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Craftinsure 2012

Sharp's Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 5

by Tim Fells 12 Jul 22:00 BST 8-13 July 2018

After the highs and lows of cheering on England, there was a slightly slow start to the day, not enlivened by any sign of a breeze. There was the briefest hint of a sea breeze forming but a lot of teams elected to walk their boats from Mill Bay to the start line.

Green v Black flights Course 1,3,1,3,2

As if on queue, a pleasant Easterly arrived just in time for PRO Scud Stewart to make his course decision sending the fleet against a strong spring ebb tide up to Crossways. With a lot of starboard hand in the breeze, the Portlemouth shore was the popular place to start, but those with their eyes up the track could see that there was good breeze and tidal gain on the Batson creek side of the course.

Starting closer to the town end of the line, Steve Crook and Sally Townend nailed the first beat, holding a great line up to Snapes, picking up the tidal lee bow to tack across and take a nice lead around Crossways. Taking the same route and rounding second were 82 year old legend Alan Warren and Will Carroll, narrowly ahead of his recently acquired daughter-in-law Sophie Mackley and Tom Ballantine.

On the run down the harbour, Tim Fells and Fran Gifford who had rounded fourth found a bit more pressure on the town side to sail around the leading group and take the lead at Blackstone and were then able to hook into nice pressure to extend a good lead on the tricky beat against the tide back to Crossways. Sophie and Tom settled into a comfortable second ahead of Alan and Will in third.

While the wind had some tricks to play with the sea breeze starting to come back into the harbour, the leaders were able to complete the course without further position changes, Tim and Fran taking a first bullet of the week.

Steve and Sally in fourth had their hands full with a group of boats including a number of the front runners nibbling at their heals. They managed to defend despite having to navigate the transition zone which had reached Mill Bay mark as they were rounding. Mat Biggs/ Becka Jones jumped up into fifth at the death, ahead of Will and Mary Henderson.

Blue v Red flights Course 3,1,3,2

The afternoon race turned out to be possibly one of the worst on record. For those taking part it was tortuous beyond belief and for those watching it was a case of schadenfreude to the extreme.

The breeze had become very light and was easterly up harbour and southerly to non existent down harbour. The tide was flooding strongly.

The start was clean and both leading contenders, the Calverts and Taxi/Alex, timed perfect starts in the middle of the line with the strongest stream under them. They led around Crossways onto what was to become an incredibly challenging run then beat to Blackstone. The worst point was the end of Biddle Rocks on the approach to Blackstone where the strong tide was washing each boat that approached back up the course. It took the leaders a long time to find enough pressure to break through but the majority of the fleet got locked up there for at least half an hour!

Once the leaders made it around Blackstone they had a tidal supported run/drift/beat to Crossways, followed by a run back to the Ferry where the race started again. There were six boats interchanging the lead on every little bit of pressure, with gains being made by following the wind out into the tide but risking a shut off and being swept back up harbour.

Finally, Olly Turner and Holly Scott managed to get around Mill Bay mark and looked set for a win. Alan Roberts and Rob Henderson were chasing but behind them Dave and Oliver Winder hoisted their kite and sailed through underneath the leaders to take their first bullet. Mike and Jane Calvert, who had done so well to hold the lead for the majority of the race, had to settle for fourth.

William Warren and Maddy Anderson along with Jenny Dodds with sister Pippa Kilsby ignored the temptation to chase the breeze out into the tide and continued up the shore until well into Mill Bay before tacking out to Mark 2, rounding in fifth and sixth and holding those positions to the line.

Overall, with discard Mike and Jane are in a controlling position, requiring fifth or better in the Friday morning race to take the title. Four other teams could win if Mike and Jane have a calamity; Taxi and Alex, Si and Phil, the Chrises and Tim and Fran.

