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Zhik 2018 Yacht 728x90

McDougall + McConaghy International Moth World Championship - Overall

by Jonny Fullerton 30 Jul 2017 20:54 BST 25-29 July 2017

Paul Goodison (GBR) smashes it on the final day of racing at the 2017 McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds at Lake Garda against the hottest fleet of Moths ever assembled.

Goody (to his friends), is the first foiling Moth sailor to win back to back world titles and the result is that much more special considering the high calibre of competition from the most recent top Americas Cup skippers and sailors with more Olympic medals around their necks than any other regatta with exception of the Olympic Games itself!

Going into the final day of racing Goodison begun the day with a 13 point cushion over Pete Burling (NZL) with Iain 'Goobs' Jensen with an outside chance of catching Burling.

The weather gods turned it on again for the final day of racing when a light 'Ora' started to build from the South around lunchtime and any fluffy little clouds dispersed to leave another fine sunny afternoon for racing.

The Gold fleet was sent out around 1330hrs to race on the South course to complete as many races as possible before the cut off time of 1600hrs. Race 9 of the championship started under the black flag in 12 - 14 knots of breeze with flat water. As usual, the aim was to charge to the Eastern shore and before hitting the rocks in front of the Fraglia Vela Malcesine clubhouse, tack and try to find a clean lane of pressure to get to the top of the course in good shape.

At the windward gates, the breeze was quite soft causing a number of boats to drop off the foils, especially if squeezing round the marks. On the first lap, it was Scott Babbage (AUS) leading, followed by the young gun, Gian Ferrighi (ITA) with most of the big names in the top ten. The downwind leg proved a bit more shifty and the pack shuffled. It was Tom Slingsby (AUS) who stayed in the best pressure to take the win from Nathan Outteridge (AUS) with Rob Greenhalgh (GBR) third, Burling fifth and Jensen sixth.

PRO Tim Hancock did a good job of setting up for race 10 under the same conditions. Started under a black flag it was a similar story with slightly different players. The breeze shifted a bit right and begun to drop at the top end causing some competitors to drop off the foils.

At the bottom gate, the action started to unfold, Jensen got round just in front of Slingsby but Slingers dropped off the foils bang in front of Outteridge and Babbage allowing Goodison to slide past inside avoiding the low riders. Burling was also in trouble rounding the opposite gate and dropping off the foils. Greenhalgh was also in a world of pain.

Coming into the finish it was Jensen who crossed the line with a massive lead and a big smile on his face as he closed up the points to second placed Burling to one point. Second was Goodison to all but seal the title. Many competitors had fallen off the foils in the soft patches around the course. Singsby crossed third but Burling was deep in the pack.

With time running out and the breeze getting a bit weak, the PRO announced that the third race of the day, race 11 of the world championship would be the last. The last race would be victory laps for Paul Goodison but the chase for second and third place would be decided on the last race between Burling and Jensen.

The last race started in the same light to moderate breeze, 11 - 13 knots from 215 degrees. Again the fleet used the clubhouse shoreline for a flyby in front of the grandstand of supporters. This time it was Tom Slingsby who looked like he had made the right foil choice leading the world champion elect with some of the usual suspects struggling with foil selection. Slingsby cruised across the finish line for a second win of the day with the victorious Goodison crossing in second.

A good third for West Australian, Steve Thomas, Babbage finished a consistent fourth and Jensen in fifth finishing comfortably ahead of his skipper of so many years, Nathan Outteridge. As Burling crossed in a lowly 17th, supporters scrambled for their calculators to do the maths.

Agonisingly for Goobs Jensen he fell one point short of toppling the Kiwi but was very happy with his third place overall. With Slingsby's final day score of 1,3,1 he held on to 4th and Scott Babbage came back from the brink early in the regatta to snatch 5th off Nathan Outteridge.

The Youth category went down to the wire on the final day with a fine battle between the two Italian twins Gian Marie and Stefano Ferrighi. With an eighth in the final race on Saturday and a ninth today (Sunday), Stefano stole the title from his brother by three places. Stefano finished 23rd overall an excellent performance in a fleet of champions.

The Master's category swung between Jason Belben (GBR) and Rob Gough (AUS) and a similar tussle played out. Rob Gough won this one finishing 25th overall to Jason Belben's 28th.

