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Gul Fireball Europeans & Nationals at Lyme Regis - Overall

by Andy Robinson 28 Aug 2017 18:56 BST 18-25 August 2017

So Friday morning in Lyme dawned with Matt Burge and Dan Schieber the overnight leaders after the most consistent day across the 3 races on Thursday.

The forecast came in exactly as predicted, a lovely late summer's day with wall-to-wall sunshine and unfortunately not a breath of wind. The AP was promptly raised ashore, initially with a 1 hour delay which was subsequently extended to a further 2. It was looking unlikely that any sailing was going to happen.

With the series stuck on 8 races completed, just one more race could have shaken things up considerably by allowing a second discard. But it was not to be and as the club called it there were already a number of boats who had stolen the march and struck their masts to make a swift departure.

The prize giving was brought forward by an hour and a half and the considerable prizes were allocated to their numerous recipients. There has probably never been a championships with so many prizes and there were still a load more to allocate, including hundreds more pounds worth of Gul and Allen vouchers, a 50% North sail voucher and other North goodies plus an incredible array of serious silverware. The club also provided some lovely keeper trophies.

UK Nationals Results:
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1st Overall, Matt Burge / Dan Schieber, GBR 15123
2nd overall, Ian Dobson / Richard Wagstaff, GBR 15141
3rd overall, Christian Birrell / Vyv Townend, GBR 15144
4th overall, Tom Gillard / Geoff Edwards, GBR 15127
5th overall, David Sayce / Nick Rees, GBR 15112
6th overall, Dave Wade / Ben McGrane, GBR 15143
7th overall, Paul Cullen / Adam Whitehouse, GBR 15147
8th overall, David Hall / Paul Constable, GBR 15122
9th overall, Chris Gill / Jon Gill, GBR 15083
10th overall, David Winder / Ben Rayner, GBR 15130
Lowest placed boat completing all races, Barbara Newson / Guy Newson, GBR 14872
1st Lady helm, Derian Scott, GBR 14891
2nd Lady helm, Christine Slater, GBR 15045
3rd lady helm, Georgia Booth, GBR 14940
1st lady crew, Torie Morley, GBR 14804
2nd lady crew, Andrea Willcocks, GBR 15075
3rd lady crew, Jo Line, GBR 14889

So with a scorecard of 29 points and a series of results that included a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 fourths it was overnight leaders Matt Burge & Dan Schieber who took the Euros from Christian Birrell & Vvy Townsend on 35 points in 2nd and Ian Dobson & Richard Wagstaff with 39 in 3rd.

Europeans Prize Winners:

1st Overall, Matt Burge / Dan Schieber, GBR 15123
2nd overall, Christian Birrell / Vyv Townend, GBR 15144
3rd overall, Ian Dobson / Richard Wagstaff, GBR 15141
4th overall, Tom Gillard / Geoff Edwards, GBR 15127
5th overall, Paul Cullen / Adam Whitehouse, GBR 15147
6th overall, David Sayce / Nick Rees, GBR 15112
7th overall, Ludovic Alleaume / Loic Berthelot, FRA 14783
8th overall, Dave Wade / Ben McGrane, GBR 15143
9th overall, David Hall / Paul Constable, GBR 15122
10th overall, David Winder / Ben Rayner, GBR 15130
Lowest placed boat completing all races, Eric Lewandowsk / Anne Lewandowski FRA 14702 1st Lady Helm, Derian Scott, GBR 14941
2nd lady helm, Johana Koranova, CZE 15109
3rd lady helm, Christina Haerdi-Landerer, SUI 14859
1st lady crew, Torie Morley, GBR 14804
2nd lady crew, Andrea Willcocks, GBR 15075
3rd lady crew, Jo Line, GBR 14889
1st all female team, Louise McKenna / Hermine O'Keefe, IRL 14691
1st Over 50 helm, David Hall, GBR 15122
1st Over 50 crew, Nick Rees, GBR 15112
1st Over 60 helm, David Sayce, GBR 15112
1Over 60 crew, Steve Chesney, GBR 14791
1st Helm under 25, Alois Verkest, FRA 14973
1st Crew under 25, Jakub Kosvica, CZE 14551
Classic boat (Euros and Nationals), James Cuxson / James Arnott, GBR 14388

1st Silver, Jaroslav Verner / Jan Will, CZE 15110
2nd Silver, Frederick Le Bas / Ludovic Collin, FRA 15053
3rd Silver, Matt Foskett / Simon Foskett, GBR 14870

1st Bronze, Charles Le calvez / Minet Gael, FRA 14403
2nd Bronze, Christophe Brigaudeau /Adrien Humeau, FRA 15001
3rd Bronze, Denis Lucet / Françoise Lucet, FRA 15065

The class now looks forward to the Inland Championships on the 14th/15th of October in Draycote, the Nationals next year ion Looe and a world Championships in Carnac next August.