Results after day 5:

PosSail No.FlightHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1st3691RedMike CalvertJane CalvertAxe YC10(DNC)1(DNC)(DNC)2(DNC)1(DNC)418
2nd3684BlueAndy DavisAlex WarrenBlithfield SC(DNC)43(DNC)1(DNC)4(DNC)(DNC)820
3rd3738BlackSimon BlakePhil DalbyCookham Reach(DNC)6(DNC)3(DNC)13(DNC)10(DNC)23
4th3764GreenTim FellsFrances GiffordSYC/Police Sailing UK5(DNC)(DNC)77(DNC)(DNC)31(DNC)23
5th3778GreenChris GouldChris KilsbyBartley SC1(DNC)(DNC)19(DNC)(DNC)59(DNC)25
6th3777BlackSimon PottsAlly PottsBurghfield SC(DNC)7(DNC)4(DNC)66(DNC)8(DNC)31
7th3726BlackWill HendersonMary HendersonSalcombe YC(DNC)2(DNC)9(DNC)162(DNC)5(DNC)34
8th3776RedAlan RobertsRob HendersonHayling Island SC13(DNC)2(DNC)(DNC)10(DNC)6(DNC)334
9th3656RedOlly TurnerMiss Holly ScottStarcross YC3(DNC)16(DNC)(DNC)9(DNC)7(DNC)237
10th3722RedRoger GilbertJane GilbertFrensham Pond SC2(DNC)10(DNC)(DNC)4(DNC)4(DNC)2040
11th3658GreenChris JenningsOli WellsBurghfield12(DNC)(DNC)22(DNC)(DNC)1516(DNC)47
12th3673RedCaroline CroftMatt Lulham‑RobinsonBartley SC6(DNC)8(DNC)(DNC)8(DNC)2(DNC)2953
13th3679BlackNick HeginbotothamZoe ParryHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)8(DNC)6(DNC)1111(DNC)17(DNC)53
14th3786BlueDave WadeRoz McGraneNorthampton SC(DNC)94(DNC)6(DNC)13(DNC)(DNC)2254
15th3773GreenAlan WarrenWill CarrollShoreham SC11(DNC)(DNC)1814(DNC)(DNC)93(DNC)55
16th3696GreenJason AndrewsZeb ElliottEastbourne22(DNC)(DNC)53(DNC)(DNC)1413(DNC)57
17th3756BlackSophie MackleyTom BallantineShoreham SC(DNC)11(DNC)14(DNC)1519(DNC)2(DNC)61
18th3799GreenPaul RaysonChristian HillSalcombe YC8(DNC)(DNC)158(DNC)(DNC)1714(DNC)62
19th3758BlueTim SaxtonJodie GreenItchenor SC(DNC)517(DNC)17(DNC)20(DNC)(DNC)968
20th3710BlackJon IbbotsonNick CopseyBurghfield SC(DNC)16(DNC)11(DNC)2210(DNC)12(DNC)71
21st3676BlueAntony GiffordJo GiffordRoyal Tay YC(DNC)1011(DNC)21(DNC)9(DNC)(DNC)2677
22nd3659RedJulian ParryEvan ParryHollingworth Lake SC25(DNC)6(DNC)(DNC)24(DNC)10(DNC)1580
23rd3788BlueChristian BirrellSam BreareyWeymouth & Portland Sailing Academy(DNC)114(DNC)5(DNC)8(DNC)(DNC)DNF89
24th3730GreenPaul HollisPaula MasonBlithfield SC32(DNC)(DNC)1211(DNC)(DNC)1618(DNC)89
25th3781BlueDavid WinderOliver WinderHollingworth S.C(DNC)(BFD)13(DNC)10(DNC)7(DNC)DNC192
26th3796RedWilliam WarrenMaddy AndersonShoreham SC4(DNC)18(DNC)(DNC)5(DNC)(DNS)DNC593
27th3678GreenSteve CrookSally TownendHollingworth Lake SC15(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)4(DNC)(DNC)124DNC96
28th3743GreenMatt BiggsBecka JonesBlithfield SC(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)813(DNC)(DNC)86DNC96
29th3749GreenColin AndersonJohn HackettBlithfield SC17(DNC)(DNC)1920(DNC)(DNC)2020(DNC)96
30th3735BlueJenny DoddsPippa KilsbyNottingham SC(DNC)(BFD)19(DNC)12(DNC)1(DNC)DNC699
31st3724BlueJoe McLaughlinSean RobertsTamesis(DNC)1412(DNC)33(DNC)28(DNC)(DNC)1299
