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Magic Marine Solo Nation's Cup at Fraglia Vela Riva - Overall

by Steve Watson & Will Loy 4 Jul 2018 12:56 BST 30 June - 3 July 2018

With the efficiency of a Japanese bullet train, Lake Garda once again delivered the Ora right on time for the finale of the Magic Marine Solo Nation's Cup. Shadows contracted as the earth's rotation dialled into the sun and once again the majesty of this stunning location was revealed.

On shore a short mysterious figure wondered through the abandoned dinghy park, repositioning the generously large sunglasses that had served him so well through the decades. Funny how fashion does a circle, not unlike Haley's Comet.

About the man, an A4 clipboard, protected by the elements with a plastic bag jostled for position with his whistle, yearning for the tease of a ball point pen, three days and still no protests to write about. The whistle hung in silence, throat dry. On-water Jury Steve Watson, often mistook for Harry Secombe continued to peruse the scene, making mental notes on hastily written compass bearings which clearly perplexed him, surely a big arrow pointed towards the cliffs would have done.

Event leader and soon to be Magic Marine Nation's Cup Champion Charlie Cumbley made his entrance into the paddock, onlookers and fellow fighters marvelling at his ability to still look cool in flip-flops. Steve Watson, keen to grab an incite to the event leaders thoughts darted forward like Ronaldo, surprising many with his step overs before Cumbley could get even a sniff of the Gelateria.

Cumbley; "This is one of the best Garda events I have done, fantastic breeze with awesome sailing plus a lighter day yesterday for a change. Hopefully the National Championship at Hayling Island 21-27 July will be the same and I will be a happy man. One down side, my legs are caning."

With that, he made off for the ice-cream bar, wincing as he ascended the marble clad steps.

Once on the water, Steve brought meaning to his clipboard's life with some scribbles:

    My local friends said today's Ora was a classic. The wind switched on and sped up to 20 knots giving a healthy rolling wave action with the power to drive through.

    Race 9 started with 44 boats and was easily clear. The race officer Raoul commented "they are gentlemans". One boat kicked off the eventful day by capsizing on top of another just after the start.

    At the first mark the blue bib of Oliver Davenport took the honour with Peerke Kortekaas and Charlie Cumbley in close pursuit. Cumbley closed rapidly on Davenport snapping at his rudder as the leeward mark approached.

    Hundreds of brightly coloured windsurfers decorated the water as we waited for the next beat. Davenport is clear front with Cumbley still in second. Peerke and Tim Law follow.

    By a mystery too far away to see, Cumbley powers by to take another bullet from Davenport, Kortekaas and Law.

    Quick review of the leader board means that there are two major battles ahead for second place and fourth place. One slip and the two point cushion is deflated!

    Race 10 starts and a perfect committee boat start by Cumbley may help his chance to win this event! Dutchman Kortekaas tried a cunning port tack start. Ian Hopwood tries a less than cunning port start and finds another cat from his dwindling number to survive a port/starboard incident. There's no shout of "protest" but only the squeal of a murdered cat.

    At the first mark it's Cumbley's honour with the Hopwood in second and Tim Law in third.

    Tension is high amongst the English members of the race team, i.e me, as the race unfolds. At the leeward mark boats start to fall in, even amongst the leading pack. We observe that Davenport is in a bit of trouble with several wrong places between him and his place rival Law. Andy Tunnicliffe is a couple of boats ahead of his rival Kortekaas.

    Meanwhile a Solo is being bashed against the Lake's wall and is receiving safety boats' assistance.

    At the windward mark Cumbley is ahead by miles but it's game on between Hopwood and Law.

    The latter uses his reported cunning and takes Hopwood to windward and inside at the mark. There is no pause for breath as the boats plane in spray down to the regatta finish. Hopwood, the capsize king comes in third and relinquishes his place to Law. Looks like Kortekaas has done enough to take 4th.

    Ziggy has battled around and shown plenty 'this girl can'.

    However, our last commentary is reserved another stoical NED 606 Klaas de Vries who capsized a few times at the last leeward mark but still finished despite the finish mark having gone. The M flag was swiftly produced on a rib.

    I have really enjoyed my time on the committee boat. Unfortunately for me, not a single protest was held! I have watched and learnt the unhurried in-depth competence of the Fraglia Vela Riva team from office to catering to bar to the race management.