First in the female category went to Irish Olympian Annalise Murphy who finished 51st in the Gold group.

The Silver group was won by John Clifton (GBR) and the Bronze group won by Maximilian Mage of Germany.

PRO Tim Hancock and his team did a great job getting through so many races for a fleet of 220 Moths, the biggest Moth regatta ever assembled.

A bit shout out to the two Moth workshops running the Moth hospital to keep sailors out there on the water doing what they do. The legend that is Simon Owen Smith and his team at event title sponsor, McDougall + McConaghy and Simon Maguire and his dad Tony did an amazing job behind the scenes.

Also a huge thank you to Fraglia Vela Malcesine, host club for their race management, hospitality and the pasta that has kept over 200 mothies racing for a week.

Of course, it goes without saying that the regatta only took place due to the support of great sponsors and suppliers such as McDougall + McConaghy, Veneri, Zhik and Negrinautica and a long list of Fraglia Vela Malcesine local sponsors.

The 2018 Moth Worlds will take place in Bermuda and we hope to see everybody there for more high octane action in this incredible class.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmQF1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8F9F10F11Pts
Gold Fleet
1GBR 1GOODISON PAUL #7711313‑4311‑72220
2NZL 4190BURLING PETER #9115415411425‑23‑1740
3AUS 4514JENSEN IAIN #884‑843‑13542561541
4AUS 4386SLINGSBY TOM #84272757‑87‑813143
5AUS 4BABBAGE SCOTT #81412‑661‑1763345465
6AUS 4038OUTTERIDGE NATHAN #863555222106(dnf)210‑1470
7GBR 4491GREENHALGH ROBERT #77337(ret)‑17311151338673
8AUS 6MCKNIGHT JOSH #915‑25131161012569‑30786
9AUS 10MIGHELL HAROLD #91116910969‑17‑1712131195
10GBR 4513HIVEY DAVID #819‑18154121313816106‑21106
11ITA 4340BRUNI FRANCESCO #732013‑351214(bfd)151341848116
12ITA 4180DE PAOLI AMBROSI CARLO #8613‑1712131115141411‑44119121
13AUS 4332BURTON TOM #907‑3524‑2910121797141213126
14AUS 4205THOMAS STEVEN #88149‑449248‑27182011273141
15ITA 4147BIANCHI FRANCESCO #8319288211514181222(bfd)(bfd)12165
16SUI 4270PSAROFAGHIS ARNAUD #8816‑3218192122‑251112201816170
17GBR 4050HISCOCKS SIMON #7461110‑31222316‑3718241625172
18GBR 4501ELLIS DAN #882310171427‑32202219267‑32178
19GBR 4309MCMILLAN JIM #891230252516‑35‑64191515915179
20AUS 4095KAJIMOTO KOHEI #75221631‑608302163113‑3920183
21AUS 3656DAMIC LUKA #811031161773119201425‑55(dnf)189
22AUS 4418CHEW MATTHEW #83322232‑64(ufd)1651010dnfdnfdnf206
23ITA 4138FERRIGHI STEFANO #9644‑372118232572698‑4937206
24GBR 4433WARD DAN #8317201915252421‑4025(dsq)1531208
25AUS 7GOUGH ROB #69211222202619222833‑39‑4726224
26ITA 4431FERRIGHI GIAN MARIA #9618151483392823(dnf)2160(dnf)225
27AUS 4495TAILBY REECE #926019‑36‑361818232124232519230
28GBR 4509BELBEN JASON #65242920221926312530(bfd)(bfd)18236
29GBR 3939ASHER NIC #8434‑42391629dnf3636272917‑43285
30GBR 4512OFFER TOM #762636‑483831‑40373037302624308
31IRL 4148KENEFICK DAVID #9133‑414030‑4638392734173129309
32ITA 4040LANULFI MARCO #83272333(dnf)20‑60384241353435320
33FRA 4412MARIE BENOIT #87313346‑6335273454(dsq)223810322