32nd3627BlackAlex JonesJack DeungCookham Reach Sailing Club(DNC)12(DNC)16(DNC)2721(DNC)24(DNC)100
33rd3702BlueDuncan SalmonHarriet SalmonWembley SC(DNC)2322(DNC)26(DNC)18(DNC)(DNC)13102
34th3723BlueAndrew HarrisSara WarrenTamesis(DNC)217(DNC)47(DNC)22(DNC)(DNC)7104
35th3716RedStephen LeneyGillian LenneyBlithfield7(DNC)9(DNC)(DNC)3(DNC)25(DNC)DNF105
36th3795BlackAlex JacksonMark OakeyShoreham SC(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)10(DNC)1314(DNC)7DNC105
37th3742RedPeter BallantineRob AllenSalcombe SC9(DNC)24(DNC)(DNC)23(DNC)24(DNC)27107
38th3731RedAndy JonesMaddie JonesBurghfield14(DNC)39(DNC)(DNC)26(DNC)13(DNC)17109
39th3566BlueJames WellsAnna AylwardStartcross YC(DNC)1326(DNC)18(DNC)30(DNC)(DNC)23110
40th3752BlueWill RaineyLiese ScottBurghfield SC(DNC)1829(DNC)19(DNC)34(DNC)(DNC)11111
41st3652BlackJohn BellOlivia BellHampton SC(DNC)26(DNC)20(DNC)1915(DNC)32(DNC)112
42nd3615RedStuart BatesAndrew HiltonHollingworth Lake SC34(DNC)15(DNC)(DNC)41(DNC)11(DNC)14115
43rd3785BlueNick CharlesChristian HumphreyDatchet SC(DNC)3(BFD)(DNC)24(DNC)12(DNC)DNC21121
44th3645RedSteve HallAlison HallRoyal Corinthian YC16(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)7(DNC)27DNC10121
45th3771BlackLaurie SmartAlex PauseyUTSC(DNC)24(DNC)27(DNC)3216(DNC)23(DNC)122
46th3774BlackJon TurnerKatie FrostLyme Regis(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)13(DNC)1224(DNC)15DNC125
47th3657BlueAnthony LoftsFrancesca LoftsSalcombe YC(DNC)2821(DNC)31(DNC)27(DNC)(DNC)18125
48th3727BlackMark StockbridgeEddy AtkinsRanelagh(DNC)15(DNC)21(DNC)4517(DNC)28(DNC)126
49th3665RedRoss JacksonDave ReidShoreham SC24(DNC)34(DNC)(DNC)18(DNC)19(DNC)31126
50th3748BlackNigel BrookeSuzie BrookeTeam Lymo(DNC)17(DNC)34(DNC)2136(DNC)19(DNC)127
51st3753BlackAndy BinesRebecca BinesBrightlingsea SC(DNC)19(DNC)17(DNC)4723(DNC)22(DNC)128
52nd3569GreenBen LulhamSamantha LulhamRutland SC29(DNC)(DNC)2928(DNC)(DNC)2127(DNC)134
53rd3683BlueBen JonesHelen HildichShoreham SC(DNC)3028(DNC)30(DNC)29(DNC)(DNC)24141
54th3772RedPhil EmeryKaren EmeryWhitstable SC21(DNC)20(DNC)(DNC)38(DNC)33(DNC)34146
55th3647RedHywel Bowen‑PerkinsLucy PenwardenHampton SC19(DNC)37(DNC)(DNC)35(DNC)37(DNC)19147
56th3675BlackDave CroftRosie RichardsRYA(DNC)27(DNC)35(DNC)2033(DNC)33(DNC)148
57th3686GreenJeremy DeaconMichal Janowicz.RYA30(DNC)(DNC)3029(DNC)(DNC)3030(DNC)149
58th3790BlackColin BrockbankMartin HughesWembley SC(DNC)20(DNC)22(DNC)1731(DNC)(DNF)DNC151
59th3705GreenGeoff WrightKatie WrightBlithfield SC27(DNC)(DNC)2434(DNC)(DNC)2938(DNC)152
60th3672BlackJohn CooperHilary BradshawWhitstable YC(DNC)22(DNC)25(DNC)3635(DNC)35(DNC)153
61st3784GreenTony JohnsonLouise JohnsonTeam Lymo37(DNC)(DNC)2832(DNC)(DNC)3621(DNC)154
62nd3787RedChris MartinJamie MasonMidland S C20(DNC)23(DNC)(DNC)25(DNC)26(DNC)DNF155
