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DF95 National Championship at Two Islands Radio Yacht Club

by Tim Long 21 Jun 2017 18:28 BST 17-18 June 2017
DF95 Nationals at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes © Sue Brown

The DF95 circus rolled into the car park at Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes on Friday afternoon and were greeted by some great breeze, sunny skies and the promise of some superb racing over the weekend.

After a good amount of boat tuning and some informal racing it was time for the Friday night debrief in the pub which is just a stone's throw from the lake. Some food was eaten, some drink was taken and folks took the time to catch-up on the last couple months since we all last met up and did similar!

Saturday morning arrived and with the race team at the lakeside and the competitors sort of well rested the 0945 briefing took place and under the guidance of PRO Mike Kemp the racing got underway with the two seeding heats to decide the initial A & B fleets for the mornings racing.

Solid B rig conditions looked like being the order of the day and it was no surprise that John Tushingham and Mike Weston took the two wins in the seeding heats and with both fleets decided the racing proper began, JT took races 2 and 3 followed by Buzz Coleman and Mike Weston with Ken Binks and Derek Priestley not too far behind.

A win for Derek in race 4 meant JT took a second place finish, one of just a handful that he would count. Tim Long was awarded redress for a final leg incident which demoted him to B fleet for race 5 which he promptly won followed quite quickly by the A fleet heat as Tim and Derek opted to stay with the B rig whilst others changed down to C only for the breeze to drop, shift a little, get up again then drop out on certain parts of the course.

This was the way of the day with some big breeze on parts of the course and just when you thought you'd got the measure of it the breeze would just leave you in a big hole, spin through 90 – 180 degrees and pipe up once more. The leeward gate was a particular problem for this and there were quite a few places to be gained or lost by making the correct, or incorrect, choice in this area.

Even JT had the odd head scratching moment at this end of things but at the end of day one he hadn't taken his foot off the gas and he had taken top spot in all the days remaining races to head off to the pub in a commanding top spot.

Derek had had a good day at the mill and despite a couple of hiccups towards the end of the day he went into the evening social in second spot. Third through fifth were tightly bunched with Buzz Ken and Mike all within a couple of points of each other. Further down the fleet of 37 boats the places were similarly tight with several groups of skippers within just a couple of points.

Saturday social was well received with several skippers enjoying some fine Gin to celebrate National Gin Day. Lots more useful catchup and drinking was followed by some rest and another day's racing.

Sunday didn't initially look quite so breezy and the wind had shifted a little overnight which meant a bit of a course change was required before the 0945 briefing and some brave skippers took to the water with an A rig, seeking an advantage, which they rapidly changed for the 12th race as the wind had re appeared on parts of the course whilst still being so very absent on other parts meaning that B rig was once again the choice of the day.

JT took race 11 with Derek second and Buzz in third, Mike took race 12 with on form skippers Peter Baldwin and Chris More making a visit to the podium spots. JT was back on form for 13 with our only overseas skipper Tjakko in second and Ken in third.

Race fourteen saw several of the top skippers take a discard as JT had battery issues and Derek was somewhat off the pace finishing tenth. The race win was taken by Nigel Brown from Ken with Peter Baldwin rounding out the top three.

Fifteen and sixteen saw two Fleetwood members taking wins, Derek in one and class newcomer Shaun Holbeche taking the other. JT recovered the next two with Derek taking 19 and Ken rounding off the Championship with a win in 20. Tjakko and Shaun found good form in the final two races, both taking a second place finish with JT taking the third spot both times.

The final tally saw JT take another convincing win to be crowned UK National Champion 2017 with Derek taking the second step some way behind with Ken taking third and Mike Weston in fourth less than a handful of points behind. John Brierley took fifth spot by just a single point from Buzz in sixth. 7th and 8th were again separated by just a single point with Phil Playle ahead of Tjakko. Another handful of points covered 9th, Nigel, and 10th, Peter.

Some bigger gaps covered the next few spots but even down the field you could easily have thrown a blanket over 26th to 29th and other battles, proving that even though the scores are higher, the racing is genuinely just as tight throughout the field meaning that every race counts and positions changed right down to the last race.

In the end everyone went away with big smiles, some went away with sunburn and I went away with an ice cream which was just fine by me. The race team at two Islands RYC did a sterling job under the guidance of PRO Mike Kemp and from all the skippers we owe you all great thanks for giving up your weekend to help with the running of the event. Mike Ewart especially who was kept busy with the rescue boat, both moving marks and rescuing tangled boats!

Sue Brown was on hand with her excellent photography skills and she has a great album which is online now and you can take a look at the 240 odd photos by clicking here The next stop on the 2017 tour is Dartmoor at the end of July and we'll have details online as soon as we have them available.

Overall Results:

PosSkipperSail NoClub/CityR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20Pts
1John Tushingham51Keithley11123111111612322113324
2Derek Priestley67Fleetwood2631231614242551013744155
3Ken Binks83Eastbourne231331610277811732554611486
4Mike Weston69Coal House1525102171312241128643158590
5John Brierley84Birkenhead39520668441351661142322198112
6Buzz Coleman12Coalhouse Fort RYC7244414751153154153171013134113
7Phillip Playle77Chelmsford RYC98151358615141098114965556127
8Tjakko Keizer180Graaf lodewijklaan Leidschendam 2263tc NL201377818382109711272096327128
9Nigel Brown155Gosport51281812423385610181011171291012152
10Peter Baldwin172Birkenhead715141115172363782173128147718156
11Shaun Holbeche91Fleetwood MY&PBC61038387129101619121386101202062167
12Tim Long99Abersoch4171211.511351117111517712131691899175.5
13Mark Dicks33Clapham81611617113323121310159141313111416182
15Mick Chamberlain46Lincoln6106101323138201523420187233081619216
14Tim Lanigan420Fleetwood MYPBC9419814714121820239185161219221222216
16Liz Tushingham71Keithley3142014916419131618121621231115171111219
17Christopher More102Balne Moor MBC4202430251911179363914171021381821226
18John Sharman61Keighley12262123382612166171614131315188191720260
19Wayne Stobbs42Portsmouth Model yacht racing8199151115232019241920261982016141513260
20David Stewart221Ashton Quays RYC11710920281938381414211420192517102115266
21Geoff Raygada57Two Islands101831192791818262725242828252923122210341
22Peter Shepherd65Abington Park MYC2038232538510981824222325313018233030343
23Garry Box26Manor Park1423161618242426233826282129321511162029350
24Keith Bell97Abington park MYC511173823383838383817192423181422212327378
25Andrew Peter179Birkenhead RS&PC1331272324232722152127232726241938262424388
26Chris Chatfield183Fleetwood1523252938251521232521261924222638252628389
27Brian Holland95Abersoch1128231219273827252920272530262326292723398
28Ian McDonald23Birmingham myc1529281723202625302631303016212425273217399
29Gary Benson20Fleetwood1224182630232524272328252317272838243838404
30Skip Reaser39West Lancashire Yacht Club1625292726292823242234333431293424322525448
31Russel Barnes5Fleetwood1330343333303128292833323134282729312826487
32Jim La Roche41Coalhouse Fort1027303129342938383130383327333227383831510
33Alan Tickle171WLYC1638333228313029283032383833343331303132513
34John Howard29Poole2033353432323830313238313232303128282938520
35Dennis Graham101Coallhouse fort1432322823332338383829292938383838383838538
36Roy Scott56Emsworth Slipper Sailing2038262431383838383838383838383838383838595
37Bob Lamb44Two Islands2038383838383838383838383838383838383838628

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