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Magic Marine RS Aero UK Southern Circuit 2016

by RS Aero UK Class Association 14 Nov 2016 16:05 GMT 14 November 2016
RS Aero 7s on the reach - Magic Marine RS Aero UK Nationals © Jean Border /

What a year!

132 entries took part in the UK Southern Circuit. Together with 82 sailors taking part in the Northern Circuit this gave 149 sailors in total taking part in the UK Circuit events. Many sailors competed in both series with the final two events situated in the Midlands included on both Circuits bringing the National fleet together at the end of the season. Additionally, other major UK RS Aero events outside these series, like the Winter Champs, Spring Champs, River Champs and Chew open, each had over 20 RS Aeros.

RS Aero 9

The series kicked off with a light wind Nationals which swelled the RS Aero 9 fleet to a record 26 boat entry creating a '9' fleet momentum bolstering numbers through the year by those looking to secure a series. This commitment to the big rig produced some good turnouts at Chelmarsh (16), Lymington (9) and Burghfield (9). Outside this series lightish breezes produced great '9' fleets at both the Avon SC UK River Champs (18) and Chew Open (15).

A broken foot prevented Matt Thursfield (Chelmarsh) from defending his 2nd overall going into the final event at Rutland. However, no matter - 30kn winds and freezing temperatures left the chasing pack of Chris Larr (Northampton), Anthony 'Chunky' York (Northampton), Gareth Griffiths (Island Barn) and Team Rolfe Jnr & Snr (Burghfield) downsizing to 7s for the benefit of a more enjoyable weekend's sailing in the more attainable and larger '7' fleet.

RS Aero 7

89 sailors took part in one of the 6 events in an RS Aero 7 and the series remained wide open to the very end.

David Ellis (Lymington Town) smashed out a win in the 34 boat UK '7' Nationals. Next up, top Laser Radial campaigner Chloe Martin banged out a decisive victory at the UK Southerns in Lymington, defeating Alex ' the race face' Hayman in the process. At this stage, the fairer sex was looking very prominent with Gurnard's Jane Peckham leading the series with her solid 6th and 3rd. Consistence and participation is vital over a long series and a hard fought 8th on a grey day at Burghfield was enough for Lymington's Karl Thorne to lead going into the final events. But you can never rest and whilst Karlos was focusing on his home racing Peter Craggs (York RI), Andy Hill (Hayling), Jack Hardie (Frensham) and David Cherrill (Broadwater) were steadily building their series ready for a final showdown.

Going into the season closer, the RS Classes End of Seasons at Rutland, no less than 11 sailors were able to secure the annual '7' title and rip the golden egg away form Karl at the final hurdle. Billed as the 'Grande Finale', Rutland delivered in spades. In a fitting end to the UK Summer season 30kn gusts and bitter temperatures tested the metal of all competitors, they were going to have to really want to win this one in order to pull it off. Overnight, after 3 races, both Peter Craggs and Andy Hill were all but tied with absentee leader Karl Thorne for the coveted title - all that stood in their way was the small matter of a two hour Pursuit Race tour of Rutland in 30kn gusts, hail, sleet, freezing temperatures and about 70 often out of control zig-zagging asymmetries!!! The stage was set for a worthy winner - or had Karlos already done enough to sit in front of his fire with dry feet, slippers and hot chocolate?

Sunday dawned and it actually looked quite lovely. There had been a slight drop in wind and not a cloud in the sky. The RS Aero 7s set off after the RS Aero 5's who had a 4 minute head start in the 2 hour race. After an hour it all started to turn nasty with gusts to blow you backwards back down the beat! These gusts could certainly be described as 'solid' by virtue of the hail chunks within! This was all too much for the south coasters to bare and Andy Hill returned to the sanctuary of the clubhouse. Peter Craggs had to finish to make Karlos choke on his marshmallows - and that he did! In an emphatic case of last man standing Peter stuck the course to finish the epic Pursuit. Together with his counters from the Saturday and good results from Brightlingsea and Chelmarsh Peter Craggs took the RS Aero 7 UK Southern Circuit title - all the way back home to York! Andy pipped Karl to second on a tie break - you have to be in it to win it!