63rd3712BlueIan SharpsEllie SharpsBurghfield SC(DNC)(BFD)5(DNC)25(DNC)5(DNC)DNCDNF157
64th3666BlackJohn MeadowcroftKaty MeadowcroftUpper Thames SC(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)31(DNC)1441(DNC)11DNC158
65th3690GreenTim HarridgeLucy HarridgeHampton SC18(DNC)(DNC)2322(DNC)(DNC)5837(DNC)158
66th3740GreenPatrick BlakeJilly BlakeCookham Reach(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)3316(DNC)(DNC)2326DNC159
67th3725BlackAndrew SquireNicki BassSalcombe YC(DNC)29(DNC)26(DNC)3439(DNC)36(DNC)164
68th2663BlueChris HaworthLauren PammeterBlackpool & Fleetwood YC(DNC)3225(DNC)53(DNC)42(DNC)(DNC)16168
69th3687BlueHannah GreenfieldMatthew GreenfieldChew Valley SC(DNC)2533(DNC)23(DNC)26(DNC)(DNC)DNF168
70th3745RedPaul DeanNicki Della PortaWembley SC31(DNC)41(DNC)(DNC)43(DNC)22(DNC)32169
71st3767BlackBen ArcherTheo HarrisParkstone YC(DNC)35(DNC)32(DNC)4438(DNC)25(DNC)174
72nd3780BlueNeville HerbertKarl ThorneTeam Lymo(DNC)(BFD)35(DNC)15(DNC)37(DNC)DNC30178
73rd3713BlackTim LawsSteve HarlingStarcross YC(DNC)42(DNC)36(DNC)3144(DNC)29(DNC)182
74th3706BlueKevin AndersonSadie AndersonSalcombe YC(DNC)3631(DNC)41(DNC)51(DNC)(DNC)25184
75th3339BlackTim MaleAdrian MaleBlithfield(DNC)31(DNC)50(DNC)4032(DNC)31(DNC)184
76th3789RedNick ScroggieJemima ScroggieParkstone36(DNC)27(DNC)(DNC)30(DNC)38(DNC)DNF192
77th3714RedAlan MarkhamSue MarkhamUpper Thames SC33(DNC)46(DNC)(DNC)29(DNC)49(DNC)35192
78th3539GreenDan AlsopSophie PenwardenLyme Regis SC28(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)27(DNC)(DNC)18WAYDNC195
79th3648BlueAntonia WrightJamie WrightShoreham SC(DNC)3736(DNC)36(DNC)25(DNC)(DNC)DNF195
80th3769RedGraham Cranford‑SmithFiona Cranford‑SmithSalcombe YC26(DNC)40(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)32DNC37196
81st3715RedRichard CookeRusell HallWembley SC38(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)28(DNC)34DNC36197
82nd3793RedMike BuddMark GreavesSouth Caernarvonshire YC23(DNC)32(DNC)(DNC)(WAY)(DNC)31DNCDNF208
83rd3755BluePeter JacksonAndy AirnesBlackpool & Fleetwood YC(DNC)3445(DNC)38(DNC)52(DNC)(DNC)39208
84th3651BlackKeiran O'FarrellSel ShahWembley SC(DNC)41(DNC)41(DNC)4250(DNC)34(DNC)208
85th3621BlueTristram SquireRobin HodgesSalcombe YC(DNC)3943(DNC)45(DNC)57(DNC)(DNC)28212
86th3598RedRobert SmithAndrew SmithSalcombe YC35(DNC)30(DNC)(DNC)50(DNC)40(DNC)DNF216
87th3704BlueJemma HorwoodSimon WorsfoldThames SC(DNC)3842(DNC)52(DNC)48(DNC)(DNC)38218
88th3682GreenJon StewardAnnabel StewardFishers Green SC(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)3939(DNC)(DNC)2854DNC221
89th3511GreenAndrew MillsEllie MillsHampton SC40(DNC)(DNC)4348(DNC)(DNC)4347(DNC)221
90th3661BlackGraham ScroggieJade BowenParkstone YC(DNC)44(DNC)40(DNC)4646(DNC)45(DNC)221
91st3663GreenSimon KerrJenny RoweHunts SC48(DNC)(DNC)4235(DNC)(DNC)4751(DNC)223
