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Miracle National Championships at Rutland Sailing Club - Overall

by Brian Jones 14 Aug 2015 21:12 BST 9-12 August 2015

History made!

First Lady Champion, congratulations to Hannah and Nick Smith from Thornbury SC. First four boats in race 8 crewed by female helms. Three boats in the top four in Race 8 all from Redoubt SC.

The day dawned with a light northerly and limited visibility in the low cloud. Wisely the racing was postponed until the promised westerly set in, leaving the four potential champions "chewing their finger nails".

The first beat in light shifty winds was a real tester with Yvonne and Brian Mumford being first round the windward mark, a position they held till the finish. Hannah and Nick Smith were close behind determined to hold off Wayne Atherton and Angela Sweeney from Delph SC who they need to beat to gain the trophy, this they did by staying in second place with Wayne and Angela 5th, giving them second overall.

Dave Butler and Ross Flemming from Welton ended the series in fourth beaten by Jack Hopkins and Ross Southwell in third place overall. Ellen Main and Hannah Mumford from Redoubt both from the Youth and Junior fleet sailed superbly to come fourth in Race 8, gaining 11th place overall.

Miracle 124 sailed on its 40th birthday by Steve and Richard Fischer from Aldenham SC enjoyed the day in 9th place with 16th overall. The rain returned and the wind died shortly after the race finished so completing a great weeks sailing at Rutland very well managed by the resident race team.

The Youth and Juniors, completed the previous day in fairly wild conditions with a few swimming lessons thrown in, was won by Andrew and James Robinson from Whitefriars SC first Youth, Ross Southwell and Jack Hopkins from Delph second and Ellen Main and Hannah Mumford Warsash/Redoubt SCs first Junior. They probably sailed this last race in the most testing conditions of the week.

Overall Results:
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PosBoatSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1stPamela3805Smith HSmith NThornbury SC11(BFD)2516218
2ndMerlin3383Atherton WSweeney ADelph SC2414‑722520
3rdSweet Child of Mine4010Hopkins JSouthwell RDelph SC5263133‑1123
4thMayhem4060Butler DFlemming RWelton SC333‑7271726
5th 3794Aldhous JAldhovs PBeaver SC4526445‑830
6thBad Medicine4099Mumford YMumford BRedoubt SC9941‑1198141
7thBorn To Be Bag4040Tracy AmosGemma GibsonRedoubt SC‑108553107341
8th 4007Reddecliffe SAtherton MDelph SC6101181054‑1454
9thRaindrop3740Raines DRaines MLeigh & Lowton SC86(BFD)99610654
10thFighting Lady4020Tippett JBoulton KDraycote Water SC77101012811‑1765
11thEau Sauvage4047Main EMumford HRedoubt SC13‑1571161312466
12th 4064Jones BGreen JMaidenhead SC‑1814912814141081
13th 4022Donaldson MDonaldson TDelp SC1511‑1616151191289
14thPlons2007Neuetboom MNeuetboom GThe Netherlands1112(BFD)131315161595
15thErica4052Reed DReed JGirton SC1617817‑19171716108
16thHot Dog124Fischer SRichard / PaulineAldenham SC171915‑201416189108
17th 3770Herbstritt DAirns JShotwickLake SC20161215‑22121519109
18thMiss Adventure3101Robinson ARobinson JWhitefriers SC12201714‑21201313109
19thSeaing Red206Lown CLown MWilsonian SC(DNF)21131917222120133
20thHispaniola3655Robinson PRobinson NWhitefriers SC141814182421(DNC)DNC138
21st 59Bathe MPartington M / Bathe MDeph SC22221921181819‑23139
22ndJasmine B3414Savelli RTucker JDelph SC21‑27182220242218145
23rd 2018Bloomfield SBloomfield MRYA(DNC)23BFDDNC16192021157
24thTaliesin II3838Mellor BFinnemore JBroadwater SC232520(DNC)25232322161
25thGreat Expectations3670Gibson GGibson KThornton Steward SC24242223262524(DNC)168
26thLilly4100Louis MouldenCampbell EDelph SC1913(DNS)DNC23DNCDNCDNC171
27thAngelina3720Featherstone AFeatherstone PWelton SC(DNC)2621DNC2726DNCDNC187
28thLady Lucy3844Burton MBurton LWelton SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC203