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Harken Topper Nationals at Pwllheli Sailing Club

by Tom Dixon 8 Aug 2012 15:52 BST 21-27 July 2012

The 2012 Harken Topper Nationals at Pwllheli Sailing Club attracted 312 sailors starting on 20th July.

After briefing on the first day the sailors ventured out into a heavy swell and winds consistently around 20 knots and more in the gusts - a real baptism of fire which caused a few breakages in the fleet.

With the fleet split into yellow red and blue for the first three days and intended to be re-flighted at the end of each day winners of race 1 were respectively Aled Goddard from Bala SC, William Tarn Chapman from Derwent SC and Matthew Stevens from Burgfield SC, while seconds went to Giles Kuzyk from Parkstone YC, Lawrence Logan from Notts County SC and Aaron Murray from Loch Earn SC. Thirds went to Ross McFarlane from Castle Cove SC, Ellie Cumpsty from Chew Valley SC and Mari Davies from the host club.

Race two saw firsts achieved by Ross McFarlane, William Tarn-Chapman and Matthew Stevens, seconds by Giles Kuzyk, Aled Goddard and Hamish Streeter from Hayling Island SC and thirds by Lawrence Logan, Niall Houston and Merrick Stanley Llandegfedd SC.

Race three saw wins by Giles Kuzyk, Ross McFarlane and William Tarn-Chapman, seconds by Ellie Cumpsty, Lawrance Logan and Hugh Braidwood from Beccles ASC Sailors achieving thirds were Aled Goddard, Niall Houston from Hayling Island SC and Hamish Streeter before they returned ashore at low tide for the long drag up the beach.

Racing Abandoned

The next day saw even stronger winds and a forecast of building winds so quite early the decision was made to abandon racing for the day.

Day three saw a launch into light winds, which veered 180 degrees after the course had been set, and then changed again allowing two starts, before it died completely. The decision was made to bring the sailors ashore in the hope that it built, which it didn't.

With three heavy weather races in theory a qualification series had taken place, but with light forecasts and needing to get three more races in for a championship the decision was made to split into just Gold and Silver fleets and move into the Championship Series.

Racing Resumes

Day four saw a forecast of light winds and the sailors launched to face start lines of over 135 boats. The first race saw the Gold Fleet being won by Dan Venables from Sutton SC, second to Lawrence Logan, third to Tom Purdoe from Stranford Lough YC, fourth to Ben Jennings from Rutland and fifth to Dougie Power from Waterford Harbour SC. In the silver fleet first went to Patrick Croghan from Queen Mary SC, second to Ben Whaley from Swanage, third to Crispin Beaumont from Bartley, fourth to Alexander Hughes and fifth to Peter Daniels, both from Sutton SC

Race two of the day saw a building wind and Gold Fleet being won by Liam Glynn from Ballyhome YC, second to Aoife Hopkins from Howth YC, third to Emma Phillips from Starcross SC, fourth to Ben Jennings and fifth to Dougie Power. Winner in the silver fleet was Crispin Beaumont, second going to Marcus Tressler from Middle Nene SC, third to Alexander Hughes, fourth to Patrick Groghan and fifth to Patrick Keech of Bough Beech.

Race three of the day in Gold Fleet went to Giles Kuzyk, second to Dougie Power, third to Ross McFarlane, fourth to Aled Goddard and fifth to Niall Houston. In Silver Sophia Harper from Bosham SC took the bullet from Thomas Moore from Skerries SC, Marcus Tressler, then Thomas Wallwork from Redesmere and Callum Symmons form ASYC.

Black Flags Prevail

The competitors weren't expecting it but a fourth race took place and with a significant number of the gold fleet black flagged. The winner was Felix Crowther from Hayling Island SC, second went to Dougie Power, third to Matthew Stevens, fourth to William Tarn Chapman and fifth to Hamish Streeter. In the Silver fleet there were also a few black flags but the winner was Thomas Moore now starting a charge up the rankings, second went to Jack Cammann from Ely SC third to Patrick Keech, fourth to Kieran Graham from South Shields and fifth over the line Niamh Doran from Courtown SC, but the place was subsequently lost in the protest room..

Some of the 'Black Flag brigade decided to protest the race committee on running a fourth race which caused some angst amount the competitors and delays the next morning whilst it was still being sorted out, which allowed a light northerly to fill in.

