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41st Bloody Mary Pursuit Race at Queen Mary Sailing Club

by Tony Bishop 11 Jan 2014 19:29 GMT 11 January 2014

Experience wins the day

The Bloody Mary Pursuit Race was held for the 41st time this weekend at Queen Mary Sailing Club attracting 332 entries in 66 classes from 110 clubs all around the country. With the latest bout of stormy weather having passed through a few days earlier, the race was run in glorious sunny conditions a light breeze that was forecast to die off during the day.

The Toppers, with the largest fleet of 34 entries, was led off the start by Michael O'Driscoll from Crawley Mariners. As the event unfolded an RS feva sailed by Will Taylor and George Catchpole took the lead after about an hour. The Solo of Michael Sims was closing fast with another Solo sailed by Tom Gillard right behind. The Lasers lead by Craig Williamson were also in contention.

With 24 minutes to go the National 12 of Graham Camm and Zoe Ballentyne which they maintained to the end. It's a fantastic result for this super National 12 pair who can now claim to have won the Bloody Mary twice!

In the closing stages of the race Tom over took Micheal in the Solos and two International 14's stormed through into the top 10 as the wind stayed fresh throughout the race.

Queen Mary would like to thank our sponsors Volvo Sailing, Digiquip, Sportography, Virtual Rigger, 91 Consulting and Spiral Studios whose assistance was greatly valued in running the event. The winners thanked the volunteers and staff of the Club who worked so hard to make the whole event from arrival through launching to racing such a success.

Overall Results: (top ten)

1. Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne, Burghfield, National 12
2. Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart – Ranelagh SC – National 12
3. Paul Bartlett and Greg Bartlett – Starcross YC – Icon
4. Ben McGrane and James Hughes – Netley SC – Int. 14
5. Archie Massey and Harvey Hillary – Itchenor SC – Int. 14
6. Thomas Gillard – Sheffield Viking – Solo
7. Craig Williamson – Staunton Harold – Laser
8. Rob Cape – Thames SC – Laser
9. Nick Copsey and Luke Lazell – Hunts SC – National 12
10. Michael Sims – Carsington SC - Solo

First Lady helm was Karyna Manuel, Grafham Water, Laser Radial
First Queen Mary Helm was James Baxter, Laser
First junior was Will Taylor, Alton Watersports, Feva
Winner of the Grand Master prize was Richard Marshall, Poole YC, Osprey

Class Prizes:

29er - Matt Venables & Curtis Mearus from Sulton
Laser Radial – Karyna Manuel from Grafham Water
Merlin Rocket – Nick Craig and Toby Lewis from Frensham Pond
Musto Skiff – Ben Schooling from Datchet
RS200 – Paul Hammett and Crew from HISC
RS400 – Richard Gray and Jon Dyas from Queen Mary
Topper – Michael O'Driscoll from Crawley Mariners
Enterprise – Ann Jackson and Alan Skeens from Burghfield

Finally in the Ultimate TracTrac Battle of 'Topper v Moth' there was a big prize giving cheer as the Topper won on the day. Follow the link below for Tracking replay.

Overall Results:

PosCategoryClassSail NoHelmCrewClubPts
1st National 123530Graham CammZoe BallantyneBurghfield SC1
2nd National 123540Jon IbbotsonCharlotte StewartRanelagh SC2
3rd Icon18Paul BartlettGreg BartlettStarcross YC3
4th International 141517Ben McGraneJames HughesNetley SC4
5th International 141519Archie MasseyHarvey HillaryItchenor SC5
6th Solo5469Thomas GillardSheffield Viking SC6
7th Laser200906Craig WilliamsonStaunton Harold SC7
8th Laser198962Rob CageThames SC8
9th National 123528Nick CopseyLuke LazellHunts SC9
10th Solo5302Michael SimsCarsington SC10
11th Blaze807Martin SavekerChase SC11
12th National 123527Kevin IlesPip JefferisThorpe Bay YC12
13th Laser191077James BaxterQueen Mary SC13
14th Norfolk Punt74Andrew FriendRobert FriendNorfolk Punt Club / Qmsc14
15th Laser189111Neil CrossouardHill Head SC15
16th Merlin Rocket3749Nick CraigTobytastic LewisFrensham/lee16
17th Laser203320Gareth EdwardsQueen Mary SC17
18th Laser31564Graham CookHayling Island SC18
19th Musto Skiff487Ben SchoolingDatchet Water SC19
20th Streaker1837Robin JonesHykeham SC20
21st Scorpion2022Peter GrayRachael Rhodes Gray21
22ndJunior RS Feva XL5028Will TaylorGeorge CatchpoleAlton Water Sports Centre22
23rd Blaze789Jonathon Saunders23
24th RS 300481Martin HarrisonRoyal Victoria YC24
25thJunior Lady Laser Radial197899Karyna ManuelGrafham Water SC25
26th Merlin Rocket3733Tom StewartTom Fran Phil Ace CrewNottingham SC26
27th Icon3Mike LyonsCharlotte BellBurghfield SC27
28th National 123474Jeremy HartleyLuke HartleyStokes Bay SC28
29th Firefly3850Stuart HudsonAmy MorrisKeyhaven YC29
30th Streaker1605Isaac MarshSCammonden30
31st Laser188781Ian MorganHill Head SC31
32nd Laser204219Daniel WigmoreGrafham Water SC32
33rd Lady Enterprise23349Ann JacksonAlan SkeensBurghfield SC33
34th X17Peter BartonChris IngramLymington Town SC34
35thJunior Laser Radial195357Matthew StephensBurghfield / Hisc35
36th Solo4386Mike DrayLittleton SC36
37th Lady Merlin Rocket3676Frances GiffordSophie MackleyRanelagh SC37
38th RS 200880Paul HammettAndy BirdHayling Island SC38
39th Solo3462Ben CooperSpinnaker SC39
40th Laser Radial197782Chris JonesSutton Bingham SC40
41st Lark24Ryan CrawfordLaura LillyPenzance SC41
42ndJunior RS Feva XL3424Billy Vennis‑OzanneOrla MitchelDocklands Sailing & Watersports Centre42
43rd Scorpion2013Pete MitchellSimon Forbes43
44th Fireball15096Chips HowarthVyv TownendBewl Valley SC44
45thJunior Laser197916Ian StoneMaidenhead SC45
46th RS 2001265Carl MayhewJulie HarrisonIsland Barn RSC46
47th Solo5322Andrew VoyseyHayling Island SC47
48thJunior Laser Radial204122Sam WhaleySwanage SC48
49th Merlin Rocket3745Stephen CockerillSarah CockerillHayling Island SC49
50thJunior RS Feva XL4740James HammettBen ToddHayling Island SC50
51stJunior Firefly2246Alexander BaxterOlivia BalfourWest Oxfordshire SC51
52ndJunior Laser 4.7183310Josh HaynesTrent Valley SC52
53rd Miracle4051Sam MettamMaria RichardsHayling Island SC53
54th Grand MasterOsprey1343Richard MarshallPeter GregPoole YC54
55th RS 100 (All varients)380David HitchcockHayling Island SC55
56th 2000 / Laser 20002355Matt SargentClare SargentAsa Tisc56