RS Aero 5

A two way battle played out through the season for the 5 rig title with entries reduced at several events due to light breezes - it could all have been different if the wind had blown and 7 rig sailors would have been grateful for the option as was at the case at Rutland with fifteen 5 rigs entered.

Archie Hainsworth (Alton Water) grafted out a lead with Cathy Bartram (Chew) making a comeback when a slip in Archie's concentration left him stuck on the committee boat in the tide at Brightlingsea. Archie held this nerve and despite some early navigational issues at Chelmarsh had great speed to take the 2016 RS Aero 5 title. One to watch out for when he moves up to a RS Aero 7 next season!

Many thanks to Magic Marine for sponsoring the series with some great prizes and to RS Sailing for their excellent support.

Des Seal of produced this brilliant drone movie capturing the pleasant day at Round 5, the Chelmarsh Inlands, nicely with a bird's eye view of the racing in Chelmarsh's lovely surrounds:

Next up in the UK is the start of the Winter Training on 19/20th November at Oxford and 3/4th December at Hayling - charter RS Aeros are available. The RS Aero Winter Series kicks of on 27th December at Yorkshire Dales SC's Brass Monkey. Full details of UK events can be found on the UK Events Page;

*Note - At Brightlingsea and Rutland the RS Aeros raced together on PY. As per the Notice of Series, Class results are taken out from each race to produce overall class results to apply to the Southern Circuit results. This facilitated one start and one fleet at events when appropriate, whilst still achieving a class race within that.

Overall Results:

