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Henri Lloyd Sport range: We speak to Adam Leebetter

by Mark Jardine 14 May 12:00 BST

We spoke to Adam Leebetter of Henri Lloyd about the evolution which has taken place within their clothing range, how materials have moved on, and the new Henri Lloyd Sport range.

Mark: The Henri Lloyd Polo is a classic item in the Henri Lloyd range, and something you can see on yachts and in sailing clubs around the world. I understand the latest polos are now using the hi-tech Cool Dri material, which has developed from your partnership with Land Rover BAR?

Adam: Land Rover BAR needed an item that had more usability and durability across a wider range of locations. They were racing all over the world and they needed something with added performance, as their team members are in warehouses, workshops, press interviews and out on the water in the same top. They wanted a unified approach that made them look part of the team in every area, so we had to create a polo with the functionality and the durability, and that's how Cool Dri was developed.

Mark: So, from this development, less than a year after the 35th America's Cup, the technology has gone out to market on your polo range?

Adam: We spend a lot of time in development and we're always testing products well in advance of when they are released to the market. This product we used as a Land Rover BAR replica item and went across several sections in the America's Cup, and right now it allows many teams to have that functional, personal clothing that the top teams do.

Mark: One of the big things that's happened with sailing kit is that it's not just used for sailing any more - I have items of Henri Lloyd clothing which I use cycling or running. Henri Lloyd are embracing that, creating crossover items with the Henri Lloyd Sport range. Can you tell me how that range is starting up?

Adam: Henri Lloyd Sport is a way to harness the technology that we have, and have tested in the worst conditions possible when at sea. The technology which goes into the product, and the collections that we have, are used way beyond just being on the water. But that product looks like it should be worn on water, so Henri Lloyd Sport make it look off-water, bringing our ranges to a wider consumer base, with an advanced, modern feel, but still using the same technology for a multi-activity environment.

Mark: So, while you're targeting active sports such as cycling and running, it's an item that you wear after taking part in the sport, and also back into sailing?

Adam: Yes. We've partnered with Team Sky and they need kit which can be used in the gym, in an active environment, but can also be used for press conferences, travel and general use. This product takes all of the technology we've developed and allows us to spread it across that wider user base. This isn't just gym clothing, but it is a multi-consumer and multi-activity based product.

Mark: And this product can be branded for teams or corporations, but can also be bought off the shelf?

Adam: Absolutely. We're talking to the best sports stores around the world, specialised sports shops in certain areas, and will also sell this in Henri Lloyd stores and marine locations. This is a product which gives everyone the opportunity to experience this technology.

Mark: What items are currently in the Henri Lloyd Sport range?

Adam: We tick all the boxes. We go from jackets all the way down to a tech swim-short. Long sleeved tops, short sleeved tops, base layers and sweatpants – it's a versatile collection. We're very strict on the materials and fabrics we use, working with the best partners, checking how the product affects the environment, and making sure that we're not polluting when we put things onto our garments.

Mark: It's great to see a company with marine heritage expanding out, creating ranges across a far wider range of sports. Thank you very much for your time Adam.

Adam: You're welcome, thank you.

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