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Solo National Championships at Hayling Island Sailing Club - Overall

by Will Loy 20 Jul 2013 13:55 BST 13-19 July 2013

Day 6 - The day of reckoning

The fleet awoke to the sound of rattling halyards, the easterly wind a welcome addition to the mornings sunshine. The final day of the Solo National Championship and Nations Cup would be settled, and with five realistic heirs to the title, a 'Red Wedding' scenario from 'Game of Thrones' was not out of the question.

Time to Reflect

As I motored out to the starting area on 'Safety 5' as cameraman and safety crew with David the skipper, I was able to reflect on this incredible event. The measuring process had been completed with the accuracy of a military 'op'. 116 Solos weighed, sails measured and certificates validated by the team of volunteers with Gordon Barclay leading the charge. The sun blazed all week and some of the competitors had also lit up the event with their performances, Stuart Godwin in particular who showed he has massive talent but with a daredevil tendency to push the line on the black flag. Ross Harvey also showed he has a taste for glory and the leader's yellow jersey he earned mid-event did not look out of place.

Charlie Cumbley was hoping to have a good day on the water and there was no doubt he could overturn the 7 point deficit. Micheal Sims had scored seven top five finishes in the twelve race series and no OCSs, with more breeze he would certainly figure. Andy Tunnicliffe had been in his element in the light winds that had so far dominated the championship but knew he could also perform in breeze. Always cool as a cucumber, he would play whatever cards were dealt. Geoff Carveth had worked his way to the top of the impressive list that sat blutacked to the HISC noticeboard and if history could be repeated, it would be today.

The Vacher Trophy for the ladies was also reaching it's climax, Marleen Gaillard held a slim lead over her compatriot, Claar van der Does and 'Brit' Vanda Jowett. The ladies had certainly shown they could mix it with the men, three in the the top eleven in race 8 and top ten finishes in other races too. Brenda Hoult in her 'baby blue' Winder had led a race for a time and did not look out of place there.

Race 11

The wind was at 50 degrees, the north easterly building to 20 knots in the harbour and the fleet launched and reached out to the starting area. As we reached the committee boat the wind had moderated to 10-12 knots with the odd puff of 15knots but still solid at 050. The fleet started and the pin end proved once again to popular, recall. On the black flag start there were no casualties, the majority of the fleet headed left then tacked on the layline.

Having filmed the start we fired up the outboard and headed towards the top mark to catch the leaders. Carveth looked to be struggling, Ian Houston, who had jetted in from Switzerland was in the mix, his distinctive purple Winder powering upwind. After a week of light winds my mouth was watering at the prospect of filming the fleet as they powered around the course. It was then that my world ended, the silent walkie talkie crackled into life.

Safety 1 to Safety 5...over. Procceed to middle of course...Solo with broken shroud..tow it home please...over. The rest is history as they say, but I was not there to see it. With Tim Deacon's stricken Solo in tow I bowed my head and cursed the shackle that had failed. The faint murmur of the outboard engine as is churned the water did little to appease my frustration of missing the action.

Once back on the course we collected the top five results from the committee boat and did the math.

Salcombe 'legend' Tim Law had taken the bullet but more importantly, Charlie Cumbley had finished second. This was a crucial result and with Carveth finishing no better than ninth and Tunnicliffe out of the top five, Cumbley had a chance.

Race 12

The wind was still at 050 but was around 10-12knots. The fleet started and with the majority heading left towards the beach it was a surprise to see Carveth and Ian Pinnell heading right from the committee boat. They both tacked back towards the middle of the track and were starting to hook into a lift. Those that had worked the left were now coming into the mark but were eating headers.

The fleet converged at the top, Godwin, Tunnicliffe, Law, Sims and Cumbley rounded and headed down the reach which was fast becoming a run. The pressure was dropping to 5 knots and the remainder of the fleet who went right reached in and those who went left struggled to lay it. Geoff Carveth was in a bad place, needing to find a result he gybed to put some separation between himself and the front pack.

