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Super Spars New Product Update: SuperTelescopic Length Adjustable Spreaders

by Simon Bevan, Super Spars 1 Jun 2018 08:15 BST
Super Spars SuperTelescopic Length Adjustable Spreaders © Super Spars

Imagine you are a pilot. Careful wing design and being able to accurately adjust the wings flaps dictate the potential performance of your aircraft. In much the same way a sailing dinghies spreaders and adjustability are the major factor in mast bend control and ultimate sailing performance.

The combination of spreader length and deflection will determine the effect of the spreaders on the mast. By changing the settings it is possible to completely alter the bend characteristics of the mast and maximise the boat speed to the wind and water conditions.

Super Spars new telescopic spreader system complements and completes the full range of spreader adjustment. Using our new system will permit adjustment of both spreader angle and also the precise length of your spreaders.

Super Spars new Super Telescopic length adjustable spreader system is engineered to enable you to easily and precisely adjust spreader length on the water in all weather conditions.

Spreader length adjustment is achieved by turning a barrel screw located in a neat slot in the spreader tip. The adjusters are left and right hand threaded so turning them the same way moves the length adjuster in and out.

Each turn of the screw is equal to one millimetre of length adjustment: the length of the spreaders giving you exact adjustment you need. The minimum and maximum length varies by 50mm.

The new spreaders are available in any length from 275mm to 900mm. You simply need to specify the length of spreader needed and we will supply them.

The spreaders and length adjusters are manufactured using top of the range high tensile strength 6082 aluminium alloy.

They are supplied complete with spreaders, barrel, telescopic length adjuster, end caps and fixings for the end cap.

A UK sailor's quote: "The spreaders are great and work really well. They are fantastic and give another dimension in which to adjust and tune our rig."

Part NumberDescriptionRetail Price (GBP)
SPRXXXXLENGTHLENGTHADJUSTERSuperTelescopic Spreader Length Adjuster (Pair)£138.98

Reseller Trade Prices on Request
XXXX = Length of Spreaders in mm