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International Moth Europeans at St Moritz, Switzerland Day 4

by Sandra Mudronja 20 Aug 2010 22:30 BST 15-20 August 2010

Ranking is still open

The suspense is unbearable! The American Bora Gulari and the Australian Nathan Outteridge are still leading the championships, and there is a tie between the two athletes for the first place on the general ranking. As Nathan Outteridge says it, tomorrow is the last day, but three races are still to be sailed and there is still a long way to go! The conditions are fantastic on the lake and the competitors sail their boat to the extreme, at speeds regularly exceeding 25 knots! The concentration is at its maximum and must remain as such up to the last race of the championships. The third position is also under heavy competition: only two points separate the Swiss Arnaud Psarofaghis, the British Simon Payne and the Australian Scott Babbage !

Lighter than yesterday (between 15 and 18 knots), but more regular, the Maloja wind continues to enchant the European championship’s competitors. Twelve races have been sailed since the beginning of the championships and the sailors continue to show unfailing physical condition. A quick pause between each race allows one to rest, one to make fast repairs, one to eat to recover before starting the next race. Perfect timing for a fast review of the competitors…

Sailing in music… what are we talking about? Or rather who are we talking about? About Nathan Outteridge who sails and competes listening to music! Which type of music? “Any. Preferably dance music, but also Metallica. Something that gives me energy and helps me concentrate! ” … We said it before, the Moths class is different. A great family, easy-going, fun… and mixed! Indeed, the girls sail with the boys, in the same category. There is no special raking. They are 4 girls among the 85 SYZ & CO Moth Europeans’ participants.

Emma Aspington explains: “It is really fantastic to sail here, even if it is difficult to compete with the boys in these windy conditions, because of our lighter weight!” The Swedish sailor continues: “However, I love the conditions on this lake, because it is not all about speed, but more about wind shifts, boat handling, and this is how we might try to gain meters over the boys ” A unique class!

Let’s talk to Scott Babbage, the Australian from Sydney, who is aiming for the championship’s podium. He performed regularly, was always among the leading group, competing against Simon Payne and Arnaud Psarofaghis. He is currently placed just behind the two leaders Nathan and Bora. Today, he achieved a great second race. He says: “I adore sailing here under these conditions. I adore the lake’s flat water and the wind shifts. It is changing and it is fun! ” He explains: “I have been sailing Moths for 9 years. I had 8 different boats, the two first did not have foils yet. Adding a third dimension to sailing, the flying, is extraordinary! It is at the same time easier and more complicated. Easier downwind as the boat is easier to handle. More complicated, as it requires to think in three dimensions and reconsider all the adjustments. But it is so fantastic and the races here are really intense!”

Day 4 Video:

Race 10 Results:

1. Nathan Outteridge (AUS 3750)
2. Bora Gulari (USA 6)
3. Simon Payne (GBR 1)
4. Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI 4)
5. Chris Rast (USA 3768)
6. Scott Babbage (AUS 7)
7. Andrew McDougall (AUS 2)
8. Anthony Kotoun (ISV 3596)
9. Chris Graham (UAE 9)
10. Jean-Pierre Ziegert (SUI 3734)

Race 11 Results:

1. Bora Gulari (USA 6)
2. Scott Babbage (AUS 7)
3. Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI 4)
4. Simon Payne (GBR 1)
5. Chris Graham (UAE 9)
6. Nathan Outteridge (AUS 3750)
7. Rob Gough (AUS 3731)
8. Matthias Renker (SUI 3626)
9. Chris Rast (USA 3768)

Race 12 Results:

1. Bora Gulari (USA 6)
2. Simon Payne (GBR 1)
3. Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI 4)
4. Nathan Outteridge (AUS 3750)
5. Scott Babbage (AUS 7)
6. Rob Gough (AUS 3731)
7. Chris Graham (UAE 9)
8. Chris Rast (USA 3768)
9. Andrew McDougall (AUS 2)
10. Markus Steeg (GER 3732)

Results after Day 4: (top ten)

1. Nathan OUTTERIDGE (AUS 3750)
2. Bora GULARI (USA 6)
3. Scott BABBAGE (AUS 7)
4. Simon PAYNE (GBR 1)
6. Rob GOUGH (AUS 3731)
7. Chris GRAHAM (UAE 9)
8. Jean-Pierre ZIEGERT (SUI 3734)
9. Matthias RENKER (SUI 3626)
10. Chris RAST (USA 3768)

More information and full results on the event website.

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