There was more pressure on the right and Ewan Birken Walls made some big gains by the wing mark. The fleet fetched to the leeward mark, boat after boat trying to work over their nearest adversary. Godwin rounded the bottom mark and headed to the new windward mark that had been re-laid at 160 degrees. Law and Sims headed right with Tunnicliffe and Cumbley and Godwin went left.

Carveth had not made ground and for now was out of the hunt for the title. At the top it was Godwin and Tunnicliffe with Sims and Cumbley and Law all close. Tunnicliffe went right down the run while Cumbley went left. The wind was 5-6 knots and the gap between the leaders and the pack allowed the main players to concentrate on each other. Godwin, in his now normal position of first held Sims while Tunnicliffe had a tiny lead over Cumbley. The Championship rested between these two, Cumbley tacked and Tunnicliffe responded but fell into a hole which allowed Cumbley to break through.

The rest should have been history. Godwin collected his fourth win of the series while Sims was second, his title expectations over for another year, and Charlie Cumbley crossed third. Ewan Birken Walls had played the right and found more pressure to finish fourth ahead of Tunnicliffe. The main players headed towards the committee boat where the OCS blackboard awaited.

Nobody likes blackboards, the subliminal connection between them and schooldays and the stomach churning emotion of seeing your number scratched upon it is not a nice place to be.

The relief that non of the top finishers were OCS was short lived, now the maths had to be done and these kids can sail but can they add up. When the dust settled it appeared that Cumbley had secured the title but the drama was not over. Carveth submitted a protest about the 110 degrees change of wind direction but this was eventually dismissed after two hours of discussion. I do believe the title could have gone either way but it was at least settled on the water.

Congratulations to Charlie Cumbley, 2013 National Solo National and Nations Cup Champion. Many thanks to H.I.S.C, the club have been incredibly welcoming, the catering first class and Barry Blades, fleet captain has done a fantastic job to promote the event. Paul Carpenter the PRO was a consummate professional, and Dave McGregor the CEO of Soak Watersports Club Insurance very generous with the sponsorship. Special thanks also to Harken and Optimum Time who provided some super prizes and to LDC Sailing and P&B for the barrels of beer.

The Class continues to be supported by Noble Marine and thanks to them. Most importantly, thanks to the members of the N.S.C.A for supporting the event by entering and making this one of the highest attended Championships in the history of the class.