Day five races saw a Gold Fleet win in the first race for Paris Thomas from Paignton SC, second to Felix Crowther, third to Dan Venables, fourth to Tilly James and fifth to Ellie Cumpsty. Silver Fleet race one was won again by Thomas Moore, second went to Patrick Groghan, third to Olly Guess, fourth to Oliver Aldridge from Parkstone and fifth to Alistair Smith from Island Barn RSC.

In race two Gold Winner was Niall Houston from Erica Ruigrok from Rush SC, then Aled Goddard, fourth to Ellie King from Hemsworth Slipper and fifth to Lawrence Logan. Silver Fleet was won by Thomas Wallwork from Ben Whaley, Crispin Beaumont, Tom Jeffery, a Pwllheli sailor and Oliver Aldridge. The sailors then returned ashore. The gold fleet in particular were experiencing a large number of black flags again.

The Last Day

The final day saw a steady 10 knots and sometimes more of northerly wind and a tight climax to the championship with Ross McFarlane just in front. Gold Fleet race ten was won by Giles Kuzyk from Ellie Cumpsty, then Felix Crowther, Dougie Power and Will Tarn Chapman. In Silver Fleet the winner was James Chasty from Redesmere followed by Thomas Moore, then Crispin Beaumont, Dugal Wilson form Loch Venachar SC and Lucy Mearns from Leigh and Lowton.

The final Gold Fleet race saw Giles Kuzyk again won from Ellie Cumpsty, with Luke Cowling from Yorkshire Dales in third, Frankie Dickens from Mumbles fourth and Thomas Clayton from Scaling Dam in fifth. In Silver Fleet it was won by Jack Cammann from Thomas Moore, Marcus Tressler, Peter Daniels and Josh Towne from Redesmere.

Whilst everything was packed up the final protests were heard, results calculated and eventually a presentation.

Silver Fleet was won by Thomas Moore making a worthwhile ferry crossing, from Marcus Tressler, Alexander Hughes, Ben Whaley and Oliver Aldridge with top girls being Niamh Doran in 6th, Lucy Mearns in 12th and Emily Smith from Papercourt in 27th.

So to the climax and Giles Kuzyk had successfully defended his title over an 11 race series from Ross McFarlane, Lawrence Logan, Aled Goddard and Will Tarn-Chapman. Top girls were Tilley James in 10th from Katie Barraclough in 15th and Emma Phillips in 18th.

Overall Results:

Gold Fleet

1Giles KUZYKParkstone Yacht Club22111-341(BFD)24131156
2Ross MCFARLANECastle Cove Sailing Club3118-483810(BFD)81759
3Lawrence LOGANNottinghamshire County SC23214-33172-20511662
4Aled GODDARDClwyb Hwylio Bala Sailing Club123-47-704623361563
5William TARN-CHAPMANDerwent Reservoir SC111281864-80(BFD)51377
6Niall HOUSTONHayling/mengeham533-50-645933171480
7Dougie POWERWaterford Harbour Sailing Club94DNF)5522013184-2280
8Felix CROWTHERHayling Island1158-67324812(BFD)312122
9William THOMASTeifi6111613-67-27251511169122
10Tilly JAMESNew Quay Yacht Club12105215-56164(BFD)2241127
11Aaron MURRAYLoch Earn SC2159-361071528936-55131
12Dan VENABLESSutton5121111911(BFD)331-6543136
13Kevin HARRINGTONCourtown Sailing Club116491229(BFD)(BFD)393321164
14Matthew STEPHENSBurghfield11DNF)51-7537317371010167
15Katie BARRACLOUGHBurghfield1311102091919(BFD)30-4037168
16Hugh BRAIDWOODBeccles Asc46238-834118-5974218176
17Geoffrey SHERWOODHayling Island Sailing Club4766331-121-659192119179
18Emma PHILLIPSStarcross YC151822-3933212638-7236182
19Adam STONEBurghfield SC / Hisc471032-5814-675334926189
20Christopher COWANPortchester855-61291213313554-56192
21Joseph MULLANPriory1318281835-40327837-48196
22Ellie CUMPSTYChew Valley Lake SC34215(BFD)35(BFD)5BFD22203
23Edward HIGSONFrampton On Severn Sailing Club1354218116(BFD)16(BFD)2424204
24William BIRCH-TOMLINSONHayling Island SC12954845-5821(BFD)172720204
25Erica RUIGROKRush Sailing Club28201674725(BFD)-6724911205
26Conor O,FARRELLCarlingford Lough Yacht Club71212-8817922585120-62208
27Richard BETTLESBroxbourne/tollesbury201619262526302227-116-50211
28Rhiannon FLACKSpinnaker17715-82-91332325235032225
29Sophie OTTERHollowell Sailing Club89244063426(BFD)16-94SCP228
30Liam GLYNNBallyholme Yacht Club2886-9018714(DNF)7888238
31Lewis MARRLargs Sailing Club161991938-6354291243-64239
32Hamish STREETERHayling Island SC723-9355545-70591540240
33Callum ESCRITTYorkshire Dales S C141013172418-946564-7423248
34Nathaniel GORDONParkstone YC314427-62-54133118253130250
35Josh CLARKEBroadstairs/minnis Bay9197-113-9243606661427251
36Phoebe CONNELLANMiddle Nene SC153637292338241932-62-52253
37Daniel ARCHERBewl Valley Sailing Club2218DNF)-12942301436224129254
38Penny WIESERHunts SC43253142820-47RDG20-6325259
39Simon WEATHERSPOONDerwent Reservoir Sailing Club-sunderlan40211853222111(BFD)(DNC)1874278
40Ben JENNINGSRutland SC121511446443(BFD)80-8147280
41Archie DODWELLCardiff Bay Yacht Club1068-10039615340-1065316286
42Lucy GATESQueen Mary Sailing Club21252335-742442352160-80286
43Finn MURPHYPortishead41366028-87(DNC)86241254287
44Thomas GOODBOURNBurghfield SC68154444551061-75-6744287
45Harriet WARDQueen Mary101018-114-68391757601760288
46Merrick STANLEYLlandegfedd SC831364-101-814127573251296
47Gr?inne YOUNG 151910103086-101(BFD)268828312
48Paris THOMASPaignton24223970264774110-85-120313
49Gus DIXONRoyal Harwich YC6148584631(BFD)32(BFD)3089314
50James THOMASCbyc/llandegfedd14111152-99442941(BFD)3578315
51Frankie DICKENSMumbles Yacht Club1091724(DNF)22(BFD)50BFD474318
52Henry MARTINDALEChew2913151673-774630(BFD)5146319
53Hamish MUNROSpinnaker20397-98-80363473542634323
54Lindsay JOHNSTONELargs Sailing Club25201377-104-825511362959325
55Ellie KINGEmsworth Slipper Sailing Club23DNC)2122217145(BFD)48639332
56Chloe BARRHillhead SC14142043SCP)-894439685931332
57Jacob HUTCHINGSRoadford Lake Sailing Club32273334-102106344-91837333
58Hal SANDERSONRoadford Lake Sailing Club2531234637-85621244-7958338
59Luke ROBERTSON 20132955-76-903821553473338
60Alison DOLANBlessington Sailing Club1950273014153968(BFD)-7776338
61Thomas CLAYTONSCaling Dam182920-110107452769(BFD)235343
62Emily LLOYDPlymouth Youth Sailing2822342720-8451604755-100344
63Mari DAVIESClwb Hwylio Pwllheli3446(BFD)57(BFD)51BFD2884372
64Stuart MOOREHawley Lake71722-12453664055-744670376
65Joe HENDERSONSunderland Yacht Club17151476722852(BFD)1593-94382
66Georgia GRICEArdleigh41323449-1284949344656-71390
67Simon GEORGEGmsc24242859-77-752863564465391
68Haydn GRIFFITHSLeigh &lowton Sailing Club9171237-1136236-88854887393
69Luke COWLINGYeadon/yorkshire DalesDNC127-1116367-11810329193394
70Joseph TROTTERDerwent Reservoir Sailing Club31445125746-1164886-10257395
