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38th Bloody Mary at Queen Mary Sailing Club

by Catherine Rawson 8 Jan 2011 18:23 GMT 8 January 2011

The Bloody Mary Pursuit Race was run for the 38th time this weekend at Queen Mary Sailing Club. This was also the second leg of the SailJuice Global Warm-Up series. For the first time in several years, the race took place in decent conditions with a good breeze and double digit temperatures following six weeks of freezing cold. This attracted 238 entries in 60 classes from 107 clubs from as far afield as Aberdeen.

First off were the Toppers in a force 4-5 breeze at which point the foiling Moths (who were to go off last) were looking favourites to win. After 40 minutes, the breeze had dropped to a Force 3 and a Laser 4.7 took the lead. 20 minutes later a Graduate helmed by Steve Cockerill overhauled them and held off a 3000 and two National 12s for over an hour. With 20 minutes to go an International 14 sailed by Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane took the lead and extended it until the end of the race. Second to finish was Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend in a Fireball and close behind them was Daniel Hollands and Andrew Thompson in the 3000.

Winner of the Ladies Helm was Katie Russell in a Laser Radial. The Hyde Sails Foilers Trophy went to Mike Cooke in an International Moth. The first Queen Mary Helm and first junior was Callum Ellis in a 29er with his crew Will Harris. Winner of the Grand Master prize was Bob Yates from Burghfield in a Blaze. There were 20 class prizes (for those fleets of 6 or more).

Prize winners walked away with a bag of goodies including vodka juice and tomato juice, watches from Nautica and free subscriptions to

The winners thanked the volunteers and staff of the Club who worked so hard to make the whole event from arrival through launching to racing such a success.

Overall Results:

1stInternational 141541Roger GilbertBen McGraneFrensham Pond SC
2ndFireball15013Chips HowarthVyv TownendBewl Valley SC
3rd30003611Daniel HollandsAndrew ThompsonHythe and Saltwood SC
4thMerlin Rocket3707Stuart BithellAlex JacksonHollingworth Lake Sailing Club
5thNational 123530Graham CammZoe BallantineBurghfield SC
6thMerlin Rocket3712Jon GorringeToby LewisParkstone YC
7thNational 123528Jon IbbotsonSophie MackleyOcss
8thGraduate3005Stephen CockerillSarah CockerillStokes Bay SC
9thMerlin Rocket3705Matt BiggsBen HollisBlithfield
10thInternational Moth3760Mike Cooke Bristol Corinthian YC
11thFireball15045Dave WadeAndy ThompsonNorthampton
12thNational 123526Thomas StewartRachel WilliamsonNorthampton SC
13th5059012Andy SmithTim NeedhamSHSC
14thMerlin Rocket3685William WarrenChris RobinsonShoreham SC
15thLark2495Stuart HydonNick HydonShustoke SC
16thLark2523Steve HallSimon HaightonNorthampton
17thNational 123527Kevin IlesJane WadeThorpe Bay YC
18thLaser193651Matt Reid Spinnaker Sailing Club
19thContender2465Stuart Jones Datchet Water Sailing Club
20thMusto Skiff288Andrew Peake Whitstable YC
21st29er1509Callum EllisWill HarrisQueen Mary Sailing Club
22ndRS 7001000Jerry Wales Queen Mary Sailing Club
23rdLaser Radial183950Rob Cage Bewl Valley SC
24thRS 4001090Daniel HawkinsCassie HawkinsQueen Mary Sailing Club
25thInternational Moth4082Alex Adams CCSC
26thLaser180836Richard Horn Weston
27thGP1413931Richard InstoneJim ToothillChase SC
28thLaser Radial197782Chris Jones Sutton Bingham SC
29thRS 8001144Nick CharlesChris MartinDatchet Water SC
30thNational 123418Will HendersonMary HendersonQueen Mary Sailing Club
31stRS 8001148James DateToby WincerPort Dinorwic SC
32ndLaser Radial179600Mark Sancken Queen Mary Sailing Club
33rdLaser191676Dan Bigsby Queen Mary Sailing Club
34thPhantom1359Simon Hawkes Wimbleball Lake SC
35thFlying Dutchman369Toby Barsley-DaleGareth RussellPaxton Lakes SC
36thRS 60011Richard Smith Blue Circle SC
37thMerlin Rocket3675Nick CraigJames StewartFrensham Pond
38thPhantom1383Nick Orman Castle Cove
39thRS 2001088James BoyceSam TozerQueen Mary Sailing Club
40thLaser190613Robert Hardwick Papercourt SC
41stLaser198960Valentin Nedyalkov Queen Mary Sailing Club
42ndLaser6Julian Pearson Weston SC
43rdLaser191077James Baxter Queen Mary Sailing Club
44thMerlin Rocket3563Paul HollisChris GouldBlithfield SC
45thSolo5161Michael Sims Carsington SC
46thAlbacore8126John WoffindenJanet WoffindenMaidenhead SC
47thMerlin Rocket3651Colin BrockbankRussel HallWembley SC
48thLaser Radial189111Neil Crossouard Queen Mary Sailing Club
49thLaser Radial187513Oliver Machell Papercourt/ Stokes Bay
50thLaser Radial183445Andrew Rawson Queen Mary Sailing Club
51stLaser Radial167820Sam Barker Castle Cove SC
52ndRS 600963Mark Cooper Burghfield Sailing Club
53rdOsprey1195Richard MarshallPeter FrithPoole YC
54thRS 200640Dave SteedKatharine LoveringBurghfield SC
55thRS 500633Max RichardsonTom RichardsonHastings
56thLaser Radial189514Katie Russell Lymington YC
57thGP1414David HayesRichie BellHayling Island SC
58thOK2142Ian Harris Bristol Corinthian YC
59thPhantom1337Thomas Tindall Yorkshire Dales Salling Club
60thLaser Radial197702Jack Spence Datchet Water Sailing Club
61stRS 2001010Steve RestallJudy RestallDowns SC
62ndPhantom1291Andrew Wilde Carsington SC
63rdLaser Radial189386Josh Mclynn Westminster SC
64thRS 600732Mike Ellis Hill Head Sailing Club
65thEnterprise22933Ann JacksonRichard AdamsBurghfield Sailing Club
66thLaser189092Gareth Edwards Queen Mary Sailing Club
67thPhantom1210Andrew Gregory Stewartby Water Sports Club
68thRS 200953Juliet CharlesAlice KingsnorthDatchet Water SC
69thScorpion2013Pete GrayTim RushStornton Harold SC
70thNational 123491Mike StoreyAlex StoreyIsland Barn Rsc
71stFirefly3119Roger MorrisJo FindlayWessex Exiles
72ndLaser Radial182481Toby Ayre Maidenhead SC
73rdLark252Dave ChisholmRuth JohnsonSouth Staffs SC
74thLaser 4.7189607Simon Hamment Papercourt SC
75thEnterprise22975Philip KirkSarah KirkFrampton-On-Severn SC
76thRS 8001154Justin VisserGuy FillmoreRoyal Lymington YC
77thInternational Moth3419David Edwards Tata Sailing Club
78thBlaze717Bob Yates Burghfield SC
79thAlbacore6956Matthew Metcalfe-SmithNatalie SmithOgston Sailing Club
80thInternational Moth3620Oliver Vidal Hayling Island SC
