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Mini Tonner

Mini Tonner

Mini Tonners were one of the 'level' rating classes under the old IOR Rule, smaller than Quarter Tonners at around 20ft to 24ft length (IOR rating not exceeding 16.5ft). The Mini Tonner UK class has been set up to get these old racers back together and offer cheap and fun racing in proper little yachts. Many minitonners are production yachts, the most famous being the Sonata, but including Limbo 6.6's, E Boats and Evolution 24's, there where some special one off prototypes also built to the rule. These are super-fun, cheap to run and own boats. Many of the Mini Tonner designs have relatively short, or lifting keels that mean they can be easily towed and kept on a trailer, so the costs of ownership can be kept under control. Racing for the Main event trophies will be conducted under IRC regulations and ratings. Author: Piers Stanbury

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