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Drascombe Rally at Kielder Water Sailing Club

by Nicola Bell 18 May 2009 14:59 BST 16-17 May 2009
A large rally for Drascombe sailing boats is held over the weekend on Kielder Water © John Scullio

Last weekend saw Kielder Water play host to one of the most picturesque waterborne events in recent years, when a large rally was held for Drascombe sailing boats. They trace their design ancestry back to Viking ships, with their stable and seaworthy lines based on the more recent workhorse of the North East fishing fleet, the coble.

Twenty boats cruised in company, with visitors from Scotland and several parts of England, joining the resident fleet of nine Drascombes owned by members of Kielder Water Sailing Club at Tower Knowe.

The weather was much better than forecast, despite Saturday seeming to encompass all four seasons in a single day, with everything from warm sunshine through to an afternoon of violent but brief hailstorms. After a spectacular display of formation sailing known as “Admiral’s Manoeuvres”, the visitors were treated to perfect conditions on Sunday when they sailed the whole length of the lake from Tower Knowe to Gowanburn and back, stopping for a picnic lunch at Matthews Lynn.

Kielder Water Sailing Club welcomes those who wish to cruise or race - or both - and has a comprehensive sailing programme of cruising, racing and training for adults and juniors.