81stMerlin Rocket3710John ReedAndria RalphHayling Island SC
82ndRS 300524Matt Sargent ASA TISC
83rdLaser 4.7191694Hannah Golton Herre Bay SC
84thRS 4001051Andy HatchAlex ParkQueen Mary Sailing Club
85thRS 2001239Trevor MawlinsTim O'TooleLittleton SC
86thRS 2001265Carl MayhewJulie HarrisonIsland Barn
87thPhantom1256Marcus Ingram Up River YC
88thPhantom1223Richard Sims Carsington SC
89thInternational Canoe284Charlie Chandler Tewkesbury SC
90thRS 2001130Rob JaneringCharlotte CotterWembley SC
91stBlaze700Luke Mapley Felpham Sailing Club
92ndRS 300425Chris Gandy Draycote Water Sailing Club
93rd29er342Aaron SmithAlec RodgersWilsonian SC
94thMusto Skiff351Ian Martin Datchet Water SC
95thComet / Comet Xtra867Christopher Robinson Burghfield SC
96th49er224Simon MarksNick MurrayDatchet Water SC
97thOK1774Richard Burton West Oxfordshire SC
98thMerlin Rocket3411Andrew KerrGareth HallBough Beech Sailing Club
99thPhantom1344Ian Sullivan Stewartby Water SC
100thInternational Moth3386Geoff Carveth Hayling Island SC
101stInternational Moth3607Tim Penfold Hayling Island SC
102ndMerlin Rocket3616Pete HornNiki LapsleyGrafham
103rdRS 200849Jon PatonSue MichelmorePapercourt SC
104th29er772Vikki PayneStephanie OrtonEmsworth Sailing Club
105thLaser166296George Muir Queen Mary Sailing Club
106th42051051James ThomasNeil BishopTBSC
107thRS 4001289Stuart HalmanGill GreonigLeigh And Lowton SC
108thRS 200974Adam WickendenNancy JacksonSilverwing SC
109th29er1220Maddy AndersonHugh WardBrightlingsea
110thBlaze730Andrew Pears Queen Mary Sailing Club
111thInternational Moth3323Martin Fear Bristol Corinthian YC
112thLaser188534David Bates Queen Mary Sailing Club
113thNational 18375Jeremy VinesDavid VINES Fran GiffordTamesis SC
114thRS Feva3788Oliver ScottTom MitchellDocklands Sailing Watersports C
115thRS 200681Philip WhiteRobert WhitePapercourt SC
116thD-One72Tim Garvin Queen Mary Sailing club
117thEnterprise21889Tim VickRebecca MarksUlley SC
118thInternational Moth3614Doug Pybus Queen Mary Sailing Club
119thMerlin Rocket2997Jonathan StewardNick YannakoyorgosFishers Green Sailing Club
120thLaser4Sebastian Scovell Queen Mary Sailng Club
121stPhantom1349Rod Thorpe Hanningfield Fly Fishing Club
122ndAlbacore7525Andy PearceIan SimpsonHlstc
123rdRS K6103Martin PrestonAdrian DickensonQueen Mary Sailing Club
124thEurope319Paul Robson Claires Court Schools
125thFirefly2319Robert HendersonJacquetta BridgeSouthampton Solent
126thTopper45614Imogen Smith Bough Beech SC
127thRS 2001025Alex BeaneyAmy PrimeWeston
128thRS 600920Peter Nelson Northampton SC
129thLaser Radial173742Michael Calvert Salcombe YC
130thInternational Moth3253Gareth Davies Stone Sailing Club
131stSolo5138Patrick Overs Paxton Lakes Sailing Club
132ndRS 8001171Antony MeeJames PentyDatcher Water SC
133rdLark2495xKevin RoseLucy EvansShustoke
134thSolo4952Joe Rycroft Littleton SC
135thEnterprise23042Ian O'DellTim RichardsonSussex YC
136thMerlin Rocket3579Charlie MorganHayley ManningTamesis Club
137thRS 600676Jason Richards BCYC
138thLaser Radial199441Calum Tait Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
139thBlaze751Paul Taylor Burghfield SC
140thSplash2243Benjamin Haynes Trent Valley SC
141stEnterprise21932Benjamin BurrowsOliver BurrowsWest Oxfordshire Sailing Club
142ndLaser164576Dan Wiggins Queen Mary Sailing Club
143rdOK1993Jeremy Deacon Cookham Reach SC
144thSolo5002Frank Brown Papercourt SC
145thLaser Radial128696Jack Muldoon Spinnaker Sailing Club
146thComet / Comet Xtra704Clive Chapman Littleton Sailing Club
147thTopper44583Oliver Cage Bewl Valley SC
148thNational 123411Nick CopseyNaomi BiltonEly SC
149thLaser 4.7144753Frederik Scheske Queen Mary Sailing Club
150thLaser Radial136549Ed Nicholls Datchet
151stMiracle4021Brian JonesMiles WeeksMaidenhead SC
152ndTopper46221Angus Couper Queen Mary Sailing Club
153rdLaser174548Simon Adler Queen Mary Sailing Club
154thFireball14099Glenn BoltonAdam SykesDatchet Water Sailing Club
155thRS 200749Chris BrownXavier QuillienBurghfield SC
156thRS 2001295Kevin DruceFennella WilliamsDatchet Water Sailing Club
157thAltO108Olly LoveGareth LincolnNorthampton SC
158thRS 2001293Andrew BoyceCharlie BeckPapercourt SC
159thLaser Radial147087Hannah Steaggles South Bank SC
160th470554Stuart ShieldsAndre NewmanBewl Valley Sailing Club
161st5058526Olly HopkinsRussell HopkinsTewkesbury SC
