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Mersea Week 2017

by Chrissie Westgate 28 Aug 2017 18:12 BST 20-25 August 2017
Julian Lord in 'Humdinger' International H boat © Chrissie Westgate

Mersea Week in its entirety is organised and run completely by volunteers and what a professional and finely structured week resulted!

The small committee worked tirelessly throughout the year to provide the full and exciting programme of sailing and social events that everyone who took part enjoyed so much.

We were very fortunate to have the continued support of both West Mersea Yacht Club and the Dabchicks Sailing club, great venues from which to organise and host the events. Without their help, and the continued generosity of our sponsors, Adnams, Hempel, West Mersea Marine, Peter Clarke's Boatyard, Fenn Wright, West Mersea Oyster Bar, Micro Scooters, Marfleets and Marine Store Chandlery, we would simply not have been able to put on such an exceptional week of events.

The focus of the week was of course our beautiful island and the Blackwater estuary. Our many visitors were able to enjoy the various regattas from the beach and of course, the pretty beach huts scattered along the Mersea Island shoreline.

Over 150 boats of every description took part, with competitors ages ranging from 10 to over 80; there was indeed something for everyone. We had fine weather and all races were adjusted to suit the gentle winds so that every day was sailed admirably.

There was the usual 'organised' pandemonium on the Strood during the Round the Island Race, when the boats are hauled out of the water to cross the road. The finale to the week was the Town regatta fireworks and these were truly spectacular.

A big 'thank you' to all our competitors, we look forward to seeing you all again in 2018.

Remember, the best sail of your life is still out there!

Overall Results:


PosBoatClassHelmCrewClubDSC RegattaPoints 1Points 2Points 3WMYC RegattaPts
1stLe SurfRS 600Michael Iszatt King George SC11(RET)215
2nd RS 200Gavin PageJoe Philo‑PowellDSC242(RET)210
3rd B14Henry WellsBen Heathcote/Staff GloverWMYC/DSC(DNC)211711
4th RS 400Tony BrownRosie Brown/Nik AntoniadesDSC3(RET)34414
5th RS 500Richard GreenSue GreenDSC4.535(DNC)315.5
6thRS'ing AboutRS 400Ross BowmanIfor BieleckiDSC4.557(RET)521.5
7thHot Black desiantoRS 400Bruce WoodcockPaul BerryWMYCDNF66(RET)625
8thCrabby BucketRS 800Sam CaslinCharlotte PowellDSC(DNC)DNCDNC3833
9th RS 200Jack Grogan  (DNC)DNC4DNCDNC37
10th 29erRyan BaileyJoe PurdieDSC(DNC)DNCDNFRETDNC41
Laser & Radial
1stRioLaserJanek Payne WMYC/DSC1111(DNC)4
2nd Laser RadialLindsey Allen DSC/WMYC4222(DNC)10
3rdMadfishLaserDavid Milligan DSC233(DNC)DNC15
4th LaserKeith Stubbs  (DNC)DNCDNCRET119
5thMudLaserSuzy Ryan DSC/WMYC3(DNC)4DNCDNC21
6th Laser RadialArchie Harris DSC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC28
1stMerlinMFOB FastWilliam Sargeant BWSC511198
2ndJoanneMFOB FastChris GreenDan O'BrienWMYC/DSC1358312
3rdNativeMFOB SlowSteve JohnsonDeb/Issac JohnsonWMYC/DSC12642214
4thColumbineMFOB FastSam LightfootWill HeadWMYC/DSC423(RET)716
5thSwiftMFOB FastDavid CopeTBCDSC/WMYC6476420
6thSamphireMFOB SlowGerard Swift DSC117213121
7thTannerMFOB FastBen WoodcraftCharlie JacobsWMYC/DSC312119528
8thTernMFOB FastTom Bowman WMYC/DSC(DNC)10912637
9thLady GwynfredMFOB SlowRichard PorterNicky PorterWMYC1798101239
10thAlly LumpMFOB SlowWilliam BakerBen BakerDSC13171241140
11thMysteryMFOB FastAngela PayneHoward Payne Ed RobinsonWMYC218195840
12thThriftMFOB FastDavid HaynesJake Bowyer/Josh FrenchWMYC/DSC2510(DNC)DNC48
13thEdenMFOB SlowWilliam PowellMatt HeathcoteDSC16116151748
14thWillotteMFOB FastGraeme ProvanLily ProvanWMYC181415111050
15thSprayMFOB FastOliver Grogan WMYC9191672251
16thJoyMFOB FastTimothy CrossleyLucy Newman/Ed HolroydDSC81314171952
17thWoodyMFOB SlowTom Fleetwood WMYC101817161356
18thMersea NativeMFOB FastLars DitchburnNicky DitchburnWMYC19152032057
19thJackMFOB FastMark FarthingRosie Farthing/Steve WombwellDSC152013(RET)1664
20thWinnieMFOB SlowSimon Jacklin DSC/WMYC1421(DNC)14DNC80
21stReplicaMFOB SlowJanet BishoppEmily RogersWMYC/DSCDNF1623(DNC)1580
22ndBethMFOB SlowJonny WatkinsRu Watkins/Libby WatkinsWMYC2226(DNC)191885
23rdBumbleMFOB SlowRichard HolroydJane Marr/Jackie BessieWMYC/DSC20242418(DNC)86
24thOverproofMFOB FastLucy Struth WMYCDNF222120(DNC)89
25thVendettaMFOB FastLiam BoydAlex Slade 7(DNC)DNCDNC2190
26thVicunaMFOB FastBeverley PhilpottElizabeth Philpott/Becca BrownWMYC/DSC(DNC)2322DNC1490
27thOysterMFOB SlowEdward BakerJack TrollopeWMYC(DNC)2518DNC2397
28thPigMFOB FastDominic Talbot WMYC(DNC)DNC25DNCDNC118
29thBoy GeorgeMFOB SlowCharlotte CockStuart CockDSC/WMYCDNF(DNC)DNCDNCDNC119
30thMary AgnesMFOB SlowAlan MorganIgnu GronnebergWMYC/DSC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC124
Med & Laser 4.7
1st RS Feva XLGabby CliftonFlo BrellisfordDSC111114
2nd RS Feva XLMaddie AllenFelicity BrellingsfordDSC/WMYC6224210
3rd Laser 4.7Maddie Clifton DSC4853315
4th RS Feva XLEmily SandersonNatasha FullerDSC7539(DNC)24
5th Laser 4.7Drew Bessey DSC57(DNC)5DNC32
6th Laser 4.7Rebecca Brown WMYC(DNC)1046DNC35
7th RS Feva XLLucy Aird‑BrownAmy Struth 24(DNC)DNCDNC36
8th Topaz Uno raceHope Gozzett DSC33(DNC)DNCDNC36
9thCedricLaser 4.7Will Gibson WMYC(DNC)6RET8DNC36
10th Laser 4.7Ben Milgate DSC(DNC)11DNC2DNC43
11th RS Feva XLMax HarrisEddie HarrisDSC(DNC)9DNC10DNC49
12th Laser 4.7Tom Williams DSC(DNC)DNCDNC7DNC52
13th RS Feva XLOrla CliffordWilla RogersDSC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC60
13th RS FevaBen CroftEd ClaytonDSC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC60
Medium Fast
1stBelieveEnterpriseBrian CummingLinda CummingDSC/WMYC111325
2nd Laser 2000Allen VinceHolly SparksDSC/WMYC323419
3rd EnterprisePeter DollingElaine DollingDSC232239
4th Laser BahiaJulian FrenchChristine LaneDSC/WMYC5DNF56(DNC)22
5thTurnstoneGP 14Louise CrispLaura SharpeDSC/WMYC(DNC)44DNC523
6th 420Tom BrownCharles GaytonWMYC/DSC6(DNC)DNC1RET24
7thBagpussSoloRay Smith DSC4(DNC)DNCDNC428
8thPoo BahMerlin RocketJonathan ReubinNik AntoniadesDSC(DNC)DNCRET5DNC32
9th RS Aero 5Charlie Pearce DSC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC40
1st PicoCharlotte AllanAlice MarrWMYC/DSC121114
2nd PicoJack GibsonDan MilgateWMYC2433311
3rd TopazLily MarrAllegra MartinWMYC/DSC362(DNS)213
4th Topaz UnoLucie LathamRufus CockWMYCDNF3(DNC)2DNC17
5th PicoWilliam SandersonEloise FullerDSC(DNC)5RET4DNC21
6thIdaMirrorRay Smith DSC(DNC)1DNCDNCDNC22

