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Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week - Day 6

by Tim Fells 19 Jul 2013 21:52 BST 14-19 July 2013

So the final day and what a final day!! Competitors woke to a novel sound – rustling leaves. The forecasted moderate nor-easter had arrived and we could all look forward to some exciting racing.

Race 11 – Red v Black flights. North Easterly Force 3-6. HW 15.30. Course 3,0,7,1,3,1

This was the race Richard and Sarah Bines needed to win to take the title. Started in a gusty hiking breeze it was a clean start with the exception of Jon Turner & Richard Parslow who just jumped the gun.

With all the leading teams at the front of the fleet, the run was a key changing point with big gusts and it getting windier the further down we went. The leading boats of Matt Biggs, Jon Gorringe, Simon Potts and Richard Whitworth became absorbed in their own battle and totally failed to spot mark 0, sailing at high speed out to sea. Tim Fells and Chris Downham, who had cunningly capsized to let the leaders race off on their own, used their local knowledge to find the mark first and head off up tide with a big lead. Like the Pied Piper they led the middle to back of fleet after them with the original leaders faced with a wall of beating boats as they tried to recover from their mistake.

Over the next breezy couple of laps Tim and Chris battled with local Lifeboat man Chris Winzar and Esther Mclarty who also knew where mark 0 was. On the final run, Tim and Chris were taken out by a big gust leacing Chris and Esther to come home as very popular local winners. Tim and Chris recovered to take second ahead of Richard and Sarah who had done brilliantly to recover not only from their navigational difficulties but also a capsize. Chris Jennings and Ally Martin took fourth ahead of Ben Hollis and Ben Hendon who kept ahead of Ben's old skipper Matt Biggs with John Hackett in sixth.

Race 12 – Green v Blue fleets, NE Force 2-4, Course 4,5,6,7,1,3,1

So, with Richard and Sarah sitting on 9 points (1,1,1,3,3) the door was opened to Dave Winder and Pippa Taylor and Simon Blake and Chris Dodds to take the title by finishing in the top two.

With a large and expectant spectator fleet watching every move, both protagonists managed good starts on a line which had 7 miscreants. Up the long beat to Yalton Frankie Rowsell and Liam Dempsey held the lead but were pulled out as OCS. Dave and Pippa pulled into the lead on the run back chased hard by the real Tom Stewart and Phil Dalby. Simon and Chris rapidly moved up into third and the crowd on the club house terrace anticipated a grandstand finish. When the leaders re-emerged into the town, Dave and Pippa had consolidated their lead and although Tom and Phil were pressing hard it was clear Simon and Chris would not spoil their party.

So at the gun, Dave and Pippa took their second consecutive Salcombe Week title, a magnificent performance given the mainly light and variable conditions and the massive depth of competition in the fleet. Simon and Chris's third place meant they slipped into third overall behind Richard and Sarah.

Another notable performance by Alan Warren and William Carroll in sixth gave them 12th overall, a position we would all be pleased with in our later years.

So ended a fantastic Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week 2013. A record entry of 120 boats, wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures, T shirt and shorts sailing, a frightening level of competition, great socials and camaraderie and three teams who were a class apart and took the title to the last race. It really couldn't be better!