71Nicole HEMERYCKNational Yacht Club Dun Laoire Co Dublin4327262362-11969474070-103407
72Tom PURDONStrangford Lough Yacht Club463731379-1334886992-116413
73Daniel BUDDENRedesmere S.c192630-8171-745749586935414
74Adam FULLEROrwell Yacht Club And Royal Harwich Yach33234254414233-787773-82418
75Katie WOODWeir Wood S C23281266SCP-113-8264663845420
76Sam WHALEYSwanage Sailing Club161616716060788914-113-110420
77Aoife HOPKINSHowth Yacht Club312614-107265-10694827642432
78Megan BOORMANFishguard Bay Yacht Club322118-12627837097-98848440
79James CUMMINSCvlsc252419-105595388(BFD)4139101449
80Ellie BROWNBeaver S C1689128998(BFD)(BFD)947163460
81Isaac MARSHSCammonden3534268936-116665428-12096464
82Ellie SMITHBeaver SC1831254598596137-102(SCP)92466
83Clive JACKSONPapercourt4128464149733581-95-9772466
84Conor SHERRIFFCourtown SCDNC2320831150-1024549100-119472
85Hector GARDINERBanbury Sailing Club272926-112785272(BFD)489149472
86George HUNTERHaversham & Queen Mary1723221048469-11252RDG25-111480
87James COOKQueen Mary SC352229-1281162358(BFD)725768480
88Abi EASTONRedesmere SC4021245640-1093710089-11275482
89James GRUMMETTBurwain SC443834336693567167-106-97502
90Tommi COODEMumbles Yacht Club364144-125103-13111587331333505
91James GUINANBala SC384121578280-925650-9683508
92Calum ROSIEHelensburgh S.c.334149731676767971-114-108514
93Zak MORTONRutland Sailing Club5038333143110(DNC)3899-117RDG518
94Issy DELAMERHowth YC294024-117-110796475426899520
95Georgie MCKENZIEYorkshire Dales / Ripon2632387513-10081(BFD)768995525
96Ella METHVENPlymouth Youth Sailing4239309290-1078343(BFD)5853530
97Zac GIBBONSRedesmere SC182514869570-111101(BFD)4579533
98Nick DEVEREUXBudworth Sailing Club36404078-9772806261-10166535
99Jessica ANNETTLlangorse SC & Cbyc33334387-935159858787-109565
100Harri PAINCardiff Bay YC / Penarth YC27363594105-12973(BFD)736469576
101Tom ROWELLCastle Cove111617969668(BFD)9292-10391579
102Penny GUESS 26483684-1151041052645110-117584
103Alex WOODSLeigh & Lowton SC1914179912391(BFD)(BFD)4375104585
104Nick WILLIAMSFrampton On Severn SC3734427286-97687688-9990593
105James BOWLERPwhlleli Sailing Club / Shotwick Lake Sa2230378010078100-1065295-112594
106Will SCOTTIsland Barn Rsc3220398552105918293-130-122599
107Luke RAYNERBurton Sailing Club393023-10256-122939510161102600
108Daniel MARTINQueen Mary Sailing Club683330108-121-13275776266105624
109Luke WARMANDurleigh/sycsa47343968-111106-114747010485627
110Bella FELLOWSYealm YC30473269501011039997-125-114628
111Elizabeth SHERWOODHayling Island Sailing Club2142459194-123509390-115107633
112Ross WATKINSCyc / Hisc441721103108-12771(BFD)10410561634
113Conor QUINNCarlingford Lough Yacht Club384543745711299(BFD)53119-131640
114Max ROBINSONOxford483519-12069-118771099610881642
115Georgie HOUSTONHayling/mengeham34333279-117969810579-11193649
116Thomas CHARTERHunts Sailing Club483133-123-1199297728482118657
117Eddie ATTENBURROWStarcross Yacht Club354655-13212688891046552-127660
118Kathryn MACRITCHIESwsc504927118114115904278-128(DNC)683
119Hannah STOWERutland SC / Spinnaker SC275036101-112111(BFD)9610080106707
120Ella CUDMOREChew Valley Lake Sailing Club212942106-12411479(BFD)81123113708
121Jocelyn HILLCounty Antrim Yacht Club454335971099484(BFD)10798-115712
122Chloe BUTTERWORTHClwb Hwylio Pwllheli263028-122-1291039510710911898714
123Robin JONESHykeham Sailing Club294238(BFD)125117879063-126123714
124Emily KINGNorfolk Broads Yacht Club302637658512086(BFD)(DNF)DNCDNC719
125Daniel JONESMumbles Yacht Club304036-1278810811098111107-128728
126Carys RANDERIAHisc223546121130-13410983108-13377731
127Sam JAMESParkstone Yacht Club343625115122-125113(BFD)11012267744
128Faye Rebecca WRIGHTSunderland Yacht Club5345431196110296(BFD)103-129124746
129Holly DABSONGrafham Water514341116120124859183-131-125754
130Phoebe WOODBowmoor375249109118-128(BFD)10211210986774
131Kate ROLLINSONRpcyc574729-1301279510484(BFD)121130794
132Hannah ROBERTSPort Dinorwic SC394640-13387130107(BFD)105124121799
133Stephanie WINGEATTLeigh And Lowton SC & South Windermere S54374495106126108(BFD)(BFD)127126823
134Robert BOWLERPwhlleli Sailing Club / Shotwick Lake Sa504740-13113199117108113-132129834

