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Hong Kong Race Week 2017 - Day 2

by Koko Mueller 17 Feb 2017 10:30 GMT 14-19 February 2017

As 250+ competitors made their way to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Clubhouse at Middle Island for Day 2 of Hong Kong Race Week, there was a serious lack of breeze in the Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay areas. All of Hong Kong seemed to be showing similar situation except for Waglan, which was registering breeze of 10kts from the north northeast. With the limited breeze in the vicinity of Middle Island, the decision was made to move the 100+ Optimist fleet to Tai Tam Bay where there was likely to be more breeze. Multiple ribs took up the task to tow the fleet the 3.5nm to Tai Tam Bay. T he 420, 470 and 29er on race area D race were more fortunate with the Race Management finding a building north-easterly breeze.

Heading up race area D was Brenda Davies. The 420s, 29ers were sent on a windward leeward course L2 Short with the 470s sailing a slightly longer course L2 Long on 3 separate clear starts. The course axis of 070 degreessent the sailors between Beaufort and Po Toi Islands in 7 to 8kts of breeze. With the breeze building and a small swing to the east, the course was reset on an axis of 080 degrees and lengthened for all fleets. All fleets started cleanly and competitively, and with the breeze building, Rule 42 was turned off for the 470s at their first gate allowing them to pump, rock and ooch on their second lap. All fleets finished well within their target races times, so longer courses were set for the third and final race of the day. After a brief postponement to reset the start line, the 470s started with Rule 42 once again turned off. Sadly the breeze started to soften. The 420s still started keenly in 8kts. The AP was once again hoisted to adjust the starting line as the tide was turning leading to pin end bias. Once the line was square, the 29ers started cleanly. Rule 42 was switched back on for the 470s at their top mark, and they continued to the gate and back up to Mark 1A where they were shortened and sent home for the day. The 420s and 29ers sailed their full course and finished in 7kts of breeze and sparkling sunshine. Race Officer Davies commented 'My team worked really well today – thank you to all. I hope the sailors enjoyed the racing, which although took place in lighter conditions, was still competitive with some different teams coming through to score well. More, more tomorrow..."

Race Officer, Barry Truhol commented on the racing on Area B "The Optimists were out in Tai Tam Bay and it was outstanding; the weather was fantastic, the breeze was a constant 8kts (up to 10kts at times). We got three absolutely clean races in for the Optimists and three modified races in for the 2.4mRs so they got longer races and they all came back with smiling faces. It doesn't get much better than this in terms of sailing, sailing days, weather in Hong Kong... what a great day!"

On race area C Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen set the windsurfers on course L2 for 3 races, Race 1 started in 6kts of breeze, which continued to build for their second race and by the third race the breeze had increased to 10kts. With the increasing breeze, the windsurfers were finished racing by 1230hrs and made their way back to the Club with one protest lodged by a Techno 293. Replacing the windsurfers on the course were the Laser Radials and 4.7s. The Lasers started at 1250hrs and were able to get in two races before the wind dropped below 5kts and the decision was made to head in.

Jackie Truhol from the Laser Radial class commented on the racing conditions "We were out near Beaufort today and we had tricky conditions but we made the best of it and dealt with it. In the first race the course was really even – it was just a pressure game. By the time of the second race, the tide had picked up considerably and the left paid off by a lot – basically it ended up being a drag race to the left to see who could get there first."

Principal Race Officer Charlie Manzoni visited the race areas B, C and Tai Tam race courses today. "We had pretty good racing; we had steady breeze – a lot more consistent than yesterday certainly more for the Optimists and windsurfers. As there was very inconsistent wind in Stanley Bay yesterday, we didn't get great racing in for the Optimists so today they were moved to Tai Tam as we thought the winds coming out of the east would be more stable – happy to say we were proved right and they had a great day. There was about 8 to 10kts of breeze for the Lasers and 8kts for the Optimists. On top of that, the sun was shining and as far as I can tell everybody had a great time racing."

All the sailors will be getting a good night's rest including the overseas sailors who are staying at L'hotel at Island South. Tomorrow looks to start with a lighter breeze which is forecast to improve throughout the day and settling into northeast monsoon conditions for the rest of the weekend with continued warm sunny conditions. An additional course will be sailed on Saturday and Sunday which will cater to the Optimist Green Fleet which, wind permitting, will sail in Deep Water Bay making excellent viewing for spectators from Middle Island.

The second day of racing kicks off tomorrow with sailors hoping for the same sunny conditions and a little more breeze!

Hong Kong Race Week is a constituent event of the ASAF Youth Cup and is co-organised by Hong Kong Sailing Federation and Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

Provisional results as of today are available online at

More information on the official website at

Hong Kong Race Week is a constituent event of the ASAF Youth Cup and is co-organised by Hong Kong Sailing Federation and Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

The event can also be followed on Facebook at

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