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewFleetClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
1st3735David WinderPippa TaylorBlueHollingworth LakeDNC51DNC3DNC1DNCDNC1DNC17
2nd3703Richard WhitworthSarah BinesBlackPYC HLSC BrightlingseaDNC1DNC1DNC17DNC2DNC3DNC8
3rd3738Simon BlakeChris DoddsGreenCRSC1DNCDNC31DNCDNC41DNCDNC39
4th3727Tim FellsChris DownhamBlackSalcombe / Hayling IslandDNC4DNCBFDDNC24DNC5DNC2DNC17
5th3743Matt BiggsJohn HackettRedBlithfield11DNC2DNCDNC4DNC1DNC56DNC18
6th3742Stuart BlithellImogen StanleyGreenHollingworth Lake6DNCDNC124DNCDNC24DNCDNC420
7th3707Alex JacksonFrances GiffordRedShoreham2DNC4DNCDNC5DNC10DNC912DNC30
8th3685William WarrenChris RobinsonGreenShoreham8DNCDNC26DNCDNCBFD9DNCDNC530
9th3563Sam PascoeMegan PascoeRedWeymouth10DNC5DNCDNC6DNCBFDDNC38DNC32
10th3710Jon IbbotsonSophie MackleyRedRanelagh5DNC3DNCDNC22DNC3DNC157DNC33
11th3684Jim HuntChris GouldBlackBeaver/BlithfieldDNC13DNC6DNC79DNC3DNC11DNC36
12th3696Alan WarrenWilliam CarrollGreenShoreham7DNCDNC512DNCDNC1134DNCDNC641
13th3658Chris JenningsAlly MartinBlackBurfieldDNC11DNC8DNC1215DNC7DNC4DNC42
14th3733Tom StewartPhil DalbyGreenNorthampton14DNCDNC413DNCDNCBFD11DNCDNC244
15th3729Jon TurnerRichard ParslowRedLyme Regis13DNC13DNCDNC9DNC7DNC2BFDDNC44
16th3656Olly TurnerAlex WarrenBlueStarcrossDNC615DNC2DNCBFDDNCDNC8DNC1445
17th3716Steve LeneyGill LeneyBlackBlithfieldDNC3DNC15DNC102DNC25DNC17DNC47
18th3741Simon LyttonJackie LyttonGreenHayling Island19DNCDNC78DNCDNC631DNCDNC848
19th3676Antony GiffordJo GiffordGreenRoyal Harwich22DNCDNC1016DNCDNC96DNCDNC1152
20th3611Jen TaylorDebbie TaylorBlueHollingworth Lake/NottinghamDNC812DNC15DNC11DNCDNC7DNCBFD53
21st3746Dan WillettPete NicholsonGreenBrightlingsea12DNCDNCBFD5DNCDNC1218DNCDNC754
22nd3663Chris HaworthBecca JonesBlackBlackpool & FleetwoodDNC10DNC9DNCBFD6DNC16DNC13.5DNC54.5
23rd3650Rich AdamsKatie WrightBlueMidlandDNC78DNC9DNC14DNCDNC17DNCDNC55
24th3715Paul RaysonJulie RaysonBlueSalcombe / Fishers GreenDNC910DNC10DNC20DNCDNC20DNC958
25th3745Stephen CockerillSarah CockerillBlackMengeham RytheDNCDNCDNC14DNC118DNC17DNC10DNC60
26th3730Frankie RowsellLiam DempseyGreenSalcombe3DNCDNC2025DNCDNC58DNCDNCBFD61
27th3690Andy DalbyAndrea RalphBlackHampton on SeaDNC16DNC13DNC195DNC12DNC15DNC61
28th3649Richard HarrisSara WarrenRedTamesis16DNC16DNCDNC20.5DNC14DNC109DNC65
29th3678Steve CrookSally TownendRedHollingworth Lake15DNC6DNCDNC20.5DNCBFDDNC618DNC65.5
30th3659Julian ParrytbaGreenHollingworth Lake9DNCDNC2622DNCDNC1513DNCDNC1372
31st3671Piers LambertAndy BinesGreenBrightlingsea20DNCDNC1618DNCDNC835DNCDNC1274
32nd3688Ben HollisBen HendonRedHampton17DNC19DNCDNC25DNC22DNC135DNC76
33rd3753Simon PottsHolly ScottBlackBlithfieldDNC17DNCBFDDNC33DNC32DNC23DNC78
34th3754Jon GorringeToby LewisRedParkstone4DNC7DNCDNC8DNCBFDDNC4DNFDNC86
35th3702Duncan SalmonHarriett SalmonBlackWembleyDNC20DNCBFDDNC2412DNC10DNC21DNC87
36th3652John BellOlivia BellBlueHampton on SeaDNC1218DNC14DNC22DNCDNC21DNCBFD87
37th3752Will RaineyCaroline CroftBlackShorehamDNC19DNC11DNC1521DNC23DNCDNFDNC89
38th3731Andy JonesMaddie JonesBlueParkstoneDNC2511DNC27DNC16DNCDNC27DNC1695
39th3651Colin BrockbankMarion ReadRedWembley21DNC22DNCDNC17DNC25DNC1422DNC96