57thJunior Topper47039Michael O'DriscollCrawley Mariners57
58thJunior Topper40929Hamish BeaumontBartley58
59thJunior 42055169Arran HolmanCorra Kermuir HoggHollowell59
60th Topper17501Clive JacksonPapercourt SC60
61st Solo5138Patrick OversPaxton Lakes SC61
62nd Fireball15089Ian DobsonDr Ben AinsworthSmvc62
63rd Merlin Rocket3656Olly TurnerHamish KilburnStarcross YC63
64th Phantom1390Richard SimsCarsington SC64
65th Blaze649Steve PollardRock SC65
66th RS 8001166Ralph SingletonSophie SingletonDatchet Water SC66
67th Contender2376Iain HorlockExe SC67
68thJunior Lady 42052915Katie BarracloughJosie GummerHayling Island SC68
69th Fireball1508Robert GullanJoe ButterworthRoyal Southern69
70th Lady Fireball15083Dave WadeTim HartletNottingham SC70
71st Grand MasterLaser204678Mark SanckenQueen Mary SC71
72nd Laser EPS114Mike StoreyIsland Barn RSC72
73rd Merlin Rocket3734David HayesJonny RatcliffeHayling Island SC73
74th Laser195225Michael PryerQueen Mary SC74
75th Laser164576Dan WigginsQueen Mary SC75
76th Merlin Rocket3739Olivier VidalRozalyn McgraneNetley SC76
77th Enterprise23310Matt VelamailTim BrownellUlley SC77
78th Phantom1130Tim PlattMaidenhead SC78
79th Laser173312Andrew MusselwhiteSpinnaker SC79
80th Grand MasterBlaze786Stuart WatsonRoyal Lymington YC80
81st Thames A Rater14Martin HunterRoger Slafford & Tom WilsonVTSC81
82nd Hornet2176Toby Barsley‑DaleGareth RussellWeston SC82
83rd Merlin Rocket3746Dan WillettPete NicholsonBrightlingsea SC83
84th Lady RS 2001510Claire WalshDarren Mcnamara84
85th Merlin Rocket3688Ben HollisCaroline CroftHampton SC85
86th Merlin Rocket3756William WarrenMark OakeyShoreham SC86
87th D‑One72Tim GarvinQueen Mary SC87
88th International 141548Julian PearsonNick MartinOxford SC88
89th GP1414061Richard HamJack HardieTollesbury SC89
90th Finn581Vincent HayterWarsah SC90
91st Solo5466Paul PlayleIsland Barn RSC91
92ndJunior RS Feva XL2574Iain BirdJake HardmanHayling Island SC92
93rd Lady Tasar2638Elizabeth PescodRoger PescodQueen Mary SC93
94th Contender2373Mike MurleyWeston SC94
95th RS 4001203Richard GrayJon DyasQueen Mary SC95
96th RS 100 (All varients)124Garry PhareRoyal Torbay YC96
97thJunior 9ER2025Matt VenablesCurtis MearnsSutton97
98thJunior 9ER1908Felix CrowtherTom DarlingHayling Island SC98
99th Grand MasterOsprey1374Philip MeakinsRichard AndertonHamble River SC99
100th RS 2001126David ConlonSarah BinesBrightlingsea SC100
101st Musto Skiff324Dave PostonDatchet Water SC101
102ndJunior 9ER1967Crispin BeaumontEd HigsonBartley102
103rd Lady 9ER2112Jess HammettJames CookHayling Island SC103
104thJunior 9ER2117Ed ConnellanMatthew RhodesVR Race Team104
105th RS 4001021Roger BennettLesley SarjantsonSilver Wing SC105
106th Grand MasterRS 4001325John CooperBecci WigleyLymington Town SC106
107thJunior Topper46223Morgan ArcherBlue Circle SC107
108th National 18X0Frederick John CudmoreNicky O'LearyRoyal Cork YC108
109th RS 200667Sam ThompsonLeanne HibberdRnsa109
110th National 123533Tom WhiteAlex HomerOlton Mere110
111th International Moth4047Rob GreenhalghHamble River SC111
112th Laser144607Paul StapletonDesborough SC112
113th Musto Skiff384Stuart KeeganDatchet Water SC113
