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National Scouts Regatta at Draycote Water Sailing Club

by Paula Irish 14 Sep 2012 08:56 BST 8 September2012
130 Scouts from across the UK converged on Draycote for the National Scouts Regatta 2012 © Paula Irish

More than 130 Scouts from across the UK converged on Draycote Water Sailing Club to compete for their annual national championship.

Ranging in age from 10 upwards, the Scouts raced over two days in singlehanded and doublehanded dinghies with categories for Under-13s, Under-15s and Under-18s, an additional category for leaders, helpers and Network Scouts, and 50 boats in total battling for honours.

Winners included Benedict Aveyard and Jonny Hissen from 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, who sailed an RS Feva doublehander to take first place in the Under-15 slow fleet.

‘We won the cup! We won the cup!’ said Jonny, who added: ‘It was great to meet and compete with other Scouts from different groups, I thought it was tremendous.’

Having practised at their local sailing clubs and on summer camp, the regatta was a chance for the participants to make friends, share new experiences, gain in confidence and complete badgework - one requirement of the Scout Nautical Skills badge is to take part in a competition.

Draycote Water Sailing Club member Jenny Stockbridge, of 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, who was one of the organisers, said: ‘It was lovely to see the Scouts and Explorers making new friends and being reunited with friends from last year, as well as having some fantastic sailing - from the youngest Scout who has only been on her own in a boat twice before to the more experienced sailors who came back this year to try and win back the trophy they took home last year!’

Those competing were: 1st Blofield and Brundall Sea Scouts, Norfolk; 1st Cogenhoe Sea Scouts, Northamptonshire; 1st Mancetter (St Peters) Scout Group, Warwickshire; 1st Raglan Scouts, Monmouthshire, Wales; 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, Warwickshire; 2nd West Kirby Sea Scouts, Merseyside; 3rd South Shields, Tyne and Wear; 4th Heswall Sea Scouts, Merseyside; 4th New Forest North, Hampshire; Crosby Scout and Guide Marina Club, Merseyside; Northampton District, Northampton; and 3rd Witham (St Nicholas), Essex.

Under 18 Singlehanded results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3Pts
1stLaser1184243rd South Shields Sea ScoutsConnor Graham‑2112
2ndLaser1701963rd South Shields Sea ScoutsPatrick O'Neill1‑223
3rdTopper3372nd Warwick Sea ScoutsElaine Thomas‑3336
4thLaser672501st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsTom Varley‑4448
5thLaser Pico144th New Forest North (Eling) Sea ScoutsKieran Wood‑65510
6thLaser Pico244th New Forest North (Eling) Sea ScoutsChris Abbess5‑6611

Under 18 Fast handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3Pts
1stEnterprise123291st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsBarney PriceMichael Sawyer‑1112
2nd4053323rd South Shields Sea ScoutsDavid RobertsonSam Glen‑2224
3rdLaser 2000122nd Warwick Sea ScoutsAnna ClinkscalesJonny Tilford3‑536
4thLaser 2000112nd Warwick Sea ScoutsTom BartholomewTom Ormsby43‑57
5thEnterprise217883rd South Shields Sea ScoutsBrendan DonnellyRebecca Robinson‑5448

Under 18 slow handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3Pts
1stRS Feva525Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubDan WadeAlex Beigan11‑32
2ndMiracle37553rd South Shields Sea ScoutsLiam MattimoreKieran Graham22‑74
3rdHeron37Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubCallum RimmerChristian Murphy‑7516
4thRS Feva1854th New Forest North (Eling) Sea ScoutsTom CullyJake Beach33‑56
5thHeron38Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubBeth RimmerKaty Wallymahmed5‑627
6thRS Feva526Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubCiara PimmSean Billinge‑4448
7thRS Feva7223rd South Shields Sea ScoutsKim ThompsonSusanah Rutherford6‑7612

Under 15 singlehanded results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3Pts
1stLaser 4.71829894th Hewsall Sea ScoutsThomas James11‑42
2ndLaser Radial1184243rd South Shields Sea ScoutsKieran Graham‑2213
3rdTopper448891st Cogenhoe Sea ScoutsMatthew Goble4‑526
4thTopper712nd Warwick Sea ScoutsLaura Dunkerley‑5336
5thTopper468913rd South Shields Sea ScoutsElizabeth O'Neill35‑118
6thTopper366501st Raglan Shirenewton ScoutsIzzie Millar‑98513
7thTopper702nd Warwick Sea ScoutsMathew Burgum‑87613
8thLaser687422nd Warwick Sea ScoutsJoshua East6‑9713
9thLaser 4.78814th Hewsall Sea ScoutsMatthew Jones76‑913
10thLaser672501st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsCharley Barclay‑1010818
11thLaser Pico144th New Forest North (Eling) Sea ScoutsZach Beach‑11111021

Under 15 fast handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3Pts
1stEnterprise123291st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsMichael HowesOliver Howes11‑22
2ndEnterprise217883rd South Shields Sea ScoutsJoshua GlenBailey Fada2‑313
3rd420687422nd Warwick Sea ScoutsRachel StrattonOwen Morton‑3235

Under 15 slow handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3Pts
1stRS Feva19772nd Warwick Sea ScoutsBenedict AveyardJonny Hissen‑1112
2ndRS Feva91st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsKate SawyerNathan Mills‑4235
3rdMiracle37753rd South Shields Sea ScoutsElizabeth RobertsonBethany Scott‑5426
4thLaser Pico224th Hewsall Sea ScoutsStuart WentAlex Youngson33‑86
5thRS Feva525Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubChloe WadeThomas Graham3‑10710
6thLaser Pico444th Hewsall Sea ScoutsSam ButlerOliver King‑65611
7thLaser Pico141942nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsAlex CartwrightSam Scholes‑88412
8thLaser Pico664th Hewsall Sea ScoutsHywel GriffithsJoseph Barker(DNF)7512
9thLaser Pico141952nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsDaniel PickettArchie Boulton96(DNC)15
10thLaser Pico884th Hewsall Sea ScoutsSam PrescottDaniel Henry79‑1016
11thFeva7223rd South Shields Sea ScoutsHolly CuskinCara Buyers11(DNC)920
12thComet Verso3182nd Warwick Sea ScoutsOlivia FletcherLucy McEvoy10DNF(DNC)21

Under 13 singlehanded results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3Pts
1stOptimist56734th Hewsall Sea ScoutsEthan Paul11‑22
2ndTopper462271st Raglan Shirenewton ScoutsJago Strong‑Wright3‑636
3rdTopper21st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsPoppy Dickinson25‑87
4thLaser 4.78814th Hewsall Sea ScoutsMatthew Oulton52‑97
5thOptimist45171st Cogenhoe Sea ScoutsLauren Dawes‑4347
6thOptimist47461st Raglan Shirenewton ScoutsEabha Strong‑Wright9(DNS)110
7thLaser Pico42322nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsHarry McEvoy64‑710
8thTopper702nd Warwick Sea ScoutsJacob East7‑8512
9thTopper692nd Warwick Sea ScoutsSeb Lawson Usherwood‑87613
10thLaser Pico144th New Forest North (Eling) Sea ScoutsDaniel Gorst‑1091019

Under 13 fast handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3Pts
1stEnterprise123291st Blofield and Brundall Sea ScoutsEdward CubittSam Varley‑1112
2ndLaser 2000112nd Warwick Sea ScoutsLucy McEvoyChloe Burton(DNF)224

Under 13 slow handicap results:

PosClassSail NoClubHelmCrewR1R2R3Pts
1stCadet90844th Hewsall Sea ScoutsAlex ColquittJames Colquitt11‑22
2ndRS Feva525Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubSean BillingeAdam Greenbank22‑34
3rdRS Feva1854th New Forest North (Eling) Sea ScoutsEmma CullyLorna Cotter33‑66
4thRS Feva7223rd South Shields Sea ScoutsDeclan GrahamNathaniel Scott‑6459
5thLaser Pico141942nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsArchie FletcherOliver Peachey45‑99
6thHeron38Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubChristian MurphyBethany Foulkes‑McCarthy‑88412
7thLaser Pico224th Hewsall Sea ScoutsJohn ForsdickNicholas Barker57‑1212
8thLaser Pico97662nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsArchie BoultonJames EzardDSQ‑6114
9thLaser Pico141952nd West Kirby Sea ScoutsLuke PickettJoe Shaw710‑1117
10thComet Verso3182nd Warwick Sea ScoutsWill ElsonTom Fletcher11‑12718
11thRS Feva526Crosby Scout and Guide Marina ClubAlex HulmeKayleigh Pilkington10‑11818
12thMirror516612nd Warwick Sea ScoutsKatie StockbridgeAlisha Kenton99‑1018