The fleet has had a super championships with amazing prizes across the fleet from some incredibly generous sponsors and Lyme Regis Sailing Club, their volunteers and members have been brilliant, delivering a great on and off water experience despite the challengingly light wind conditions on some days. Lyme is beautiful, the hospitality is great and come Tuesday morning I have a funny feeling that the whole fleet will be feeling the sailing blues.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1GBR 15123 Matt BurgeDan SchieberPoole YC(BFD)824731429
2GBR 15144 Christian BirrellVyv TownendBough Beech SC(BFD)5115510835
3GBR 15141 Ian DobsonRichard WagstaffBurwain SC(BFD)11431105539
4GBR 15127Allen BrosTom GillardGeoff EdwardsSheffield Viking SC152323‑2219145
5GBR 15147Drill it Paul CullenAdam WhitehouseWeirwood9(RET)G5102153764.9
6GBR 15112CapriccioDavid SayceNick ReesHayling Island SC114227122‑25967
7FRA 14783 Ludovic Alleaumeloic Berthelotcnepaimboeuf21‑285613491472
8GBR 15143Sleep Terrorist 2Dave WadeBen McGraneNorthampton/Netley646‑23817161673
9GBR 15122SimplesDavid HallPaul ConstableBlackwater SC477515‑30172378
10GBR 15130HyperdriveDavid WinderBen RaynerHollingworth SC10101226109‑511289
11GBR 15083 Chris GillJon GillPortishead Y & SC2231091133‑42391
12GBR 14941SOUTHPAWSDerian ScottAndy ScottCVLSC161327‑369262699
13CZE 15131 Milan CápFilip ProcházkaYC Neratovice‑376118431241599
14CZE 14551Balls to the WallJiri ParuzekJakub KosvicaJachtklub Lazne Tousen & LS Brno17991324636‑39114
15GBR 15086Not so PeculiarAllan TylerTim ParsonsLyme Regis SC13‑333114338212122
16GBR 15133 Kevin HopeRussell ThorneNotts County S.C & Lyme Regis S.C11113011‑4071836124
17FRA 14973 Alois VerkestJean RobillardClub Voile Centre(BFD)2024121713221127
18CZE 15110NanosekundaJaroslav VernerJan WillJacht klub Tousen/TJ lokomotiva Plzen202916246‑351124130
19FRA 15053 Frederick Le BasLudovic CollinYC Carnac/SR Brest8‑40132916251426131
20GBR 14928Blue TackAnthony WillcocksJames WillcocksPortishead Y & SC3‑44152831142813132
21GBR 14870 Matt FoskettSimon FoskettSHSC18362322‑4113728147
22GBR 15073 Alex TaylorTim SaundersBudworth SC/Staunton Harold SC724172035‑454119163
23CZE 14827Dekuju!Petr KoranMilan KvasnikYC Neratovice32212027191239‑45170
24CZE 15019KriplkaraMartin KubovyRoman RocekJachtklub Lazne Tousen/YC Neratovice(BFD)46281936111325178
25CZE 151092v1Johana Napravnikova KoranovaJakub NapravnikNeratovice YC / Cesky Yacht Klub‑411681834363141184
26AUS 15113The Wonky DonkeyBen SchulzJack FletcherAdelaide Sailing Club(RET)12481520165522188
27SUI 14799 Adrian HuberRuedi MoserRCO & SCoW(BFD)DNF4163239810195
28GBR 14791LucilleRichard MasonSteve ChesneyHayling Island SC12182643‑52244633202
29SUI 14859FuchurChristina Haerdi‑LandererHansueli BacherDSSC & SC Wendelsee284832‑7227382311207
30CZE 15108Mas MisMilan SnajdrFilip KrejzaTJ Lokomotiva Plzen(BFD)15454214233438211
31BEL 15140Great @ventureBart MeynendonckxFrancis De RoeckHofstade Sailing Club42351941‑57191543214
32GBR 15145 Steve GoacherTom GoacherLymington Town SC25374131382022‑44214
33GBR 15107 Richard CornesJames GoodfellowHayling Island SC3617373429‑413729219
34FRA 14403Lapine UpCharles Le calvezMinet GaelSociété des régates de Brest(BFD)4329484834417223
35GBR 15097 Ben CleggDavid PannellBrightlingsea SC532533043‑704027230
36GBR 15045NorbetChristine SlaterGraham SlaterPortishead Y & SC & Paignton SC24194432264245‑66232
37GBR 15120Allen Bros. 2Vince HoreyDavid ScottKing George SC & Notts County SC14(RET)2117RET212946234
38FRA 15001HakinaChristophe BrigaudeauAdrien HumeauS R Brest19‑66253825526620245
39GBR 15066SmiffyMark MaskellNigel SheppardBlackwater SC(BFD)22364630DSQ631257
40GBR 15070BarbraIsaac MarshOliver DavenportNorthampton385538212359‑6535269