Silver Fleet

1Thomas MOORESkerries SC3637DNF)826211-8622115
2Marcus TRESSLERMiddle Nene Sailing ClubSCP)4941112312(BFD)6233150
3Alexander HUGHESSutton-73-575443868372420164
4Ben WHALEYSwanage Sailing Club-5942532-571625721434195
5Oliver ALDRIDGEParkstone Yacht Club-58-6850724347454238211
6Niamh DORANCourtown SC/nyc2432DNC)20167SCP(BFD)173137216
7Patrick KEECHBough Beech48-544133511312-704422219
8James CHASTYRedesmere Sailing Club-63-57514631352021916220
9Crispin BEAUMONTBartley39DNC253152(BFD)(BFD)339226
10Thomas WALLWORKRedesmere56-71324748417(DNF)11510230
11Peter DANIELSSutton SC-5243-6654941104921124234
12Lucy MEARNSLeigh And Lowton SC-574646-58403119203357247
13William LOUTHRoyal Harwich Yacht Club-583550-923291517542024256
14Jack CAMMANNEly Sailing Club37DNF)DNC)24641821388111258
15Olly GUESS 49-5347186-93533313026263
16Oliver BLACKBURNLeigh & Lowton-565056928142128-582141268
17Jack BUTTERSParkstone-6159-691214283015274145271
18Jamie CAMMANNEly Sailing Club-52454552-7033353671614283
19Callum DIXONDocklands Sailing And Watersports Centre4272312133-914723-115712288
20Stephen CARVERHunts Sailing Club4349-60-6612423418352248303
21Gareth STAPLES-JONESLeigh & Lowton SC545435-725037242514-5923316
22Callum SYMMONSAsyc5124DNF)493651167-814925317
23Sean RITSONCushendall-777171-79216340271388322
24Kieran GRAHAMSouth Shields SC55514428-79224(BFD)57656323
25Daniel BULLRollesby Broad SC-74-6558512256946282530325
26Tom BULLCransley Sailing Club-63555634-75131458342833325
27Emily SMITHPapercourt455353-869-794544192732327
28Patrick CROGHANQueen Mary SC446061147141245-88-103329
29Harry DOBBSRniyc-5938592356464439-124915329
30Freddie CRANFIELDHolllowell Sailing Club2328DNC)10-97401386115860329
31Adam RUSSRedesmere53444830-100198482660-70336
32James MCKENZIEYorkshire Dales / RiponDNC)27387725-963235306613343
33Tom JOICENbyc/bsscDNC)DNCDNC1772126(BFD)393919350
34Nancy SCOTTIsland Barn RscDNC)795767111029(BFD)253540353
35Tobias SHAPTONMumbles Yacht Club615850-89672551(BFD)181916365
36Brendan WOODEmsworth Slipper Sailing Club55DNFDNC(DNC)-12861637233711367
37Oli MARTINDALEChew546261251843489(DNF)51-84371
38Jess HARDINGChew Valley Lake SC47555642274518(BFD)-1045036376
39Alistair SMITHIsland Barn Rsc62485513294758562-67-63379
40Simon PAGESwanage SC64-74695010306962261-82381
41Penny DOWNESChester49SCP)4755-107383632654321386
42Sophia HARPERBosham Sailing Club57DNF)511982183(DSQ)403817388
43Samantha KIMBERLEYSpinnaker5153DNF)44-9024605355.51731388.5
44Josh TOWNERedesmere6158DNF)78-8415276349365392
45Matthew HODGESPapercourt-6855493135503162-635229394
46Matthew HAJI-MICHAELRedesmere386648-128-1212923100242939396
47James TULLEYYorkshire Dales Sailing Club525445-75531737-76723254416
48Stephen FINNEGANCarlingford Lough Yacht Club46485456-76-754231155672420
49Karen GIBSONOxford66685826772722(BFD)-852651421
50Nick HUMPHRIESPevensey Bay53565445-122-686743363442430
51Anna MCNULTYCarlingford Lough Yacht Club6052523744-644316-646364431
52Cameron WOODRedesmere SC4253.5 RDG65-7347-726265511828431.5
53Dugal WILSONLoch Venachar Sailing Club40575781-94605564164(DNC)434
54Imogen KEMPPoole YC41625371524838-75-774727439
55Alexander RUSSELLNorthampton SC7864-7965-86125268125435440
56Hannah COMFORTBurghfield Sailing Club-74627432-10926504055.54853440.5
57Ciaran RANDERIAHisc655167-93-111205481325343466
58Pippa RADFORDSpinnaker665248-7062614945-974044467
59Harry WILLIAMSRoyal Dart Yacht Club655663-983849651153-7971471
60Rebecca TENNEYPennine Sailing Club60635282-105325919-843379479
61Mara LYONPrestwick Sailing Club586059-9460-663350426562489
62Tom JEFFERYBurton & Pwllheli6975593555(DSQ)66(BFD)46965497
63Luke GRIBBINDittisham Sailing Club79-84751515-866847438178501
64Michael CARVERHunts Sailing Club-85776139-101236322608473502
65Alexander CLARKEBrightlingsea SC4763606051-8857(BFD)416855502
66Matthew LECKIELlscDNF)DNCDNC62.585146(BFD)297849505.5
67Alistair HIGGINSLoch Tummel SC/largo Bay SC346447103-120397085-1091358513
68Jack STANILANDRedesmere757667438773391047-90(DNF)517
69Freya CUMPSTYChew Valley Lake SC746564546678-901448-8674537
70Ellie HUTCHINGSRoadford Lake Sailing Club666766366983812644-102-91538
71Ewan GRIBBINDittisham6469661442-10356-93934590539
