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Hiroki Goto interview at the McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds

by Jonny Fullerton 12 Jan 2015 09:25 GMT 9-16 January 2015
Hiroki Goto wins finals race 1 at the 2015 McDougall McConaghy International Moth Worlds © Th. Martinez / Sea&Co / 2015 Moth Worlds

Jonny Fullerton talks to Japanese sailor Hiroki Goto, winner of finals race 1 at the 2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds, exclusively for

Jonny Fullerton: We're with one happy Hiroki Goto from Japan. It was a very light wind race, but you managed to get out there in front and take the race win, tell us a little bit about it.

Hiroki Goto: Until we launched I was thinking the wind would be 10-15 knots, but once we got on the water it looked like marginal foiling conditions which give me the most advantage. Once the starting procedure was underway I was thinking just keep on the foils as much as possible. I managed to foil 2 minutes before the start on port tack so at 1 minute to go I gybed and came back for 1 minute and started - it was just Chris (Draper) and me that were foiling.

JF: And you just managed to pip Chris just before the finishing line there, you must have been happy with that?

HG: Yes, I was even wishing the committee to shorten the course at the 2nd top mark... no! Why shorten? I was just cruising.

JF: You were really pumped when you came through the finishing line, really happy!

HG: (laughing) I'm sorry about that.

JF: You were right to be pumped! So you like the light winds, the tide is quite difficult to read here too.

HG: Once we foil I don't care about the tides. The tides make bad waves in the strong winds, but in these conditions, if you keep on the foils, the tide is just a carpet. Keeping on foils in the main thing.

JF: Tell us, next year the worlds will be in Hayama, Japan, what sort of conditions should we expect there?

HG: Every day like this (laughing).

JF: With wind or without wind?

HG: May is the season for sailing and we get nice sea breezes of around 15 knots. I think 60-70% of the racing days should have sea breezes from the South, which is a bit bumpy, but with no current or tide. It should be foiling and enjoyable conditions. The other 30% is a North wind, the winter wind, which is offshore so flat and shifty - that is the best for foiling.

JF: Will we expect to see a big Japanese fleet there?

HG: Yes, we are growing quickly. The last nationals saw 30 boats enter and the level of the fleet is much higher now.

JF: So the Aussies and the Kiwis are going to have something to think about when they get to your home patch?

HG: Yes.

JF: Well done Hiroki, congratulations mate and we'll wait for the wind and the next one.

HG: Thank you.

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