92nd3604BlackTimothy BarrElizabeth NorthThames SC(DNC)49(DNC)53(DNC)3743(DNC)41(DNC)223
93rd3606GreenKen DuffellJoseph WoodsTamesis47(DNC)(DNC)4742(DNC)(DNC)4839(DNC)223
94th3518GreenTimothy HarmsMillie LittleMidland SC43(DNC)(DNC)4940(DNC)(DNC)4150(DNC)223
95th3794BlueJulian HarmsRobyn BaranowiczMidland SC(DNC)40(BFD)(DNC)37(DNC)40(DNC)DNC48226
96th3582GreenMartin EvansChris EvansCookham Reach SC41(DNC)(DNC)4644(DNC)(DNC)5146(DNC)228
97th3548GreenKevin RoseNicky BinksUpper Thames SC42(DNC)(DNC)5543(DNC)(DNC)4544(DNC)229
98th3602BlackAnthony RickabyWilliam AndersonHampton SC(DNC)43(DNC)45(DNC)5149(DNC)42(DNC)230
99th3734BluePhil AshworthAli AshworthWeymouth(DNC)3350(DNC)50(DNC)54(DNC)(DNC)45232
100th3622RedMichael HamiltonSimon HamiltonBlackpool & Fleetwood SC49(DNC)44(DNC)(DNC)39(DNC)39(DNC)DNF232
101st3547RedPeter MaleChristine MaleBlithfield39(DNC)51(DNC)(DNC)56(DNC)44(DNC)43233
102nd3567RedMartin SmithKaren BestonBlithfiled SC51(DNC)47(DNC)(DNC)52(DNC)52(DNC)33235
103rd3697BlackRichard PageEllen & Lucy CooperHampton(DNC)45(DNC)37(DNC)5447(DNC)52(DNC)235
104th2604RedJeremy SteinSarah PercivalUpper Thames SC44(DNC)48(DNC)(DNC)49(DNC)55(DNC)41237
105th3695BlackPete SlackOliver McLeanBlithfield SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)38(DNC)3345(DNC)WAYDNC238
106th3291GreenDave PhilpottCarole MurcottGrafham Water SC45(DNC)(DNC)5256(DNC)(DNC)4243(DNC)238
107th3502GreenScott SmithChristopher SmithUpper Thames SC46(DNC)(DNC)4846(DNC)(DNC)4653(DNC)239
108th3644RedJon BloicePhilippa BloiceWhitstable YC50(DNC)49(DNC)(DNC)48(DNC)53(DNC)40240
109th3587GreenHenry MasonBelinda MasonBlithfield SC52(DNC)(DNC)5449(DNC)(DNC)5440(DNC)249
110th3534BlueJohn DalbyAndy DalbyTrent Valley SC(DNC)(BFD)38(DNC)58(DNC)53(DNC)DNC42252
111th3717BlueJohn GreenJames AlexanderWembley SC(DNC)4753(DNC)57(DNC)56(DNC)(DNC)46259
112th3762BlackMalcolm HyamsMarina GashinovaMidland S C(DNC)48(DNC)51(DNC)5359(DNC)48(DNC)259
113th3451RedMartin WhitworthSarah CharrotUpper Thames SC56(DNC)52(DNC)(DNC)58(DNC)35(DNC)DNC262
114th3575GreenHarry StewardNathan AllenFishers Green53(DNC)(DNC)4454(DNC)(DNC)50(DNF)DNC262
115th3450GreenBen GreenAlex OgilvieTeam Lymo54(DNC)(DNC)5651(DNC)(DNC)5655(DNC)272
116th3599BlueNigel CooperAnnabel CooperHampton SC(DNC)50(DNC)(DNC)59(DNC)58(DNC)DNC47275
117th2410BlackIan LaingAndrew HuntHollingworth Lake(DNC)51(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)5560(DNC)49DNC276
118th3586RedKieron MasonGeorge MasonBlithfiled SC55(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)57(DNC)WAYDNC44278
119th3707BlueStuart JenkinsImogen JenkinsHampton SC(DNC)46(DNC)(DNC)55(DNC)55(DNC)DNCDNC278
120th3655GreenKaren HilesJohn HodgeShoreham SC57(DNC)(DNC)57(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)57DNCDNC293

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