Overall Results:
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PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
1st5387Charlie CumbleyRYA332(BFD)5‑153143142352
2nd5340Andy TunnicliffeRoyal Windermere SC‑148121442‑391117555
3rd5424Geoff CarvethHISC26114(BFD)186579‑1959
4th5302Michael SimsCarsington SC5543105‑18‑3521316265
5th4869Stuart GodwinHISC1(BFD)1(BFD)123138794177
6th4674Ross HarveyHISC613(BFD)32515‑2212172286
7th5342Andy DavisBlithfield SC7135(BFD)261026(BFD)831797
8th5315Tim LawSalcombe YC171075‑37187‑27920111105
9th5446Ian PinnellHISC23162211174‑331165‑25106
10th5430Pete MitchellHISC4410(BFD)8259‑40432815110
11th5418Andy CouchRudyard Lake SC8713(BFD)‑421624413181214129
12th5135Ewan Birkin‑WellsGrafham Water SC2698(BFD)6291620(BFD)1244143
13th5326Nigel DaviesDraycote Water SC1022187242712‑37254‑459158
14th5198Daniel HendersonStokes Bay SC222026102791519(BFD)5‑307160
15th5263Steve DenisonHollingworth Lake SC131514(BFD)2222‑39176171024160
16th5363David MitchellRYA203115815(DNC)6‑6210423110188
17th5256Ian HoustonTBA19‑4917141324312216‑454118215
18th5415Chris BrownRYA24172412182340‑70.512(DNC)2620216
19th5399Kevan GibbLago Bay SC62389617‑8823‑79392637239
20th5293David McGregorHISC111119203619325(BFD)4937‑57239
21st5297Michael HicksSalcombe YC4329349‑92204938‑831336244
22nd5206Greg LambHISC‑641916241182259(BFD)331146249
23rd5102Nick BonnerHamble River SC18‑572822‑5712115549292013257
24th4985Leo DixonLittleton SC30324429‑471421‑6423212716257
25th5309Ray CollinsLocks SC‑562449343134301‑59194412278
26th5145Tim PolgaseHISC3912313814‑71172148‑513629285
27th570Marleen GaillardBraassemermeer SC3425‑423238332636142621‑54285
28th587Claar Van der DoesBraassemermeer SC28‑8338333446272‑6534438293
29th5126Vanda JowettLittleton SC4646‑502641‑55191126372926307
30th5130Mark LeeWeymouth31412718393137‑42202439‑69307
31st5270Iain McGregorSalcombe YC‑5326473130494128(BFD)231421310
32nd5134Robert LaurieTollesbury SC45212521513042‑7831‑762523314
33rd5369Andy RitchieHykeham SC29362017(BFD)4538(DNF)4615676319
34th5397Andy FriarRudyard Lake SC154321164650(DNF)44502518(DNC)328
35th5389Matt HowardLOSSC9262401014(DNF)(BFD)16DNCDNC331
36th5043Simon ChildsHISC47474819431745(DNC)193615(DNC)336
37th5398Andrew FoxLeigh and Lowton SC32373725563234‑8447‑59832340
38th5421Nigel PybusDraycote Water SC334443‑4725‑56202336393444341
39th5412Chris PowlesHISC5540353629‑6435‑8027304227356
40th5382David SayceHISC‑80.5‑6246411954133418475533360
41st5321John WebsterCarsington SC633532(BFD)21472513‑69413252361
42nd5178Nick RawlingsHISC41302952442153‑5730(DNC)2245367
43rd4386Mike DrayLittleton SC2142‑624255444318(DNC)274938379
44th5420Paul DavisRYA16514013653746‑7429‑714653396
45th5384Ian HopwoodNantwich SC50(BFD)39‑622658482428556240430
46th5432Brenda HoultHISC447580(BFD)759289344851(DNC)435
47th5396Robert HackHISC‑6960645120695910‑70104755445
48th5443Tim GrayStaunton Harold SC‑88585961162629824231‑8341445
49th4321Tony ThresherWest Oxfordshire SC402833(BFD)45793625376961(DNC)453
50th5004Jerome BakkerHISC252755(BFD)69396567335454(DNC)488
51st553Pieter JongejansZaanse Onderlinge734536302360‑8376247553(DNC)495
52nd5431Andrew StreeterHISC271878(BFD)‑9762715461942330518
53rd5286Nick FisherChew Valley SC3552604352‑867252405063(OCS)519
54th5318Philip RobinHISC5155564460‑9066‑8317665067532
55th5377Stephen WaiteHighcliff SC‑8465744567407712‑78436942534
56th5422Paul TaskerTeign Corinthian YC5779‑8839‑10275572955443862535
57th4558Callum GibbLago Bay SC80.5‑827969331155(DNF)41584863537.5
58th5023Brian HollandSouth Caenarvonshire SC60395428536358487961(DNC)(DNC)543
59th5332Roger LumbySalcombe YC614863(BFD)84‑92644151774031560