72Oliver JESSUPParkstone Yacht ClubDNC)7777161954738273-8977548
73Emily HILLCounty Antrim Yacht Club71757638-114-1048738698218554
74Callum ELWINMumbles Yacht ClubDNF)607364-102679133467647557
75Jessica CARTERChichester Yacht Club565665223095-100529195-96562
76Tom GRAHAMCraignish Boat Club69616259834478(BFD)-1296252570
77Ashley DEATONRoyal Harwich Yacht Club626958613112(BFD)51(BFD)105101577
78Amy-nadine HARPERSpinnaker7367559539(OCS)2860-1067387577
79Sarah ALCOCKHunts Sailing Club6466674074847424-10087-89580
80Edward BENZQueen Mary Sailing Club727662763465-97(BFD)744675580
81Sam PLATTBolton Sailing Club676670-99377479-90598061593
82Iona DIXONDocklands Sailing And Watersports Centre807060887158-93(BFD)665546594
83Rachel DINGLEYLoch Venachar Sailing Club67635229-125-978542909176595
84William COOKQueen Mary SC627671-10620-906174717586596
85Thomas HALLSnettisham Beach Sailing Club59587261176277(BFD)-1219898602
86James RIPLEYPaignton Sailing Club7071644161-1191063489-11081617
87Charlotte ASHWORTHBurghfield Sailing Club556463-117-92877173677468622
88Grace BRADLEY-SHANKARDocklands Watersports And Sailing Center63726453653688(BFD)82-107102625
89Conrad PARKINSONDonaghadee Sailing Club83DNFDNC8443-110944110-11195632
90Fred GARSIDENefyn6575DNF-1274176766692-9350632
91James WILLIAMSShotwick SC686865-100859282(BFD)88385636
92Louis BRANDCorinthian OttersDNF)DNC)DNC8354536477797169641
93Emma CRANEBewl Valley Sailing Club67787080-1047095553897-104650
94Jonathan BROWNRestronguet69DNFDNC62.5-1035575846857-92652.5
95Harry JANESStewartby Water / V R GUL4939DNF(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNC291191057662
96Michael PLATTBolton Sailing Club757374745981-98-83837766662
97Lewis HUMPHRIESPevensey Bay717478-1162377(DNC)711138597689
98Cillian BALLESTYWicklow SC73706857-12389-114801017283693
99Cameron DUFFIELDShotwick Lake7073708568828961-111100-114698
100Natalie KELLEWAYBurghfield755957-108-1156980987510699718
101Cori MCFARLANEPdsc465063110-11398848778-114108724
102Francesca POTTINGERSpinnaker Club766569107-1181009257-13064100730
103Joshua HOLROYDHunts Sailing CclubDNFDNCDNC68461011017280-124-112741
104Anya HAJI-MICHAELRedesmere7961629012457(DNC)(BFD)999488754
105Angus LAWSONEast Lothian Yacht Club848277879199113(BFD)20-122107760
106Emma MCCLUSKEYNantwich & Border Counties Sailing Club827878-12178-1261185652104116762
107Ben GAGESnettishamDNFDNCDNC-1049980726976-11393762
108Peter FREELANDDowns SC83DNFDNC1134510286(BFD)95(DNF)59765
109Andrew MITCHELLCounty Antrim Yacht Club8067682780106110(BFD)118-123119775
110Alexander DAVIESLeigh & Lowton6059DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC591057080792
111Amy STEWARTBurghfield SC817375105-11610910979-1149667794
112Alexander KNIGHTQueen Mary Sailing Club81838110181-125120886199-122795
113Jacob KENNEDYDonaghadee Sailing ClubDNC787291-11985102(BFD)8792109807
114Emma WRIXONSpinnakerDNFDNCDNC-114891071073098-125106810
115Angus REILLYBudworth Sailing Club727773-12558113104(BFD)94103118812
116Jo ANSTEEMnscDNFDNCDNC488811110394-123-118105822
117George NELSONQmsc8281801119659-115103-120101113826
118Sara SHELLEYBurghfield7879DNC10993-12811954116-12894833
119Izzie STYLIANIDESStewartby And Dovey Yacht Club757276-1199811410591-128108111850
120Thomas PLAYFORDSnettisham Beach Sailing ClubDNFDNCDNC10273118-12470112-127120868
121Cordelia GARDINERBanbury Sailing ClubDNFDNCDNC-112112-1169678103112110884
122Charlotte WATSONLlyn BrenigDNFDNCDNC967212199104-125-129123888
123Zac Henry OREHAWAClywedog Sailing Club777473120-129-123111102108109115889
124Imogen CAGE-WHITEBvsc72707211512711512297102(DNC)(DNC)892
125Ailsa MCFARLANEPdscDNF7975-124-1261081089596119121892
126Jack SHEPHERDLlyn Brenig / Llandudno708068-123110105-121105117121117893
127Matthew LUXTONBurton Sailing ClubDNFDNCDNC1301081171179950(DNC)(DNC)894
128Caroline LOUTHRoyal Harwich Yacht ClubDNFDNCDNC1266312711292110(DNC)(DNC)903
129Gabriel ABEDRydal/llandudno716971122-13094116(BFD)127115125910
130Nina TILLEYLlandegfedd SCDNFDNCDNC69117124-12689122117(DNF)911
131Eleanor HENSLEYRoyal Harwich Yacht ClubDNFDNCDNC979512012596-126120-126926
132Thomas WOODINGSCarsington768074129-131122123(BFD)107126124961
133Abigail KIMBERLEYSpinnakerDNFDNCDNC118106(DNC)(DNF)101131116127972

