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International 14 Prince of Wales Cup Week at Rock in review

by Neale Jones 24 Sep 2017 11:33 BST 28 August - 1 September 2017

One of the lesser travelled to locations on the 14 calendar but a great week in a beautiful holiday destination enjoyed by sailors and families alike.

The fleet descended on Rock with families in tow for the annual meeting of the premier amateur skiff class in the country for an exciting week of exhilarating racing in "the place to be" over the bank holiday weekend.

Day 1

After some concerns over lack of wind spilling over from previous days and an hour's sensible postponement, 24 International 14s from as far away as Germany and France headed out into the Camel for race 1 of PoW week, a single long race for the Hunstanton Plate.

After an incredible turn of boatspeed and great tactical sailing Douglas & Mark showed a clean pair of heels to the entire fleet to lay down a strong marker of their intentions of the week.

Day 2 (Tumble Tuesday)

After an incredible bank holiday weekend in scorching sunshine, real English summer arrived with cloud, rain but most importantly some wind!

This time it was Roger & Ben's turn to lay down their marker as the fleet went from racing to surviving with pitch poles and capsizes all around the race track from even some of the most seasoned teams. As the fleet tumbled and the previous days winners struggled the proven team sailed away from the pack to show that this week wasn't going to be a one horse race.

Day 3

After coming off the back of tumble Tuesday, the fleet headed out for the biggest day of the week, the Prince of Wales Cup. With a short delay before launching due to a lack of wind the fleet headed out with an 8 knot north westerly slowly building.

The two winners of the previous day were set for a titanic battle on the choppy Irish Sea for the race we all came for, a one shot race to decide the national championships. Roger & Ben and Douglas & Mark charged off the start line with pace that others were unable to match and Douglas narrowly led at the top mark, a duel that was set to last 2 hours ensued with Roger & Ben's consistency proving too much for the Douglas & Mark and the won the race and with it the title for another year.

Day 4

The fleet where appreciative of a slightly later start time of midday with two races scheduled for the Llandudno Trophy. With sunny spells and a light breeze from the South West the fleet were met with the now familiar Atlantic swell bouncing around Padstow Bay.

It was time for another contender to join the race for the weeks points trophy, in stepped Katie & Nigel who after a disappointing start to the first race showed supreme boats speed that the heavier crews were unable to match to cruise through the fleet for a podium finish and made the boat speed pay in the next race comfortably winning and putting her marker down.

Day 5

Finally conditions yield some flat water for the fleet to really show what these incredible machines can do and a tight finale for the point's trophy.

The fleet had 12-15 knots and a race course set further in the harbour than they had sailed up to now, Katie & Nigel showed great pace again along with Neale & Ed and the Partingtons producing tacking and gybing battles for the full 3 laps of the race with lead changes happening every leg. Katie & Nigel again narrowly edged out Neale & Ed on the finish setting up a winner takes all finale between them and Roger & Ben, the battle was intense all around the track with yet more lead changes on the snakes and ladders course however Roger & Ben showed cool heads to close out the race and win the week on countback.

Special thanks must go to Rock Sailing Club for hosting an incredible event and providing beer and pasta after racing every day and a huge thank you to Spinlock for proving prizes for the week series including the Pro-Tune rig tension gauge.

The fleet now looks ahead to the Worlds in San Francisco next year and with 20 UK boats already confirmed as well as a strong turnout from the German, Australian, Canadian and American fleets it is an event not to be missed.

Prince of Wales Cup Race Results:
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PosSail NoBoat NameEntrantsPts
1GBR 1541R Gilbert / B Mcrane1
2GBR 1561MarlynD Pattison / M Tait2
3GBR 155RoxanneN Jones / E FitzGerald3
4GBR 1563PuffA Massey / H Hillary4
5GBR 1557K Nurton / N Ash5
6GBR 1530Smash It!A FitzGerald / R Dobson6
7GBR 1517G Yeoman / J Yeoman7
8GBR 1548J Pearson / J Hunter Hamilton8
9GBR 1519O Sloper H Mclean9
10GBR 1523K Morrison / J Fowke10
11GBR 1527Blue FireP MacDanell / L Boughton11
12GBR 1500L Stacpoole / H Stacpoole12
13GBR 1531Eagle 2A Penman / C Watson13
14GBR 1529R Pascal / M Pascal14
15GBR 1558Pink DragonK Hien / T Merkel15
16GBR 1551Not Yet DeadC Smith / I Smith16
17GBR 1488D Van Essen S Saccani17
18FRA 18B Fritsch / R ThibaudDNF
18GBR 1554P Crokford / C BellDNF
18GBR 1556D Holman / D AshDNF
18GBR 1545HoffJ Reid / E DyerDNF
18GBR 1559A Partington / T PartingtonDNF
18GBR 1562A Cattanach / P AndersonDNF

PoW Week Results:

PosSail NoBoat NameHelm / CrewR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1GBR 1541R Gilbert / B Mcrane3122419
2GBR 1557K Nurton / N Ash2DNF31129
3GBR 1561MarlynD Pattison / M Tait19135414
4GBR 1559A Partington / T Partington42663318
5GBR 155RoxanneN Jones / E FitzGerald63542620
6GBR 1530Smash It!A FitzGerald / R Dobson86456728
7GBR 1548J Pearson / J Hunter Hamilton75810101040
8GBR 1563PuffA Massey / H Hillary9DNF1397543
9GBR 1523K Morrison / J Fowke124111681146
10GBR 1527Blue FireP MacDanell / L Boughton101071112DNF50
11GBR 1517G Yeoman / J Yeoman14DNF9129852
12GBR 1545HoffJ Reid / E Dyer158147141255
13GBR 1519O Sloper / H Mclean1911161411961
14GBR 1531Eagle 2A Penman / C Watson13DNF1013131362
15GBR 1558Pink DragonK Hien / T Merkel22DNF128151471
16GBR 1529R Pascal / M Pascal11DNF2121171585
17GBR 1500L Stacpoole / H Stacpoole1771920DNFDNF87
18GBR 1551Not Yet DeadC Smith / I Smith21DNF1715201689
19GBR 1554P Crokford / C Bell20DNF151716DNF92
20GBR 1488D Van Essen / S Saccani18DNF2019181792
21GBR 1562A Cattanach / P Anderson23DNF1818191896
22GBR 1556D Holman / D Ash5DNFDNF23DNFDNF100
23FRA 18B Fritsch / R Thibaud16DNF2222DNFDNF108

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