40th3675Mike FenwickPenny FenwickRedWeymouth23DNC21DNCDNC14DNC13DNC2836DNC99
41st3700Phil EmeryKaren EmeryRedWhitstable28DNC20DNCDNC23DNC18DNC2216DNC99
42nd3744Chris MartinNick CopseyBlackBlithfieldDNC21DNC33DNC1617DNC14DNCDNFDNC101
43rd3571John MeadowcroftKaty MeadowcroftGreenUpper Thames25DNCDNC2219DNCDNC1619DNCDNC26101
44th3627Alex JonesJack DeungGreenCookham Reach31DNCDNC2520DNCDNC1915DNCDNC24103
45th3539Dan AlsopLiese ScottBlueLyme RegisDNC14DNCDNC7DNCBFDDNCDNC11DNC10105
46th3633David BurseyFrances BurseyBlackParkstoneDNC26DNC18DNC1328DNC26DNC25DNC108
47th3641Mark WaterhouseNicola BassRedParkstone18DNC14DNCDNC27DNC37DNC1831DNC108
48th3724Jason AndrewsSandy RamusBlueHayling IslandDNC18BFDDNC11DNC10DNCDNC12DNCBFD114
49th3640Chris WinzarEsther McLartyBlackSalcombeDNC30DNCBFDDNC3019DNC37DNC1DNC117
50th3740Patrick BlakeAnna BlakeBlueCookham ReachDNC159DNC17DNCDNCDNCDNC16DNCDNC120
51st3705Geoff WrightCarole MurcottGreenBlithfield30DNCDNC3126DNCDNC2820DNCDNC17121
52nd3751Tony JohnsonLouise JohnsonGreenLymington Town26DNCDNC2823DNCDNCBFD24DNCDNC20121
53rd3698Graham Cranford SmithFiona Cranford SmithGreenSalcombe39DNCDNC1928DNCDNC2133DNCDNC21122
54th3665Ross JacksonKelly MillerRedShoreham33DNC17DNCDNC32DNC17DNC2533DNC124
55th3565Paul KeelingMichelle KeelingBlackBlithfieldDNC22DNC27DNC2832DNC29DNC19DNC125
56th3749Alan RobertsRob HendersonBlackHISC/SalcombeDNC2DNC23DNC2613DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC127
57th3518Julian HarmsSamuel HarmsBlue DNC3228DNC24DNC31DNCDNC19DNC28130
58th3725John McLarenAnnie McLarenGreenSalcombe27DNCDNC3630DNCDNCDNC22DNCDNC18133
59th3748Nigel BrookeSuzie BrookeBlackLymington TownDNC35DNC30DNC1827DNC28DNC30DNC133
60th3559Lawrence ToshJoe ToshRedUpper Thames34DNC23DNCDNC41DNC23DNC2434DNC138
61st3583Colin AndersonSean AndersonRedRedditch24DNC31DNCDNC45DNC26DNC3228DNC141
62nd3577Derek DaviesChristina DaviesBlueExeDNC3924DNC21DNC35DNCDNC23DNCBFD142
63rd3621Andrew SquireSheila SquireBlueSalcombeDNC3432DNC32DNC40DNCDNC30DNC15143
64th3657Anthony LoftsJo MarlowBlueSalcombeDNC3127DNC29DNC33DNCDNC37DNC23143
65th3547Peter MaleJames DawesBlackBlithfield/SalcombeDNC29DNC40DNC4224DNC39DNC13.5DNC145.5
66th3554David LapesGeraldine MarksRedWembley46DNC25DNCDNC38DNC32DNC2627DNC148
67th3683Ben JonesHelen HilditchRedTenby35DNC26DNCDNC34DNC20DNC34DNFDNC149
68th3647Hywell Bowen‑PerkinsOliver JenkinsBlackHampton on SeaDNC37DNC24DNC3136DNC27DNC32DNC150
69th3672John CooperHilary BradshawBlackWhitstableDNC28DNC21DNCBFD18DNC21DNCDNCDNC151
70th3714Alan MarkhamAlice MarkhamGreenUpper Thames32DNCDNCBFD34DNCDNC2442DNCDNC19151
71st3448Sam ThompsonClare ThompsonBlueWigtown BayDNCDNC35DNC35DNC25DNCDNC31DNC25151
72nd3598Robert SmithAndrew SmithGreenShustoke43DNCDNC2939DNCDNC2736DNCDNC27158
73rd3578Godrey ClarkClaire ClarkBlueFishers GreenDNC3330DNC47DNC37DNCDNC29DNC30159
74th3402Rob KennaughAbi SpurrBlackBlithfield/MidlandDNC24DNC17DNCDNF26DNC30DNCDNCDNC160
75th3655David WilkinsFrances WilkinsBlackParkstoneDNC36DNC38DNC3334DNC47DNC20DNC161
76th3648Antonia BullJamie WrightBlueShorehamDNC4129DNC31DNC46DNCDNC35DNC29165
77th3634Ben ArcherJames WarrenGreenParkstone29DNCDNC3546DNCDNC3138DNCDNCBFD179