Regatta Fleet

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
134598David ROSIEHelensburgh S.c.-21-9211117
247097Jenna MCCARLIECounty Antrim Yacht Club121-332(DNC)211
344141Angus FELLOWSYyc3324-86-7523
444471Isabel WALLWORKRedesmere-1963163-8726
543814Joel ROBERTSONWimbleball-65665-72327
646172Cameron MARRLargs SC-1895-10453632
731262Ariel THOMASPaignton-17847-994436
830804Paul MOUGHTIN-LEAYManor Park-1341152412-1338
944793Luke STANILANDRedesmere410-141312125(DNF)56
1028478Natasha MYERSRipon Sailing Club51412-1510-166956
1146154Catriona DUFFIELDShotwick Lake-1611101178-141158
1245918Emma JAMESParkstone YC1178-14-141091459
134679Ross DIXONDocklands Sailing And Watersports Centre121278(DNS)(DNS)131062
1420265Oliver HUDSONMiddle Nene Sailing Club8-171312111410-1568
1545744Caomihe SHERRIFCourtown SC7151591511(DNF)(DNS)72
1647264Rachael MCCLUSKEYNantwich & Border Counties SC1516-17161315(DNC)1287
1729013Nathan GRIBBINDittisham10(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC11892
1846892Gregor LAWSONEast Lothian Yacht Club913(DNF)(DNC)DNFDNS15DNF100
1940406Timothy CRANFIELDHolllowell Sailing Club201816171717(DNF)(DNS)105
2045735Gus MCKENZIERipon Sailing Club14(DNF)(DNC)DNC1613DNFDNF106

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