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Harken Solo Inland Championship at Rutland Sailing Club - Overall

by Jo Catterall 10 Sep 2017 21:24 BST 9-10 September 2017
Andy Davis wins the 2017 Harken Solo Inlands © Will Loy

Awoken today to the shout of "come on breeze" by Hopwood, who was hoping for a much improved start to the racing, being of a slightly challenging weight for this dinghy, the light breezes don't suit. But as I looked out a few leaves gently fluttered down into the car park signalling the start of Autumn & perhaps it was not breezy enough.

I'm sure all the lightweights skipped out of bed when they realised that, for now anyway, the weather was being kind. Ever the optimist Hopwood duly informed me it would build as the day went by.

There weren't too many fuzzy heads this morning, only a small hardcore element led by Denison & Winder had remained in the bar after 10 o'clock. Everyone else it seemed was heading for some Ibruprofen, with no rocking required following the first day's events, to get some well earned rest! I'm informed by our resident barman that the night descended into some friendly banter and rugby songs (really!) but that all were well behaved.

Seeking inspiration for today's report I took the dog on the lovely walk to Normanton Church and beyond. Note to self; get a lottery ticket, the houses adjacent to the club are stunning and leave me wondering who lives in a house like this? Me if I win!

For those of you who have not been lucky enough to visit this part of the world I urge you to do so. Sailors can happily bring their families, safe in the knowledge that there is plenty to do for them while they are on the water. Dogs are not allowed at the club but are welcomed at the camp ground across the lane along with well behaved children. Canines are also welcome in the village pub (The Wheatsheaf) and the walks round the area are great. Lots to see and do, bikes can be hired locally and the track around the water is shared by cyclists, walkers, runners etc. Take cash with you as there are cafes & ice cream stops along the way. Anyone seeking a bed for the night, the club has rooms, numerous B&B's locally, even a Best Western Hotel around 10 minutes away.

Back to the racing, as I neared the damn end it was obvious, even to a non-sailor like me, that the wind had changed along with the course. The field were strung out and sailing looked fun as they rounded the buoy at the windward mark.

It looked like there were a few obstacles to contend with from where I stood. A posse of canoes appeared to go through the fleet and the Rutland Belle Leisure Cruiser was sailing.

Race 1

It took a little while to get started, but when the wind came it made for a hard day's sailing. It built steadily throughout the day, even in the first race. John Brooker, new to the fleet, found the first beat a bit too fruity to handle having had a great day yesterday. Still I believe he had enjoyed himself and hopefully we will see him next time.

Brownie had a good day, being first to the first mark and every race thereafter was 'his weather', a comment agreed with by Mr Fisher. Soon overtaken by Davis who won but Brownie held a good second with Davenport third.

Race 2

Honnor had a difficult day following yesterday's results. He said there was more wind, gusty, shifty and got to windward mark sixth and went backwards thereafter... Some of the guys were sailing really well and just depended on which shift you picked. Clearly the beer helped as Winder took the spoils, followed by Lovering and Lee.

Race 3

Interviewing sailors as they came off the water, the general consensus of the fleet was that it was hard work today. All should be ashamed as Septimus sailor John Webster told me he had had a fantastic day as the wind was up and finished well. Hamilton felt that breakfast was the highlight of his day! Others looked weary, Dennison had been talking to the fish and was not the only one I hear!

Oil Wells (not my typo - check the results list) went in just before the start and called it a day after capsizing again during a gybe. So youth came to the fore with Davenport winning, Winder still in the mix with a 2nd and Taxi sealing the overall win with a 3rd. Shouldn't go without mentioning Sims who had a consistent day to be 2nd overall.

So after a valiant battle the winners are:

  • 1st Andy Davis (taxi), 2nd Mike Sims, 3rd Dave Winder.
  • Lady: Sue Taylor
  • Junior: Oliver Davenport
  • Veteran: Martin Honnor
  • Grand Master: Malcolm Buchanan
  • Septimus: John Webster
A great big thank you to Harken for sponsoring the event and to Rutland for hosting. I'm already looking forward to returning next year.

