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The Newport to Bermuda Race adventure begins...

by Nic Douglass 17 Jun 2018 12:12 BST 16 June 2018
2018 Newport to Bermuda Race © Nic Douglass /

The 51st edition of the Newport Bermuda Race is underway and we have been in the midst of the action from Newport and now from in Bermuda.

Check out some of the videos and images below from registration and interviews with competitors, right through to our live coverage of the start, which went for all two hours and fifty minutes to cover every single sequence for the seventeen classes.

LIVE! The start of the Newport Bermuda Race 2018!

We are now in Bermuda, and will have a live show on Facebook, direct from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, with key insights and animations from the Pantaenius Yacht Insurance tracker from 1800 ADT each day up to the official prizegiving.

You can check out our first edition below - which wasn't live or at 1800 ADT as we were boarding our plane to Bermuda, some eight hours after it was scheduled to leave Boston. I am more excited than ever to be in Bermuda I can assure you!

Daily show - Newport Bermuda Race - 16 June 2018

We will have plenty of other content going up every day, including reports from onboard some of the boats, the tracker, written pieces from the media office, and our own photos, videos and social media live content. It really is a hive of activity behind the scenes with the media team.

Registrations are open - hitting the ground running in Newport!

Newport Bermuda Race HQ

Kiva and the Green Team: How the Newport Bermuda race is aiming for gold level sustainability

Images from Registration

Registration recap

With Pantaenius Yacht Insurance ahead of the start

It's red hat time!

Live from the Goslings Rum Party

Goslings Rum Party video wrap... Need we say more??!

Goslings Rum Party Photo Gallery

Catching up with MudRatz

With Nocka onboard Rambler 88

Chatting with "Q" from Maverick

Bermuda Race + Monohulls: A chat with Anthony Kotoun and Chad

Official Captain's Meeting

LIVE! The start of the Newport Bermuda Race 2018!

A quick wrap of the start

Update from the airport - Inbound to Bermuda

See you soon Bermuda!

Pantaenius Newport Bermuda Race tracker animation - 16 June 2018

Take two - attempting to leave Boston some eight hours on...

Daily show - Newport Bermuda Race - 16 June 2018

For more Newport Bermuda Sailor Girl coverage click here.

To follow head to, or follow @bermudarace or @sailorgirlhq on Facebook, and a big thanks to lensloop for being on my team for this project!

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