PosSailHelmClubCategoryTorquay UK NationalsLymington SouthernsBurghfieldBrightlingsea EasternsChelmarsh UK InlandsRutland End of SeasonsPts
RS Aero 5
11173Archie HainsworthAlton Water SCY121211003
21178Cathy BartramChew Valley LSCL1001002121005
31312Andrew FrostSutton Bingham SCY1001001001001001201
41562Matthew CaigerSevenoaks SchoolY1001100100100100201
51566Tim HireRoyal Lymington YCY1001001001001002202
6125Kate SargentNETHERLANDSL2100100100100100202
71927Jack HardieFrensham Pond SC 1001001001001003203
82059Felix ScheidtBexhill SCY1001003100100100203
91889Julia BaileyRoyal Yacht SquadronL1003100100100100203
108George TardrewHayling Island SCY3100100100100100203
111258Nick CravenRipon SC 1001001001001004204
121206Claire GribbinPaignton SCL4100100100100100204
131555Andrew WildeBurghfield SC 1001001001001005205
14146Luke GribbinPaignton SCY5100100100100100205
151582Mark RolfeUpton Warren SC 1001001001001006206
161849Anne‑Marie RatnageBough Beech SCL J6100100100100100206
172074Matt EvansGreat Moor SCY1001001001001007207
181012Marion LoweBradford on Avon SCL M7100100100100100207
191854Emily WatsonBowmoor SCL1001001001001008208
20206Henry GillettRoyal Harwich YCY8100100100100100208
211214Harry BinnsBassenthwaite SCY1001001001001009209
221044Lucy TardrewHayling Island SCL9100100100100100209
231594Julie ArcherUllswater YCL10010010010010010210
249Lauren PatonRoyal Torbay YCL J10100100100100100210
252100Julie WillisLymington Town SCL M10010010010010011211
2623Fin AmstrongRoyal Torbay YCY11100100100100100211
271694Nick NeveRutland SCM10010010010010012212
282061Claire Maclean Rickmansworth SCL10010010010010016216
292134Alice LucyRutland SCL Y10010010010010016216
301141Jonathan RickelsGrafham Water SCM10010010010010016216
RS Aero 7
11509Peter CraggsYork RI SC 251001003101023
21792Andy HillHayling Island SC 18100510071426
31302Karl ThorneLymTownSC/RoyalLymYC 13581001310026
41589Chris HarrupBurghfield SC 1510021001002542
51258Nick CravenRipon SC 2610010081610050
61002David CherrillBroadwater SC 10010011005100106
71715Jane PeckhamGurnard SCL63100100100100109
81927Jack HardieFrensham Pond SC 10010031008100111
91568Caitlin AtkinWhitstable YCL Y107100100100100117
101533Finlay BarnhamSnettisham Beach SC 141001001001004118
111598John HarveyThornbury SC 121001001009100121
121618David HarrisSevern SCM100100910014100123
131020Malcolm MellorHickling Broad SC 100100100410025129
141402Jane HomewoodLymington Town SCL1912100100100100131
151594Julie ArcherUllswater YCL2010010010019100139
161586Nicholas FreestonLymTownSC/RoyalLymYCM3110100100100100141
171211Nicholas EalesLymTownSC/RoyalLymYCM2210010010021100143
181264Jackie CravenRipon SCL2810010010017100145
191888Chris LarrNorthampton SC 1001001001001001201
201700Drew WrightChelmarsh SCY1001001001001100201
212079Richard SmithWaveney&OultonBroadYC 1001001001100100201
221175Chloe MartinLymington Town SCL1001100100100100201
231209David EllisLymington Town SC 1100100100100100201
241676Anthony YorkNorthampton SC 1001001001001002202
252135CarolineWhitehouseBartley SCL1001001001002100202
261964Sean CraigRoyalStGeorgeYC IRELAND 1001001002100100202
271209Alex HaymanLymington Town SC 1002100100100100202
281534Fergus BarnhamSnettisham Beach SC 2100100100100100202
291534Jasper BarnhamSnettisham Beach SC 1001001001001003203
301575Mark CarletonPapercourt SC 1001001001003100203
311089Harvey MartinOgston SCY3100100100100100203
321744Adam RowlattChelmarsh SCY1001001001004100204
331747Andrew CooneyBroadwater SC 1001004100100100204
341171Ffinlo WrightIsle of Man YCY1004100100100100204
352Barend HiltermannHOLLAND 4100100100100100204
362093Liam WillisLymington Town SCY1001001001001005205
371108Charlie PierceDabchicks SCY1001001005100100205
385Will TaylorBrightlingsea SC 5100100100100100205
391298Richard WatshamStarcross YC 1001001001001006206
402001Chris HattonSevern SCY1001001001006100206
411173Archie HainsworthAlton WaterSC/RHSY1001001006100100206
422060Jamie WebbRickmansworth SCY1001006100100100206
437Ben GeorgeLymington Town SC 1006100100100100206
442148Gareth GriffithsIsland Barn Res SCM1001001001001007207
451225Nigel EdmundsBrightlingsea SCM1001001007100100207
462070Ben WebbRickmansworth SCY1001007100100100207
471232Steve NorburyWarsash SC 7100100100100100207
481817Chris JonesSutton Bingham SCM1001001001001008208