34SWE 4330JARUDD EMIL #98654341413221‑483828‑492022330
35IRL 4517FITZPATRICK RORY #80252430373461676962(dnf)(dnf)dnf341
36ARG 4331GREGGI FRANCO #87295026‑6242113247(dnf)501454348
37AUS 8MCDOUGALL ANDREW #55544742(ret)473724342616(dnf)41351
38GER 3797GIELEN FABIAN #9136‑53‑66333028492439464834358
39GBR 4480MASON RICHARD #88492728(dnf)(dnf)2042312319dnfdnf373
40SUI 4404PETRINO ADRIANO #916148‑5824363345‑5350383327374
41GBR 4336HEATHCOTE JONATHAN #8040(dnf)(dnf)234341355152512228376
42SUI 4152RIGOT GUILLAUME #9367344928‑51(dsq)515042311930380
43GBR 4347BRIDLE EDDIE #9856‑514545‑5245404635422123381
44AUS 3832THORPE LES #7364(ufd)3442284829442143‑5857388
45GBR 4508VINCENT DAN #714738‑6048393630‑6729285456392
46AUS 4221SARE WARREN #6742‑563851384433323648‑5242393
47GBR 4149HOLDEN OLIVER #7273454335‑53424339‑51322938394
48AUT 3799STELZL MAXIMILIAN #933039503457(bfd)4141444735(dnf)411
49AUS 4063SOUTER DEAN #905562‑682637(bfd)445647332445413
50GBR 4350SMITHWHITE DAVID #5651442947‑5947‑542949405047417
51IRL 4380MURPHY ANNALISE #90455557‑6564342635323646(dnf)418
52ITA 4389ZILIANI MARIO #79484947505039(dnf)‑5843553633436
53POR 4299ANDRADE FRANCISCO #803757(ufd)6148295233(dnf)275955449
54USA 4302FUNK BRAD #786921232740(dnf)(dnf)60dnf6428dnf459
55AUT 4511SCHNLEITNER MICHAEL #88634669(dnf)(dnf)46465553343740467
56GER 3975CLASEN JACOB #966854‑6544554950‑5746454339471
57GBR 4448ALBRECHT LEIGH #8352‑68275644(bfd)656838524246474
58FRA 4310ARTHAUD AYMERIC #896658‑594045505643‑59375651481
59AUS 4216GENDERS JOHN #8446‑615653‑6557585948414136482
60GBR 4499HUTTON DOMINIC #8450‑6753525843‑666340633249488
61FIN 4406LEHTINEN LAURI #874352‑6257‑6652476161544044500
62GBR 3959GLIDDON PAUL #7959(ufd)‑63395459624545564461504
63ITA 4460MAZZETTI FABIO #693840524656(bfd)60495860‑6260510
64GBR 4277HARTLEY JEREMY #6162‑595549495853‑6457575350521
65GBR 4311ADAMS ALEX #8457‑64‑64436151555256536152523
66ARG 4367COSENTINO IVN #9253605159‑6353574855‑615153524
67FRA 4383PRESTI PHILIPPE #652826373241(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnf527
68GBR 4037JEEVES CHRIS #7971‑6354586254‑636254594548544
69GBR 5PATON BEN #8581411(ret)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf552
70AUS 4222PEARSON BRENT #8958656154605559‑66(dnf)586358572
71GBR 4500STARK MATTHEW #777266‑6755‑6756616560625759589
72SWE 4459INKYOV JORDAN (DANNY) #7439(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf695
73FRA 4274COL SEBASTIEN #7770(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnsdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf714
Silver Fleet
1GBR 4275CLIFTON JOHN #81751174210-->‑1524 81
2SUI 4312HOLENWEG DAVID #80110‑92231‑52142 94
3GER 4060BUHL PHILIPP #8993‑494‑1723748151 106
4GBR 4442STONEHAM KYLE #86124‑306111911311(dnf) 130
5JPN 3989GOTO HIROKI #7310917‑2957‑25281315 133
6FIN 3851LINDAHL ERIK #9281‑2391112158105‑639 135
7GBR 4121PHARE JAMES #831183‑16128495‑58514 142
8GER 4047JOHN ANDREAS #60742020‑30‑23226144611 152
9GBR 4075PYBUS DOUG #7577125‑271614‑229201716 164
10GBR 4278KOUKOURAKIS ALEX #72837(ufd)(ufd)10520125693 180
11AUS 4247WARREN FANG #8914121031394036(dnf)(dnf) 183
