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Winter Discount now available on covers from Rain & Sun

by Philip Bull 1 Dec 2015 09:48 GMT 1 December 2015
Get covered for Winter with Rain & Sun © Rain & Sun

With winter approaching, the Rain & Sun Winter Discount has now started on their website.

Rain & Sun RS400 deep drop-cloth Hydralite top covers are now tailored so that the seam is no longer at the gunwale. By reducing the panel count and introducing vertical shaping on the cover's side, there is no longer a potentially leaking seam along the gunwale of your boat. Rain & Sun have a 10% discount this month for those looking to replace their existing cover and as an extra incentive, the new tailored Hydralite cover is being sold at the same as their conventional design.

Also Rain & Sun have recently increased the skirt size on their Laser covers to offer better hull protection. Rain & Sun provide Laser top covers in 3 materials, 2 of which are breathable as well as nylon and felt undercovers.

About Rain & Sun

Established in 2004, Rain & Sun was started by Philip Bull and Shaheen Ali, who both had careers in sail and cover making. The company now employs 7 people and all covers are constructed in the UK at their base in Southampton. Philip and Shaheen felt that by concentrating on covers only they could provide a better service than companies who provided a range of other services. Rain & Sun keep popular covers in stock, but can turn around other designs in a week to 10 days due to their UK manufacture.

The materials we use

Rain & Sun have always strived to use the best material for the task in hand. Philip was the first person to make a cover out of Polyester/Cotton in the UK around 20 years ago and has continued to research the materials market to find new options for protecting boats.

After a rigorous and long-winded testing process involving a number of materials, Rain & Sun currently use Hydralite, which is all polyester so is a completely stable material and is around 25% stronger for its weight that polycotton. The material has superior colour retention, dries out quicker and has better longevity than others they tested.

Our designs

Rain & Sun's designs have been a constant evolution, with different boats requiring different covers. Whilst a Laser owner might require a simple PVC Polyester cover with a thin skirt, a Solo or GP14 owner is more likely to want a breathable cover with a deep drop-cloth (sometimes referred to as a skirt or side panel) to keep their varnish and paintwork in prime condition. Recently Rain & Sun have seen demand grow for deep drop-cloths on GRP boats, especially when the boat's topsides have coloured gelcoat which can fade when exposed to the sun's damaging UV rays.

Our range

Rain & Sun construct top covers (both flat and over-boom), trailing covers, under-covers, mast covers and breathable foil bags. All can be tailored to your specific requirements.