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Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash 2014

by Andy Rice, SailJuice 24 Nov 2014 13:06 GMT 22-23 November 2014

Mike Lyons from raced his Halo singlehander to victory at the Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash this weekend. Competing in a record turnout of 104 boats, the Burghfield sailor made the most of light airs on both days.

After four handicap races on Saturday, Steve Bolland was sitting in pole position after steering his RS300 to scores of 1,5,11,(29). However, the Bristol Corinthian sailor was unable to hammer home his advantage on Sunday, when Bolland finished 42nd in the non-discardable, double-points pursuit race finale.

Record-breaking Endeavour Trophy winner, Nick Craig with crew Toby Lewis beat their fellow Merlin Rocket competitors and put in a very consistent series with scores of 11,10,9,11, and an 8th place finish in the pursuit race. This put the Frensham Pond team just a point off overall victory, but discarding one of their 11th places, Craig and Lewis had to settle for 4th overall.

Lyons finished 7th in the pursuit race, just one place behind Craig Williamson's Laser. This was a good enough performance to give Draycote Dash victory to Lyons by just 2 points from Williamson, the Staunton Harold a perennial high performer at the GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series. For Lyons, this was his second victory of the year at a Winter Series event, having raced his Blaze singlehander to a light-airs win at Oxford Sailing Club's inaugural Oxford Blue back in January.

Draycote's Jon Clarke got better race by race, accelerating his Solo to scores of 37, 26, 13, 3, and going on to win the pursuit race on Sunday. This was sufficient to put Clarke on the podium, just 2 points in front of Craig's Merlin Rocket. Clarke beat a strong turnout of Solos, which also included last year's outright champion in the GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series, Michael Sims, who finished the Dash in 7th, a point ahead of professional sailor and fellow Solo competitor Jamie Lea.

While there was a good spread of classes throughout the top 20 in this 104-boat fleet at Draycote, the light airs suited the slow- and medium-handicap boats. There was good talent in the fast handicap fleet, such as GP14 World Champion Ian Dobson who was racing a Fireball this weekend with crew Ben Ainsworth, and former Fireball World Champion Tom Gillard sailing a 505 at Draycote with Richard Anderton. Dobson was the best of the fast handicap in 14th overall, and will hope that over the course of the eight events in the GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series that the wind - and the luck - will even out.

Racing was close throughout the starts though Saturday's Race 3 was tougher on some more than others. The breeze died right off towards the end of the race, but due to the finishing timing, some of the leading boats sailed an extra lap and got stung in the dying breeze. That's the luck of the draw in handicap racing, but with seven more events to go in the Series, there's plenty of time for those boats to get their revenge.