Noble Marine sponsor the National Solo Class and protect our Solos 24/7.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1st5597Andy DavisBartley21‑515312
2nd5722Michael SimsCarsington1‑18144414
3rd5675David WinderHollingworth Lake‑216471220
4th5719Richard LoveringWYC6‑191462533
5th5712Chris BrownDraycote‑18126261036
6th5302Shane MacCarthyGreystone93‑21919949
7th5737Oliver DavenportNorthampton28(DNC)7311150
8th5583Martin FraryWeston SC‑27161857652
9th5398Martin HonnorOgston125111717(DNC)62
10th5608Steve EdeArdleigh‑249161515863
11th5764Oil WellsNorthampton5322188(DNC)65
12th5750David MitchellWarsash Sc‑301438281366
13th5383Patrick HamiltonBurwain SC13‑33131320766
14th5730Vince HureyKing George SC19101210(RET)1566
15th5741Stephen GrahamBurwain SC42717‑2991471
16th5130Mark LeeWeymouth SC72020‑3532676
17th5705Lawrence CreaserHayling Island141526‑34121178
18th5658Steve DensionHollingworth Lake17792030‑3383
19th5738Ewan Birkin‑WallisGraham Water SC10‑242211182283
20th5654Lee TennantBurwain SC224‑3719231684
21st5561Tim LewisRYA258‑3321211893
22nd5406Jarvis SimpsonBrightlingsea SC311325‑32141295
23rd5518Innes ArmstrongBurwain SC32302537(DNC)97
24th5707Nigel DaviesDraycote20‑341524221798
25th5211Philip BarnesBudworth‑351127162720101
26th5645Ian HopwoodNantwich29‑5131121021103
27th5613Stuart GibsonClyde Cruising822282726(DNC)111
28th5655John WebsterCarsington34‑3719232419119
29th5134Robert LaurieRYA‑514024222523134
30th5683Andy HylandSpinnaker SC3630343016(RET)146
31st4660Paul GraceChipstead3326‑47373324153
32nd5670Nigel ThomasHill Head2628292842(DNC)153
33rd5768Simon MaskellHunts SC1617836(RET)DNC154
34th5724Terry PalmerUpper Thames1545383832(DNC)168
35th5487Roger BennettSilver Wing SC4729362638(DNC)176
36th5168Jonathan OtterPapercourt‑584756391325180
37th5595Richard BallChipstead41‑4841423431189
38th5570Malcom BuchananLymington Town423945‑463628190
39th5685Thomas HootonBulton Sc11254041(DNC)DNC194
40th4772Nick FisherSalcombe YC43‑6043473530198
41st5203Mike CowanBassenthwaite6323523331(DNC)202
42nd5745Andrew FoxLeigh & Lowton49531014(RET)DNC203
43rd5282Vernon PerkinsSouth Cerney SC44‑6353313938205
44th5547Peter WarneNorthampton5421395643(RET)213
45th5581Tim WadeSpinnaker48‑5832455434213
46th5237Derek JackmannChichester405250‑584935226
47th5455Mark MaskellBlackwater233123(DNC)DNCDNC231
48th4454Stas HawickiPapercourt‑666463442932232
49th5721Graham WilsonNorthampton5536425451(RET)238
50th5352Mike WilkieDesborough62‑6658554027242
51st4723Steve HubbardRutland3754575341(DNC)242
52nd5001Peter MatthewsWOBYC32384848(RET)DNC243
53rd4882Brian FisherNotts County535544‑605240244
54th5760Dave RudmanChipstead5650464350(DNC)245
55th5575Shaun WelchCalshot67‑6866404529247
56th5641Kevin VialsRipon SC6543595148(DNC)266
57th5321David ScottNorthampton453535(RET)DNCDNC269
58th5628Colin MatherRipon‑735664575636269
59th5152Andrew Thompson 7044624944(RET)269
60th5560Charles StimpsonSpinnaker59‑7067654637274
61st5265Rob TrendChipstead5042696153(DNC)275
62nd5230Michael HealyChipstead5269545947(DNC)281
63rd5373Phil SturmerRoyal Burnham YC46625152(RET)DNC288
64th4551Bill HutchingsTonbridge‑726571625539292
65th4581John BrookerFrensham384161(DNC)DNCDNC294
66th5649Steve BishopGirton394955(DNC)DNCDNC297
67th4970Sue TaylorSilver Wing SC574649(DNC)RETDNC306
68th5367Tony DallimoreRipon SC645960(DNC)DNCDNC337
69th5465Dan BishopChipstead71616564(DNC)DNC338
70th5003Paul BottomleySouth Staffs6057(DNC)DNCRETDNC348
71st5572Michael KostinChipstead74747450(RET)DNC349
72nd5448Bob CartwrightBythfield696770(DNC)DNCDNC360
73rd5082Martin O'BrienSkerries Co Dublin617175(DNC)DNCDNC361
74th5413Andy CheethamRipon687268(DNC)DNCDNC362
75th5064Mike DavenportRedesmere SC75757363(RET)DNC363
76th5500Keith TurtleChipstead76737266(DNC)DNC364