114th Musto Skiff373Paul MolesworthDatchet Water SC114
115thJunior Topper47154Hakan DigbyQueen Mary SC115
116thJunior Laser 4.7197941Alex ButlerHayling Island SC116
117th 9ER2027Rob LoveridgeEmma LoveridgeVR Race Team117
118th International Moth3942Jason BelbenStokes Bay SC118
119th International Moth3854Jim McmillanGurnard SC119
120th Blaze634Martin JonesWilsonian SC120
121st RS 200845George BeckMelissa MeredithPapercourt SC121
122nd Int Canoe308Chris HampeRoyal Plymouth Corinthian YC122
123rd RS 400845Douglas ClowIan HamiltonIsland Barn RSC123
124th RS 4001342Jack HoldenOllie MillerArun YC124
125th Enterprise22901Paul YoungPhil HarrisonMidland SC125
126th Fireball14791Angus HemmingsHector Czernek126
127th D‑One139Nick SimmonsLymington Town SC127
128thJunior Topper21137Hugo BurrowsWOSC128
129thJunior Lady Laser Radial205174Emma StevensonVR Race Team/ Weymouth SC129
130th RS 4001370Keith WillisJulie WillisLymington Town SC130
131st K6216Peter KirkbyFraser ElmsQueen Mary SC131
132nd Topaz Xenon4218Darren LaytonMichael GuestEarlswood Lakes SC132
133rd Grand MasterMiracle4021Brian JonesPaul CookMaidenhead SC133
134thJunior Topper44343Andrew O'DriscollCrawley Mariners134
135th Grand MasterEnterprise22866Dick LankesterDavid WylieWeir Wood SC135
136thJunior Laser Radial171987Alexander KnightQueen Mary SC136
137th 9ER114Piers Hugh SmithAshley GreenallVR Race Team137
138th RS 40058Tim AndertonGeorge HunterQueen Mary SC138
139th Grand Master5059002Peter BennettTyer HamsworthShoreham SC139
140thJunior Lady RS Feva XL4648Jess JarmanKaren MainWarsash SC140
141st Thames A Rater19Chris KilsbyPatrick Rayner & Chris MartinThames SC141
142nd K133Christopher StantonQueen Mary SC142
143rdJunior Laser Radial201873Dominic HallPapercourt SC / Hayling Island SC143
144th Lady RS 2001409Clare JamesClaire OverstalllIsland Barn RSC144
145th Lady 470118Annabel VoseMarina CanoRoyal Southern145
146th Enterprise21932Ben BurrowsSpike DuncanWOSC146
147th Albacore8158Paul Metcalfe‑SmitLewis BrailsfordOgston SC147
148th Musto Skiff113Edward WilkinsonStokes Bay SC148
149thJunior Lady RS Feva XL2047Ellen MorleyNiamh DaviesBurnham SC149
150th Firefly4115Oliver BurrowsMatilda RingroseWOSC150
151st 2000 / Laser 200021102Chris Neil BrownCassie StrangWeston SC / Rorc151
152nd Wayfarer10925Bradley FieldJamie SouthwellHill Head SC152
153rdJunior RS 200373Patrick GannonFraser WoodleyBurghfield SC153
154thJunior Lark2487Kian AndrewsPenzance SC154
155th Laser153702Charles ParkinsonQueen Mary SC155
156th RS 8001043Christopher DoddBryony MeakinsRutland Water SC156
157th Comet867Chris RobinsonBurghfield SC157
158thJunior Laser Radial189352George NelsonQueen Mary SC158
159thJunior Lady Topper46734Grace Bradley‑ShankarDocklands Sailing & Watersports Centre159
160th Splash2243Ben HaynesTrent Valley SC160
161st Lady Laser Radial182552Ellie TapperQueen Mary SC161
162nd AltO115Jonathan TweedleSam TweedleOxford SC / Rafsa162
163rd Merlin Rocket3442Mark StockbridgeNeil DaviesRanelagh SC163
164thJunior Topper47021Conor LambWhitstable YC164
165th Merlin Rocket3518Julian HarmsTimothy HarmsMidland SC165
166th Rooster 8.1501Tom StapletonDesborough SC166