Draycote Water would like to thank event sponsor Fernhurst Books for supporting the event and providing some well received prizes. The next event in the GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series is the Datchet Flyer on 13 & 14 December.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewSailing ClubR1R2R3R4PPts
1stHalo812Mike LYONS Burghfield Sailing Club7212-211435
2ndLaser206880Craig WILLIAMSON Staunton Harold Sailing Club63-39161237
3rdSolo4748Jon CLARKE Draycote Water Sailing Club-3726133244
4thMerlin Rocket3749Nick CRAIGToby LEWISFrensham Pond Sailing Club-11109111646
5thMerlin Rocket3753Simon POTTSAlly MARTINBurghfield Sailing Club-1414293055
6thRS 2001481Jack HOLDENMegan FLETCHERArun Yacht Club1964-282655
7thSolo5491Michael SIMS Carsington Sailing Club2230-371861
8thSolo5387Jamie LEA RYA3116-6051062
9thLaser197694Paul WILLIAMSON Staunton Harold Sailing Club97-55123664
10thEnterprise23349Ann JACKSONAlan SKEENSBurghfield Sailing Club3229-484469
11thPhantom1345Andy COUCH Rudyard Lake Sailing Club2(BFD)14362274
12thSolo5564Chris BROWN Draycote Water Sailing Club(BFD)315142474
13thEnterprise20565Neil BARRETTSophie JONESWanlip SC2831-6217682
14thFireball15089Ian DOBSONBen AINSWORTHSMVC-353316103493
15thMerlin Rocket3656Oliver TURNERHamish KILBURNStarcross Yacht Club21191-575495
16thSolo4927Tom LONSDALE UTSC(BFD)63682097
17th5059117Thomas GILLARDRichard ANDERTONSheffield Viking SC / Hayling Island SC4122-5462897
18thRS 300411Steve BOLLAND Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club1511-2984101
19th5059131Nathan BATCHELORSam PASCOETynemouth Sailing Club2512-31264103
20thRS 2001173Chris LARRAbigail LARRNorthampton Sailing Club404-422246112
21stFireball15094Rob GULLANTim LINSELLRoyal Southern(DNC)874160116
22ndRS 4001407Jon HEISSIGNicky GRIFFINLlangorse SC23253-2670121
23rdMerlin Rocket3758Jasper BARNHAMJonny RATCLIFFESnettisham Beach Sailing Club1813-221378122
24thRS 100 (10.2)3Clive EPLETT Frensham Pond Sailing Club302121-4552124
25thLaser193194William WHITTAKER Draycote Water Sailing Club36-50371538126
26thRS 300476Steve SALLIS Hykeham Sailing Club13920-5086128
27thMusto Skiff130Sam BARKER Castle Cove SC315-471896132
28thStreaker1892James DAWES Redditch Sailing Club-595925742133
29thMusto Skiff487Ben SCHOOLING Datchet Water Sailing Club8-42182092138
30thInternational Canoe321Gareth CALDWELL Blithfield Sailing Club4136(DNC)106147
31stRS 300431Nick BOLLAND Draycote Water Sailing Club122019(DNC)98149
32ndOK2147Richard BURTON Oxford SC55-62292740151
33rdEnterprise22901Paul YOUNGMegan WARDMidland Sailing Club-5656232350152
34thMiracle3678Katheryn BYNERichard BYNEDraycote Water Sailing Club27-72491958153
35thStreaker1837Robin JONES Hykeham Sailing Club43-52262562156
36thD-Zero132David SUMMERVILLE Grafham Water Sailing Club2011-434288161
37thHalo545Nick RIPLEY Paignton Sailing Club1528-615072165
38thRS 2001535Tim HANDCaz HANDSutton-in-Ashfield231732-3494166
39thLaser Radial208125Joe SCURRAH Carsington Sailing Club17-57513574177
40thFireball14950Kevin HOPERussell THORNENotts County Sailing Club492627-5376178
41stIcon11Mike BELLCharlotte BELLBurghfield Sailing Club-5235355268190
42ndMusto Skiff372Alex KNIGHT Castle Cove SC92324(DNC)144200
43rdHalo572Rob DUNKLEY Hollowell Sailing Club6375-783132201
44thAlbacore8155Matthew THOMPSONPete REEVESTewkesbury Cruising & Sailing Club333469(DNC)80216
45thChallenger257Val MILLWARD Rutland Water Sailing Club53-59583966216
46thLaser177886Marcellus PRYOR Draycote Water Sailing Club51-61393790217
47thSK2735Ian PINNELLDavid SCOTTNorthampton Sailing Club474510-73122224
48thBlaze799James RIPLEY Paignton Sailing Club-8969773148225
49thIcon15Martin PAYNECaroline WILKINSSASC393946(DNC)102226
50thIcon16Martin HATTERSLEYJoe SHELLEYChasewater / Llandudno S.C.-48374446112239
51stOsprey1347Philip MEAKINSBryony MEAKINSH.R.S.C.384445-62114241
52ndFireball15056Pete SLACKKaren HILESDraycote Water Sailing Club-8146576582250
