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SB20 World Championship at the Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes - Day 3

by The SB20 Worlds Team 31 Aug 2017 08:29 BST 28 August - 1 September 2017

The great British weather showed her true colours on Thursday with race officials getting sailors out of bed early to make the most of the early morning winds. With grey skies, a slight drizzle and a North Westerly breeze, it was game on!

Having slipped lines at 09:00 the fleet sailed out into the Solent to make the most of the windiest day so far. With the competitive drive and the weather getting hotter it has been all to play for here at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes. There were three good races today in a shifty northerly breeze that decreased throughout the day, keeping crews busy with the shifting wind and tide.

Competitors have now finished qualifying having completed five races in total. This now separates crews into Gold and Silver fleets, with the top 40 moving into Gold and the remaining 40 into Silver. However there is no room for complacency for the top ranking boats, all bets are off as things can still change dramatically over the next few days. There are potentially still seven more races with just one discard in Gold fleet racing.

The top three boats currently stand as Export Roo from Australia in first place, Great Britain's Xcellent in second and Give Me Five from France in third.

We would like to thank our race day sponsor Racegeek for their kind support of the SB20 World Championships, it has been a pleasure having you on-board.

Export Roo on a roll on The Solent (from Peter Campbell)

With two wins and a second, Tasmania's Export Roo has moved further ahead on the overall rankings after day three of the SB20 world championship on The Solent in England.

Michael Cooper has steered his boat to a net 5 points after Royal Yacht Squadron race officers finally managed to run three races in improved breezes.

Export Roo's scorecard in the Yellow qualifying fleet reads 1-3-1-2-1, 5 points after discarding the third place.

Cooper is a member of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and the Derwent Sailing Squadron which will jointly conduct the SB20 worlds next January.

Five Australian (four Tasmanian) crews have qualified for the Gold fleet at Cowes o decide the 2017 championships over the final two days: Export Roo, Black, Brazen, Porco Rosso and Difficult Woman.

Second overall on 10 points are the British yacht Xcellent (John Pollard) and the French entrant Give Me Five (Robin Follin).

Xcellent's scorecard to date is 1-6-9-2-1 while Give Me Five has finished 2-5-2-1-6. Nick Rogers (Black) notched up another second place in his qualifying division after a 10th in in race three and a DNS in race four. Black is 10th overall, still within sight of a higher final placing.

Brazen (Jervis Tilly) from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron is 15th (today's placings 9-8-27), Difficult Woman (Rob Gough) is 19th (13-18-12), Hypertronics (Stephen Catchpool) is 52nd (22-22-25) and Smigger 56th (19-31-35).

RYS officials got the sailors out of bed early on day three to make the most of the early morning wind and they enjoyed the windiest day so far. There were three good races in a shifty northerly breeze that decreased during the day, keeping crews busy with shifting winds and tide There are potentially seven more races, with one discard, to decide the world championships among the 40 Gold fleet boats.

Results after Day 3:

PosSail NoTeamCrewR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1AUS3731EXPORT ROOMichael Cooper / David Chapman / Gerry Mitchell131215
2GBR3754XCELLENTJohn Pollard / Rob Smith / Steve Procter1692110
3FRA3653GIVE ME FIVERobin Follin / G Germain / M Abguillerm / E Michel2521610
4RUS3708MELSTON TEAMKirill Frolov / Alexey Murashkin / Egor Ignatenko111110315
5UKR3633#GAMECHANGERYulia Kyrpa / Hugo Rocha / Semen Dmytrenko / Viktor Kandyba6256417
6GBR3728MARVELRichard Powell / Ben Vines / Tim Burnell20931619
7IRL3544SIN BINMichael O'Connor / Davy Taylor / Ed Cooke103242119
8GBR3752SPORTSBOATWORLD.COMJerry Hill / Geoff Carveth / Richard Lovering31336921
9UKR3726ITPARFUMEBorys Shvets / Anatolii Petrov / Ivan Pavlusik / Anna Kyselova14267823
10AUS3737BLACKNick Rogers / Robert Jeffreys / Andrew Roberts2101041224
11RUS3707VIS SAILING TEAMVadim Pushev / Timur Sabirzyanov / Alexander Mikhailov84851225
12NED3714MXTCMarco van Driel / Joost Assmann / Martijn Worseling615173428
13GBR3720UBERAdrian Peach / P Bettesworth / J Short / G Stringer471717230
14GBR3310WILDLING/ROPE 4 BOATSMartin Boatman / Stewart Brown / Ian Turnbull306541631
15AUS3757BRAZENJervis Tilly / Giles Peckham / Peter Tindale161982734
16GBR3732FORELLE ESTATESJoe Llewellyn / Nigel Wakefield / Jerry Vigus1612631435
17FRA3423APCC EQUIPE JEUNESimon Bertheau / A Hugo / H Baptiste / C Mathilde1344151836
18AUS3756PORCO ROSSOElliott Noye / Paul McCartney / Edward Snowball7111212939
19AUS3747DIFFICULT WOMANRob Gough / Nick Dineen / Claire Cunningham / Stewart Gray41313181242
20IRL3741BAD/KILCULLENJerry Dowling / Stefan Hyde / James Dowling7171551542
21GBR3758BREAKING BODCharles Whelan / Richard Mcadam / Richard Hall1528781343
22FRA3706BLACK MAGICEdward Russo / Gilles Favennec / Teiva Siakinuu Valluy12514142945
23FRA3721RHAPSODIEAlain Roig / Hugo Feydit / Sebastian Soupey / Adéle Marevery2121812546
24GBR3085BOATYLICIOUSLee Boatman / Danny Boatman / Adam Ovington33024101047
25RUS3722MSTVasily Grigoriev / Valeriy Ushkov / Mikhail Markin18201314348
26GBR3106WHY A DUCKTom Clay / James Clay / Ed Morris10142771748
27IRL3449LIADave Barry / Cillian Dickson / Gareth Nolan23164191150
28GBR3057BALOOMike Matthews / Carl Outhwaite / Bill Maughan82418131352
29GBR3086TARANik Burfoot / Stuart Clyburn / Tony Hustan5382320553
30IRL3739VENUESWORLDGer Dempsey / Chris Nolan / Diana Kissane / Graeme Grant131911161454
31SIN3227GLASGOW KISSNils Razmilovic / David Salembier / Jeremy Chase27726111155
32FRA3339SANS BLAGUEPierre‑Yves Lambert / M Faure / M Dulos / F Herpin112112151856
33GBR3750GOODHYDEINGNigel Grogan / Jack Grogan / Sam Caslin91021191957
34GBR3089BLUEJAYJohn Reekie / Stuart Thomson / Rory Yaroley1982430758
35BEL3345GO WITH THE FLOWBart Tytgat / Tobias Tytgat / Kristof Woutters14271423758
36GBR3014SPONGE BOBAlain Waha / Joshua Waha / Ben Childerly / Isabel Waha92532171061
37GBR3149POOR BUOYMark Gillett / Paul Hine / Heather Ross / Georgina Povall26201092362
38IRL3490TWO MEN & THEIR MONKEYDarah Sheridan / Shane Murphy / John Phelan15351892264
39RUS3755VICTORIAKolobanov Alexey / Sokolov Audrey / Martinov Viatcheslav21407162468
40GBR3309NARWHALChristian Sutherland / Etienne Gauvain / Ben Paton22816232369
