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Ovington Boats 2014

Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson crowned 50th Cadet World Champions

by Ian Harris 9 Jan 2017 14:31 GMT 26 December 2016 - 4 January 2017

Neilson GBR Cadet team, Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson crowned 50th Cadet World Champions

Race 9

As we pulled out of the Club Nautico Albatros harbour for the last time there was a feeling of both frustration and relief; relief from the assault to our legs, arms and neck from the ferocious mosquitoes, but frustration at the lack of wind. The forecast 10 knot morning breeze had died but the cloud cover and haze was just beginning to burn off at 11 in the morning. Perhaps too late to let the sun heat the land for a sea breeze, with the water like a muddy mill pond would there be any racing at all? With no racing on the final day, Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson would take the title; if the PRO managed 2 races, the second discard would come into play and the title would be in the balance between GBR's Harris/Wilkinson, ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch and Ronchi/Lancon, and a late charge from the outstanding GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge.

The River Plate chop, such a challenge to these, the best Cadet sailors from around the globe, had melted into a glassy brown sea. With an early morning launch there was time for the breeze to return and as we waited it filled in from the north-west, perhaps 6 knots, but oscillating through 45 degrees. Would it hold or shift progressively left as forecast? With the tide sweeping in, the fleet started boat speed runs and practicing roll tacks. Then the tension began to heighten as the course was laid.

With the course set and still some oscillation in the fickle breeze the PRO went for the start.

With the fleet favouring the pin end, ARG's Zarate/Boix had a great start, GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge looked to be taking the early lead starting from the pin and with amazing speed they crossed the fleet on port by 100m's in the opening 10 minutes. Those on the left looked to be in front and then the oscillation came to play.

Collingridge/Collingridge took the right hand shift from the right/middle of the course and looked to be so far in front that they wouldn't be caught. With each puff they extended their lead. From a bad start GBR's Morgan/Hill picked up some pressure from the left to climb through the fleet. At the windward mark GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge lead from ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch by a minute. With AUS Kelsey/Kelsey in 3rd, then GBR's Harris/Wilkinson appearing with pressure from the left having looked buried in the 30's halfway up the leg. ARG Zecchin/ Zecchin, and Ronchi/Lancon rounded next. It really was close with all the front runners in the top 10 and the breeze collapsing whilst the heat built, who would keep their nerve? GBR's Morgan/Hill rounded in 7, with GBR Speirs/Speirs 9.

At the leeward mark GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge lead with ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch in 2nd, Harris/Wilkinson moved up to 3rd but the breeze was beginning to fail leaving the PRO with a problem as the Promotional fleet struggled to negotiate the first beat. A new windward was laid as the last breaths of the initial breeze settled to the left. With the Worlds leaders closing fast (relatively) on the Promo fleet, ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch took the last right hand pressure to overtake GBR Collingridge/Collingridge who in turn lost some ground to GBR Harris/Wilkinson and AUS Kelsey/Kelsey who came in from the left. With the promo fleet still on the first beat the leaders of the Worlds mixed in with them, the PRO let the race continue onto a very shortened and re-angled run. It was such a change in direction that it took the leaders some time to spot where it was, with ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch leading the way the lead was compressed. Taking onto starboard ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch headed straight back into the oncoming tide, followed by GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge. With the breeze becoming an air, the leaders rounded the final leeward mark after an hours racing. With the tide against them for the final beat, many of boats were in danger of being timed out such was the separation in the fleet. At the finish of the painfully slow final beat, with shifts and pressure inconsistent, GBR Harris/Wilkinson held their nerve and concentration to come in from the right, crossing in front of GBR Collingridge/Collingridge by a boat length on the line. ARG's Haertel/Piccola picked up the final shifts to arrive in 3rd. ARG Zecchin/ Zecchin 4th, AUS Kelsey/Kelsey 5th and importantly for the overall score, ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch dropping to 6th, and ARG Ronchi/Lancon 7th. With the race taking an hour and twenty minutes, sadly 20 of the fleet were timed out such was the separation.

Whilst we waited to see if there if another breeze would arrive for the crucial 10th race, frantic mathematical calculations were being made to establish who would lead and by how many when the 2nd discard came into play. The skies filled with dragonflies and once more, becalmed, we waited for wind.

Race 10

With the 2nd discard coming into play, the scores between GBR's Harris/Wilkinson and ARG's Ronchi/Lancon are tied with ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch only 8 points behind. The title was going to be decided on the final race of the series.

With just half an hour before the 4pm final race time limit, a 5 knot breeze filled in from the west and a course was hastily laid. With the AP down at 3:40 the final sequence started. In 2-4 knots the wind veered left and the fleet, barely able to cross the starting line on starboard tack race toward the pin end. With a minute to go the breeze filled in from the left and 95% of the fleet start on port tack. With no time for a restart the PRO let the start go.

GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge again made a flying start with ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch and GBR's Harris/Wilkinson starting together from the middle and squeezing ARG's Ronchi/Lancon between them. At the top of the beat, a big left handed pressure came in heading those on the right. Rounding 1st, AUS Sprott/Jeffs, ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch in 2nd. GBR's Fergusson/Sfaxi rounded in5th and GBR's Harris/Wilkinson 6th with GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge rounding in 13th. The challenge was over from ARG's Ronchi/Lancon who, losing out from the sprint between GBR's Harris/Wilkinson and ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch rounded in the late 40's.

Beginning the second beat, ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch rounded 1st, with AUS Sprott/Jeffs in 2nd. Importantly just behind them GBR's Harris/Wilkinson had moved to 4th behind GBR's Fergusson/Sfaxi. At the second windward mark ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch maintained his lead, but looking behind him he saw that GBR's Harris/Wilkinson had moved through into 2nd.

Fittingly the two title challengers started the final beat in 1st and 2nd. As they beat up through the fleet, the finish line had still to be set, and unable to see the finish through the fleet, both leaders headed out right before spotting the line. ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch lead to the finish covering GBR's Harris/Wilkinson as a final gust from the right lifted AUS Sprott/Jeffs into 2nd; but it was GBR's Harris/Wilkinson who crossed the line to rapturous cheers from the support boats of all nations to take 3rd and become the 50th Cadet World Champions by 5 points from ARG's Plantie/ Finsterbusch. But with one more twist and shift to come GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge were left stranded as the right hand boats piled over the line in front of her. Losing 12 places on the final beat GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge, with an average points redress from a race 4 protest, had to wait for the mathematicians to work out their standing. With ARG's Ronchi/Lancon s having to count a 31st, GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge lost 3rd place by 0.1 of a point. Tears were shed but GBR's Collingridge/Collingridge had performed beyond expectation to take 4th and the 1st Girl title from GBR's Wooton/Mayhew who finished an excellent 5th overall. Early series leaders GBR's Bland/Green finished 7th, GBR Fergusson/Sfaxi in 8th and completing a superb Worlds performance GBR's Morgan/Hill finished 10th.

To quote Neilson GBR Worlds Team parent, Neil Collingridge; "The route (to the World Championship) was an assault on Mount Everest....not just for the victors but for all our fantastic sailors. San Isidro is an extraordinarily hard place to come and win a championship. The heat is extreme, the chop is steep, the wind fickle and there are boats everywhere to take advantage of the slightest mistake."

Promotional fleet

Anna Wootton / Bea Green led into the last day, but equal on points with Angus Collingridge /Emilia Green. Unfortunately, Emilia slipped and broke her ankle badly in the pool the night before the last day, so another of the many Green girls, little Maia was found to replace her. Again for this fleet the second discard was vital. With the final race, Julian in ARG 8279 was able to drop his 7th and took first overall, Angus and Emilia (and Maia) finished 2nd ahead of Anna and Bea in 3rd.

Club Nautico Albatros have to be congratulated on hosting a most memorable championship that every competitor and parent will remember. They created a friendly environment that accommodated everyone, and an atmosphere of warmth to all nationalities and ages beyond reproach. As the prize giving brass band played the National Anthems, the organisers, Club Commodore Mr. Ricardo Blanco, President of the Federación Argentina de Yachting (MNA): Mr. Luis Fernando Velasco, Chairman: Mr. Claudio Fontecha, and Vice- Chairman: Mr. Fernando Jochoian who had spent 2 years in planning every detail for the event received very well deserved applause.

My apologies to all for the delay in writing the final report; it has been a terrific whirlwind to pack containers and kit, catch planes and recover from an incredible 3 week event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of followers and supporters who sent their best wishes to the Neilson GBR Cadet World Team and to for their support.

Overall Results:

PosBoat name / SponsorNatSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1stTwocanGBR9985Jamie HarrisAntonia Wilkinson‑931853(DNF)11325
2ndPuM2ARG9729Santiago PlantieMatias Finsterbusch‑12‑206417326130
3rd ARG9725Mateo RonchiValentino Lancon2‑3441215317‑4753
4thNo regretsGBR9877Hattie CollingridgeHamish Collingridge‑23655‑25RDG1322153.1
5thZestGBR9876Ellie WoottonAmelia Mayhew‑334‑18715248121264
6thVaca LocaARG9479Lucio PasquarielloDiego Pasquariello510293101214‑27‑2665
7thThe Great Escape/NeilsonGBR9962Cara BlandInes Green317‑39‑2411910141772
8thAeolusGBR10002Megan FergussonYasmin Sfaxi799‑301686(BFD)18578
9th ARG9472Lucas PrudenFranco Diaz Tamayo‑2419‑2638147199483
10thWhat's it calledGBR9020Anna MorganJemima Hill‑3013‑22191051998790
11thB.V.ARG9726Lucas Manuel ZarateJazmin Boix138‑3621117101624‑30101
12th ARG9723Teo ZecchinAna Zecchin11‑24141871321‑22414102
13th ARG9722Melina HaertelIsabel Piccola1511‑392017923‑4038106
14thPink PantherARG9727Leticia Rodriguez ViegasConstanza Lopez1‑2924221341721(DNF)9111
15th BEL8404Victor De RipainselKobe Stroobandt22229(RET)9192(RET)1020113
16thBlackoutAUS2713Alyssa KelseyMitchell Kelsey10281113418(DSQ)265‑49115
17th ARG9478Mariano PesallacciaMartin Diaz Tamayo81815102221(UFD)13(DNF)16123
18thTrue colorsGBR9984Isobel SpeirsEmily Speirs29162316‑49‑341611156132
19th CZE9693Max StejskalAdam Hudec3730811276(UFD)7(UFD)13139
20thExecutrixGBR8997Ryan WilkinsonMegara Wilkinson181519‑473422151520‑55158
21stSorcererGBR9983Katie SparkConnor Line‑32‑38326211522322218159
22ndImpulseAUS9778William CooperHugo Allison35(DSQ)10(DSQ)6DNE861127159
23rd BEL9854Sarah RoosenLisemarie Vandamme2721131514‑3318‑332625159
24thPushing itGBR10001Harry ChattertonFaye Chatterton161420281828(UFD)2016‑43160
25thMeltemiAUS9562Charlie GoodfellowToby Legg‑36534619253428(DNF)11162
26th GER9838Franz ErpenbeckCharlotte Meyer‑461230253330204(DNF)10164
27thStolen PigAUS9430Fynn SprottLawrence Jeffs‑542712173726(UFD)23282172
28th BEL9839Eline SpittaelsAurelie Boven142327‑3220241329(DNF)22172
29th BEL9836Hannah RoosenCharlotte Marien31(OCS)1633423811513‑48189
30thRe NegrooARG9474Noe ZecchinGonzalo Ridolfi2131‑371426321424(DNF)35197
31stBrothers in ArmsAUS9523Dominic RandallElliot Hughes19352523‑4035(UFD)362115209
32ndIts pinkAUS9628Isabella DeclerckIsabel Willcox43238(DSQ)28272717(DNF)42215
33rd URU9721Francisca Volpe BorcheTimoteo Josue Vaucher Sosa‑412632273023(UFD)302923220
34th ARG9730Julian MariscalTomas Smurra622(UFD)2432392925(DNF)45222
35th GER8885Hannes RoslerPaulina Bocker2833‑4521‑443625183140232
36th CZE9773Sara TkadlecovaTadeas Tkadlec26740123520(UFD)DNE(UFD)38234
37thGodscendAUS9918Lily ZeemanAnabelle Zeeman40‑45173441123042(DNF)28244
38thDrop BearsAUS9520Charlie ZeemanWilliam Zeeman‑50‑433136364037271919245
39th BEL9965Laura SpittaelsAnouck De Ripainsel2044283512‑543237(DNF)44252
40th ARG9473Sebastian RomeroVioleta De Stefano17‑424137‑434239391731263
41st ARG9475Constanza AgnolettiJuan Martin Agnoletti39402131‑47373135(DNF)29263
42ndFull spead aheadAUS9745Sam PaynterGil Casanova471735425041(UFD)1225‑51269
43rdAmigosURU8077Mateo NorbisInaki Angulo Magnano3836‑494429162449(DNF)36272
44th GER9814Karina WinterLia‑Marie Sturm25254438‑53‑4535383239276
45thCharruaURU9587Facundo RoureFacundo Gustavo Perez Quinteros4446(UFD)402331(UFD)482324279
46th NED9175Tobias TeunissenTjalf Sint3437434139‑513334(DNF)34295
47thSolypazURU9724Paz Kerschen FerrariSol Kerschen Ferrari43413345314426‑47(DNF)37300
48th NED8869Jade van WegenBenthe Marijnen4239422938‑473644(DNF)41311
49thCalladitoURU9728Valentina Barindelli CerrudoJuan Diego Perez Quinteros(DSQ)49(UFD)4345492846DNE32348
50th GER9978Analisa TastHenning Tast45474648464341‑51(DNF)33349
51st GER9748Jan‑Peter NicolausSarah Maria Knospe48(OCS)51515150(UFD)433050374
52nd URU4541Facundo SanchezFelipe Lugaro5148524648484045(DNF)‑54378
53rd NED9689Sanna MarijnenSterre van Wegen52(OCS)475254523841(DNF)52388
54thDe maderaURU8048Jose Carlos Svedov RybakTadeo Vaucher Sosa4951504952464350(DNF)‑53390
55th GER9832Luisa SchonthierHenning Laue53504850‑55534252(DNF)46394

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