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Cadet Worlds in Buenos Aires - Day 4

by Ian Harris 3 Jan 2017 06:23 GMT 26 December 2016 - 4 January 2017

Race 7

Another steep chop greeted the sailors after the morning tow out. The warm force 3-4 wind was running hard against the tide as last nights the South Westerly had compressed the water into the delta. Although seeming strong, with little "body" to the hot moist wind, the bigger teams still struggled to go to windward two-up. It was all about driving the boat, keeping speed to maintain height through the turbulent water.

Race management here includes more than simply laying the marks, as Team Australia helped out by towing a tree from the course. We've seen tables and beds float past as the debris from the city and nearby delta is swept out to sea.

With the tide sweeping out under the start line and sporadic high cloud keeping the sun at bay, the first start was stopped with an AP with 10 seconds to go. At the second try the start was left to go with a few unfortunates being OCS. Overnight leader ARG 9725 Mateo Ronchi had a great start from the committee boat end with GBR 9985 Jamie Harris starting from the middle.

At the top it was BEL 8408 Victor De Ripainsel leading from ARG 9725 Mateo Ronchi, with AUS 9778 William Cooper rounding 3rd and desperate to have a clean race. Behind him GBR 9985 Jamie Harris in 4th. With GBR 9876 Ellie Wooton in 5th, GBR 9962 Cara Bland 6th and GBR 9877 Hattie Collingridge in 7th. Harry Chatterton had a great first beat but rounded11th to no avail as he was one of those too enthusiastic at the start.

On the 2nd beat, BEL 8408 Victor De Ripainsel was passed by GBR Jamie Harris, with ARG 9725 Mateo Ronchi dropping to 3rd. Then disaster for GBR 9985 Jamie Harris as a snapped jib halyard 100m from the windward mark resulted in the mast plummeting over the side. With GBR 9877 now up to 3rd and GBR 9876 Ellie Wootton to 5th, the pack, including ARG 9729 Santiago Plantie was on the hunt down the run.

At the finish in a close fight to the finish line GBR 9877 Hattie Collingridge just pipped BEL 8408 Victor De Ripainsel for the line honours, her first major event win. In 3rd ARG 9729 Santiago Plantie emerged from the chasing group to pass GBR 9876 Ellie Wooton 4th Overnight leader ARG 9725 Mateo Ronchi came home 5th, GBR 10002 Megan Fergusson 7th. AUS 9778 William Cooper suffered more bad luck when his spinnaker pole snapped on the first reach.

So with some desperate mast stepping on the choppy seas GBR 9985 Jamie Harris was up and running again as the fleet turned back to the start of race 8.

Apologies here as my story isn't complete. Mid way though race 8 GBR 10002 Megan Fergusson also suffered a dismasting, and in attending to her we missed the finish. However...

Race 8

So on to race 8, with GBR 9985 Jamie Harris rebuilt, the wind still force 3-4, and the seas remaining lumpy the PRO tried to get the fleet away quickly. Again he called off the start with an AP with 10 seconds to go. The 3rd attempt ended with a general recall, so out came the black flag.

Recovering from the disappointment of his dismasting whilst leading the earlier race, GBR 9985 Jamie Harris rounded with a big lead from GER 9878 Franz Erpenbeck. Franz was in turn chased by team GBR who were revelling in the stronger winds, none more so than GBR 9877 Hattie Collingridge who was having a fantastic day. Other GBR's in the top 10, GBR 9876 Ellie Wootton 5th, GBR10002 Megan Fergusson 7th, GBR 9962 Cara Bland 9th and GBR 9020 Anna Morgan 10th.

GBR 9985 extended his lead down the second reach with GBR 9987 Hattie Collingridge up to second. Behind her though in amongst the strong GBR team yet again was ARG 9729 Santiago Plantie the strong Argentine favourite. Way back in the field ARG 9725 Mateo Ronchi was struggling after a bad start.

As GBR 9985 Jamie Harris rounded the final windward, it was GBR 9877 Hattie Collingridge behind, but having to defend from ARG 9729 Santiago Plantie. It was at this point that we had to attend the 2nd GBR dismasting of the day when GBR 10002 Megan Fergusson lost her mast over the side. To add insult to injury, on being asked if she was OK she was then told she was OCS!

GBR 9985 Jamie Harris took the win by some distance from ARG 9729 Santiago Plantie who had pipped GBR 9877 Hattie Collingridge on the final beat.

So Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson regain the overnight lead due to their consistent scoring, but is now chased by Santiago Plantie who is only 5 points behind and will have a superb score when the 10th race and second discard come into play tomorrow. Also, with the second discard, we will see Mateo Ronchi come back into the action.

After today's excellent results Hattie Collingridge will be in the mix too if she repeats today's outstanding performance. With 4 races to sail, and a storm forecast for tomorrow, It is going to go down to the wire.