41FRA 14793 Alexandre AvignonJean‑Francois NouelTBA26‑60543545275730274
42GBR 14940 Georgia BoothTom FenemoreScailing Dam(BFD)DNC494522292618275
43IRL 14938 Niall McGrottyNeil CramerSkerries Sailing Club5149‑593358371242282
44CZE 14981Pussy Magnet IncludedJan JedlickaJan StruncNeratovice YC35343940445149‑59292
45BEL 14445 Roel PeerlinckSam PeerlinckHofstade Sailing Club29385550‑67435634305
46GBR 14903 Mike JonesJoseph JoynerLyme Regis SC462350445140‑5855309
47CAN 15024PointlessJoe JospeTom EgliPointe Claire Yacht Club56314251‑66474840315
48GBR 14950 Chris ThorneAndrew StewartLyme Regis SC & Notts County444533‑5353504348316
49GBR 14982Jammy's FlyerMaia WalshPeter BentleyBlackwater SC432763‑6618536254320
50GBR 14804 Tobias HamerTorie MorleyPort Dinorwic3441‑725259543051321
51GBR 14994Licken on both sidesPete BadhamSteve DigbyDraycote Water SC406134‑6250325353323
52GBR 15124 Pete KyneTom KyneBrightlingsea SC2(RET)182521DNSDNSDNS324
53GBR 15075Tricks of the TradeAndy WillcocksAndrea WillcocksPortishead Y & SC532656374644‑6763325
54FRA 15065 Denis LUCETFrançoise LUCETCV La Flèche5239‑625655185950329
55GBR 15103Burning BrightKeith WalkerJohn PiattHayling Island SC(BFD)25404928635470329
56SUI 14960Roaring FortiesMelanie LedererMichael SchäferKSV6047‑785762283547336
57SUI 14921FioneMaja SuterMichael SahliYCB3065525839‑806032336
58GBR 14798Blew GenesLucy RileyTim RileyDubai Offshore SC / Blackwater SC27427175375644‑76352
59CZE 14820Funky StarfishMichaela StruncovaMichal SkodaNeratovice YC(BFD)30463969654762358
60GBR 14821SijamboNick HurstJake ElsburyHayling Island SC(BFD)54357454483360358
61GBR 14889Millennium FalconBarry SmithJo LineThornbury Sailing ClubDNE564755494927‑65369
62GBR 14784 Geoff HoldenSophie HoldenNorthampton455351636866‑6949395
63GBR 149912 Fat LaddiesAnyt RobinsonJon ChetlandDatchet Water SC / Chew Valley54(RET)576072772056396
64SUI 14896GromitRichard SchellerLinus EberleSegelclub Hallwil2364706742‑726169396
65IRL 14691Goodness GraciousLouise McKennaHermine O'KeefeRoyal St George3958‑756874615252404
66GBR 14792Hot KapirEleanor CraigRichard BottingDraycote Water SC59(RET)745465643857411
67GBR 15080Afternoon DelightRoger EtheringtonJo AdamsBrightlingsea SC476243(RET)60677564418
68GBR 15036 Fiona GrayDavid CarrollWaldringfield SC3357‑816147797673426
69GBR 14388 James CuxsonJames Neil ArnottNewhaven & Seaford SC48(RET)68716157DSQ37428
70GBR 14883 Rowland SmithJack ParmenterBrightlingsea SCDNE6966475646‑7067437
71GBR 13151Old PeculiarDaniel JohnsonBen LathamErrwood Sailing Club57636764705563‑72439
72GBR 15111Dazed and ConfusedChris TurnerJono LoeHayling Island SC58506165‑77587775444
73IRL 14713TBAFrank MillerEd ButlerDMYC(BFD)52585973697361445
74GBR 14964RUMBALLHilary LancasterDavid MasonWeir Wood S C61(DNC)656963746458454
75GBR 14474Eleven ParsecsIain ChristieTom VianDraycote Water & Hardway SCs55517676646274(DSQ)458
76FRA 14702FaukonEric LewandowskiAnne LewandowskiPléneuf Val André497060‑7775607177462
77GBR 14483Electric EyeCameron MossFraser EarleLyme Regis SC5059DPI78(RET)757968477.3
78GBR 15121Purple HazeBryan ThompsonHugo KnightHayling Island SC6468‑807371686880492
79BEL 14898 Hans OrlentJules OrlentSRNA(BFD)7369RET80765071505
80GBR 14872MagiicBarbara NewsonGuy NewsonPentland Firth YC6271737076‑787878508
81FRA 11059ZouinDenis HernandezEsteban HernandezYCVL(BFD)67777978737274520
82BEL 15135 Thomas VermeirenThomas Van HasselKLYC63727980(RET)718079524
83GBR15093BobSimon HextallFiona Hextall 31(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC547
84GBR 14656Aqua SpeederSimon BensonSophia BensonHayling Island SC65(RET)828179818181550
85GBR 15119Nifty FiftyZoe KingAdrian KingHayling Island SC(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC602

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