41GBR3751SWEATY BETTYDavid Atkinson / Mark Bonner / John Outhwaite18922202669
42FRA3609NEW CALEDONIATugdual Piriou / Pierre Vaudelet / Yann Rigal122615261669
43GBR3473SLARTIBARTFASTPaul Methven / Gill Methven / Tom Methven / Ella Methven52230242071
44NED3702BUITENHUIS ADVIESMartijn Buitenhuis / Marcel van Liere / Alastair Shaw171225261771
45GBR3206SENDITJames Shelbourne / Phil Devereux / James Gair / Will Robinson24172837877
46NED35843JSJeroen van der Velden / Jeroen Kop / Jan van der Meijden172428112779
47RUS3753ABSOLUTIgor Ginzburg / Oleg Krivov / Vladimir Kulinichenko281516272280
48OMA3307OMA 3Ali Al Balushi / Hussain Al Jabri / Yasir Al Rahbi332811182683
49GBR3217DOOLALIArthur Bruce / Daniel Neild / Giles Oldershaw221821372485
50OMA3475OMA 1Ibtisam Al Salmi / Helena Lucas / T Al Balushi / R Al Habi201125303186
51GER3402PROPERTYBASE SAILING TEAMDaniel Spaenle / T Spaenle / K Krauss / F Blaseio243431211591
52AUS3383HYPERTRONICSStephen Catchpool / Leigh Johnson / Chris Keil312322222592
53GBR3366DORISPhil Rumbelow / Mike Rutland / Charlie Hook292527212093
54NED3041HEIN RUYTEN ONE DESIGNHein Ruyten / Fras van der Wel / Evert Krol373620132594
55GBR3082SHARCCharles Sheppard / Francois Hilary / Ellie Cumpy321429223397
56AUS3749SMIGGERAndrew Smith / David Watson / Sam Tiedeman2823193135101
57NED3555DAMEN SAILING TEAM SB20Mark Snijder / Fleur Huibers‑Sneijers / Olivier Stuip1930333221102
58GBR3096RED KITERoger Harford / Tim Bigg / Francesca Martin2526203432103
59GBR3027ETHELOliver Hill / Charles Hill / Arthur Fry / George Richards2633192834106
60GBR3710CHILL PILL +Tich Summers / Scott Graham / Nick Elder3122322529107
61GBR3095MUTTS NUTSMark Brammer / Dave Townend / Adam Cleasby2934263519108
62IRL3323SEABISCUITMarty Cuppage / Barry Glavin / Niall O'Riordan3019352930108
63GBR3285ALL GOOD THINGSHattie Askew / Ellie Meopham / Jack Preece / Titus Treneman2732302528110
64FRA3576LADYBUGBenoît Melen / Eric Brioist / Gregory Baum2527352436111
65GBR3305TRIOGary Baker / Oliver Needham / Chris O'Donnell3616382937118
66OMA3501OMA 2Akram Al Wahaibi / A Al Mashari / H Al Wahaibi / M Al Khaifi3729313431125
67GBR3215SAIL NAVYLizzie Farrington / Tom Brophy / Thomas Fuller2335343537127
68GBR3531CARNAGERobin Kirby / Matt Williams / Chris Williams3918363638128
69GBR3571TURBULENCE TOONatalie French / Paul French / Michael Hewitt3537342732128
70GBR3070SONIC BOOMDavid Wilkinson / Alwyn Marsden / Andy Airnes3437292841128
71GBR3075STRIPTEASERebecca Anthony / Daniel Anthony / Rory Fleminger3329373135128
72GBR3740ARADA STOVES‑NEW HOPEMartin Fox / Gareth Glover / Doug Innes4136233339131
73GBR3276TROUBLE & STRIFEToby Bennett / B Barker / R Butterworth / C Spraggs3431384128131
74GBR33686A VISION HOMESPeter Noe / Justin Noe / James Greenwood3539333233133
75GBR3029OMEHelen Macnamara / Ian Hudson / Duncan Pryde3231363636135
76GBR3316L.O.SRobert Corbally / Joe Hemmant / Nick Wright3832373334136
77GBR3177DARK & STORMYAndrew Bell / Catherine Wood / Daniel Craft / Jessica Slater3633413830137
78GBR3267HEART OF GOLDTom Hayhoe / David Vialls / Chris Vialls3838413838152
79GBR3064TEIGNAGERAnthony Robinson / Nigel Brown / Lynn Jaffa4139393940157

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