78th3556Jodok GerberNoah GerberBlackTamesisDNCDNFDNC41DNC4029DNC46DNC24DNC180
79th3755Peter JacksonJohn PammenterRedBlackpool & Fleetwood48DNC41DNCDNC47DNC34DNC3326DNC181
80th3511Andrew MillsSophie PenwardenGreenHampton37DNCDNC3437DNCDNC3341DNCDNCDNF182
81st3682Jon StewardHarry StewardBlueFishers GreenDNC4237DNC45DNC43DNCDNCRAFDNC22189
82nd3697Richard PageLucy CooperBlueHamptonDNC3833DNC48DNC44DNCDNC43DNC32190
83rd3692Rien ZilvoldJulie NuttallBlackWhitstableDNC23DNC32DNC3638DNC44DNCDSQDNC192
84th3165David CroftRosemary CroftBlackTamesisDNC27DNCBFDDNC2930DNC43DNCDNCDNC192
85th3291David PhilpotJenny PhilpotGreenGrafham Water42DNCDNC3938DNCDNC3540DNCDNCDNC194
86th3750Simon HipkinSimon WhitehouseBlackWalton & FrintonDNC47DNC37DNC37DNFDNC48DNC29DNC198
87th3594Robin Clifton‑ DeyMichael Clifton‑ DeyBlueWeymouthDNC4036DNC42DNC47DNCDNC48DNC33198
88th3471Mark BuglerRima BuglerRedWeymouth45DNC42DNCDNC39DNC36DNCDNF39DNC201
89th3589John HollandsEllen CooperRedHampton51DNC39DNCDNC44DNC39DNC4237DNC201
90th3719Jeremy DeaconJoanne DeaconRedCookham Reach36DNC38DNCDNC35DNC30DNCDNFDNCDNC202
91st3451Jemma HorwoodRussell HallGreenThames40DNCDNC4651DNCDNC2949DNCDNC39203
92nd3582Malcolm HyamsYasmin GhaniGreenMidland49DNCDNC4740DNCDNC4045DNCDNC35207
93rd3561Kieran O 'FarrellFionn O'FarrellBlueWembleyDNC4640DNC44DNC41DNCDNC47DNC36207
94th3544David DownsRos DownsGreenTata Steel47DNCDNC4543DNCDNC42DNCDNCDNC31208
95th3567Martin SmithKaren BestonRedBlithfield52DNC44DNCDNC51DNC43DNC3835DNC211
96th3660John BuckleyWilliam AndersonRedStarcross/Tamesis/Wembley50DNC45DNCDNC49DNC41DNC4138DNC214
97th3497Jan HollandAlexander HomerBlueMidlandDNC4446DNC56DNC48DNCDNC40DNC37215
98th3706Kevin AndersonSadie AndersonRedHampton on Sea41DNC34DNCDNC43DNCBFDDNC36DNFDNC217
99th2604Jeremy SteinSarah PercivalGreenUpperThames38DNCDNC4450DNCDNC4451DNCDNC42218
100th3604Stuart GurneyJonny ToogoodBlueLyme RegisDNCBFDDNFDNC36DNC23DNCDNCDNFDNC34219
101st3569Duncan BellCalum MackensieGreenHampton44DNCDNC4333DNCDNC38DNCDNCDNCOCS221
102nd3599Ken DuffellBrian CorkingBlueTamesisDNC5043DNC53DNC45DNCDNC39DNCDNF230
103rd3600Stuart JenkinsImogen JenkinsBlueHamptonDNC4549DNC41DNC39DNCDNCDNFDNCDNC237
104th3516Phil AshworthAlison AshworthBlueWeymouthDNC4948DNC57DNC51DNCDNC49DNC41238
105th3296Luke TuckerRichard ParkeGreenBlithfield54DNCDNC4852DNCDNC4855DNCDNC38240
106th3154Ed EvansJennifer WarrenBlackWalton & FrintonDNCDNFDNC42DNC4642DNC50DNCDNFDNC243
107th2410Ian LaingAndrew HuntGreenHollingworth Lake55DNCDNC5054.5DNCDNC4654DNCDNC40244.5
108th3625Richard BramleyTony ChealBlackShorehamDNC43DNC51DNC4850DNC53DNCDNFDNC245
109th3555Ian MackenzieAngela MackenzieRedBlithfield56DNC47DNCDNC50DNC49DNC46DNFDNC248
110th3680Steve WatsonAndrew ProsserBlueMidlandDNC48DNFDNC49DNC49DNCDNC45DNCDNC254
111th3333John AdamsNeville CaineGreenTamesis53DNCDNC4954.5DNCDNC4756DNCDNCDNC259.5
112th3522Bob BakerRoss ArcherBlackDesboroughDNC52DNC52DNCDSQ52DNC57DNCDNFDNC276
113th3586Kieron MasonHenry MasonRedBlithfieldDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC45DNC44DNFDNC278
114th3479Rupert FletcherPaul JamiesonBlackTamesisDNC51DNCDNCDNC52DNCDNC52DNCDNFDNC281

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