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The Rules in Practice 2017-2020 by Bryan Willis
The Rules in Practice 2017-2020 by Bryan Willis

P&B Northamptonshire Youth Series Round 1 at Cransley Sailing Club

by Nigel Austin 18 May 2018 07:32 BST 13 May 2018

Round 1 (out of 4) was held at Cransley on 13 May 2018. 33 youngsters (11 first time competitors of this event) took part in a mixture of morning training sessions and 3 afternoon races. It is designed to be the first step on the competitive ladder and has been hugely popular over the years.

The three training sessions involved starting, tacking on windshifts and sailing a triangular course. The first session on starting saw many of the sailors being tutored by the instructor using Cransleys secret training weapon – bone induction headsets !!.

The tips picked up in the morning were used in the racing later as the winds of Force 1-2 proved just right for the majority of the sailors allowing them to all finish at least 2 out of the 3 races.

Because of the wide variety of ages, boats and skill sets, this form of event can be fraught with danger and there are still some lessons to be learnt by all as to how to retain the magic of sailing whilst looking to progress the skills without scaring off newcomers. More experienced helping the less experienced has to be the way at this level in a positive manner on and off the water.

In terms of the racing the faster boats Lasers and Toppers did take advantage of the lighter winds in all 3 races but the dogged determination of many of the slower boats to complete in the light winds was commendable.

The results are attached but well done to all, especially to Charlie Guyett (Topper) and Charlie Sleet (Laser Radial) from Cransley (1st and 2nd overall) and to Finlay Scull (Laser Radial) from Hollowell (3rd overall).

Many thanks to all who helped with the event.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmClubRatingR1R2R3PtsFirst Event
Fast Fleet
1stLaser Radial159230Charlie SleetCransley Sailing Club1142‑1112 
2ndLaser Radial162883Finlay ScullHollowell Sailing Club1142‑2224 
3rdLaser Radial147315Emily BrittonCransley Sailing Club1142‑3336 
4thLaser162989Abi HaddenCransley Sailing Club10984‑748 
5thLaser Radial140089Declan BellCransley Sailing Club1142‑5459 
6thLaser Radial6Damian MercerHollowell Sailing Club1142‑75611 
7thLaser Pico Sport2Charlie SmithNorthampton Sailing Club133066‑712 
Topper Fleet
1stTopper41619Charlie GuyettCransley Sailing Club1358‑1112 
2ndTopper48349Sam ByrdNorthampton Sailing Club1358‑7325 
3rdTopper45991Keiran BrayBanbury Sailing Club13583‑536 
4thTopper47388Aimee BrayBanbury Sailing Club13582‑9.546 
5thTopper43004Tom ChapmanCransley Sailing Club135852‑67 
6thTopper47181Iris SingletonHollowell Sailing Club1358‑6459 
7thTopper32809Ollie DaleCransley Sailing Club1358‑96713 
8thTopper47738Jessica HedgecochHollowell Sailing Club13584‑9.5913Yes
9thTopper45136William BarnesBanbury Sailing Club135887(DNC)15 
10thTopper46512Daniel HedgecockHollowell Sailing Club1358‑108816Yes
Slow Fleet
1stRS Tera Pro2012Lucas BennettBanbury Sailing Club1364‑2112Yes
2ndRS Tera Pro8038Abigail LarrNorthampton Sailing Club13641‑323 
3rdRS Tera Sport3262Imogen WadeNorthampton Sailing Club1432‑3235 
4thRS Tera Sport3263Harriet WadeNorthampton Sailing Club14325‑74.59.5 
5thRS Tera Sport3038Adam LarrNorthampton Sailing Club143246‑710 
6thOptimist5039Zara AveryHollowell Sailing Club1655‑134610 
7thRS Tera Sport2968Olivia YorkNorthampton Sailing Club14327‑94.511.5 
8thTopper 4.2No NumberKeali RhodesNorthampton Sailing Club14166‑8814Yes
9thTopper 4.2No NumberAstara DaviesCransley Sailing Club14168(DNC)1119Yes
10thOptimist5221Isabella BarnesBanbury Sailing Club1655155(DNC)20 
11thOptimistNo numberNoah ByrdNorthampton Sailing Club165510(DNC)1020Yes
12thBug1Matilida GuyettCransley Sailing Club152012(DNC)921Yes
13thTopper 4.2No NumberPolly McMullanHollowell Sailing Club1416‑16101222Yes
14thTopper 4.242970Cerella DaviesCransley Sailing Club14169(DNC)1322Yes
15thOptimist5388Tate SingletonHollowell Sailing Club165511(DNC)DNC28Yes
16thBug4Charles StockCransley Sailing Club152014(DNC)1428Yes
1stTopper41619Charlie GuyettCransley Sailing Club135811‑22 
2ndLaser Radial159230Charlie SleetCransley Sailing Club11422‑313 
3rdLaser Radial162883Finlay ScullHollowell Sailing Club11423‑736 
4thTopper43004Tom ChapmanCransley Sailing Club135872‑109 
5thTopper48349Sam ByrdNorthampton Sailing Club1358‑10459 
6thTopper45991Keiran BrayBanbury Sailing Club135856‑711 
7thLaser Radial147315Emily BrittonCransley Sailing Club11428‑12412 
8thTopper47388Aimee BrayBanbury Sailing Club13584‑23.5812 
9thTopper47181Iris SingletonHollowell Sailing Club1358‑95914 
10thRS Tera Pro2012Lucas BennettBanbury Sailing Club1364‑138614Yes
11thRS Tera Pro8038Abigail LarrNorthampton Sailing Club13641110‑1221 
12thRS Tera Sport3262Imogen WadeNorthampton Sailing Club1432‑1591322 
13thLaser162989Abi HaddenCransley Sailing Club109812‑191123 
14thLaser Radial140089Declan BellCransley Sailing Club11421413‑2027 
15thOptimist5039Zara AveryHollowell Sailing Club1655‑30111829 
16thTopper47738Jessica HedgecochHollowell Sailing Club1358623.5‑2529.5Yes
17thTopper32809Ollie DaleCransley Sailing Club1358‑20141630 
18thRS Tera Sport3263Harriet WadeNorthampton Sailing Club143217‑2114.531.5 
19thRS Tera Sport3038Adam LarrNorthampton Sailing Club143216‑201935 
20thRS Tera Sport2968Olivia YorkNorthampton Sailing Club143221‑2614.535.5 
21stLaser Radial6Damian MercerHollowell Sailing Club1142‑29152136 
22ndTopper45136William BarnesBanbury Sailing Club13581917(DNC)36 
23rdTopper46512Daniel HedgecockHollowell Sailing Club1358‑25221739Yes
24thLaser Pico Sport2Charlie SmithNorthampton Sailing Club13302218‑2340 
25thTopper 4.2No NumberKeali RhodesNorthampton Sailing Club141618‑252240Yes
26thOptimist5221Isabella BarnesBanbury Sailing Club16553216(DNC)48 
27thTopper 4.2No NumberAstara DaviesCransley Sailing Club141623(DNC)2750Yes
28thBug1Matilida GuyettCransley Sailing Club152028(DNC)2452Yes
29thOptimistNo numberNoah ByrdNorthampton Sailing Club165526(DNC)2652Yes
30thTopper 4.242970Cerella DaviesCransley Sailing Club141624(DNC)2953Yes
31stTopper 4.2No NumberPolly McMullanHollowell Sailing Club1416‑33272855Yes
32ndOptimist5388Tate SingletonHollowell Sailing Club165527(DNC)DNC61Yes
33rdBug4Charles StockCransley Sailing Club152031(DNC)3061Yes

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