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Noble Marine 2012

Volvo Noble Marine RS100 Nationals at Weston Sailing Club - Overall

by Clive Eplett 11 Sep 2017 17:21 BST 7-10 August 2017

You know when there is great camaraderie in a class when, on a seriously windy day, those who feel there is too much breeze for them to race, nevertheless don their still wet kit and help others launch off the lee shore and hang around in that wet kit to catch you when you return after racing.

So it was for the final day of the 2017 RS100 Nationals. We'd all been watching the forecast for Sunday and it had been unflinching for days – as soon as there was enough water to launch the safety boats, the wind was going to come in big-style. For once, they were right and all.

As the confident and the gung-ho duly launched, the westerly breeze built even more, averaging between 25-30 knots, gusting 35. With the scores tight not only at the top (only one point for the championship between Al Dickson and Pim Van Vugt, also Steve Lee looking to grab third from Brett Aarons) but across the fleet, it was still all to play for, with two races scheduled for the day.

All this seemed to make the fleet rather keen to get going, lining up rather closer to the line than was perhaps prudent. Thankfully, or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, there was only one additional gun at the off, not two, resulting in lots of Was-I, Wasn't-I introspection and several re-starters including Pim, Brett and your correspondent.

Meantime, Al and Greg Booth fired off the pin end, looking for a left-hander. Instead, in comes a big-righty, getting Steve around first. A big bunch follows, including Al and rapidly catching Pim who then decides to have a very-quick, cooling swim. Undaunted, a rapidly recovery still puts him into third down the run. Al has a shroud break in the gybe, but decides 'oh-well' and keeps going. Steve goes for a swim on the drop.

Al and Pim spilt at the leeward gate, with the latter looking for and finding a left shift to take the lead at the final windward mark. Al (actually-is-it-faster-upwind-without-a-shroud?) Dickson follows, with the charging Huw Powell and Mark Harrison in close attendance.

At the bottom of the run, it's neck-and-neck. Pim gybes for the finish but a lift and the tide means he's gone too early, so he goes for another, onto starboard, that will mean Al and Huw somehow have to avoid him or gybe again themselves. Nooo! He drops it in, letting them off the hook, meaning the finishing order is Al, Huw, Mark, Steve, Luke Goble, Chris Goldhawk, then Pim. Mate, I know the feeling.

The wind continued to build so OOD Barry wisely calls it a day at that. What a blast it was though. As Mark said afterwards, there were times I was just hiding the kite behind the mainsail. Others were of course hiding it in the chute!

The upshot was that Al Dickson retained his title. Having never sailed an RS100 before this event, Pim van Vugt earned a popular and deserved second (and first youth). Steve did steal that third he was targeting by one point from Brett in fourth, in turn two points from Huw who was first Master in fifth (surely some mistake, he's far too young). Cindy Doennecke-Herz won the First Lady prize. If there was a prize for best bruise though, it goes to Greg Booth, courtesy of a certain Mr I-Hate-Flippin'-Sailing.

The Silver Fleet was dominated by Ed Jones in 12th overall and who now surely must be promoted, with Luke Goble second and 16th overall. In the Bronze, Simon Lomas-Clarke's 24th in the final race was not quite enough to overcome Nick Griffin.

Huge thanks must go to Weston SC for putting on a great event. In particular, Sailing Sec Chris Brown, the kitchen team of Chris-and-Steve and our own Steve Lee and wife Liz who worked like Trojans to make it a massively successful event. Thanks also go to the too-many-to-name Weston members for manning safety boats and doing the trolley-dolly thing. We are and were grateful, particularly for Sunday when we provided lots to do. Meantime, OOD Barry Hocking commuted the Gurnard SC Committee Boat from Cowes every day and ran an exemplary series.

Sailing on top of double tides meant the sailing water was just dandy; enough current and topography to make it interesting, but never one-sided, follow-my-leader or stupidly random. The availably of camping next to the club meant that your correspondent's personal bugbear, accommodation arrangements getting in the way of the, er, socialising, was not an issue either.

Next year, the RS100 Nationals will be at WPNSA as part of the RS Games on 16-19 August. Weston SC have set a high bar for them to overcome. With the momentum building in the class, it would be great to get to 50 boats next year.

Meantime, our next events are a one-day open at Starcross on 30 September and the Inlands at Chew Valley Lake on 28-29 October. It will be interesting to see if new Chairman David Smart will finally run out of excuses and actually come sailing at his home club.