53rdChallenger270Graham HALL Rutland Water Sailing Club4440-5343124251
54thOsprey1355Richard HARTLEY Blithfield Sailing Club16248-60DNC258
55thD-Zero119Russ HOPKINS Tewkesbury Sailing Club6076-826756259
56th49er343Matty LYONSJames LYONSUllswater Yacht Club(BFD)495058104261
57thFireball14976Nick COPSEYAndy CLARKEHayling Island Sailing Club-92542854128264
58thBlaze678Rob JONES Warsash Sailing Club51834-38DNC267
59thInternational Canoe327Rob BELL Emberton Park Sailing Club(DNC)583371108270
60thSolo5517Jason HUGHES Draycote Water Sailing Club45DNF(DNC)DNC18272
61stSolo5550Andy MCIVOR Blackwater Sailing ClubBFD(BFD)BFD3144276
62nd29er1967Crispin BEAUMONTTom DARLINGBartley/HISC293617(DNF)DNC292
63rd5058905Stuart TURNBULLNeil RABBITTSBurton Sailing Club-66645961110294
64thLaser Vago164Ed DEACONFelicity JONESHunts Sailing Club7977-8040100296
65thRS 2001180Daniel TAYLORHarry JONESDraycote Water Sailing Club5648-6744150298
66thLaser Radial204219Daniel WIGMORE Grafham Water Sailing Club26-684130DNC307
67thScorpion1984Fergus BARNHAMAmy CLAYSnettisham Beach Sailing Club5866-8555130309
68thD-Zero130Steve HARVEY Draycote Water Sailing Club6574-8763116318
69thFlying Fifteen3631Chris WRIGHTNicky HOOPERRutland Water Sailing Club505163(DNC)156320
70thInternational Canoe326Colin NEWMAN Draycote Water Sailing Club-68476564146322
71stFireball15046Alex TAYLORGeoff EDWARDSBudworth613814(DNC)DNC323
72nd29er399Rebecca LEWISWill WARDDraycote Water Sailing Club717168-74118328
73rdChallenger281Jack ALDERDICE Peterborough69-877656132333
74thRS Tera Sport2621Ethan PLANK Draycote Water Sailing Club5465-9077142338
75th5059125Roger DEANENigel DEANERock Sailing Club737071(DNC)126340
76thChallenger298Mark FLETCHER Rutland Water Sailing Club76-927949138342
77thTasar2517Gary TOMPKINSAbby FREELEYHunts Sailing Club7282-8368120342
78thSolo3787Richard BOTTING Draycote Water Sailing Club(DNC)867448136344
79thLaser130157Rob STILL Draycote Water Sailing Club4543-6647DNC345
80thLaser165491Dan SALLIS Hykeham Sailing Club(BFD)536424DNC351
81stRS 400735Mark HOPEPaula BEVERIDGEHollowell Sailing Club-86817070134355
82ndVortex2014Jonathan CARTER Rickmansworth Sailing Club67-807566152360
83rdMusto Skiff373Paul MOLESWORTH Datchet Water Sailing Club346755(DNF)DNC366
84thRS 100 (8.4)223Peter BLAKEY Draycote Water Sailing Club7784-8675140376
85th5059104Harry BRIDDONAdam KENNEYOgston Sailing Club647330(DNC)DNC377
86thRS VAREO311Ian MACWHINNIE Draycote Water Sailing Club82-918169148380
87thRS 400839Stephen CLEMMETJimmy RUDDIMANDraycote Water Sailing Club-84837276154385
88thLaser155149Adrian BROADHURST Draycote Water Sailing Club428552(DNC)DNC389
89thCherub2676Jamie PEARSONAbi RILEYDraycote Water Sailing Club93-979379158423
90thB14720John BOOTHDebbi SMITHStokes Bay Sailing Club8895(BFD)80160423
91stRS 200465Orkun SOYERDerin CAN/Dilara SOYERDraycote Water Sailing Club7041(DNC)DNCDNC426
92ndLaser174768Andy GUPPY Draycote Water Sailing Club85-897359DNC427
93rdRS 200711Richard BROWNJudith BROWNDraycote Water Sailing Club6255DNF(DNC)DNC428
94th49er1179Gareth DAVIESRobert APPLEBYBlackwater Sailing Club80(DNF)8472DNC446
95thD-Zero128Simon WIGMORE Grafham Water Sailing Club757889(DNC)DNC452
96thDX Catamaran1351Robert ENGLAND RYA87-938878DNC463
97thLaser 4.7174788Sam GUPPY Draycote Water Sailing Club789091(DNC)DNC469
98thCherub2645Rosie WILLIAMSONThomas BAKERBowmoor Sailing Club(DNC)9492DNFDNC480
99thInternational Moth4041Andrew BLEE Draycote Water Sailing Club7496DNF(DNC)DNC481
100thRS 700791Ally JONES Draycote Water Sailing Club8388DNF(DNC)DNC482
101stLaser0Bryan UNDERDOWN Draycote Water Sailing Club9179(DNC)DNCDNC485
102ndInternational Moth4115David HIVEY RYA9098DNF(DNC)DNC499
103rdSolo5480Ian HOPWOOD NantwichBFDBFDDNF(DNC)DNC515
104thD-One316Jonathon JOHNS L.T.S.C.(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC525

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