12AUS 3717SHERRING JACK #9596531834‑60‑49401837 194
13ITA 4355MAGGI NICOLA #80901013‑541581924(dnf)3710 196
14GBR 4248BAKER NEIL #81145281210‑577181312‑298 206
15GBR 4096PENFOLD TIM #7380‑33114182725113328‑42 213
16NED 4424COSTER KALLE #82100361524111114‑527‑3926 213
17AUS 3981HACKNEY EDWARD #90954668(ufd)5(dsq)362166 218
18GBR 4308BURLTON CRAIG #6978148(dnf)36‑51412719812 220
19USA 4017KNOWLES MATT #8486182244‑53244162512‑61 223
20AUS 3770DEUSSEN NICK #871048‑503721617311714‑60 223
21GBR 4438LEA MATTHEW #8582‑503333‑38232815222620 257
22HKG 4334PARTRIDGE ROB #891064183266665dnfdns‑59‑33 258
23IRL 4374MCMAHON EWAN #999824211533‑6330‑45114024 266
24BEL 3915GOOD MORGAN #9185252425‑583115263032‑51 266
25IRL 4139O TOOLE NEIL #771421617630‑6927(dsq)273315 269
26AUS 3999YORK KEAGAN #7679‑72414931131220(dsq)3413 269
27GBR 3979ROSS JAMES #72130‑371919282135211625‑39 273
28JPN 4300TABATA WAKAKO #83108‑48322926‑40311892334 276
29GBR 4122FRIEND ANDREW #851111134161933‑5732(dnf)749 279
30FRA 97FEYDIT HUGO #921486‑6414‑52323428292718 288
31SUI 3776SCHILLER PHILIPPE #66137‑73‑51412935327261321 297
32AUS 4456GRAVARE MARTIN #5984262881434(dnf)(dnf)dnf2232 298
33GBR 4214BARNES MICHAEL #901294130‑55271713‑56422123 302
34SWE 4252GRAVAR EMMA #76114224638‑4729(dnf)17243019 304
35GBR 4136REDFEARN EDWARD #8799582351920‑614921‑6217 316
36NZL 4329GOODES STUART #80105(ufd)48‑5043373623102430 323
37GBR 4492STREATFEILD NIC #64144217392255214632(dnf)(dnf) 341
38NOR 4328RINGSTAD ALEXANDER #96103‑554220481237‑62404822 341
39FIN 4382UUSI‑AUTTI JANNE #731321514‑662554333934(dnf)38 342
40POR 3609BRITES HENRIQUE #981282744212028‑52‑55493146 353
41AUS 4142GODDARD ALAN #8389‑5425453538244741‑6141 356
42GER 4027ADOLPH KAI #7011619‑54473718423436‑5245 358
43SUI 4401FUCHS ALESSANDRO #84140‑474323‑49364433233627 361
44GBR 4434LUTHI CHRISTIAN #661073437133239‑5643‑504248 362
45AUT 4354HIRSCH MARKUS #70923547(dnf)(dnf)461648523529 370
46AUT 4251HOFER MATTHAEUS #971253235406130233631(dnf)(dnf) 375
47NZL 4229KIFF RICHARD #801365126‑57‑66484630351931 378
48NZL 3733POWRIE TOM #8511242274641‑53‑5953472025 380
49GBR 4484JESSOP DAVID #8994596126‑6310435039‑6435 387
50SUI 3625RIGOT FABRICE #9591(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnf26dnf25141036 399
51POR 3715LEAL TIAGO #781274352365041‑542243‑5328 402
52GBR 3877GLIDDON JOSIE #7911331363154‑65‑5844dnf4540 405
53GRE 4104BOUSSOULAS GEORGE #7413457393555‑6238‑58371854 424
54AUS 3570SMITH PHIL #60119403834514939‑60‑594953 435
55SUI 4397DECARLI NICOLA #84131‑62535240502642‑553847 437
56IRL 4396KISSANE ALISTAIR #8987614522(dnf)1611(dnf)dnfdnfdnf 442
57NED 3794BERENS MENNO #83123‑63‑584242582954545043 455
58GER 3389HUBER THOMAS #6488383192468(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnf 458
59NZL 4218SWANSON ROWAN #89117‑675943444747‑61514450 466
60ITA 4209TRIMARCHI MICHELE #841015649‑594557‑6459454352 476
61AUS 4187SPIERS EMMA #72102‑646260‑65425029465662 477
62ITA 4078BEVILACQUA VINCENZO #73115‑69‑696346614841534763 502
63USA 4458DOWNING ZACK #9513544‑6362625251‑63574637 503
64SWE 4253GRVARE MAGNUS #611394565(dnf)(dnf)566257285755 521
