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10 Amazing things to do in Mauritius

by Wildwind 19 Mar 2017 15:04 GMT 19 March 2017
Wildwind Adventures holiday in Mauritius © Wildwind


Dear friends,

Here is a quick guide to our top ten favourites of all the activities you can do on a Wildwind Adventures holiday in Mauritius.*

*Please note this changes daily due to there being so much to choose from!

  • The sail away to Grand Baie is not to be missed, not only do you get to experience the stronger conditions outside the reef but you get to beach your boat in a beautiful bay with some fantastic chilled out restaurants, have a lovely lunch and do the whole thing again on the way back!
  • The Grand Basin sacred lake and Hindu temple is something special, a walk around the lake leaves you in awe and the Mangal Mahadev Shiva Statue is just magnificent. You may be lucky enough to experience a Hindu festival, just watch out for the monkeys!
  • Giovanni’s Fire Show is quite spectacular, the man is a legend – instructor by day, fire tamer by night!
  • Visit the Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel – interesting fact: if you take a handful of each of the seven different colours of dirt and mix them together, they'd eventually separate into a colourful spectrum, each dot of sand rejoining its colour caste.
  • You can’t come to Mauritius without experiencing the Catamaran cruise. It takes you to long, white, sandy, deserted beaches; crystal clear water for snorkelling; BBQ’s and fruity rum; and music while you eat. It’s the idyllic setting we’re sure everyone thinks of when you hear ‘Mauritius’ –?and you can live the dream!
  • A sail or windsup inside the reef could see you spotting stingray, flying fish, or even turtles. The sealife is not to be missed in this spectacular location.
  • Go for a ride on a bus, it will remind you of the film ‘Speed’ but it makes you feel like a local doing it and it’s the easiest way to get into town for shopping or restaurants.
  • Make sure you visit ‘The Legend of One Eye’ on the private Southern Island tour – Allan Cambier (1921-2014) was born Morcellement Cambier, Le Morne and La Mourne Mountain was his family Estate. He lost his left eye in a cattle accident in his early 30’s hence the nickname ‘Mr One Eye’. He instilled fear in the local surfers and tourists who trespassed on his land trying to reach the southern beach of Le Mourne which led to the legendary wave becoming his namesake. Coincidentally, the southern facade of Le Mourne Mountain has a fascinating feature –?a distinctive face profile with one eye, spooky!
  • Try the New Grove rum at the sugarcane factory in Pamplemousses, the coffee rum liqueur is particularly special. There is also a wonderful restaurant here so give yourself enough time to have lunch and cocktails in a beautiful setting.
  • Save the best until last and speak to your Wildwind rep about coming back next year to try out all the other things you didn’t have time for!

PS. We have just passed our RYA certificate for the third time making us the most qualified centre in the Indian Ocean!

Special Offers

Our 30th anniversary Vassiliki season kicks off on Saturday May 6th. Our 30th anniversary celebration party and the Vassiliki Watersports Festival will be from 26 June - 2 July - we promise you an awesome party with a special BBQ on the Tuesday night, and a David Bowie cover band plus support playing in Vassilliki village on the Saturday night.

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“It's really no wonder that Wildwind has the reputation of being the holiday centre that real sailors want to go to. The amazing variety of equipment along with the unbeatable sailing conditions and the relaxed but extremely professional attitude of all of the instructors make it a truly unique place.”
- Laura Baldwin


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