60th5374Chris DaviesPortchester SC83‑88‑85763574505645327834563
61st5348Peter HicksonHISC79347153‑857284(DNC)67401950569
62nd5037Alister RaynardCarsington SC66857340‑93877045152268(DNC)571
63rd5354Nick PetersHISC12143015928(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC572
64th4812Chris PowellHISC8781‑895581‑89511621467461573
65th5438Robin GaddHISC37‑9170636452‑766932656459575
66th5400Greg SwiftHISC525061357376‑876062(DNC)5948576
67th5352Patrick BurnsRYA65‑8052605973618‑95647365580
68th5237Derek JackmanChichester YC72595856‑7868‑754954386666586
69th4738Dave DobrijevicHISC382323(BFD)6813(DNC)DNCDNCDNC3543591
70th5115Andrew BoycePapercourt SC59737548‑946674‑8644703351593
71st5026Jason AldousPapercourt SC68‑7651‑817265686875287539609
72nd5436Dave MoodyHISC5470655090‑104‑975173805635624
73rd4936Gordon BarclayDell Quay SC4866415786‑96‑934764878149626
74th4772Mike WilkieLittleton SC58646959767063‑81‑82608028627
75th5209David ParkinAberdeen & Stonehaven YC706367752867607360‑86‑7764627
76th4506Andy AndersonPaxton Lakes SC‑99728146615154‑8980567056627
77th5423Simon HillHISC‑968457717148563168‑857174631
78th4942Roger MillettChichester YC‑9571777277‑107524657535771633
79th5129Tim DeaconFrensham Ponds SC866995(BFD)49414773591(DNC)DNC636
80th5202Frank BrownPapercourt SC74‑9266686353796538‑897960645
81st4505Sarah MitchellHISC7661‑8767‑8061625372626568647
82nd5138Patrick OversPaxton Lake SC‑97‑98979054384470.558358685657.5
83rd5277David MoseleyHISC75548427664373927190(DNC)(DNC)675
84th4600John DixonWest Kirby SC42(DNC)6849833669918467(DNC)DNC705
85th4140Dave NixsonSpinnaker SC‑1015394584891‑1059087815258712
86th5247Geoff EdwardsBudworth SC(OCS)775377323592776688(DNC)DNC713
87th4679David SandersHISC49(BFD)7254508380587779(DNC)DNC718
88th4758Paul HurnLittleton SC‑93749066‑9557783093728579724
89th4996Trevor CartwrightHISC8278‑986582429466836889(DNC)749
90th5378Geoff SilcockBowmoor SC9067‑92379184678892(DNC)6077753
91st5121Chris HornseyLocks SC7890105646297813263(DNC)90(DNC)762
92nd4893Tim RandellHISC7133(DNC)(DNC)8978336153DNCDNCDNC766
93rd5327William IngramHISC89969678588186728652(DNC)(DNC)794
94th4210Noel WestBough Beech SC10087‑10280‑10695896356748875807
95th5078Malcolm BuchananDell Quay SC858976737594(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC7647847
96th5319Ian MorganHill Head SC36564523(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC856
97th5359Peter EdwardsBough Beech SC‑104103‑107748793987590639282857
98th5371Jeff DoltonFrensham Pond SC‑10295‑1088910082968594579572865
99th4551Bill HutchingsTonbridge SC‑10910410487‑10880959452789484872
100th4732David AllenHISC(DNC)(DNC)10083104771038785739770879
101st4483Paul BristowBurghfield SC77869370888510150(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC882
102nd4857Charles StimpsonSpinnaker SC91689982‑10198‑1029888938283882
103rd5152Andrew ThompsonChipstead SC‑10399‑1037998100889576828780884
104th5195Barry BlaydesHISC92(DNC)86(DNC)70DNC82DNC43DNC58DNC895
105th4733Peter WayHISC108102‑1098696103994391(DNC)9886912
106th4057Samantha HuskThorpe Bay SC989383841031019199(DNC)(DNC)9181924
107th4524Paul WhybrowTamar Lake SC‑106101‑110881051061009781929373936
108th5111Bill ShepherdHISC67(DNC)101(BFD)79DNC85DNC74DNC72DNC942
109th4769Stephen KnowlesBough Beech SC10510010685‑107105‑1079689849676942
110th5222Joe RycroftLittleton SC949491(BFD)9999104100(BFD)DNC8478959
111th5298Gavin VaughanCarsington SC1079782(BFD)741029093(DNC)DNCDNCDNC993
112th3011Matthew WrightEmsworth SC(DNC)(DNC)1119210910810610196DNC99DNC1054
113th3349Andrew EnglishFrensham Ponds SC(DNC)(DNC)1129111010910810297DNCDNCDNC1077

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