491502Jon HarveyKeyhaven YCM1008100100100100208
501543Debbie DeggeBartley SCL M8100100100100100208
512152Ben RolfeRS Sailing/Burghfield SC 1001001001001009209
521396Nick IngramLymington Town SCM1009100100100100209
538637Chris JonesSutton Bingham SCM9100100100100100209
542126Graham IlesBurghfield SC 10010010100100100210
542001Keith WillisLymington Town SC 10010010010010011211
561508Robert EnglandChelmarsh SCM10010010010011100211
571211Nick EalesLymington Town SC 10010011100100100211
581844Robin CaigerBough Beech SC 10011100100100100211
591Greg BartlettStarcross YC 11100100100100100211
601551Nigel RolfeBurghfield SC 10010010010010012212
611573Adrian StellPapercourt SC 10010010010012100212
621071Peter ChaplinBurghfield SCM10010010010010013213
631370Nev HerbertRoyal Lymington YC 10013100100100100213
6410Matthew PodgerRoyal Lymington YC 10014100100100100214
651076Martin HewittNottingham SCM10010010010010015215
661413Adrian SpekeChelmarsh SC 10010010010015100215
671889Julia BaileyRoyal Yacht SquadronL10015100100100100215
681045Richard WillowsRoadford Lake SCM16100100100100100216
691485Edward NorburyWarsash SCY17100100100100100217
701214Harry BinnsBassenthwaite SCY10010010010018100218
712133John TannerChelmarsh SCM10010010010020100220
721745John HobsonNotts County SC 21100100100100100221
731655Quentin LeiperChelmarsh SCM10010010010022100222
741412Peter WilsonChelmarsh SC 10010010010023100223
751921Charles ClaphamRoyal Torbay YC 23100100100100100223
761219Arnaud BouchezWimereux FRANCE 24100100100100100224
772060David BradburyRickmansworth SCM10010010010010025225
782113Christopher SmithIsland Barn Res SCM10010010010010025225
791062Martin BarrettRipon SCM10010010010010025225
802135Neil HardieFrensham Pond SC 10010010010010025225
811583Anthony EvillRutland SC 10010010010010025225
822060David BradburyRickmansworth SCM10010010010010025225
831207Mark TissimanChelmarsh/SaundersfootM10010010010010025225
843CharlieInigo‑JonesHayling Island SCM27100100100100100227
851091Penelope GillettRoyal Harwich YCL29100100100100100229
861141Jonathan RickelsGrafham Water SCM30100100100100100230
871098Richard PerrissRoyal Torbay YC 32100100100100100232
881339Cliff WebbCawsand Bay SCM33100100100100100233
891894Samantha FosterLoch Tummel SCL34100100100100100234
RS Aero 9
12093Peter BartonLymington Town SC 11001111003
21208Matt ThursfieldChelmarsh SC 10032271007
31551Nigel RolfeBurghfield SC 11253510010
41071Peter ChaplinBurghfield SCM16475610015
51581Ben RolfeBurghfield SC 91004100410017
61298Richard WatshamStarcross YC 121100100810021
71207Mark TissimanChelmarsh/SaundersfootM2051001001210037
81676Anthony YorkNorthampton SC 21001001003100105
91888Chris LarrNorthampton SC 41001001002100106
101023Gareth GriffithsIsland Barn Reservoir SCM51003100100100108
111164Mike TaylorBrightlingsea SC 131001004100100117
121135Phil WhiteFrampton on Severn SC 151001001009100124
131555Andrew WildeBurghfield SC 171009100100100126
141793Jim HoodLymingtonTownSC 247100100100100131
151095Tony JukesChelmarsh SCM1002110010014100135
161930Paul BartlettStarcross YCM3100100100100100203
172001Mike LyonsBurghfield SCM1001006100100100206
181176Andrew WilliamsLymington Town SC 1006100100100100206
192100Liam WillisLymington Town SCY6100100100100100206
201689Andrew SnellDatchet Water SC 7100100100100100207
218Neil HardieFrenshamPond SC 1001008100100100208
221335David OsborneLymington Town SC 1008100100100100208
231806Nev HerbertRoyal Lymington YC 8100100100100100208
241212Simon WhiteLymington Town SC 1009100100100100209
251404Jeremy HigsonBartley SC 10010010010010100210
261669Giovanni BelgranoGurnard SCM10100100100100100210
271007Antony LynallAvon SC 10010010010011100211
281062Martin BarrettRipon SCM10010010010013100213
291489Robert FreelandDowns SC 14100100100100100214
301092Richard WoodsChelmarsh SC 10010010010015100215
311656David PartridgeChelmarsh SCM10010010010016100216
321618David HarrisSevern SCM18100100100100100218
33999Ben FlowerBabbacombe CSCY19100100100100100219
341654Mark LambdinBradford On Avon SC 22100100100100100222
351097Chris JonesChelmarsh SCM23100100100100100223
361745John HobsonNotts County SC 25100100100100100225
372001Alex Newton‑SouthonLymington Town SC 26100100100100100226

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