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Soling European Championship at Riva del Garda - Overall

by Elena Giolai 17 Jul 2017 16:32 BST 13-16 July 2017

The Soling European Championships at Fraglia Vela Riva finished with the undisputed success of the Hungarians (already twice World Champions) Farkas, Vezer, Csaba after four sunny days of nostalgic sailing in varied wind conditions from 7-8 knots to 22-23 knots on day 2.

For HUN-11, the team helmed by Farkas Litkey, which after nine races left their opponent 12 points behind with the constant results of 1-2-2-2-3-7-8 (and a 12th as a discard) were the overwhelming victors. However, the battle for the top three has been thrilling until the last day of regatta. The forty Soling teams which competed on Lake Garda and brought back to Garda Trentino their elegant and vintage outlines remembered the enterprises of the Italian teams at the Olympic Games of the past and, more generally, on international level - as it was for the Fraglia's Gianni Torboli, who met again some of his opponents in the Los Angeles/Savannah Olympic Games. In fact, the Soling class was on Olympic programme from 1977 to 2000, and as match racing from 1992 to 2000.

The final ranking mirrors the top three of the Saturday provisional results; the Austrian Felzmann-Felzmann-Schuh finished second, and the Ukrainian Yuskho-Pichugin-Severianov third. These two teams competed neck-and-neck until the last race, sharing an equal final score.

Thanks to a great finish (1-1-1-5), the Canadian team formed by Peter and William Hall and Ross Findiater placed 4th, only one point away from the podium. They showed off their best abilities to sail in the lighter winds as it was on the last two days. The Italians fell behind the leading group; Bruno, Francesco and Marco Maffezzoli placed 17th, who after their false start never managed to reach the top positions (best results 7-9).

All participants were satisfied with the event organisation led by the Committee President Carlo Tosi and coordinated by the Fraglia Vela Riva staff, who allowed them to sail all the nine races as scheduled. Soon Fraglia Vela Riva will focus once again on the younger sailors with the upcoming regattas of the 420 and 470 classes, the Intervela, the 470 National event on August 2nd-3rd, and the Youth Open European Championships from 8th to 13th August.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Pts
1HUN 11Farkas Litkey / Karoly Vezer / Weinhardt Csaba / 099 / KMP VSE71232‑1248229
2AUT 135Florian Felzmann / Michael Felzmann   / Margund Schuh / 087 / SCK / UYCAS1021211654‑1341
3UKR 1Yushko / Pichugin / Severianov / 081 / UNIOR24766210‑14441
4CAN 225Peter Hall / William Hall / Ross Findlater / 088 / RSTLYC‑2294138111542
5HUN 77George Wossala / Kristof Wossala / Pepe Nemeth / 083 / TECON1(dsq)31722931157
6NED 33Rudy den Outer  / Theo de Lange  / Hans Zijlstra / 086 / KZC4101295714‑19162
7USA 853Matias Collins / Rob Mountain / David Baum / 082 / CNSI / BYC13‑1965108271465
8CAN 233Tom Freeman / Blair Tully / Dave Veldstra / 091 / PSSS9‑20161015439369
9HUN 1Sandor Varjas / Kovasci Laszlo / Gabor Meretei / 094 / BYC312‑207413817973
10GER 1Roman Koch / Bjorn Geisler / Valentin Koch / 101 / CYC YCBG SVR15515‑161315111075
11GER 11Michael Dietzel / Vera Geck / Sigrid Dietzel / 104 / BYC6881214107‑211883
12SVK 1Mosny / Szomolanyi / Jankovic / 109 / FYC SLOVAKIA266511315‑2916789
13GER 331Thomas Scherer / Dominik Meissner / Markus Stallhofer / 108 / WSG / YCP/BYC/YCC81111151214‑2161693
14ESP 26Carlos Elosegui  / Gomez Arisqueta Joaquin / Juan Ramón Jiménez / 102 / RCN DE MADRID5313149161818(dnf)96
15GER 209Tim Giesecke / Johannes Glitzky / Sven Rikwald / 093 / WSV 1921‑311622421236212106
16GER 308Karl Haist / Martin Zeileis / Max Haist / 090 / BYC251310816‑2611158106
17ITA 259Bruno Maffezzoli /  Pierfrancesco Maffezzoli / Marco Maffezzoli / 110 / LNI GARDA127(ocs)18139132315110
18AUT 114Christian Feichtinger / Florian Leitner / Klaus Kratochwill / 076 / SCE18‑231822171112136117
19AUT 97David Schuh / Harald Schuh / Tobias Schuh / 084 / UYCAS21252523235‑331022154
20ITA 215Michele Campagnoni / Francesco / Davide / 095 / A.V.A.S.1118262418‑33201227156
21NED 49Han van Veen / Tom van Veen / Ralph Heemskerk / 078 / KZC‑28219172220242825166
22FRA 198Marc Lefevre / François Gombeaud / Marc Furic / 103 / CVA14302321262117‑3124176
23GER 12Christian Mack / Florian Lautenschlaeger / Thomas Fabry / 096 / WSG‑342421252025192423181
24AUT 127Alex Hasch / Bernhard Kreutzer / Oskar Hasch / 105 / SCK2317272024‑30272920187
25ITA 258Michele Tognozzi / Haakon Haraldsen / Rieder / 111 / CVCP362614(dnf)1929282217191
26AUT 102Ludwig Beurle / Christian Fischer / Ekkehart Steinhuber / 107 / UYCAS19‑3128292524162728196
27ITA 251Federico Boracchi / Vincenzo Greco Manuli / Andrea Negri / 106 / CVP301417302728‑352530201
28GER 323Matthias‑Christoph Dulce / Sean O'Meara / Eberhard Franke / 075 / VsaW/BYC32‑3324282918232621201
29HUN 17Istvan Szucs / Gabor Gyulai / Peter Szucs / 098 / BHSE1728192731‑35303419205
30ESP 46Francisco Villa / Miguel Martinez / Allo / 097 / CNSR203232(dnf)dns19225dnf206
31ITA 241Fabio Armellini / Attilia Papini / Nicola Armellini / 100 / CVT33343026(dns)17262026212
32NED 37Ben Boogaerdt / Gerben den Hartog / Karsten Kraan / 079 / KZC27273119283225‑3629218
33GER 312Gernot Heller / Gerhard Auerswald / Frank Gundlach  / 085 / SCE / SCAS2915293130313432(dnf)231
34AUT 136Johann Kalhs / Nikolaus Kalhs / Tamara Kalhs / 089 / STYC2435(dnf)323327323032245
35ITA 252Alberto De Amicis / Matteo Vanelli / De Amicis Marco / 092 / CVB352234(dnf)dns34313331258
36AUT 185Hermann Beurle / Stephan Beurle / Veronika Beurle / 077 / SCK1629(ocs)dnfdnsdncdncdncdnc273
37NED 48Danker Rijk / Danker Rijk Jr. / Arko Hoondert / 080 / WSVW‑373633333236363533274

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