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RS Feva End of Seasons at Queen Mary Sailing Club

by RS Class Association 14 Nov 2011 17:53 GMT 12-13 November 2011

The RS Feva UK 'End of Season' Championship at Queen Mary Sailing Club attracted 94 boats the largest number of entries ever for a RS Feva GP event in the UK. The third of 4 qualifiers the event saw 15 new entries to the Worlds Qualification Series, joining 10 other helms who have competed in one event, 36 helms in two events, and 44 helms in all three events in the Series so far. The fourth and final Qualifier will be hosted by Grafham Water SC on April 21/22.

The fleet launched into glassy calm conditions at QMSC hopeful that the wind would fill in. After a wait of one hour a black cloud slowly came into view & with it 4 knots of breeze just enough to get the racing started. Amazingly the fleet got away first time. After a one lap race it was light weather specialists Arran Holman & Crispin Beaumont who took the win fresh from their victory at the last Feva GP at Chew Valley held in similar light conditions. 2nd to the line was father & son team Ben & Sam Richards; 3rd brother & sister team Max & Sally Clapp.

The fickle wind held for race two but after a general recall the black flag came into play to keep control of the gang planted at the port end of the line. Tom Darling & Will Dolin glided into the lead on the downwind leg with Oliver Scott & Tom Mitchell in 2nd but closing up in 3rd was Arran & Crispin. Arran & Crispin overtook Tom & Will on the final yards to the line to take another win with Oliver & Tom in 3rd. After AP over A was hoisted the fleet was sent home for the day as the sun set over the tree tops.

Sunday's racing started in 6 knots & warm sunshine after a 2 minute Remembrance Day silence following a cannon blast from the clubhouse. With a long course set,it was Max & Sally in first with Chay & Strling Taylor in 2nd & Anna Prescott & Jess Eales in 3rd after the first lap. At 51 minutes it was Anna & Jess who took the gun from Jenny Smallwood & Jamie Webb in 2nd & 3rd Max & Sally.

The second race of the day got away on a black flag. Leading after one lap was Jenny & Pippa Cropley with Tom & Will in 2nd & Anna & Jess in 3rd. Arran & Crispin were in 4th but had been caught on the black fag. At the finish it was Anna & Jess in front with Tom & Will 2nd & Jenny & Pippa 3rd.

