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Teakle Classic Lincoln Week Regatta - Overall

by Harry Fisher 22 Feb 2018 08:44 GMT 19-22 February 2018

A delightful breeze developed on Boston Bay today for the final day of racing for the Teakle Classic Lincoln Week Regatta.

The final day saw Geoff Boettcher's Secret Men's Business claim the overall IRC victory in dominant fashion with a second and a first in the last two races today.

They were followed by a group of boats that were all fighting for the remaining positions, however it was Mark and Mike Welsh's Wicked that finished second overall, followed by Kym Clarke's Fresh in third after a brilliant final day of racing.

On the AMS rating system, Caillin Howard and David Oliver's Aikin Hames Sharley claimed the overall victory even after underperforming on the final day.

They were closely followed by Wicked in second who missed out by just one point, and Magic in third a further two points behind Wicked.

In division two on AMS, a great final day saw Brett Averay and the team on Bacardi come through for the overall win, followed by Kim Williams' Rock N' Roll in second and Matt Stephens and the team on Lincoln Mentor in third.

Division one PHS results saw Kym Clarke's Fresh take out the overall victory, followed by Wicked in second and Bob Schahinger's Clockwork in third.

In division two, John Hookings in Happy Hookers II sailed consistently to claim the overall win, followed by Bacardi in second and local Port Lincoln boat Misty in third, skippered by Hayden McFarlane.

Tomorrow will see the final day of the Melges 24 Nationals as part of the regatta week, which has seen some incredibly close racing so far.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoBoat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
PHS Division 1
1L7FRESHKym ClarkePLYC46[11]45423
2SM4WICKEDMike And Mark WelshSYC11[10]59925
3SM3838CLOCKWORKBob SchahingerRSAYS[13]73210325
4YC477RAPID 1Keith FinchCYCSA32[12]97627
536111MAGICBrown/Harries MetcalCYCSA681[17Q]8528
66211WHITE KNIGHTDavid KnightsCYCSA12[17F]2111733
76276PLAYGROUNDBrenton PeglerCYCSA1039[13]21034
86040THE TRIBEPaul MartinCYCSA8[12]7361135
9S17ARCADIAPeter DavisonRMYS95[16]1011237
10YC4200SHINING SEAAndrew CorlettoCYCSA54[13]812837
11SA1106AIKIN ‑HAMES SHARLEYC Howard / D OliverRSAYS71081[13]1238
12R413 COOL CATSScott MuttonRSAYS159573[17F]39
13YC110SSINTARADerek MorrisonCYCSA11116[15]41345
14B331AUDACIOUSStuart JohnsonRBYC[16]1546151555
15YC3300SECRET MENS BUSINESSGeoff BoettcherCYCSA2[14]1412141456
16A1RHINOBryan KinghamPAYC14131514[16]157
PHS Division 2
1SA194HAPPY HOOKERS IIJohn HookingsPLYC12531[17]12
2SM377BACARDIBrett AveraySYC219[14]2216
3L402MISTYHayden McFarlanePLYC10.54[16]44325.5
4L1LINCOLN MENTORMatthew StephensPLYC656[10]6629
5YC412ASTRIDJohn SiblyCYCSA[14]131027133
6L134SEXTANTJonathan NewburyPLYC12[19F]275935
73548SPEAKEASYGrant EckermannPLYC5312610[16]36
8144SAND CASTLE 2Philip KellyPLYC1314119[15]38
9AUS320ROCK N' ROLLKim WilliamsRPAYC3949[13]1338
105526TANQUERAYPaul RichardsPAYC8107[11]8538
11L53BORN TO MENTORSimon TurveyPLYC4611[13]12841
12YC757SCHOOL'S OUTAdrian WottonCYCSA77158[16]744
13SA48TANIWHADale PriceRSAYS[19F]19C8123446
14G108POCO LOCODan HaynesGRYC10.5113[17]1110.546
15586ACADEMY 1Hugh LongbottomCYC158145[17]1254
16B067WHERESWAL11Roger JepsonRBYC91213[16]1410.558.5
17AUS245BERSERKERSam BasshamPLYC1615[19C]15151475
18L88TRAINER WHEELSJeff SchrammPLYC171617[18]181886
AMS Division 1
1SA1106AIKIN ‑HAMES SHARLEYC Howard / D OliverRSAYS2231[8]311
2SM4WICKEDMike And Mark WelshSYC11424[5]12
336111MAGICBrown/Harries MetcalCYCSA451[14Q]3114
4L7FRESHKym ClarkePLYC34[6]42215
56211WHITE KNIGHTDavid KnightsCYCSA9[14F]26.51422.5
6YC477RAPID 1Keith FinchCYCSA53[10]6.59730.5
76040THE TRIBEPaul MartinCYCSA7[9]935933
86276PLAYGROUNDBrenton PeglerCYCSA87796[10]37
9SM3838CLOCKWORKBob SchahingerRSAYS[12]115510839
10S17ARCADIAPeter DavisonRMYS66[13]1112641
11R413 COOL CATSScott MuttonRSAYS118887[14F]42
12YC110SSINTARADerek MorrisonCYCSA1010[12]12111154
13B331AUDACIOUSStuart JohnsonRBYC[13]121110131258
AMS Division 2
1SM377BACARDIBrett AveraySYC117[8]2112
2AUS320ROCK N' ROLLKim WilliamsRPAYC25115[6]14
3L1LINCOLN MENTORMatthew StephensPLYC[4]4423215
4L53BORN TO MENTORSimon TurveyPLYC3354[6]419
53548SPEAKEASYGrant EckermannPLYC52837[9]25
6L134SEXTANTJonathan NewburyPLYC9[11F]354526
7SA48TANIWHADale PriceRSAYS[11F]11C661327
8G108POCO LOCODan HaynesGRYC772[10]8731
9YC757SCHOOL'S OUTAdrian WottonCYCSA66[10]710837
10B067WHERESWAL11Roger JepsonRBYC88999[10]43
IRC Division
1YC3300SECRET MENS BUSINESSGeoff BoettcherCYCSA11[9]1216
2SM4WICKEDMike And Mark WelshSYC33333[5]15
3L7FRESHKym ClarkePLYC445[5.5]1216
4YC4200SHINING SEAAndrew CorlettoCYCSA22[8]46317
5SA1106AIKIN ‑HAMES SHARLEYC Howard / D OliverRSAYS5642[9]724
636111MAGICBrown/Harries MetcalCYCSA781[13Q]7427
76211WHITE KNIGHTDavid KnightsCYCSA10[13F]295632
86040THE TRIBEPaul MartinCYCSA8965.54[10]32.5
9YC477RAPID 1Keith FinchCYCSA65[10]888.535.5
10SM3838CLOCKWORKBob SchahingerRSAYS[12]1077101145
11S17ARCADIAPeter DavisonRMYS97[12]10128.546.5
12YC110SSINTARADerek MorrisonCYCSA1111111111[12]55

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