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Silvers Marine Scottish Series - Day 2

by Iain Hurrel 28 May 2016 20:20 BST 27-29 May 2016

Day two of Silvers Marine Scottish Series was a difficult day for race officers and crews alike as constantly shifting winds were the order of the day. These difficult conditions suited some more than others with the victors being those who could manage to control them best.

IRC Class 1 Rod Stuart and Bill Ram's Aurora, with the help of five naval officers had a blistering day from the start when they picked the right side of the course. They saved time on the faster boats to scoop firsts in both races today. They move to the top of the table, just one point ahead of Silvers Marine Scottish Series sponsor Jamie McGarry and Colin Moore in Eala of Rhu who took a third and a second and Steve Cowie's Zephyr who lies third overall.

IRC Class 2 The tricky conditions played a huge part in the day's sailing in this class with winds ranging from 5 – 11 knots. Triple Elf, which is a new boat to Christine Murray picked up a first in race one and a second in race two to move into fourth place overall. This is a very competitive class and the well sailed Sloop John T picked up a second and a third to see Iain Thomson retain first place overall going into Sunday. John and Brian Hall took the win in the second race to remain in second overall with Kevin Aitken in Animal having a good day with a third and a fourth to lie third overall, just three points off first position.

IRC Class 3 Trastada under Roddy Angus and Dan Challis together with Tignaburaich's Pete Currie were tactically brilliant out on Loch Fyne today, picking up a first and a third to stay two points ahead overall in the class. Lambay Rules and Stephen Quinn picked up a first in the second race to hold on to second overall, and four points ahead of Darge Black McVey in Phoenix who lie in third.

CYCA 5 This is a fiercely competitive class and just one point separates first and third. Richard Shellcock's Thrust, from Oban Sailing Club secured a second and a first place to stay one point clear of Howard Morrison's Enigma and old campaigner Valhalla of Ashton under Alan Dunnet who are tied on eight points.

CYCA 6 Another super tight class with the first three boats all sitting on seven points. Today G Wilson and L Downie's Zebedee sprang to the top of the leader board ahead of Farr e Nuff and John S Kent and A Campbell and A Bilsland's Stargazer. There is lots more racing to come from this class and it's going to go all the way to Monday to find the winner.

CYCA 8 Restricted Sail Another tight class and with three points separating the top four boats there is everything to play for. David and Karen Parker's Slippi Gin holds on to the top stop tonight, having picked up two thirds today. But they are just two points clear of Ken Andrews and Argento who lies ahead, although tied on points, with Brian Robertson's Celtic Spirit. Owen Mcmanus in Jochr, who did not start the race yesterday, picked up a win in the first race to catapult them into mid table. With four scheduled races still to take place you can't discount this boat.

CYCA 9 Restricted Sail With three races over the two days, it's been straight wins so far for Ken Allan and S Shearer in Brave who top the table. It looks like a fight for second position at the moment, but ending the day in second overall is Silvers Marine Scottish Series sponsor Boyd Tunnock in Lemarac and Iain Cameron in Honey Bee.

Sigma 33 Class The challenging wind conditions saw only one race held in the remaining classes. But the Sigma 33 class is, as ever, very tight with just two points separating first and third. James Miller's Mayrise swaps positions with Harper and Robertson's Leaky Roof 2 to end day two on top of the table, with Miss Behavin who won the only race of the day propelled into third overall.

National Sonata One Design Class With just one race in the class today Ross MacNish did enough, with his second place to move to the top of the table tonight. Douglas Paton in Edgy took the win which moves him into second overall with B Wiseman and Gary Neville in Virtuoso retaining their third position overall. This is, however a tight class with just three points separating the top three boats and we're expecting more excitement on the water over the next two days of racing.

VX One Series With just one race today it's no change in the top three, but it couldn't be closer with just half a point separating Jono Shelley's Abracadabra and Brian Bennett from Sarasota Sail Squadron's Ovington Boats, which was beautifully sailed today and picked up the win. Just one and a half points behind lies Neal Piper in The Lead Sled. This class is too close to call and it's going to go down to the wire.

Hunter 707 No change t the top of the table but the top three boats are closely contested. Seaward ends the day retaining top spot ahead of Blue Funk in second and Cacciatore jumping up a position to secure third.

