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Calling all 59er owners

by John Bennett 28 Oct 2009 07:52 GMT

The 59er was launched in the 2002 by Ovington Boats. In the first few years the class was run by Dave Hall with events being shared with the other niners. I bought mine in 2004 and had a couple of very happy years learning to sail the boat with my son James and trying to get to as many of the opens that we could. Unfortunately, the class failed to establish itself and the last event was held at Draycote in 2006.

We still love sailing the boat and would really like to compete against other 59ers so now that Ovington have stopped promoting the boat and so we thought it might be a good time to establish an independent owners association.

I’ve talked to Dave Hall and he is very supportive and keen to see us succeed. He tells me that around 25 boats were sold in the UK and a few more around Europe - so one of the first jobs for the new 59er class association is to try and find out where all the boats are now! We only have contact details for a handful of the current owners – so if you own a 59er – or know someone who has one – could you please contact me.

The owners I have contacted so far are keen to set up the association and organise some events for next year so it would be great if we could find all the missing owners and invite them to join us.

My e-mail address is