162ndFireball13847Andy RobinsonTim MorganDatchet Water Sailing Club
163rdInternational 141425Kimball MorrisonCharles CroneItchenor SC
164thInternational 141508Colin SmithPeter HelmItchenor SC
165thMusto Skiff262Andy Rice Stokes Bay Sailing Club
166thLaser 28007Olly ProvanSam BarnesDatchet Water SC
167thLaser162989Bernard Fyans Burghfield SC
168thNational 122895Ian SmithJenny ChenMidland SC
169thRS 400907Peter DaigneaultBen Gosling - DavisEastbourne Sovereign SC
170thLaser 200068Nigel BermanQuentin StanleyQueen Mary Sailing Club
171stLaser Radial52457Clive Friend Littleton SC
172ndRS 500572Henry DurmanOliver LewisArun Yacht Club
173rdComet / Comet Xtra843Brian Weatherley Cotswold Sailing Club
174thRS 2001073Sam NichollsEmily SmithDatchet
175thLightning 368253Simon Hopkins Up River YC
176thAltO114John HewatJo WickenWilsonian SC
177thEnterprise22557Glen ColeGlen SmithIsland Barn SC
178thRS 2001356Christopher GallagherAlistair EdwardsQueen Mary Sailing Club
179thRS Feva1123Thomas MallettLiam HorganQueen Mary Sailing Club
180thLightning 368288Matt Hopkins Up River YC
181stSolo4272David Mitchell Papercourt SC
182ndLaser 40004616Chris BiltonAlex WattsDatchet Water Sailing Club
183rdLaser Radial186694Eleanor Gadd Queen Mary Sailing Club
184thInternational Moth3730Jonathan Peats Qmsc
185thLaser 200021772Stephen CarverRoger DevereuxHunts SC
186thWayfarer88Andrew KtenasRebecca ScottShadwell SC
187thSolo4159Chris Phillips South Banks SC
188thGP1410047Gary MarshallAngela BergenSouth Bank Sailing Club
189thCherub2645John HamiltonDigby StillDraycote SC
190thRS 500545Dave KnessJames JeffcoatDatchet Water SC
191stTopper45976Daniel Martin Queen Mary Sailing Club
192ndEnterprise22563Allan Munro-FaureLana SorokaSouth Bank Sailing Club
193rdRS 200917Katrina LappinPaul BaileyRNSA
194thTopper8George Nelson Queen Mary Sailing Club
DNCRS Feva3416Iona DixonRoss DixonDocklands Sailing And Watersports Centre
DNCAlbacore7143Nev HerbertMark FowlerTewkesbury SC
DNCLaser 4.7183099Emily Smith Queen Mary Sailing Club
DNCX11Martin DixonChris IngramLondon Corinthian SC
DNCPhantom1376Simon Childs Hayling Island
DNCMerlin Rocket3703Richard WhitworthRichard WhitworthHlsc & Pyc
DNFLaser18435David Grant Hawley Lake Stc
DNCMerlin Rocket3577Derek DaviesHelen JonesExe SC
DNCLightning 368145Alex Jones Cookham Reach SC
DNCMerlin Rocket2636Jeremy KahnMaud LarpentSouth Bank Sailing Club
DNCRS 700944James Bayliss Queen Mary Sailing Club
DNCRS 300374Neil Skellamn Leigh And Lowton SC
DNC29er158Daniel DruceNick AdamsDatchet SC
DNCLightning 368407Wayne Jenner Abbey SC
DNCMerlin Rocket3583Chris MartinRob KennaughBlithfield SC
DNCCherub2698Stu TinnerNick PrattQueen Mary Sailing Club
DNCSK469Matthew KiddleTom KiddleCovenham SC
DNCPhantom1185Ben Falat Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
DNCStreaker1654Veronica Falat Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
OCSLaser 4.7144154Theo Patrick Burghfield Sailing Club
DNFLightning 36874Rupert Whelan Whitefriars
DNCRS Feva3424Courtney BilbroughOrla MitchellDocklands Sailing And Watersports Centre
DNFByte1661Steven King South Bank Sailing Club
DNCLightning 368406Caroline Key West Oxfrordshire Sailing Club
RAFSolo3185Sara Bennett South Bank Sailing Club
DNCPunk1Daniel Holman Netley SC
DNCRS 600898Joseph Salsbury Hill Head Sailing Club
DNCEnterprise23218Philip ChambersAmelia GoodwinHampton Sailing Club
DNCPhantom1278Chris Roberts Creeksea Sailing Club
RAFRS 8001162David HiveyAlly
DNCRS 100227Andrew Beynon Hayling Island Sailing Club
DNCLaser198994Edward Bolton King Royal Air Force Sailing Association
DNFLaser128766Nicholas Martin University of Surrey
DNCRS 600811James Nuttall Bristol Corinthian YC
DNCISO949Dave SkinnerAndrew SkinnerDatchet Water SC
DNCLaser155924Harry Ogden Qmsc
DNCCherub3206Roland TrimLaurence Bruce TrimThornbury SC
DNCInternational Moth11Tom Offer Chew Valley Lake SC
DNCMerlin Rocket3233Richard MourantJoe WoodsTamesis Club
DNFInternational Moth3076Leigh Albrecht Queen Mary Sailing Club
DNCYeoman201John DraperJohn & Paul Hobbs Mallyon & JohnsonQueen Mary Sailing Club
DNFLaser 4.7187615Jack Ward Datchet Water SC
DNCLaser 28940Andy JackChris HulattDatchet Water SC
DNCMusto Skiff146Griff Tanner Queen Mary Sailing Club

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