The wind remained fickle & the final race got away clear again on a black flag. Leading the fleet after the first lap was Elliott Wells & Jake Todd but chasing was Arran & Crispin with Jenny & Pippa in 3rd. The eventual winner of the final race & taking the title was Arran & Crispin whilst Elliott & Jake moved to 2nd & Will Robinson & Joe Hills pulled up to 3rd.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1st6Arran HOLMANCrispin BEAUMONTHollowell SC / Bartley SC117(BFD)110
2nd4032Max CLAPPSally CLAPPRoyal Southern YC353(BFD)516
3rd4355Anna PRESCOTTJess EALESHISC / Lymington Town SC / Royal Lym. YC-171311722
4th4344Chay TAYLORStirling TAYLORBurnham SC7-1246623
5th4648Jenny CROPLEYPIPPA CROPLEYRoyal Lymington YC99-273425
6th2577Jenny SMALLWOODJamie WEBBWraysbury Lake SC14428-3428
7th4332Elliott WELLSJake TODDHayling Island SC51110-15228
8th3105Tom DARLINGWill DOLINHayling Island SC / Burghfield SC102-2121529
9th4627James HUTTON-PENMANThomas JAYASEKARABurnham SC8-148121139
10th3750Jamie SMITHDavid BRANDHayling Island SC4619(BFD)1241
11th3120Lauren MILESEsther FENTON-JONESEmsworth SC / Papercourt SC626124-4148
12th1883Harvey MARTINWill WARDOgston SC-35102091453
13th4610Hannah BRISTOWIzzi BRISTOWLeigh & Lowton-3186113055
14th1295Robbie KINGWilliam BEDFORDWarsash SC11191314-2357
15th4639Ben RICHARDSSam RICHARDSRoyal Southern YC21716-262459
16th3900Lucy BESTCiara BERRYSouth Caernarvonshire YC / Cardiff Bay Y-50255161662
17th4631Emma BAKERHarriet BLACKWeir Wood SC / Bewl Valley SC1921-3513962
18th4251Robert MASTERMANMarcus PAYNEHayling Island SC12201119-2262
19th3626Alex JOESBURYEmlyn WILLIAMSPort Dinorwic SC / Budworth SC-40162572573
20th4085Samuel GRADEKatie PRESCOTTLymington Town SC / HISC16-4537102083
21st4606Will ROBINSONJoe HILLSOakham School / Rutland SC-6249923384
22nd4625Paddy GANNONSam PEARCEBurghfield SC22301536-37103
23rd4608Sam BARSONBradley DUFFYOakham School / Rutland SC2515-433429103
24th2047Flynn DAVIESDaniel LEWISBurnham SC / Draycote Water SC-527243046107
25th1664Jack NUNNJonathan BADDERLEYHISC / Cardiff Bay YC / Bowmoor SC2724-463719107
26th2000Joudan SWINDONAlex BRADLEYThorpe Bay YC13274028-43108
27th2617Emma BARNETTJessie JOBSONRoyal Torbay YC32293117-72109
28th4604Kathryn HUTTON-PENMANMatthew JAYASEKARABurnham SC23313325-39112
29th839Jonny WATKINSWill TAYLORDabchicks SC / Alton Water SC-593845526114
30th4623Edward NORBURYSteve NORBURYRoyal Lymington YC / Warsash SC332241-6118114
31st1412Max MATTHEWSGuy RIVINGTONTudor SC-4237 SCP30428117
32nd4051Alex HADLEYEdward ELMOREThorpe Bay YC29322235-86118
33rd1518James CURTISHarry PHELPSIsland Barn SC414028-5610119
34th4071Max DUCEBen FARENDENThorpe Bay YC38-50442217121
35th2012Phoebe WARRENTabitha PEELEmsworth SC / Chichester YC183923(DSQ)51131
36th1486Arthur BROWNNiamh DAVIESRoyal Burnham YC / Burnham SC4623-564421134
37th2574Jessy HAMMETTHattie LUCAS-CLEMENTSHayling Island / Papercourt SC3935-492436134
38th3424Courtney BILBROUGHOrla MITCHELLDocklands S&WC-5748344013135
39th1307Nick NEVEHenry NEVEOakham School / Rutland SC24335821-62136
40th2523Connie MEEKImmy SEWELLRoyal Torbay YC30-63512928138
41st4102Matt HILLJoe REEVEBurghfield SC2843-534131143
42nd4620Cameron WEBBERJoseph FENWICKHill Head SC / Thornbury SC37-53392050146
43rd3788Oliver SCOTTTom MITCHELLDocklands S&WC(DSQ)317BFD32147
44th3737Edward HAYNESHenry BOWERSSevenoaks School / Bough Beech SC2036(DNS)4553154
