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Christchurch Harbour Interclub Series - Overall

by Sarah Desjonqueres 17 Oct 2016 21:26 BST 16 October 2016
Final day of the Christchurch Harbour Interclub Series © Mike Roach

What an awesome way to finish what has been a perfect Harbour Interclub Series. The fearless few who ventured out into Christchurch Harbour yesterday had a blast, in an epic adventure of high octane reaches and challenging beats.

The 'Christchurch Finn Display Team' dominated both races on the water, handling the swirly, gusty winds hanging around the windward mark without too much trouble and tackling the reaches in a dramatic display of speed and spray.

Post race chitchat recounted tales of 30 knot, boat flattening, wind gusts and runs so hairy, that sailors clung to the gunnels for dear life. Others, who had confidently mastered the art of sailing by the lee, revelled in the conditions, dismissing the wind as no more than 18 knots max. Everyone was beaming however.

Mudeford SC's Batten Family - Richard, Charli (12), Jamie (9) - (Hartley 12), keen to keep their top 3 position were brave enough to take on the feisty southwesterly managing to stay upright and completing their series with an 8th and 6th giving them a brilliant 3rd place finish overall.

Christchurch SC's New (Finn) somehow managed to break his tiller but struggled on regardless finishing the first race in 9th place. But in such demanding conditions the compromised steering system got the better of him and after colliding with his stable mate Percival (Finn) in the second race and performing an artistic capsize as part of his 720 penalty, he eventually decided enough was enough and retired.

His efforts had paid off however and despite a rather inglorious end to the race, New finishes the series sitting in 2nd place.

At the top of the leader board, Mudeford SC's Challener (Laser) undaunted by conditions on the water and with his eye on the prize, raced with a full rig. His endeavours were rewarded with two respectable postings of 6th and 11th, the former being just low enough to secure him the top spot and make him the overall series winner.

We must also doff our caps to Reid and Haynes for their performance in the morning's races. Reid who had swapped his full rig for a smaller, more manageable 4.7, impressively bagged a win in both races and Haynes (Finn) nearly matched this feat by posting two 2nd places.

The Interclub Series has been a fantastic success. After 6 races, 61 boats signed on and all the numbers crunched, it is Christchurch SC who come out on top as winners retaining the Interclub Trophy they won last year. In a very close 2nd come the series organisers Mudeford SC and finally finishing in 3rd place are Highcliffe SC.

Highcliffe SC ladies can hold their heads high however, as this year the Ladies cup will have their name on it, with Christchurch SC in 2nd and Mudeford SC in 3rd.

Prize giving will be at Highcliffe SC on Friday 21st October at 7pm.

Overall Series Results:

PosHelm & CrewClubClassR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1John ChallenerMudefordLaser131661117
2Ray NewChristchurchFinn523292521
3Richard & Jamie/Charli BattenMudefordHartley 12 2S074748628
4Richard PhillipsChristchurchFinn4895111237
5Finn Gheury de BrayHighcliffeOK81214723546
6Jack ActonChristchurchRadial1210121361350
7Stuart PercivalChristchurchScow1451516151765
8Andy DenisonChristchturchFinn9961617490
9Simon PercivalChristchurchFinn61611913791
10Roy O'CallaghanMudefordLaser116611616195
11Tony LockChristchurchFinn10225106161108
12Julie SephtonChristchurchTopper252626251920115
13Drew BarnesChristchurch4.716142096161120
14Graham PlattHighcliffeLaser151861611713124
15Peter Nicholson & Mike StaggMudefordUrchin322431341818123
16Alan DalzielMudefordLaser3358186161125
17John PhelpsHighcliffeLaser131711236161125
18Lorrian WellsHighcliffeLaser171616206161130
19Geoff HarwoodMudefordSolo231123156161133
20Keith HawkinsHighcliffeLaser181916226161136
21Hamish Scott‑DalglieshHighcliffeLaser616124211219137
22Sue HaynesChristchurch4.7222961611315140
23Russell & Francesca NewChristchurchRS Vision282325276161164
24Roy SmithMudefordCormorant293025326161177
25Tim ReidMudeford4.76161616111185
26Tim ReidMudefordLaser2161616161186
27Steve HaynesChristchurchFinn6161616122187
28Rory BarnesChristchurchFinn6161236161188
29Andrew RushworthChristchurchOK6161486161195
30Tom ReidMudefordLaser6761616161196
31Andy WilliamsMudefordLaser6161616159197
32Lorrian WellsHighcliffe4.761616161414201
33Joe & Colin PowellMudefordRS Vision61616161148205
34Christine JacksonHighcliffeRadial616113146161210
35Alex AtkinsChristchurchFinn616118126161213
36Keith MitchellChristchurchRadial616161611616215
37Ian Pike & Sally PerryHighcliffeComet Duo191561616161217
38Charles FowlerHighcliffe4.7616161611025218
39Jenny BarnesChristchurchRadial616110266161219
40Marion CullingfordChristchurchRadial241361616161220
41Jane ChallenerMudefordLaser616121176161221
42Tania TarrantHighcliffeRadial202061616161223
43Chris PerryHighcliffeLaser616122196161224
44Matthew Arnold & Alec BattenMudefordUrchin616161612021224
45Lisa BoothChristchurchRadial212161616161225
46Keith BarkwayChristchurchMirror 1S0262561616161234
47Claire van WingerdenChristchurch4.7272861616161238
48John Duffell & Chris BlakeMudefordHartley 12 2S0302761616161240
49Paul AndersonHighcliffeLaser616133246161240
49J ArnellChristchurchRS Vision616129306161242
50Chris RowlandMudefordRadial616132296161244
51Jim CollinsChristchurchScow616130316161244
52Ann HadleyChristchurch4.7616134286161245
53Ben CobbChristchurchTopper313161616161245
54Julian & Tosh BrowettChristchurchLaser 2333261616161248
55Pete BellHighcliffeEurope616161616110254
56Dave Leish AndersonChristchurchRS Vision616138336161254
57Sam WalkerChristchurch4.7616137356161255
58Tim CalvertMudeford4.7616136376161256
59Paul & Helen DomineyMudefprdTorch616135396161257
60Ted Marchant & D LeaworthyMudefordComet Duo616139386161260

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