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Contender European Championship at Highcliffe Sailing Club - Overall

by Sarah Desjonqueres 10 Sep 2016 12:03 BST 3-9 September 2016

We went into last day of the European Contender Championships with 6 races out of a possible 10 under our belts hoping to catch up on races lost mid week by running 3, quick turnaround, battles.

The chatter at the Noisy Lobster restaurant the night before revolved around calculating all the arithmetical scoring possibilities needed to get one's hands on the trophy.

The outcome of this beer fuelled conversation was that Simon Mussell needed to add 3 more wins to his tally to undo his dodgy results at the beginning of the week but all this would be worthless if Jesper Neilsen, who had been consistently excellent throughout the Championship, were to manage 3 top 5 placings.

So, Friday morning arrived and all eyes were on the weather forecast which was suggesting even more interesting wind conditions than the day before. The race team launched in 11 knots of wind and it was immediately obvious that although the conditions would still be somewhat frothy, they were much tamer than the day before.

The start time for race 7 had been brought back an hour to 11am. All 3 races were started under a black flag, the first with a heavy committee boat end bias but all 3 saw the fleet get off to a clear start.

The wind had settled at around 15knots and it was still very much Mussell's kind of playground. But for race 7 it was Jörg Schlienkamp who arrived at the windwark mark first leading a well spread procession of boats behind. In fact Schlienkamp managed to fend off Mussell for 2 further legs until the end of the 2nd beat when he was pipped to the windward mark. Mussell then basically never relinquished his lead for the rest of the morning's racing taking the 3 wins he was after.

Nielsen, understanding the odds was trying his damndest to get his top 5 placings sailed all 3 races brilliantly but in the end his 4,6,3 finishes were just not enough to hand him the crown ending his Championship in a highly respectable 2nd place.

Jan Von Der Bank who also raced a superb campaign, ended his last day out on the water with a 2,3,8 earning him 3rd place in the final rankings.

After winning the practice race, Paul Verhallen who seemed to have had a slightly inconsistent Championship but is clearly a windy weather enthusiast pulled it back over the last 2 days posting a 5,2,2 on the last day. This effort gained him a well deserved 4th place in the end.

Highcliffe SC's Gary Langdown, who spent 2 nights at the top of the leaderboard was slightly undone by the conditions of the last 2 days but still managed to post 9,7,13 on day 5 which after such a solid finishes throughout the championship gave him a 5th on which to end his campaign.

But it is to Highcliffe SC's Simon Mussell, who seems to be untouchable in anything over a F3, that we turn. He can now put the European Champion trophy (made with his dad in the garden shed) on the mantle piece alongside the National Champion trophy he earned in July. Taking 5 wins in 2 days he the undoubtable king of the big waves and our new European Contender Champion. Congratulations Simon!

One last note: Marco Ferrari, we did look for your rudder, but to no avail. Hats off to you however for sailing your Contender all the way from the gybe mark, 3 miles back to the beach in huge seas and strong winds with no steering! A remarkable bit of sailing skill!

We hope you enjoyed the week's racing and the roving reporter looks forward to meeting you all again.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Pts
1st2420Simon Mussell‑266‑54151111126
2nd2352Jesper Nielsen‑182‑2973246327
3rd2507Jan Von Der Bank83‑12‑337323834
4th9Paul Verhallen‑40148‑416852245
5th2439Gary Langdown9524‑15‑14971349
6th2582Rene Heynen37‑2669‑151291157
7th2503Tim Holden2211‑25‑275764964
8th384Marco Ferrari1019‑22912675(DNF)68
9th2465Stuart Jones4‑18‑231410101710570
10th720Graham Scott‑251775‑24111312671
11th40Luca Bonezzi21120‑33211119(DNF)75
12th488Max Billerbeck1(OCS)411619‑23201576
13th2315Ben Holden2715‑61‑50241411477
14th2607Carl Tagoe‑19‑23143181316161292
15th2510Jörg Schlienkamp3034‑49‑3845313796
16th2619Mike Murley1512111313‑2218‑2318100
17th2618Nick Noble14(DNF)‑39161117101520103
18th2527Dirk Muller29(OCS)19‑3520128814110
19th2572Ed Presley720‑52(OCS)1420192110111
20th678Tommy Hooton17415‑312125‑262217121
21st2449Robert Smith‑331627‑37826151823133
22nd2378Thomas Herbst201391029‑35‑333324138
23rd326Daniel Chiesa‑49828226‑33282927148
24th2438Markus Maisenbacher16271818‑3927‑313121158
25th2484Nick Grace3192134271824(DNF)(DNC)164
26th242Richard Batten‑4525‑50393216211716166
27th2603Michael Koch5‑36‑41233029293030176
28th2422Neil Ferguson‑5740‑68431723201419176
29th713David Evans622519344546(DNF)(DNC)177
30th2522Chris Boshier2329‑363619242228(DNF)181
31st2203Adrian Smith11313217‑37‑36343625186
32nd691Peter Noble38241311‑41323732‑39187
33rd13Jérôme Porée12263322‑46(DNC)353532195
34th595David Adams24306254344‑4538(DNF)210
35th2383David Davies283742(OCS)22312527(DNF)212
36th2476Stefan Heising41(OCS)2032353727‑4422214
37th416Frank Richter‑53‑5237284430302528222
38th2407Richard Buttner‑47‑4543302328323435225
39th2561Antonio Lambertini35OCS168259(DNC)(DNC)DNC234
40th2584Robert Wiedemeijer50‑58‑64294038432426250
41st2491Pete Barr46‑5130‑522841394633263
42nd589Keith Paul21281012DNF(DNC)DNF(DNC)DNC264
43rd528Mark Reynell13102421(DNC)(DNC)DNFDNCDNC269
44th652Nicholas Curry‑484135‑423840414034269
45th2458Joerg Glaescher‑635451‑553139403729281
46th2500Henning Wermuth44384545(DNC)(DNC)3626DNF282
47th2496Tony Brooks32394753(DNF)(DNC)443931285
48th2361Tom Coley‑595655‑58363438DNF36306
49th2612Joachim Harpprecht3635324(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC317
50th900Utz Müller423238474743(DNC)(DNC)DNC322
51st697Malcolm Hall‑6255‑66624542484237331
52nd630James Spikesley3921404048(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC334
53rd2432Jerry Hone60485849(DNF)(DNC)4245DNF350
54th2477Chris Howe52436346DNF(DNC)47DNF(DNC)367
55th2639Ralph Drew61505364(DNF)(DNC)5043DNF369
56th716Richard Franks34OCS3426DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC373
57th92Jacqueline Rüfenacht(DNC)(DNC)4665DNFDNC494138377
58th712Rodger White55331756(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC380
59th2459Kerstin Schepanski5159565449DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNC389
60th666Bill Hooton58473148DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC395
61st2637Cees de Gruijter434644OCSDNF(DNC)DNF(DNC)DNC396
62nd56Claus Litzinger37444851(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC399
63rd2318Alan Mollatt56425944DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC412
64th2599Tony Cook54536257DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC437
65th2376Peter Giffen64DNF605942(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC439
66th1764Mark Jackson65495760DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC442
67th445Paul Green67576763DNF(DNC)DNF(DNC)DNC447
68th675David GautierDNF(DNC)6561DNF(DNC)DNCDNCDNC479
69th315Ole Pahnke66OCS69OCSDNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC484

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