167th Grand MasterEnterprise23218Philip ChambersIan PeerlessHampton SC167
168th Lady RS 4001399Julia HancockMark FullerQueen Mary SC168
169th RS 4001118Gary StonesHannah ParrLymington Town SC169
170thJunior Lady RS Feva XL1276Monique Vennis‑OzanneMike Lee‑AnoHill Head SC170
171stJunior Topper47156Charlie SouthChichester YC171
172nd Laser164918John CantEly SC172
173rdJunior Topper46937David SaundersHill Head SC173
174th Enterprise21786Michael HodgesSian HodgesPapercourt SC174
175thJunior Lady Laser Radial185699Rosie JohnsonQueen Mary SC175
176thJunior Laser Radial167609Thomas SouthwellHill Head SC176
177thJunior Laser 4.7100255Liam WillisLymington Town SC177
178thJunior Lady Topper46770Lizzy MarkhamUpper Thames SC178
179thJunior Topper45770Magnus HandleyQueen Mary SC179
180th Grand MasterEnterprise23225Chris RowsellStephen BallLensbury SC180
181st Enterprise17340Andy GreenwoodAndy BassettMinima YC181
182ndJunior RS Feva XL51Toby MizziTom CallanLittleton SC182
183rd International Moth4071Phillippe OligarioWorthing SC183
184th Grand MasterLaser182478Robert MarshallEarlswood Lakes SC184
185th Lady Laser193442Angela MahnkeQueen Mary SC185
186th Merlin Rocket3643Tim HarridgeBug HarridgeHampton SC186
187th Cherub3214Paul JenkinsPeter JenkinsWeir Wood SC187
188thJunior 9ER1895Stirling TaylorChay TaylorBurnham SC188
189th Musto Skiff260Mark CooperDatchet Water SC189
190thJunior 9ER1221Thomas JohnsonFlynn DaviesBlackwater SC190
191stJunior Lady 9ER66Anna PrescottEve Townsend191
192nd Comet875Nigel AustinCransley SC192
193rd Merlin Rocket3692Rien ZilvoldJulie NuttallWhitstable YC193
194th Solo4551Bill HutchingsTonbridge Town194
195th Grand Master2000 / Laser 20002078Andy BennettSally KelvieLittleton SC195
196thJunior 9ER1324Murray HampshireFiona HampshirePapercourt SC196
197thJunior Lady 42051766Niamh GannonJenny LorimerBurghfield SC197
198th Solo5222Joe RycroftLittleton SC198
199th Laser 40004616Sam NichollsAlex WattsDatchet Water SC199
200th Firefly1522Ben GreenFi EdwardsGurnard SC200
201st Comet Race503Brian WeatherleyDenise WeatherleyCotswold SC201
202ndJunior RS 200963Samuel J GrimshawRebecca E GrimshawStaunton Harold SC / Ryyc202
203rd Grand MasterK6119Terry WilkinsonGareth Watkins & Frances WensleyQueen Mary SC203
204thJunior Laser Radial200043Matthew LuxtonBurton SC204
205th RS 4001237James GundyTom HewitsonQueen Mary SC205
206thJunior Lady 9ER1249Kim May‑PapailiouAaron ReynoldsPoole YC206
207th International 141508Colin SmithPeter HelmBough Beech SC207
208thJunior Lady 9ER2229Charlotte HooperKatie DabsonGrafham Water SC208
209th Lady RS 200519Sue BrannamMike ProvenBurghfield SC209
210thJunior Topper44408Patrick HorsleyQueensmead SC210
211th National 123388Alan BeetonTba TbaBurghfield SC211
212thJunior Lady 9ER1509Phoebe WarrenLucy HarrisEmsworth SC212
213th Laser Bahia114Matt ConnerGriff TannerQueen Mary SC213
214thJunior 9ER2214Alex PhilpottJess D'ArcyFpsc / Hisc214
215th RS 4001051Matt SheahanEllie SheahanNetley SC215
216th Grand MasterContender2506Tony WhiteLancing SC/rnsa216
217th RS 800951Andrew BlundellMaddie FennerWarsash SC217
218thJunior Lady RS Feva XL4883Jessie MainCharlotte LockyerWarsash SC218