The 100 fleet is providing joyful sailing and great, tight racing, from back to front of the fleet, in a friendly atmosphere. Come and join the fun.

Overall Results:

PosDivisionSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14Pts
1stGold410Gurnard SCAlistair Dickson‑1511‑6‑842532221124
2ndGold288WSV H2OPim van Vugt‑37‑1744114111436‑730
3rdGold314Weston SCSteven Lee2‑65‑1956335411‑14439
4thGold527Gurnard SCBrett Aarons32‑10322126‑106‑94940
5thGold508Red Wharf Bay SCHuw Powell‑12‑3022‑1157443553242
6thGold523Port Dinorwic SCGreg Booth‑13137531210‑1527765‑1677
7thGold172Chew Valley Lake SCAndrew Jones4‑19129107‑1371053‑1981085
8thGold480Chew Valley Lake SCChris Goldhawk1146111213‑15‑197‑1810152697
9thGold379Gurnard SCMark Harrison1414317‑18‑19‑18981713133102
10thGold140Royal Windermere YCRobert Richardson13(OCS)16611121211614‑26‑2315107
11thGold509Frensham Pond SCClive Eplett108171449511‑2119‑21410‑21111
12thSilver218Chew Valley Lake SCEd Jones815‑2310‑28‑2291012987914111
13thGold312Exe SCIain Horlock5513‑17‑30158‑201315151778121
14thGold130Chew Valley Lake SCSteve Jones(DNF)‑229713161414‑281212161212137
15thGold259Frensham Pond SCIan Gregory6128‑2319‑23681816208‑2417138
16thSilver127Netley SCLuke Goble19‑2315(DNF)(DNS)10111314141111195142
17thGold359Gurnard SCGiles Peckham97‑27(DNF)‑2320209161113141118148
18thSilver362Guernsey SCAdam Knight25(DNF)118‑2714‑302519139101523172
19thSilver421Netley SCJeremy Troughton2016‑26‑241682221‑232016181611184
20thGold370Netley SCNils Joliffe7111613932468(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC189
21stSilver348Netley SCNick Sandison1818‑221820191617‑27222212(DNF)19201
22ndSilver472Netley SCStewart Hawthorn249211515(DNF)2123(DNF)172324(DNF)22214
23rdSilver154Datchet Water SCSimon Geyman16202025171718‑3422‑34‑32DGADGADGA224.6
24thSilver407Netley SCMichael Rhodes22‑311412292423‑302023242517(DNF)233
25thSilver180Royal Windermere YCJohn Richardson171028211427172430‑33‑372720(DNS)235
26thSilver526Mounts Bay SCMostyn Evans(RET)24192225‑302516‑292728281813245
27thSilver255Weston SCKevin Moore2621182018213227242419(DNF)‑33(DNF)250
28thSilver229Netley SCNick Shuttleworth21‑333030.522‑33‑3422262118202220252.5
29thSilver302Weston SCDaniel Craft23282526‑32‑3227261731‑33292527284
30thBronze492Castle CoveNick Griffin282624(RET)3425352815372721(DNF)(DNF)300
31stBronze366Frensham Pond SCSimon Lomas‑Clarke‑3525‑3330.52129262932292633(DNF)24304.5
32ndBronze305Mounts Bay & Penzance SCJeremy Gilbert30‑372928242836‑383426253028(DNF)318
33rdBronze188Weston SCSamuel Spencer27‑39‑35342626313233(DNF)30322626323
34thBronze221Datchet Water SCMartin Wilson32323127‑33‑35283131‑3531223128324
35thBronze491Teign Corinthian SCSimon Jones3435342936(DNS)(DNS)332528353421(DNF)344
36thBronze205Locks SCJim Wicks2938‑3936383439‑413630362329(DNF)368
37thBronze333Teign Corinthian SCPaul Craft3629363235(DNS)(DNS)373532403127(DNF)370
38thBronze3791Netley SCMartyn Prince‑3934373331363835‑39‑3938373025374
39thBronze266Netley SCAndy Trickett3136(DNF)(DNC)(DNS)3129363825343535DNF376
40thBronze156Weston SCChris Brown3327323537(DNC)3339373629(DNF)(DNF)DNF384
41stBronze1127CKACindy Doennecke‑Herz384038373938(DNF)42(DNF)38393634(DNC)419
42ndBronze364Netley SCJulian Hines(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC373740DNF40DNF3832DNC454