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Medway Dinghy Regatta 2015

by Roy Winnett 20 Jul 2015 20:43 BST 18-19 July 2015

The Medway Dinghy Regatta was hosted and organised by Wilsonian Sailing Club on behalf of The Medway & Swale Boating Association over the weekend 18th & 19th July. Locally based MTS Cleaning Services was the lead sponsor, supplying t-shirts to all the competitors and helpers, with co-sponsors Pirates Cave Chandlery providing a racing buoy while Hyde Sails and Harken provided some goodies, distributed by a tally number draw.

There were starts for fast, medium and slow handicap, juniors and 2000 class. The third Alto Nationals were also incorporated, extracted from the fast handicap results.

Four races were scheduled with three to count. Despite clashing with other events there was a great entry of 74 boats; 47 from the host club and 27 visitors, including contingents from the Ahoy Sailing Centre, Erith YC and Medway YC.

Fabulous weather with excellent sailing conditions helped make this one of the best regattas for many years.

Cloudless skies and sparkling seas greeted the competitors on Saturday morning with a warm force 2-3 south-westerly. Avoiding the mud at low tide and the frequent wind shifts in the morning race required concentration by helmsmen and crew. The high tide in the afternoon allowed courses to be set incorporating the whole width of the river.

After overnight rain, bright skies had returned on Sunday morning and the wind had strengthened to a blustery force 4 with holes, gusts and wind shifts to make sailing conditions challenging.

At the request of the fast fleet a long course was set for race 1, but this proved too long and all failed to finish within the time limit. Mark Goodchild led the fleet home in race 2 but had to settle for 3rd as the Altos of Chris Ashby/Steve Offer and Tim Kift/Jo Wicken claimed 1st & 2nd respectively on adjusted time.

In race 3 Goodchild scored a bullet and a 2nd to Richard/Ellie Smith (RS800) in the final race secured the Invicta Shield. Kift/Wicken added a couple of thirds for runners-up spot while the Smiths with an 8th and 4th to count took third prize.

Tim Kift/Jo Wicken were the Alto National Champions with Chris Ashby/Steve Offer runners up.

Ian Foxwell (Blaze) dominated the 22 strong medium handicap fleet, comfortably winning three races, just missing out to James Skulozuk (Laser) in race 3. With a couple seconds and a third to count Simon/Fiona Gillow (Scorpion) made certain of second prize while Skulozuk held for third with a 2nd & 5th. Two thirds and a fourth secured fourth prize for Roger/Jonathan Gibbs (Wayfarer)

Although Amy Adams (Streaker) won the contest with David/Sandra Wilson (Graduate) in the slow handicap event in was very close. In races 1 & 2 Adams won by just 8 & 9 seconds on corrected time but by over a minute in race 3, the Wilsons stayed ashore for the final race. David/Jackie Hudson (Miracle) picked up 3rd prize with three thirds.

With an excellent entry of 26 juniors, locally based juniors picked up the prizes. In races 1 & 2 Richard Tutt (Laser Radial) and James Downard (Laser) shared the spoils.

On Sunday Tutt picked up a 3rd in the morning, won in the afternoon to claim victory while Downard was tied for 6th place with Morgan Tindal (Laser Radial) in race 3, failed to finish in the race 4 but held for second overall. Tindal added a 3rd & 2nd for third prize.

The Toppers of Jem Causer and Harry Downard were tied on points, broken in Causer's favour for fourth and fifth prizes. Megan Gately was the highest placed visitor in sixth.

In the 2000 class event Colin Treadwell/Lauren Campbell and Simon Conway/James Hardy and Colin/Lauren Treadwell shared the points after the two races on Saturday. Treadwell/Campbell sealed victory with two firsts on Sunday while Conway/Hardy ensured second prize with a 2nd.

Jonathan Schofield/Adam Birmingham won the close contest for third prize with Roy Winnett/Geoff Lambert. Schofield/Birmingham had a couple of thirds and a second to count while Winnett/Lambert had a couple thirds and a 4th.

The Bill Stewart Memorial Cup was awarded jointly to Brian and Gill Warwick who over many years had been involved with the regatta, Brian as safety officer and Gill with the catering.

The Bill Stewart Memorial Cup was won by Brian Warwick and Gill Warwick.

Kelly Towhurst, the local MP for Rochester and Strood presented the prizes.

Fast handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewPYR1R2R3R4Pts
1stCANOE265BCUMark Goodchild 893(DNF)3126
2ndALTO118Wilsonian SCTimothy KiftJo Wicken912(DNF)2338
3rdRS8001049Wilsonian SCRichard SmithEllie Smith820(DNF)74112
4thALTO117Wilsonian SCChris AshbySteve Offer912(DNF)17513
5thRS8001196Stokesbay SCAndrew SmithSimon Ledley820(DNC)56415
6thALTO120Wilsonian SCGraham SmithJayne Thorpe912(DNF)45615
7thISO1003RYAJohn GillJuliet Daniels923(DNC)DNC2DNF22
8thALTO111Wilsonian SCNik AntoniadesEmma Snell912(DNF)68RET23
9thLASER VORTEX1028Wilsonian SCPhil Harris 960DNF(DNS)RETDNC30
10thALTO119Wilsonian SCRichard MetcalfeBrian Drewery912DNFDNF(DNC)DNC30