65ARG 4167CONTESSI DOMINGO JOSE #6914365‑675659‑705337485157 524
66NZL 4362EVANS RUSS #68146‑68‑666139596351445458 529
67AUT 4015HRIBAR PHILIPP #819760552817(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnf 531
68GBR 4343SAINSBURY JAMES #841475272(dnf)(dnf)45dnfdnf384144 544
69ARG 4226CORREA HENDERSON JUAN #8312666‑7064‑67645538605556 545
70AUT 3219KOBALE OLIVER #99138536065(dnf)434535(dnf)dnfdnf 548
71AUS 3905STEVENSON PHIL #501333957585644(dnf)(dnf)dnf58dnf 554
72DEN 4281MELSON FREDERIK JUST #9512229404860(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnf 564
73IRI 4516HYLAND ADAM #9712013716764(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnf 601
74GER 4421KASSKE FABIAN #96121707353(dnf)6760(dnf)dnf6059 601
75FRA 4065REZZOUG ANTHONY #83767156(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf 638
Bronze Fleet
1GER 4417MGE MAXIMILIAN #90151‑5122‑111512 117
2AUS 4215EDMUNDS LLOYD #791576653221(dnf)(dnf) 139
3DEN 4140LANG PETER #89182‑826‑1165221 157
4ARG 4368CONTESSI MASSIMO #8816222315937(dnf)(dnf) 167
6GBR 4036CLARKE CHRIS #831671‑44714129‑1553 174
7AUS 4324ROLLERSON GRANT #7015034‑1612(dnf)16101413 174
8GBR 3980SIMMONDS DAVID #9815325418846(dnf)(dnf) 179
9FRA 4286VAIREAUX MOANA #831647113616156‑46(dnf) 184
10AUS 4235BOULDEN WILL #961721314‑30‑29312485 185
11SWE 4363LOVDEN MAGNUS #701811512‑18716‑40104 187
12CRO 4126DOGAN LUKA #761634812‑23‑141114911 187
13IRL 4097DEVLIN JIM #831691619134(ufd)10‑2069 201
14JPN 4127KAWATA TAKAAKI #83177(bfd)710154‑2513198 204
15GBR 3941BURRAGE MILES #9217419‑39151310‑353714 208
16NZL 4390BULLOT MIKE #8419311‑32910514-->156 211
17NED 4280WEBER CONSTANTIJN #7215420‑492021‑262122310 222
18POL 4153JANKOWSKI JAKUB #861599‑2821271517(ufd)1219 235
19GBR 4208LAMBERT THOMAS #911582123‑383574‑421120 236
20DEN 4307RASMUSSEN HANS #57155‑2410‑26172120162021 236
21FRA 4072CIRET MADEG #90176149‑3636‑372281312 242
22POL 3842DOMANSKI MICHAL #8217318‑251416‑2719231723 256
23GBR 3922GAMBLE PADDY #741712515‑27‑311713172718 257
24POR 3978BELLO FERNANDO #57185‑281823242024‑411617 277
25AUT 3986RAKUSCHAN PHILIPP #8617926‑3324‑302230112525 292
26DEN 4062QUORNING PETER #9518029162218(ufd)189(dnf)dnf 313
27GBR 4100WHITE CHRIS #87186‑4720172839‑45262424 315
28AUS 4497OLDFIELD GLEN #721943124‑46‑373226252222 326
29ITA 4099PEDOTE GIANCARLO #7517533172820(dnf)(dnf)ufd1816 330
30DEN 4519FREY OLE #6019117412933253318(dnf)(dnf) 336
31AUT 3892KARNUTSCH FLORIAN #90161363040‑41‑4129283335 347
32AUS 3827HALLAM JAMES #76201‑48‑5035223044322115 349
33GBR 4298GOODRUM GREG #551783829‑48403638‑452328 360
34GER 4375THIAS MICHAEL #6816841262532422843(dnf)(dnf) 360
35FRA 3972ANDRILLON YANN #76184(dnf)13891936(dnf)dnfdnf 362
36GBR 4291JEFFRIES ANDY #60156‑51‑5541462341333633 366
37GBR 4369HIGBY ALEX #85166273631253131(dnf)(dnf)dnf 374
38GER 4034HELLRIEGEL ERNST #62183‑5443333838‑51273231 376
39SUI 4430DAZIO ROBERTO #8016032421919(ufd)3744(dnf)dnf 380
40NED 3623VERSCHUURE ROALD #9219540‑453239‑4332303036 384
41SLO 4201TOMORI LUKA #711704234‑494446‑48343530 389
42GBR 3944BEVAN PHIL #622124322(dnf)‑453323314129 390
43GER 3627MGE FRANZISKA #951993540‑52‑512842293434 390