Cruiser Classes

PosBoatClassClubHelmDSC RegattaPoints 1Points 2Points 3WMYC RegattaPts
Classics & Gaffers A
1stStilettoHolman & PyeWMYCScot Yeates111314
2ndHalloweenWSODFoxes YCAdrian Mulville233229
3rdKismetFife CutterWMYCRichard Matthews4251310
4thBlack DiamondYW DiamondWMYCGreg Dunn352(DNC)DNC16
5thGolden FleeceS&S 41WMYCMichael Wheeler(DNC)444416
Classics & Gaffers B
1stAelfwynBuchanan SaxonWMYCDr Tim Howes112326
2ndWizardECODMLSCIain Stubbs331217
3rdTasmanBuchanan East Coast OD Peter Clarke223RET(DNC)16
4thLahlooCornish Crabber 26WMYCRichard Bailey(DNC)441DNC19
5thLaurie Tollesbury SCSimon Lewington(RET)666321
6thNomadNorfolk Gypsy Howard OgdenRET885424
7thTricksterTwisterRoyal UlsterBarry Scott(DNC)574DNC26
8thAde LillyFolk Boat Dino HeapsRET75RET(DNC)28
9thPaticaBuchanan Sloop Joe Kershaw(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC40
1stMojitoRamsay 6.7mDSCTob & Rachel Ramsay231317
2ndFizz1720WMYCEd Allan/Peter Rowe12322.57.5
3rdBrandy HoleModified Melges 24DSCLeo Knifton36412.510.5
4thAnother Excuse1720WMYCStuart bradshaw416(RET)617
5thWild Chorus 2J70WMYCJames Struth7424717
6thAquaholic707DSCDom Barnes & Gordon Eckstein5(DNC)55520
7thComplete MadnessSB20WMYCOliver Gozzett65(DSQ)6421
8thAny Old Excuse1720WMYCJames Lewis9777829
9thBananamanProjection 762WMYC/DSCB Woodcock & J Billings8(DNC)DNCDNCDNC38
1stMaverick IIFirst 33.7WMYC/DSCPaul Harrison413116
2ndToucanFirst 31.7DSC & WMYCEd Taylor & Richard Davenport122227
3rdHexIsis 21DSC & WMYCLaurie Pearson & Dave weston3415412
4thWookieFirst 31.7Harwich & Dovercourt SCStuart Howells2344312
5thStarfall 2Sigma 33WMYCJohn Clifton5553518
6thLe MariachJ24DSCThomas Walklett(DNC)DNCDNCDNC627
1stHumdingerInternational H BoatWMYC/DSCJulian Lord211125
2ndSkybirdMGC27DSCVic Prior322318
3rdAlgonquinC7C 27WMYCBarry Ashmore133239
4thDuraSigma 29DSCShirley Swan & Alan Mason5444416
5thTearawayMGC27DSC/WMYCRichard Holroyd6555621
6thBoobie TrapBeneteau First 24 Jason Dale(DNC)766524
7thRimfireHustler 30XMWMYCCR & SJ Taylor7687727
8thSam Pan IIQuarter TonnerWMYCJohn Attewell(RET)89RET834
9thPipedreamOyster 26WMYCJames Millar4(DNC)DNCDNCDNC37
10thChaosSquib Alan Morgan(DNC)DNC7DNCDNC40
1stAlbertaSmack FastBrightlingsea SCRobin Page121215
2ndEthel AliceSmack Fast Darren Burton312126
3rdKateSmack FastWMYCRichard Haines2453413
4thPeaceSmack FastDSC/WMYCAngus Milgate4346314
5thCharlotte EllenSmack FastTollesbury Sailing ClubJames Bardrick55610622
6thDorothySmack SlowWMYCRob Lee8937826
7thGracieSmack SlowDSCNick Purdie7775926
8thMartha IISmack FastWMYCRichard Robinson108104527
9thSunbeamSmack Fast John Minister/Derek Arnaudy66991030
10thBoadiceaSmack Slow Reuben Frost91088732
11thWilliam & MarySmack Slow D.Quested(DNC)DNCDNCDNFDNC51
12thMariaSmack Fast Paul Winter(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC52
1stCamelSonataDSCSimon Farren221126
2ndWet EndeavourSonataDSCGozzetts Roberts & Shipton112266
3rdBlackjacSonataWMYC/DSCJack Davis3343110
4thAubie TooSonataDSCTony Hawkes/ Pat Hill4574417
5thScherzoSonataWMYCJane Richardson7636318
6thGhostbusterSonataDSCIan Vince6755521
7thKehaarSonataWMYCGraham Capon5467722
1stL'etoileStellaW & F YC and RHYCTim Wood111114
2ndLodestarStellaHoo Ness Yacht ClubMark Montgomery‑Smith222228
3rdLa Vie En RoseStellaWMYCPeter Haldane3434313
4thStella LyraStellaWMYCTrevor SperoRET343(DNC)15
5thLys of SlaughdenStellaPin Mill SCJohn Sparks(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC24

White Sails Cruiser Class

PosBoatClassClubHelmDSC RegattaPoints 1Points 2Points 3WMYC RegattaPts
1stCirrusMoody 31 SDSC/WMYCMike Edwards & David Lewis111314
2ndSeahawk IIHanse 311DSC & WMYCAndrew & Jill Stebbing32212411
3rdUFOHustler 25.5WMYCBob Mercer4(DNC)54518
4thTamariskOceanis 323DSC/WMYCRob Smith53410719
5thCarte BlanchePegasus 800WMYCBarry Thompson71082320
6thRaggertyFirst 29WMYC/DSCAlan Jones67105220
7thLibertyBeneteau Oceanis 323DSC& WMYCPaul Gosling8578626
8thRendezvousHanse 331WMYCMike Berry28991028
9thMersea GooseSunfast 2500WMYCDavid Chatterton99(DNC)11231
10thSamphire of MerseaCarter 39WMYCTimothy Turnbull106313(DNC)32
11thHanneloreBavaria 34WMYCD M Curtis1141161132
12thEnigmaVan Der Stadt 8mDSC/WMYCVicky Khan1211611937
13thLangousteSabre 27DSCCarole Plormel13(DNF)1271345
14thSolent Flame IIMoody 28WMYCRichard Sharpe14DNF13141455
15thTipsy TurveyBeneteau 36ccWMYCTrevor Southey(DNC)DNCDNCDNC859
16thAdmiral BenbowWesterley CentaurWMYCWilliam Porter15(DNC)DNCDNCDNC66

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