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Holt Nautos supply Deck Hardware for 105ft Pangaea

by Holt 13 Mar 2008 07:16 GMT

Pangaea is a 105 foot Steel Sailboat custom built for explorer Mike Horn. It is Mike’s dream that this boat will become a place where people from all walks of life can unite and share the same passion and objectives, creating a tool to clean up the planet, a powerful communication platform and an emblem capable of sending an important message of hope out to the rest of the world.

“Holt Nautos have supplied all of the boat’s deck hardware, including hydraulic winches, steering wheels, genoa and mainsheet cars” Commented Holt Director, Ben Dunton. “This is truly an amazing project to have been involved in and represents the range of products which we can design and manufacture.”

After 13 months of hard work, determination and passion Mike Horn, Thierry Stump, and their dedicated Brazilian team have built what is today the largest and most advanced exploration sailboat that this world has ever seen!

Over 22,000 hours of design have been assigned to this boat. With its 600m2 of sailcloth, 35 meters of mast, low birth and retractable keel, this boat can otherwise be called a 4 x 4 of the seas. It is capable of going into Polar Regions, the tropics, up rivers and into regions where other boats of its kind simply cannot go.

Mike Horn wants to live his dream and take young explorers onto the oceans and over the seven continents, to share his passion for exploration and discovery, to teach about the world’s natural resources and man’s impact on them, and to provide a platform for actions that preserve the planet for future generations.

Pangaea will be doing a four year exploration around the world, passing over the North Pole and South Pole and the seven continents.

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