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Trident-UK 2012 May

Enterprise Thames Valley Bowl at Twickenham Yacht Club

by Steve Collins 8 Jun 2004 09:16 BST

There was a superb turnout from the river clubs at the Twickenham Yacht Club Thames Valley Bowl on Sunday 6th June, with nine visitors from four London based clubs, Minima YC, South Bank SC, Strand-on-the-Green SC, and London Corinthian SC, joining the local Twickenham sailors. And everyone knows that, although David Beaney currently sails from Broadwater Sailing Club, he is a former member of London Corinthian and a master of river sailing.

Twickenham and Minima Yacht Club take turns to host this TVB event and as a curtain raiser compete against each other for the Firkin Trophy on the day before the open. The Minima team again proved too strong for their Twickenham opponents and retained the trophy.

The sailing on Sunday was as competitive as you would expect with the additional challenge of coping with a strong stream and light and variable winds. David and Alex Beaney followed by Steve and Kathy Collins appeared to have broken free in the first race but were overtaken by James and Joseph Armitage and Phil Chambers and Ewan Gittings who had taken the gamble of tacking up the apparently less favoured Middlesex Bank. James and Joseph were unlucky to be hauled back and overtaken by David and Alex just before the finish.

In the second race, David and Alex did break away and built up an unchallengable lead, followed again by James and Joseph, and Phil and Ewan. Local sailors Bob Hitchcock and Freddie Purcell finished a creditable fourth in this race.

With the major placings decided, David and James did not enter the third race. The third race was hotly contested between Steve and Kathy Collins, Bob Hitchcock and Freddie Purcell, and Alan Jales and Edwin Phillips. However, the race was decided when Steve and Kathy just managed to get round the downstream mark at the precise moment that the tide turned and left the rest of the fleet struggling against the incoming tide. A sympathetic race officer then shortened the course to spare the fleet from further punishment.

Overall Results:

1. E20234 David and Alex Beaney, Broadwater SC
2. E21408 James and Joseph Armitage, Strand on the Green SC
3. E22628 Steve and Kathy Collins,Minima YC
4. E20539 Bob Hitchcock and Freddie Purcell, Twickenham YC
5. E22559 Phil Chambers and Ewan Gittings, Hampton SC
6. E22563 Joe Driver and Alan Munro-Clark, South Bank SC
7. E18237 Alan Jales and Edwin Phillips, Minima YC
8. E16363 Alex and David Cane, Minima Yacht Club
9. E22456 Don Henderson and Sarah Beecher, South Bank SC
10. E19965 Chris Crosland and Andre Gareh, London Corinthian SC
11. E20234 Robert and Christina Pages, Twickenham YC
12. E23048 Alan and Michael Beaney, London Corinthian Sailing Club