Medium handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewPYR1R2R3R4Pts
1stBLAZE807Wilsonian SCIan Foxwell 102111‑213
2ndSCORPION2003Chipstead SCSimon GillowFiona Gillow1040223(DNC)7
3rdLASER203858Medway YCJames Skulozuk 1091‑75128
4thWAYFARER1759Medway YCRoger GibbsJonathan Gibbs1112334(DNC)10
5thLASER159343Wilsonian SCNeil Lamprell 10914(DNS)9316
6thBLAZE587Wilsonian SCAndy Pickrell 10218‑96418
7thBUZZ2000Wilsonian SCStuart BaileyZoe Bailey1015585(DNC)18
8thSNIPE28541Bough Beech SCMatthew WolstenholmeWill Maguire1087‑948921
9thBLAZE634Wilsonian SCMartin Jones 10216(DNS)7821
10thKESTREL1545Calshot SCSteven WorfPeter Woodroof / Jack Dann1025116‑12623
11thBLAZE609Wilsonian SCStewart Robertson 1021107(OCS)724
12thBLAZE531Wilsonian SCMatthew Love 1021‑121011526
13thWAYFARER Wilsonian SCBrian WhiteSamantha White1112131510(DNC)38
14thBLAZE47) Adam Hauyston 102116‑17151142
15thLASER II8491Wilsonian SCTim TruinBeth Gibbs1065‑1716141242
16thLASER183229Wilsonian SCJason Ramsden 1091(DNC)DNC131046
17thLASER172804Wilsonian SCHarri Williams 10911411(DNC)DNC48
18thRS 300331Wilsonian SCMichael Forrest 9851513(DNC)DNC51
19thLASER160567Wilsonian SCGraham Turner 10911812(DNC)DNC53
20thLASER57943Wilsonian SCRobert Spencer‑Whon 1091(DNF)DSQRETRET55
21stRS AERO 71521Wilsonian SCRob Naybour 10651914(DNC)DNC56
22ndRS VAREO268Wilsonian SCZoe Ralph 107120(DNS)RETDNC62

Slow handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewPYR1R2R3R4Pts
1stSTREAKER1675Wilsonian SCAmy Adams 1138‑11113
2ndGRADUATE3010Broad Water SCDavid WilsonSandra Wilson1136222(DNC)6
3rdMIRACLE3795Wilsonian SCDavid T HudsonJackie C Hudson1210333(DNC)9
4thSTREAKER1439Wilsonian SCAmanda Randall 1138(DNC)DNC5214
5thMIRACLE210Wilsonian SCAndrew ClarkeTheo De Bie1210(DNC)DNC4314
6thMIRACLE2110Wilsonian SCAndrew White 12104(DNS)DNCDNC18

Junior handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewPYR1R2R3R4Pts
1stLASER RADIAL172811Wilsonian SCRichard Tutt 113521‑314
2ndLASER130732Wilsonian SCJames Downard 1091126.5(DNF)9.5
3rdLASER RADIAL142114Wilsonian SCMorgan Tindall 1135‑1136.5211.5
4thTOPPER44304Wilsonian SCJem Causer 1340792‑1418
5thTOPPER31566Wilsonian SCHarry Downard 1340585‑1018
6thTOPPER?Erith YCMegan Gately 1340‑979622
7thLASER?Erith YCAngus Gunn 1091812‑16424
8thRS VENTURE111Ahoy CentreColm O'HaganElia Daley1120314‑15825
9thLASER RADIAL136549Wilsonian SCBenjamin Harris 1135125‑20926
10thLASER 4.7200656Wilsonian SCEllie Harris 119517‑198328
11thRS VISIONA11Ahoy CentreIvan Wilton TregearArthur Holton1134411(RET)1631
12thLASER 4.7102205Wilsonian SCHannah Downard 119514‑2110731
13thLASER RADIAL158096Wilsonian SCTazmin Tindall 1135‑156111532
14thTOPPER?Erith YCHarry Gately 134061313(DNF)32
15thRS VISION?Ahoy CentreBrodie McBrideStephanie Daley1134‑2210121133
16thLASER RADIAL171715Wilsonian SCMiles Eason 1135‑204191235
17thTOPPER15825Medway YCAnna Breare 1340(DNC)DNC4536
18thLASER RADIAL51479Wilsonian SCOliver Polhill 11351615‑171344
19thTOPPER46777Erith YCRosie Arrowsmith 13401316‑181847
20thTOPPER23637Medway YCRowan Ellerby 1340191714(DNF)50
21stTOPPER37203Medway YCCharlie Baker 1340(DNC)DNC1DNC55
22ndRS FEVA XL4044Wilsonian SCEsther NaybourQuenex Lempmere12331020(DNC)DNC57
23rdBYTE?Wilsonian SCWilliam Phillips 1190182221(DNC)61
24thLASER STRATOSA1Ahoy CentreTom AlcoberReagan Harris1092‑2323221762
25thTOPPER22918Erith YCMatthew Gordon 13402118(DNC)DNC66
26thLASER172823Medway YCMyles Ellerby 109124(DNF)23DNF70

2000 fleet results:

PosSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3R4Pts
1st22258Wilsonian SCColin TreadwellLauren Campbell‑21113
2nd2229Wilsonian SCSimon ConwayJames Hardy122(DNC)5
3rd21231Erith YCJonathan SchofieldAdam Bermingham‑73328
4th21792Wilsonian SCRoy WinnettGeoff Lambert34‑8310
5th22115Wilsonian SCLesley O'RourkeNatalie O'Rourke4‑55413
6th21231Erith YCEd SumnerPhil Richardson5‑76516
7th2884Erith YCAlan ThomasJanice Thomas66‑7719
8th21914Wilsonian SCAndy HockeyLucy Hockey(DNC)DNC4621
9th21314Wilsonian SCPaul ThorpeNicola Smith8‑99825
10th2670Erith YCHugh O'ByrnePaul GatelyDNF810(DNC)28

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