Results after Day 2:

IRC Class 1
1. Aurora, Rod Stuart and Bill Ram
2. Eala of Rhu, Jamie McGarry / Colin Moore
3. Zephyr, S Cowie / Ian Marshall
4. Prime Suspect, Charlie Frize
5. Roxstar, Findlay and Anderson
6. Forty Licks, Jay Colville
7. Spirit of Janana, Bruce Douglas
8. Local Hero, G and N Howison

IRC Class 2
1. Sloop John T, Iain Thomson
2. Something Else, John and Brian Hall
3. Animal, Kevin Aitken
4. Triple Elf, Christine Murray
5. Now or Never 3, Neill Sandford
6. Joie de Vie, S Blazkova / G Cahill
7. 6. Carmen II, A Jeffrey / P Scutt
8. Fools Gold, Robert McConnell
9. Tangaroa, Elizabeth and Des Balmforth
10. Eau J
Bruce / Fraser Harrison
11. Jabob VII, John Stamp
12. Pure Attitude, Pure Latitude / M Gray

IRC Class 3
1. Trastada, Roddy Angus / D Challis
2. Lambay Rules, Stephen Quinn
3. Phoenix, Darge Black McVey
4. Happy, Iain Macdonald
5. Jacob Jnr VIII, John Stamp
6. Ted, Peter Doig
7. Satisfaction, Nicholas Marshall
8. Wildebeest V, Craig Latimer
9. Snap, Peter Whipp

CYCA Class 5
1. Thrust, Richard Shellcock
2. Enigma, M and H Morrison
3. Valhalla of Ashton, Alan L Dunnet
4. Salamander XXII, John Corson
5. Ceol Beag, Euan MacKenzie
6. First By Farr, Iain McNair
7. Delta Blue, Wallace S Cuthbertson
8. Delinquent Alan Moore
9. Saracen, Marc Ritson
10. Alba Volunteer, Ian Nicholls

CYCA Class 6
1. Zebedee, G Wilson / L Downie
2. Farr e Nuff, John S Kent
3. Stargazer, A Campbell / Bilsland
4. Thunder, Gordon Patrick
5. Ravel's Bolero, Kenny Macdonald
6. Oystercatcher, Murray Caldwell
7. Sirius, Richard Doig
8. Marisca, Alastair Pugh
9. Momo 3, Euan Cleland
10. Radioactivity, Oliver Epsom

CYCA Class 8 Restricted Sail
1. Slippi Jin, David and Karen Parker
2. Argento, Ken Andrew
3. Celtic Spirit, Brian Robertson
4. Apache, George Brown
5. Jochr, Owen Mcmanus
6. Windhound, D S Macnab
7. Leomaris of Clyde, Richard Gray
8. Golden Fox, Angus Cartwright

CYCA Class 9 Restricted Sail
1. Brave Ken Allan / Shearer
2. Lemarac, A B Tunnock
3. Honey Bee, Iain Cameron
4. Portia, Scott Crossley
5. St Bridget, Ian Nicholson
6. Vitale, George Reid / A Wilkie
7. Kiri, Reay Mackay
8. Magnum, Iain Airlie
9. Ventura, Graham Cannell

Sigma 33 Class
1. Mayrise, James Miller
2. Leaky Roof 2, Harper and Robertson
3. Miss Behavin, A Lennox / G Simpson
4. Sigmatic, Donald McLaren
5. Odyssey 2, Harold Hood
6. Squawk, Paul Prentice
7. Vendeval, Colin Greer
8. Rajah, Roy Summers

National Sonata One Design Series
1. Old School, Ross MacNish
2. Edgy
Douglas Paton
3. Virtuoso, B Wiseman / Guy Neville
4. Wicked Wookie, Euan Aitken
5. Fiddlesticks, Ross Flatman
6. Scruples, Mr Chris Tait
7. Saraband, J Dickie / Robin Jarvis
8. Lola, John Anderson

VX One Series
1. Abracadabra, Jono Shelley
2. Ovington Boats, Brian Bennett
3. The Lead Sled, Neal Piper
4. No Quarter, Colin Fraser Tait
5. House of Fun, David Clarke

Hunter 707
1. Seaword
2. Blue Funk
3. Cacciatore
4. More T Vicar
5. Sharky
6. Chaos
7. Mad Rafiki
8. Valhalla
9. Rammie
10. Jalapeno
11. Wishful Thinking
12. Still Game

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