45th1836Reuben WOODBRIDGEAlice WOODBRIDGEChew Valley Lake SC45-55144949157
46th4530James EALESKatie CRUICKSHANKRoyal Lymington YC / Hayling Island SC-6447262757157
47th4415Nick ROBINSAlicia CAMPBELL-BOTTOMSHayling Island SC154242-6563162
48th4385Libi ASKEWEmily PROUDHayling Island SC / Chichester YC47-56363247162
49th4062William BIRCHALLDominic HALLHayling Island SC / Papercourt SC-7367293335164
50th56Harriet WINBUSHAlice MASTERMANDraycote Water SC / Hayling Island SC44-57324840164
51st4150Jonathan SNOWPeter SNOWThorpe Bay YC2637-604755165
52nd2508Jamie JOBSONEve GADDRoyal Torbay YC492847-6345169
53rd4039Wills MURRAYWill ORMERODOxford Pirates343457-5844169
54th4622Buzz GILKSPoppy GILKSQueen Mary SC-6041186059178
55th3811Rebecca LEWISFiona MULCAHYDraycote Water SC / Aldeburgh SC48515031-60180
56th3734Gregory SALEAlex FROSTOakham School / Rutland SC364462-6748190
57th4641Josh STRAUSSJack MITCHELLHayling Island SC5159-633942191
58th4347Ben WAHAArthur DOYLERoyal Southern YC / St Paul's School(DNC)DNC591827199
59th2280James SCOTTLeo LEARNERWelsh Harp London / Aldeburgh YC21587546-79200
60th4194Dominic HALLJonathan HALLDraycote Water SC69523843-71202
61st4354Oskar BISSETMax TAYLOR-NOBBSDowns SC43466157-66207
62nd3999Matt WALKER-MORECROFTDom COTTERILLBowmoor SC53-76735933218
63rd2215Max GRIGGSCody GRIGGSRoyal Torbay YC5461-665061226
64th3733Tom SMITHDaniel WILSONSevenoaks School / Bough Beech SC61-65545458227
65th3030James DANDOJames THOMASCardiff Bay YC6568-726438235
66th3416Charlie STANNARDAnnie BOYLEDocklands S&WC55605271-75238
67th4079Madeleine HOPPERPhillippa HADLEYThorpe Bay YC6764-855256239
68th4635Cameron ALLENNathan ALLENEmsworth SC-8571553881245
69th4133Lily STREATFEILDEmily ATKINSONOakham School / Rutland SC726248-8264246
70th2099Richard APTHORPAsher ROBINSONHISC56706862-82256
71st3100Anna LUCAS-CLEMENTSLucy HARRISHISC / Papercourt SC / Queen Mary SC83-85705552260
72nd3537Grace SUMMERSPhilippa CHANDLEREmsworth SC58696568-88260
73rd3815Molly GILBERTMollie LIPPETTEmsworth SC7072-775168261
74th2571Alice MARKHAMAnna SHELDONUpper Thames SC63547474-80265
75th2153Immi SLINNRuby GRIFFINDraycote Water SC76-79647254266
76th797Ella MITCHELLHannah JENNINGSHayling Island SC-8080715374278
77th1977Benedict AVEYARDGuido BLEEDraycote Water SC81666766-83280
78th3782Oliver GRIFFITHSCameron CURRIEDocklands S&WC6674-787665281
79th3727Joseph THOMASMatthew KITEUpper Thames SC68-81697878293
80th862Oliver BARNES-DEANPatrick STILLMANThorpe Bay YC7182-867569297
81st4043Ella KILKELLYLibi FARENDEN-MANNINGThorpe Bay YC74-84807076300
82nd4135Stuart DOUGHTYWill BYFORDOakham School / Rutland SC7578(DNC)7377303
83rd3726Louise HUGHESDeborah HUGHESUpper Thames SC7973-877973304
84th4470Cristian EDMONDSAlice EDMONDSChew Valley Lake SC88(DNC)768070314
85th3362Ellie WALLTONAbi RILEYDraycote Water SC82758384-87324
86th4206Matthew WalmsleyWill KeyQMSC(DNC)DNC887767327
87th4630Hannah BIRCHALLOlivia WATKINSHayling Island SC89(DNF)796990327
88th576Issy GILBERTMartin GILBERTEmsworth SC77838187-89328
89th1250Milo GORDONMichael DENNISBaltic Wharf SC8477-928884333
90th211Tom DUTTONHenry POTTLEShropshire SC / Oakham Sch. / Rutland SC7886-918685335
91st2376Isobel CURRIERaya UZUNOVADocklands S&WC87878485-92343
92nd3746Hannah LEAFLottie NEVEOakham School / Rutland SC86888983-93346
93rd4190Tom MallettHarry GarstkaQMSC(DNC)DNC908191357
94th4033Emily KirkbySam BlundenQMSC(DNC)DNC8289DNC361

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