    Prego, Steve

So, to conclude, which will please my ever patient wife Caroline, who commented that "I might just as well have been there", it has been a hugely successful regatta with excellent race management, catering and camaraderie between these three nations. Norbert Zonneveld and his committee have provided another great reason to support our friends in Holland and Fragilia del Riva, though they do not need to, have once again delivered life long memories for all the sailors.

Congratulations to all the competitors, Jack Holt built us a fantastic dinghy which has the pedigree and manners to race in all conditions, the warmer the better.

Charlie Cumbley goes into the Magic Marine National Championship in three weeks as a clear favourite though we know that Hayling Bay can be a tricky little venue. Oliver Davenport has arrived and will be clearly focused and hungry to make the podium again. Tim Law is an absolute legend, if we had a category to reward total commitment he would win it every time. I hope he considers the National Championship, 92 pre-entries so far.

Thanks to Magic Marine who are supporting the Solo class home and abroad, the sailing apperal is of the highest standard and the team, enthusiastic sailors who want us to get the most from our kit.

Lastly, thanks to Steve Watson and Doug Latta who provided me with a clear incite of the regatta. See you in Carnac next year to contest the 2019 Magic Marine Nation's Cup.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1GBR 5705Charlie Cumbley1111-21211110
2GBR 5764Oliver Davenport243-1113132423
3GBR 5743Tim Law32-4232324223
4NED 617Peerke Kortekaas6725-1641243548
5GBR 5639Andy Tunnicli e-1035398458651
6GBR 5749Michael Hicks5514646-16125966
7GBR 5730Vince Horey7911412578-161174
8GBR 5211Gareth Henshall912777911712-1881
9GBR 5645Ian Hopwood4-2115851914117386
10NED 544Gilles De Combe8136913796-231788
11GBR 5130Mark Lee15168-241015181398112
12GBR 5744Iain McGregor201091217(OCS)251867124
13GBR 5782Nigel Davies-22171018201013101313124
14GBR 5792David Greening2711121321116-391115127
15GBR 5742Adam Savage112419156-2610151910129
16GBR 5755Graham Cranford Smith24-27211614145141016134
17GBR 5788Rob Cook13141820830199(D4N9)C14145
18GBR 6000Doug Latta12282722-351817161521176
19GBR 5745Andrew Fox23616251517-37353029196
20GBR 5696Chris Biglin181923282222-38261722197
21GBR 5361Nick Jackson252217(RET)3112201914DNF209
22NED 631Norbert Zonneveld30-322217182122272826211
23GBR 5813Innes Armstrong45820212520817(RET)DNF213
24NED 598Hans Duetz1718442726162823(RET)24223
25GBR 5784Tom Lonsdale1620(DNF)41111335DNC1833236
26NED 610Roel den Herder192531322439312021(RET)242
27NED 580Arnold Jippes2140-4136382421252612243
28GBR 5297Tim Knight35293023-363526212525249
29NED 587Claar van der Does29312914192729-413736251
30NED 629Gerard Post26-362434343636242419257
31NED 575Ted Bakker-39343931282523223127260
32GBR 5712Tony Sampson402334292337-41312732276
33GBR 5654Lee Tennant14151310(RET)38RETDNCDNCDNF286
34NED 553Pieter Jelle Jongejans33-413626332834333231286
35GBR 5695Ian Ingram343833333723153836(DNF)287
36GBR 5713Duncan Peace363528-40323440362028289
37GBR 5786John Steels313326353933-43402230289
38NED 606Klaas de Vries3737-4019273232343538291
39NED 537Jaap Borra28303239-412933284137297
40GBR 5496Paul McCombie32422537(RET)3139302934299
41GBR 5734Adrian Gri n43-443738294024443320308
42GBR 5617Stephen Restall3839383030-4242324035324
43NED 574Hedser Dijkstra41-454242404444293423339
44NED 583Peter Jansen442643(DNC)DNC43303738DNF359
45NED 601Marc Dieben424335(RET)DNC41274239DNF367
46GBR 5623Rob Gascoigne474645(DNC)DNC45454343DNF412
47GBR 5003Paul Bottomley464746(RET)DNCDNCDNCDNC42RET426

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