑7272565654557272437
117 DEN 666Peter ZEILERSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub‑7272463572727272441
118 GER 567Jan BECKMANNSVPB‑7272535072727272463
119 GER 686Jaroslaw SOLTYSHSC47‑72727272727272479
120 GER 539Uli BORCHERSSCST55‑72727272727272487
121 DEN 142Jørgen LINDHARDTSENHellerup Sejlklub‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 1485Johan BJØRLINGHellerup Sejlklub‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 1499Anders GERHARDT‑HANSENSvendborg Sunds Sejlklub‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 15Stig FRANDSENKBL‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 2Jens Christian JURLANDER45‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 20Jesper HOEJERHellerup Sejlklub‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 3Jørgen SVENDSENHellerup Sejlklub‑7272727272727272504
121 DEN 77Jesper STRANDBERGHerslev Strand Sejlklub‑7272727272727272504
121 GBR 59Andy OSMANParkstone Yacht Club‑7272727272727272504
121 GER 10Christian HEINZESCV‑7272727272727272504
121 GER 13Frederik ROENTGENSSC‑7272727272727272504
121 GER 24Karsten KATHSCGMS‑7272727272727272504
121 GER 36Klaus ROCHOLLLYC‑7272727272727272504
121 GER 4Lutz BOGUHNFSC‑7272727272727272504
121 GER 788Jessica FINKESKM‑7272727272727272504
121 NED 638Sipke HOEKSTRAwsvw‑7272727272727272504
121 POL 4Radek DROZDZIKDRYF‑7272727272727272504
121 SWE 15Mats HOVDEGKSS‑7272727272727272504
121 SWE 2849Sverker HÄRDUpsala SS‑7272727272727272504
121 SWE 60Per WESTLUNDNorrköpings SS‑7272727272727272504
121 SWE 80Arne MALM2018‑7272727272727272504

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