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X-35 Worlds and X-41 Europeans to be held at Kieler Woche

by Hermann Hell 27 Nov 2008 07:09 GMT 24-28 June 2008

X-Festival at Kieler Woche

For the second time after 2007, the X-35 association has chosen Kiel as venue for its upcoming World matches. Likewise the X-41 class will be organizing its first European Championship.

“We are very happy that both the X-35 and X-41class associations will be coming to Kiel, underlining that they are enjoying the competitions at Kieler Woche” said Sven Christensen. The CEO of Point of Sailing, the agency marketing the Kieler Woche races, is an enthusiastic X-35 yachtsman himself sailing on the “Xen” (Bastiansen/Flensburg) and is closely connected to the class association.

However, the final decision on the location of the event had to be made by the international class association. “70 percent were again in favour of Kiel” said Torsten Bastiansen, Chairman of the German X-35 class association. Other applications were handed in by the Netherlands and Great Britain but Kiel was awarded the contract. After the first two X-35 World Championships 2007 in Kiel and 2008 in Italy the third holding will again be during the Kieler Woche.

“We set our goal to 40plus” stated Bastiansen regarding the number of participants who are expected from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain and naturally Germany. ”At the Worlds in 2008 the Italians were very interested in Kiel and announced their coming” said Bastiansen who secretly also hopes for participating yachts from Greece and Bulgaria.

The German fleet with “Xen” (Bastiansen/Flensburg), “Colex” (Griese/Hamburg), “Stihl” (Carstensen/Lange/Lübeck) and “Immac-X” (Soyka/Itzehoe) is hoping for a return match for the Worlds in Tuscany (Italy). At the Mediterranean Sea out of 54 yachts from 11 nations the Germans were “only” taking two-digits places, whereas at the Worlds 2007 (“Immac-X” place 7 and “Xen” place 9) as well as the Europeans 2008 (“Celox” Vice Champion, “Immac-X” place 5, “Xen” place 6, “Robinson” place 8 and “Stihl” place 9) the local heros proved their competence.

Some of the X-35 owners that sailed the Worlds 2007 in Kiel could this year be sailing the X-41 instead. After being on the market for two years the X-41 was given international class status by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) at their annual meeting in November which now entitles them to sail World and European Championships. After the X-35 the X-shipyard hit the mark once again: In no time a class and a respective association was built up. Already this year a top-class X-41 Championship was sailed out. “Competition was tremendous. There were many well-known sailors from the Farr 40, Maxi and America´s Cup scene” said Thomas Brügge (KYC/Neumünster). With his boat “Extasy” Brügge finished as third and was even placed before BMW Oracle tactitian Bertrand Pace and Mascalzone Latino helmsman Falvio Flavini.

Brügge who will be sailing together with Dan Peterson, Erik Kjaershoj (both Denmark) and Tom Baranowsky (Poland) reckons that competition in Kiel will be tough. 13 out of the 69 sold X-41 yachts are home in Norway. Together with the excited Estonians, Finns and Danes an appealing field will be gathering up. Whether the fleets from Italy and Spain will be coming is still unclear unclear according to Brügge who after the Championship 2008 went on a holiday trip with his family enjoying all the qualities of his racing yacht.

A newcomer in the X-41 scene is Jörn Meyer with “König & Xie” (Hamburg) who sailed all German events on the Baltic Sea as Maior, Kieler Woche, Goldcup, Real Race, Schifffahrtsregatta und Flensburger Fördewoche. Together with helmsman Sven-Erik Horsch (NRV) the two Hamburgers are waiting for the European Championship to come. “We are always looking forward to the Kieler Woche and now especially to this highlight” said Meyer. The third X-41 comes from Warnemünde: “Galathea” (Andreas Schlüter). Which part they will play in Kiel will show the Kieler Woche 2009.

One knows which part he is playing: Sven Christensen. The 41-years-old will again be organising and marketing the Kieler Woche 2009. Therefore he has to leave the fight for the X-35 honours in skipper´s Torsten Bastiansen and the remaining crew´s hands so that all the X-yachts participants will also feel like home in 2009.

Kieler Woche 2009 Schedule:

19 June, Practice Race - Olympic Classes
20 – 24 June, Olympic Classes – ISAF Sailing World Cup
20 – 25 June, Women’s Match Race – ISAF Sailing World Cup
24 – 28 June, 505 SAP European Championship
25 – 28 June, International Classes
20 – 28 June, Offshore Classes
24 – 28 June, X-35 World Chamipionship
24 – 28 June, X-41 European Championship

More information on the Kieler Woche website.

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