Results after Day 4:

PosBoat name / SponsorNatSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1stTwocanGBR9985Jamie HarrisAntonia Wilkinson931853(DNF)130
2ndPuM2ARG9729Santiago PlantieMatias Finsterbusch12‑2064173235
3rd ARG9725Mateo RonchiValentino Lancon2‑34412153146
4thVaca LocaARG9479Lucio PasquarielloDiego Pasquariello5102931012‑1451
5thNo regretsGBR9877Hattie CollingridgeHamish Collingridge23655‑25RDG1352.7
6thZestGBR9876Ellie WoottonAmelia Mayhew‑3341871524858
7thThe Great Escape/NeilsonGBR9962Cara BlandInes Green317‑39241191065
8thB.V.ARG9726Lucas Manuel ZarateJazmin Boix138‑3621117101677
9thAeolusGBR10002Megan FergussonYasmin Sfaxi799301686(BFD)85
10th ARG9472Lucas PrudenFranco Diaz Tamayo2419‑26381471994
11thBlackoutAUS2713Alyssa KelseyMitchell Kelsey10‑281113418142696
12thWhat's it calledGBR9020Anna MorganJemima Hill‑3013221910520998
13thPink PantherARG9727Leticia Rodriguez ViegasConstanza Lopez1‑2924221341821103
14th ARG9723Teo ZecchinAna Zecchin11‑2414187132222107
15th ARG9478Mariano PesallacciaMartin Diaz Tamayo81815102221(UFD)13107
16th CZE9693Max StejskalAdam Hudec3730811276(UFD)7126
17th ARG9722Melina HaertelIsabel Piccola1511392017924‑40135
18th BEL8404Victor De RipainselKobe Stroobandt22229(RET)9192RET139
19thExecutrixGBR8997Ryan WilkinsonMegara Wilkinson181519‑4734221615139
20th BEL9854Sarah RoosenLisemarie Vandamme2721131514‑331933142
21stPushing itGBR10001Harry ChattertonFaye Chatterton161420281828(UFD)20144
22ndTrue colorsGBR9984Isobel SpeirsEmily Speirs29162316‑49341711146
23rd BEL9839Eline SpittaelsAurelie Boven142327‑3220241329150
24thSorcererGBR9983Katie SparkConnor Line32‑3832621152332152
25thMeltemiAUS9562Charlie GoodfellowToby Legg‑36534619253528152
26th GER9838Franz ErpenbeckCharlotte Meyer‑461230253330214155
27thRe NegrooARG9474Noe ZecchinGonzalo Ridolfi2131‑371426321524163
28thIts pinkAUS9628Isabella DeclerckIsabel Willcox43238(DSQ)28272817174
29th BEL9836Hannah RoosenCharlotte Marien31(OCS)16334238115176
30thImpulseAUS9778William CooperHugo Allison35(DSQ)10DSQ6DNE86177
31st ARG9730Julian MariscalTomas Smurra622(UFD)2432393025178
32nd CZE9773Sara TkadlecovaTadeas Tkadlec26740123520(UFD)DNE196
33rdStolen PigAUS9430Fynn SprottLawrence Jeffs542712173726(UFD)23196
34th GER8885Hannes RoslerPaulina Bocker2833‑452144362618206
35th BEL9965Laura SpittaelsAnouck De Ripainsel2044283512‑543337209
36th URU9721Francisca Volpe BorcheTimoteo Josue Vaucher Sosa412632273023(UFD)30209
37thBrothers in ArmsAUS9523Dominic RandallElliot Hughes193525234035(UFD)36213
38thGodscendAUS9918Lily ZeemanAnabelle Zeeman40‑45173441123142217
39th ARG9475Constanza AgnolettiJuan Martin Agnoletti39402131‑47373235235
40thAmigosURU8077Mateo NorbisInaki Angulo Magnano3836‑494429162549237
41stFull spead aheadAUS9745Sam PaynterGil Casanova471735425041(UFD)12244
42nd GER9814Karina WinterLia‑Marie Sturm25254438‑53453638251
43rdDrop BearsAUS9520Charlie ZeemanWilliam Zeeman‑5043313636403827251
44th ARG9473Sebastian RomeroVioleta De Stefano17424137‑43424039258
45th NED9175Tobias TeunissenTjalf Sint3437434139‑513434262
46thSolypazURU9724Paz Kerschen FerrariSol Kerschen Ferrari43413345314427‑47264
47th NED8869Jade van WegenBenthe Marijnen4239422938‑473744271
48thCharruaURU9587Facundo RoureFacundo Gustavo Perez Quinteros4446(UFD)402331UFD48288
49thCalladitoURU9728Valentina Barindelli CerrudoJuan Diego Perez Quinteros(DSQ)49UFD4345492946317
50th GER9978Analisa TastHenning Tast45474648464342‑51317
51st URU4541Facundo SanchezFelipe Lugaro5148‑524648484145327
52nd NED9689Sanna MarijnenSterre van Wegen52(OCS)475254523941337
53rdDe maderaURU8048Jose Carlos Svedov RybakTadeo Vaucher Sosa49515049‑52464450339
54th GER9832Luisa SchonthierHenning Laue53504850‑55534352349
55th GER9748Jan‑Peter NicolausSarah Maria Knospe48(OCS)51515150UFD43350

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