44GBR 3870GATEHOUSE EDDIE #6718739373426(dnf)(dnf)dnf2832 405
46SUI 4042MANI SANDRO #8821623‑6539483547(dnf)2627 413
47AUS 3833DANKS PETER #651983438‑515029‑56383943 417
48GBR 3787DICKER MARK #79165303544(dnf)3427(dnf)dnfdnf 432
49AUT 3924KOBALE KONSTANTIN #96218463137(dnf)243424(dnf)dnf 435
50FRA 3718POIZIVARA FRED #7318950‑56‑53494039493839 442
51FRA 4144BEL JEAN‑NOL #66205‑49‑5343474743364037 451
52GBR 3914COONEY NEIL #69207‑574650‑544546393138 458
53GBR 4179HUGHES GERRY #5919744474743(dnf)533747(dnf) 464
54GBR 4342SIMMONDS GRAHAM #61213122156(dnf)1850(dnf)dnfdnf 467
55AUS 3961SAUL JOHN #6020456‑59545751‑58214542 482
56GBR 3607DAVIS ALAN #75192‑58‑6458555354474440 492
57SWE 4264MAGNERIUS MICHAEL #6318861‑635956(ufd)52504341 500
58GBR 3629MEHEW TOM #792004558425248(dnf)48(dnf)dnf 512
59SUI 4031DRR YVO #77215‑6060554254(dnf)514245 517
60GER 3321WINTER CHRISTIAN #7821459‑61‑61585557524844 541
61USA 4305BURSOR SCOTT #712095357(dnf)(dnf)4949dnf37dnf 552
62GER 3601ZEISER CHRISTOPH #892085251575952(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnf 576
63AUS 4021ROBINSON DAVID #51149(dns)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf 599
64SUI 4303BADERTSCHER STEFAN #70206(dns)62(dnf)dnf5055dnfdnfdnf 610
65AUS 4243PONTREMOLI RICCARDO #68210(dns)526053(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnf 617
66GBR 4361SMITH DONALD #542035554(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnf 619
67GER 4377MAEGE CARLO #58190(dns)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf 636
68CAN 4197BRAZIER ANDREW #88196(dns)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnsdnfdnfdnf 642
69BEL 4049GALEOTTI GIOVANNI #6221162(dnf)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf 656
70SUI 4502SCHENK DOMINIK #76217(dns)(dnf)dnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnfdnf 665

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Recently expanded XHL range proves popular in the fleet Allen is delighted to announce its support of the 2018 Moth Nationals which will be taking place at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club on the 11th – 14th of July. Posted on 3 May
Noble Allen International Moth Nationals preview
All set for the flying fleet at Thorpe Bay in July July will see the foiling Moth fleet descend on Thorpe Bay, Essex for four days of racing in the beautiful estuary of the River Thames. Posted on 2 May
Why epoxy is re-energising the racing dinghy
Resurgence in popularity of the classic designs The Merlin Rocket. The Osprey. The 505. The Mirror. The International Moth. What do all of these classic dinghy designs have in common? They're experiencing a resurgence in popularity – and that's largely thanks to epoxy resin. Posted on 24 Apr
Moths, Low Riders, Waszps and Grafham midges
A different selection of boats for second Moth Grand Prix event A light forecast attracted a different selection of boats to the second Moth Grand Prix event of 2018 at Grafham Water Sailing Club. Sailors had travelled from as far as the depths of Cornwall, the heights of Scotland and even Germany to attend. Posted on 17 Apr