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Heron and Mirror Open at Yeadon Sailing Club

by Tony Dufton 26 Sep 2014 09:04 BST 21 September 2014

On a dry pleasant day with an unusual northerly breeze this year's open was well attended by 9 Herons and 2 Mirrors. In order to promote another international event known as the Bart's Bash they decided to hold it on the same day. Not to worry, the Heron and Mirror fleet as always were happy to help and the first race was combined with another 17 boats.

So the line-up was as follows. In the Mirror fleet two new entrants Bob Dootson and John Wheble. The Heron fleet, starting with the Dennis and Jo Beard the most successful Heron sailors in the last decade. Next last year's winner Tony Dufton could he make it a triple? Or could his farther Chris the veteran of the fleet recreate former glories. From last year Louise and her new boat unfortunately her co owner could not make it so olivea stepped in to crew instead. Also from last year Kieron and his son Josh in one of the club boats. Then a junior pair Oscar and Dillon the future of Heron sailing. The club has been blessed with two new herons which are very popular at our training sessions (thank you Bob). Filling these from the world of windsurfing Matt Foster in his first Heron race also in his first Heron open race was Eddie. The club welcomed our only traveler from Welton David Butler and his crew James.

The first race was a little chaotic with 28 boats filling Yeadon tarn. Your author was distracted by shouting orders at a total newcomer to the sport. However she did a fine job and completed 3 laps in a Pico well done Alex. So i can only go on the results. David Butler and James stamped his authority on the open by winning the first race followed by Dennis and Jo and in third was Matt. Jon Wheble triumphed over Bob in the Mirror fleet.

After an excellent lunch (well done the catering team) and Bart's Bash formalities (well done Andrew Cowling). Race 2 began. Mark no 4 at the top corner of the tarn was the windward mark and thanks to the tree lined bmx track next to it makes it a mark of mystery. This time Tony Dufton led the charge but only for half a lap and soon faded into forth. Chris was doing well but fell victim to the dreaded no 4. Pulling away was young Matt who gained a substantial lead until the wind dropped and David and James sneaked past. Matt had another go and battled his way back to the front but couldn't beat mr Butler on handicap thus David and James triumphed once again. Louise and Kieron didn't want to push their crews anymore and bowed out. The drop in wind was enough for Bob in the mirrors and he retired giving another victory to Jon in the Mirror fleet.

Even though the weather forecast had predicted the reasonable breeze would fade it didn't. Nor did most of the competitors even though the winner in both fleets had been decided. Oscar and Dillon started race 3 but did not finish due to technical problems but well done to them and all the other juniors who took part who would have made Andrew Simpson proud I have no doubt. Another good thing to witness was the progress the new sailors made throughout the day. Eddie and Jon were right up there in the mix come race 3. Again Matt tried to get far enough in front of David but just couldn't beat him on handicap. However Tony and Chris did manage to pull away from Dennis and Jo to finish 3rd and 4th respectively. Jon landed another win in the Mirror fleet to make it a hat trick.

David Butler thanked Mick and Glenis for Race Officer duties and Gren and her catering team for a wonderful lunch. Well done to all and see you next year.

Overall Results:

1st David Butler & James, 1033
2nd Matt Foster, 10337
3rd Dennis & Jo Beard, 10070
4th Tony Dufton, 2876
5th Chris Dufton, 108
6th Louise Harding, 10335
7th Eddie Edmonson, 10336
8th Oscar and Dillon, 8143
9th Kieron & Josh, 8620

1st Bob Dootson, 62569
2nd Jon Wheble, 33143

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