219thJunior Lady 9ER2217Lauren MilesCharlie DarlingEsc / Hisc219
220th Laser 40004343Neil HeffernanCharlotte HeffernanQueen Mary SC220
221st Merlin Rocket1097Rob WilderDana ChurchTamesis221
222nd RS 4001031Duncan Hodkinson Alex HodkinsonAlex HodkinsonQueen Mary SC222
223rd RS Vision1475Richard CowlardChris AbellDesborough SC223
224th RS Vision1123Mark HartleyPaul JohnsonDesborough SC224
225thJunior 9ER2241Lewis KeenJacob BurgeBewl Valley SC225
226th RS 8001091Ben DaigneaultJames Powell‑CunningfordEastbourne Sovereign SC226
227th Merlin Rocket3698Graham Cranford SmithSteve PenfoldSalcombe YC/chew Valley Lake SC227
228thJunior 9ER79Oliver ScottTom MitchellErith YC228
229thJunior Lady RS Feva XL3774Flossie TannerOllie PerrySilver Wing SC229
230thJunior 9ER773Matthew HodgesGeorge ZavosQueen Mary SC230
231st Merlin Rocket3714Alan MarkhamMatt KiteUpper Thames SC231
232nd Merlin Rocket3569Duncan BellJames WarrenHampton on Sea232
233rdJunior 9ER1972Josh BelbenChloe BarrStokes Bay SC233
234thJunior Lady RS Feva XL4355Sophie DorringtonGeorgia BakerWeir Wood SC234
235th Topper8Andre OzanneHill Head SC235
236thJunior Topper28197William RussellPaxton Lakes SC236
237thJunior Topper20785James LimbWeymouth SC237
238th RS 600697Chris WhiteRestronguet238
239th RS 600673Ben Gosling‑DavisEssc239
240thJunior Topper47450Elliot BerryArdleigh240
241stJunior Laser Radial190525Ed MallettQueen Mary SC241
242ndJunior 9ER2124William BirchallBenjamin WahaQueen Mary SC242
243rd Fireball14991Andy RobinsonTim MorganDatchet Water SC243
244th Laser203595Patrick McquilkinErith YC244
245thJunior Lady Topper46046Coco BarrettDesborough SC / Queen Mary SC245
246th Lady Comet362Maizie GardinerCotswold SC246
247th RS 400933Grahame DorringtonRichard BakerWorthing SC247
248th British Moth817Jonathan TwiteNottingham SC248
249th RS Vision1487Mike BarrettBob SteerDesborough SC249
250thJunior RS Feva XL5236Daniel ThompsonBen McelroyQueen Mary SC250
251stJunior Lady Topper46969Charlotte CorbettPapercourt SC251
252ndJunior Lady Topper45055Kiyo WongIsland Barn RSC252
253rdJunior RS Feva XL2046Ethan GerralAlex Ellis‑ThomasKing George SC253
254thJunior Lady Topper43563Leila MooreVR Race Team254
255th Comet Versa223Sam HockingChris TaylorCotswold SC255
256th RS 4001134Andrew ColeJames HallQueen Mary SC256
257thJunior Topper43333Ben LesliePapercourt SC257
258thJunior Topper46702Tom BithellQueen Mary SC258
259th Laser 40004281Ed SumnerJerry MichellErith YC259
260thJunior Lady Topper24229Alexandra StevensonWeymouth SC260
261stJunior Lady Topper42199Jessica HarmanPapercourt SC261
262nd Laser159430Dave PerrySilver Wing SC262
263rdJunior Lady Topper22656Emily ButterworthVR Race Team263
264thJunior Lady Topper46213Erin GuyQueen Mary SC264
265th 2000 / Laser 200084John ParfittDave Lord (Dog)Queen Mary SC265
266thJunior Lady RS Feva XL4622Poppy GilksFrancesca GilksQueen Mary SC266
267thJunior Lady Topper46538Isobel WalkerQueen Mary SC267
268thJunior Lady Topper44375Ellie WallIsland Barn RSC268
269thJunior Lady Topper46438Anna BenzQueen Mary SC269
270th GP1413893Gary MarshallSara BennettSouth Bank SC270
271st RS 200903Richard DixonJack HughesQueensmead SC271
272nd Merlin Rocket3606Richard MourantJoseph WoodsTamesis272
273rd 9ER459Richard LilleyDeclan ClampLymington Town SC273
274th Merlin Rocket2805Stephan KettnerNicky Ereskine‑TullochTsc274
275th Lady 3000 / Laser 30003033Alison BenzNikki MallettQueen Mary SC275
276th RS 8001144Daniel GoodmanDebbie RobertshawLittleton SC276
277th Buzz1058Marc WalfordRobin DerwentQueen Mary SC277
278th Laser Bahia191Martin PueGeorge HorsleyQueen Mary SC278
279th International Moth3795Neil BakerHayling Island SC279
280th International Moth4036Dan VincentStokes Bay SC280
281st International Moth3947Ed ChapmanQueen Mary SC281
282nd International Moth4050Leigh AlbrechtVR Race Team282
283rd International Moth3614Doug PybusQueen Mary SC283
284th International Moth3916James PhareQueen Mary SC284
285th International Moth3830John CliftonShoreham SC285
286th International Moth3944Bleddyn MonRed Wharf Bay SCDNF
286th International Moth4059Dan WardFrensham PondsDNF
286th International Moth4062Jonathan HeathcoteQueen Mary SCOCS
286th International Moth4100Alex KoukourakisEastbourne Sovereign SCOCS
286th Laser133299Neil DyerHykeham SCDNF
286thJunior Laser Radial159534Gabriel WalshQueen Mary SCOCS
286th Grand MasterLaser203313Michael HicksQueen Mary SCDNF
286th Laser195108Peter YoungQueen Mary SCDNF
286thJunior Laser Radial195250Edward BenzQueen Mary SCOCS
286th Lady Laser Vago (All configs)1443Jacqui ForbesDominic BoyleQueen Mary SCDNF
286th Merlin Rocket359Guilherme BeiraoTim ColeKingston University SCDNF
286th Laser Radial198838David PaulHill Head SCDSQ
286th Laser Radial203576Tom BullCransley SCDNF
286th Comet Versa224Richard Storey 25/02/1991George HockingCotswold SCDNF
286th Lady D‑One6Vanessa Weedon‑JonesHunts SCDNF
286th Fireball15107Tim RushSam BreareyVR Race TeamDNF
286th Firefly3095Christian GuySimon CowdellCastawaysDNF
286th 9ER490Simon HawesAdam GillbeQueen Mary SCDNF
286th Blaze678Rob JonesWarsash SCDNF
286thJunior 42055107Ben JenningsMarcus TresslerVR Race TeamDNC
286th 5057976Steve PoulterLynn PoulterReading SCDNF
286th 9ER1029Ed CoatesImogen SmithBough Beech SCDNF
286thJunior RS Feva XL4623Edward NorburyCharlie HutchingsWarsash SCDNF
286th Solo5364Jim LeighRyaDNF
286th Solo3819Rob MitchellChew Valley Lake SCDNF
286th Tasar2522Ian ButterworthSue ButterworthMilton Keynes SCDNF
286th Tasar2833Jeremy HawkinsSuzanne HawkinsPorthpean SCDNF
286thJunior Lady Topper46448Sally LorimerWarsah SCDNF
286th X10Val NedyalkovRoger O'GormanLondon CorinthiansDNF
286th Grand MasterNational 18375Jeremy VinesKaan Yargici & Ollie HousemanDNF
286thJunior Topper31093Matthew Percival‑SteinUpper Thames SCDNF
286thJunior Topper3297Tom BromleyPapercourt SCDNF
286th Lady Merlin Rocket1206Negla SalemJane GowardTscDNF
286th Lady Merlin Rocket1477Sel ShahBen MarshallThames SCDNF
286th Merlin Rocket3684Andy DavisTom PygallBlithfield SCDNF
286th Merlin Rocket3709Tom LonsdaleAlice MarkhamNottingham SCDNF
286th Musto Skiff456Sergei SamusDatchet Water SCDNF
286th Musto Skiff364Andy RiceStokes Bay SCDNC
286th RS 700815Anthony NewlandQueen Mary SCDNF

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